The Amazing Race (2001) s35e10 Episode Script

Everyone Loves a Comeback Story

Previously on
The Amazing Race
as the race continued
in Slovenia
It goes against every fiber of
my being not to run right now.
the final six
teams got more strategic.
It's been great
working together,
but I don't think
there's room to spare anymore.
Rob and Corey
appeared sunk at the Detour
This is the worst.
but ended on a positive not.
We didn't use the Express
Pass, and we're still in it.
There's a team behind us,
so we're feeling good.
Time to rock.
Brothers Greg and John
continued their winning ways.
Team number one,
and that is you.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Meanwhile, Todd and Ashlie
couldn't get on the same page.
I just want you to know
what the cities look like.
Nope. You're-you're navigating.
Todd, we
are wasting time. Just
I know, but
this could be something.
It's nothing, I'm telling you.
But it was Robbin
and Chelsea's Amazing Race story
that came to an end.
And unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
Bad stuff happens to everybody,
and it's about
how you handle it.
Greg and John will be
the first to leave Slovenia
- Route Info.
- Route Info.
and fly a thousand
miles north to Sweden
and the capital city
of Stockholm,
an archipelago
made up of 14 islands,
earning it the nickname
"the Venice of the North."
- Sweden! Let's go.
- Sweden!
At this point,
everybody who's made it
to the final five
are a strong team,
so there's no weak teams
here anymore.
Everybody that's
left ten legs in is good.
They're all good racers,
and we just got
to stay ahead of 'em.
We're gonna leave
and get into Stockholm
all at the same time.
It's an even playing field.
We're down
to the final three legs.
It feels great knowing that
we have a one in five chance
of winning this thing.
All right, Sweden, here we come.
This race has been amazing,
seeing the different people,
the different countries.
But we want more.
So we're looking for
when we get to, um, Stockholm
We're just trying to figure out,
like, where this is, exactly.
- My gosh.
- Shh.
My gosh.
I'm having a hard time
breathing right now.
My gosh.
So we just googled what this,
Fallskaärmsklubb, and it
appears it's skydiving, so
I would probably be better off
not knowing that
for the entire flight.
So excited, bro. I'm so excited.
There's only five teams
left, and we're one of them.
There's a level of confidence
that comes with it.
I feel like
we've learned so much.
We've become
way better racers over time,
and it's just a dream.
We get to keep on traveling
and seeing more
of what the race has to offer.
All right, let's go.
Go. Go, go, go, Dad.
All right, we're good.
- All right, let's go.
- Come on, Dad.
Got to order a
taxi. Smithe, I see one.
- Fast, fast, fast.
- We're in. We're in.
- Sir?
- Yeah, we're in. Let's go.
Fast, fast, come on!
We're in a race.
We want to be first team there.
- Gryttjom. Gryttjom.
- We're going to Gryttjom.
Stockholm. Fallskaärmsklubb.
"Travel by taxi to Gryttjom and
find Stockholm Fallskaärmsklubb.
Once there, take a number for a
special introduction to Sweden."
Go, go, go!
We had a little
rough leg last leg,
but we hope to bounce back.
I feel like Rocky,
like we're up against
the ropes right now
and we need to just fight
our way through to the top.
- I'm ready to fight, though.
- That's it. Yeah.
They're up there. They're
We got to beat them.
Still have the Express Pass,
so we're feeling real good
about today.
It's a safety line you can use
at any point in the race
to skip a Roadblock or a Detour.
The Express Pass has to be used
by the end of leg ten,
so we have to use it
by the end of this leg.
Our goal is
to use the Express Pass
to guarantee our way
into the top four.
Our taxi is trying
to go ahead and let us
pay our fare in advance.
That way, when we get there,
we don't have
to worry about payment.
So hopefully, this saves us
a few minutes when we get there
and lets us run up to the
clue sign a little bit faster.
I definitely
picture ourselves in the finals.
I think we have just as good
of an opportunity
as anybody else here.
I've heard other teams say
that we're grinders,
and we definitely are.
I feel like that's us.
We're not gonna stop.
I think we
can hang with anybody.
We don't
have any room for error.
Not today.
- Okay.
- So we have to go fast.
Yeah. Yeah, well,
we have to go fast,
so you have to go fast.
Our goal right now,
utmost importance, is just
to make it to the final three.
There's a small voice
in my head, constantly in fear
that something can go wrong
and we won't even realize it
until it's too late.
Yeah. We've
seen the strongest teams
inAmazing Race go down
because of one challenge.
Yeah. Yup.
Yup. You can go faster. Yup.
- Yeah, you can go around them. You can go around them.
- Yup.
Did you know that
all the Swedish battleships
- put barcodes on the front?
- Really?
Yeah, they always want
to "scan da navy in."
It is difficult
being away from the family,
and, you know, we're thinking
about 'em all the time.
Yes, it's an adventure
that we're having together,
and we're enjoying it a lot,
but we're also doing this
for our family.
I have a daughter
that has special needs.
She has Down syndrome
and she also has cerebral pals.
When she was first born,
we weren't sure if she'd be abe
to walk. Now she runs around te
house with her little sister,
and seeing the things that
she does kind of motivated me
to think, you know, "What am I
letting hold me back?"
I want my kids to see
that you can accomplish
difficult things.
All we got to do
is grab that number.
Once we get that number,
everything will be okay.
- Okay, right here is good. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, let's check over here.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Yeah, it's right there, right?
- Nope.
- No?
See a clue box?
I see them running.
- Thank you, Chris.
- You're welcome.
Look. Numbers, Smithe.
Number one.
A team just ran in
right past the sign.
John and Greg just ran
right past this sign.
- Was that John and Greg?
- Yeah.
This airport opens at 5:00 a.IN.
So we got to hang out
till 05:00 a.IN.
Okay, this must be it. Dang it.
- The beard brothers are here.
- Let's go.
Here we go. Here we go.
- Don't see anything here.
- Don't see anything?
- Nope.
- All right.
- Want to go back over there?
- Yeah.
They're over there looking.
They ran right in front of us
and ran right past the sign.
Y'all U-Turned us. You better
keep your mouths shut.
Yes. Perfect.
It's something.
What do you think it is?
I don't know.
Keep looking.
Did you guys find it?
Hey, John,
they're going the other way.
Todd, this way?
Guys, I really want
to help you right now,
but my better judgment kicks in.
Yeah, I get that.
And if it wasn't
for your dominance,
I would tell you something
right now.
- 'Cause guys are so awesome and nice.
- For sure.
- Geez Louise.
- Anything?
Todd, check over there.
Come on, Corey!
I see it.
I see it. I see it.
- Shoot.
- That sucks.
It's all good.
Ran right past it. A classic.
- Right there?
- It's right here.
- Let's go.
- Come on, babe. We got this.
Route Info.
"Get ready
to drop into Stockholm.
"Tandem skydive from 10,000 fet
over the Baltic Sea.
Enjoy the ride."
"Teams will jump in the order
they have taken a number."
- My heavens.
- All right.
Just go
I can't even imagine
what the jump is like.
I'm not pumped to skydive.
I am extremely nervous.
I've got major butterflies,
and I'm just hoping
I can keep composed.
Skydiving that's never
something that I would ever do.
I'm just mentally, like,
"my gosh, I can't do this."
I'm ready. Here it goes.
I'm first out of the plane.
We're jumping out of the plane.
My God.
This is so cool.
All right, you ready,
Strasser? We gonna do this?
The view was fantastic
from up there.
I thought
I was gonna be terrified.
I was just having fun.
My goodness.
That was amazing.
Go, Dad!
Third one out of the
plane. That poor guy behind me-
I was hanging on
with everything I had.
When we fell out, it was
so smooth. I felt like a bird.
Once we got up in the plane,
that's when the fear started
to kick in a little bit.
It's like, "Okay,
we're actually doing this."
Look at this!
All right, here we go.
I'm freaking out. I'm like,
"I really can't do this."
See you at the bottom.
No! My God. Yikes!
My gosh.
My gosh.
No. Aah.
My God.
Before I jumped,
I was just super apprehensive.
I didn't want to do it.
I felt like I wanted to claw
the side of the plane, and
This is insane!
But as soon as we fell,
I can see, like,
why people do this,
and I will probably do it agai.
It's beautiful.
My God.
See you at the bottom.
Once you kind of accept
this is happening,
the fear left,
and it was pure adrenaline.
I love The Amazing Race!
Yes. Yes!
I love this!
All right.
It was so much more
fun than I thought it would be.
I'm so glad I got
to go through that experience.
It was awesome.
I'll never do it again.
- What do we got? Route Info.
- Route Info.
Teams will find their next clue
on the island of TynningoŲ,
one of many small islands
in Sweden's
Stockholm archipelago.
All right, let's find a boat.
"Travel on foot to the boat
dok behind Villa Kašllhagen."
Let's go!
That was so cool!
- How was it?
- It was awesome.
Let's go.
So, we got to go by foot.
Yeah. Perfect.
That was incredible!
- Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.
We're going to the boat
dock behind Villa Kašllhagen.
Villa Kašllhagen.
All right, let's go.
Villa Kašllhagen. This way.
- Gregory, this way.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Come on, Dad.
- I got you, girl.
We have to run.
Keep up, Smithe.
They're all behind us.
We're with you.
Let's go, go, go!
Thank you.
- Hello, Captain.
- Hey.
Come on, babe.
Want me to carry your backpack?
It's all right.
Slow and steady. We're good.
Feels pretty great
to be in first place right now,
- especially at this stage of the race.
- Yeah.
This must be how Greg
and John always feel.
It's definitely anybody's
game. Any of these teams
They're all strong,
they all run fast.
My stamina is not there
like it used to be,
and it's frustrating me, 'cause
my whole life I've been able
to keep up with the young ones,
and so, every minute counts.
We've all had amazing days,
- and we've all had really bad days.
- Bad ones.
- We just hope our share of bad days are over.
- Yeah.
We just saw Rob and
Corey running for their lives,
and we saw Todd and Ashlie
right behind them, so,
we got probably, like, a five to
ten minute lead on them, which,
the race is gonna
be close today,
so we might need
that five to ten minutes.
Come on. There it is.
"Who's ready to go fast?"
Let's do it.
Thank you.
I know we're last right now,
but I am high off
of adrenaline right now, man.
- That was amazing.
- Yeah, that was
- That was absolutely amazing.
- That was worth every
bit of
- frustration this entire race.
- Frustration that Yeah.
Just that alone that was
that was so awesome.
The landscape is beautiful.
Sure is.
I see the clue box.
- Do you see it up the path?
- I see the clue bo.
What are those people
doing on the rock, dancing?
I don't know, but we're about
to do it with them.
We were pulling up to the dock.
We saw a bunch of people
dancing around the maypole
and they had their hair in
braids and it was just a cute
It looked like
a summer-spring vibe.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Come on, Dad.
- I'm out.
- Go.
- Roadblock.
- Roadblock.
"Who wants to party?"
Like the rest of the country,
residents here
celebrate Midsummer,
something teams will experience
in this Roadblock.
Teams must complete
one large flower ring
using ribbons and wiring,
then attach them
to a maypole, the centerpiece
of any Midsummer festival.
Once they're properly attached,
they will work with locals
to lift the maypole into place.
When it's flying high
and they've had a dance,
they'll get a clue.
- You like to party?
- I love to party.
All right, do it.
I got it.
- We dancing, baby.
- We're dancing, baby. We dancing!
"Who wants to party?"
- Gregory's a party animal.
- Gregory wants to party.
- Gregory's gonna do it.
- I'm gonna do it.
Let's go, baby.
There was an ongoing
demonstration happening
of how to make these wreaths.
It was relatively simple.
You just had
to take the branches of leaves
and use some wiring to kind of
wind it on to the hoop
until it was all covered,
like kind of like a wreath.
I'm creating
this little floral ring,
doing a little arts and crafts,
so it's kind of fun.
Come on, Leelee.
Go, Gregory!
It's not too difficult
to tie up, but you just
kind of just wrap it around
and then bend the branches
to the shape of the ring.
We got boats pulling up.
Let's go!
We got another team coming.
- Let's go, let's go!
- Looks like Todd
and Ashlie and Corey and Rob
just showed up.
- Go, go, go.
- There it is.
- Let's get some, baby. Yeah.
- Hurry, hurry.
"Who wants to party?"
- I'll party.
- All right.
"Who wants to party?"
We're really good at Detours.
We're a great team.
Ultimately, we decided
that we're probably better off
using the Express Pass
on a Roadblock,
and let's get back
to the front of the pack.
We would like
to use our Express Pass.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- They're doing it.
The boys just used
their Express Pass.
"Travel by boat to Nybrogatan
and then make your way on foot
to the Royal Dramatic Theater."
Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre
has been celebrating
the arts here
for more than two centuries.
Teams have to search
the auditorium
for a violinist
to receive their next clue.
- Okay.
- Let's do it.
That's so frustrating.
Looks like Corey and Rob
are using the Express Pass,
and they're just moving on
right away.
Perfect. And then looks like
we're going to Nybrogatan?
Yeah, okay.
Gosh dang it.
All right,
we got to move faster.
So that just means
we got to kick it into gear.
It's just gonna be a race
between the
the rest of the four teams now.
We saw every other team there,
so we knew
it wasn't gonna be something
that was quick, in and out.
Looked like
it was a lot of detail.
So we figured, let's use
the Express Pass on a Roadblock.
Our primary goal
is to keep racing.
That's Number one
is we want to see another leg.
And if we could
get a first place,
that would just
be icing on the cake.
You're doing great, Gregory!
Hard to say how long this is
gonna take. They're all working
- on their wreaths.
- You're good, Leelee.
So what it looks like,
on the demonstration,
you need to have a lot of leaves
on there.
As soon as I get started,
I wanted to at least
get the base. I knew that was
going to be the most
time-consuming piece.
My theory was, I had
to get the leaves cut perfectl,
like, rounded onto the ring,
and then you had to
apply flowers onto it.
My technique is just filling in
as much as possible
and then just add in flowers.
Right now, I'm working on
making sure all the flowers
are within the wreath.
I got all the leaves on,
and now I'm just
trying to get the flowers on.
It doesn't appear
there's a certain pattern.
And so I think
it just needs to be decorated.
Can you check mine?
Yay! I got
to attach it to the maypole.
Come on, Leelee.
Okay, we can do this.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
Dance, girl, dance!
Hop around, jump around.
What are they doing?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's go, let's go!
Looks like Anna Leigh just left,
which means I'm being
way too particular
about my flowers
because she did not take as long
as I'm taking.
At first, I was
very particular about,
like, where I placed
the different
leaves around the Hula-Hoop,
and then I see Anna Leigh
just, like, dart off,
and so the race was on.
I knew that this challenge
didn't have to take
as long as I was taking.
I mean, I'm feeling
pretty good about it,
but I'll feel really good about
it once I get that first check.
So cool.
This whole city
is just on the water.
Thank you so much.
through the main entrance."
We see the
theatre straight ahead of us.
Must be a different entrance.
I don't think
we're supposed to go this way.
We can't find the main entrance.
We don't really know
where we're supposed to go.
That looks like
the main entrance, doesn't it?
Come on, come on!
Okay. They
just came out right here.
- Well, come on, Dad.
- Main entrance.
"Find the violinist."
- Aha!
- Through here.
We got to go up.
- I don't know. Figure it out.
- Let's go across.
Got to
figure it out. Go ahead, Dad.
Keep on, keep on. Open door.
We're glad you
play loud. It's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
"Travel by subway
to Solna Centrum Station
to find your next clue."
There are more than a hundred
metro stations in Stockholm.
What makes them unique is
that they're part
of what's considered
to be the largest art gallery
in the world.
This is where teams
will choose a Detour.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- You saw Corey and Rob running, yeah?
- Yeah.
Do you have any idea
where the main entrance is?
This is the main entrance.
Did you find the clue already?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- Where is it? That way?
- It's Yeah. - Up.
- What the heck.
Wait. How'd you get in there?
All the way around.
- This way?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
We figured
we had more of a lead.
We thought that that Express
Pass would buy us more time.
So in that moment,
my dad and I are thinking,
we probably should have
held onto the Express Pass
a little bit longer.
Thank you so much.
"Travel by subway
to Solna Centrum Station
to find your next clue."
- Come on, Dad.
- I'm coming.
Kungstrašdgarden. Look.
We have to get on the subway.
Let's go ask.
Sir, can you tell me
how we get
enter the subway
at Kungstrašdgarden?
Is This is it?
- Yeah. - Okay.
- This bus?
Let's go quick.
Can we go before Red?
Red's coming.
Get-Get in.
Please don't let them get on.
No, don't let 'em go.
Can you go?
Are you guys sure?
'Cause it says
"subway" on the clue,
doesn't it?
Is this not a subway?
I don't think so.
This is not a subway?
- That's the subway?
- That Thank you.
- Okay.
- I know.
We were about to get on
a bus, and it said,
"Travel by subway."
And, so, Corey and Rob
actually saved us.
Now, where the hell's a subway?
I think it's
got to be Kungstrašdgarden.
I see a sign that's this way.
We got to run through here.
Let's just go.
We got other teams closing.
Knowing that other teams are
have already come and gone,
so, let's just
focus on getting it right
the first time.
Can I go for a check?
All right. All right, Gregory.
She says that
my wreath is no good,
which is always
a heart-wrenching thing to hear
on your first try 'cause then
you have to start debugging.
I think I don't have enough
of the of the yellow ones.
Yeah, I was just able to count
out how many flowers I had
and how many flowers
I was supposed to have,
and there was a discrepancy
between the two, so,
turns out, like,
the whole challenge was just,
"Make the wreath look pretty
and have
the correct amount of flowers."
I think I'm pretty close.
I just want to get a few of
these yellow ones in throughout.
I got some making up
to do again.
- You coming, Dad?
- Yeah, I'm coming, girl.
It's got
to be right around here.
There it is.
"Solna Centrum Station."
Use our ticket to go to Solna.
Okay, so we have
to take blue towards Akalla.
All right, let's go.
- The other teams are coming.
- I know.
Get this sucker on the road.
Aah! Close it on 'em.
Can I go for a check again?
Here we go.
- Yeah. Yes.
- Yeah. Okay, thank you.
- Hey. Did it!
- Thar she blows!
Look at it go! Look at it go!
Hey, dance, dance.
There you go. Dance.
Yeah. Hey.
Hey, guys.
- Let's make our own maypole.
- Yeah.
We're not getting
left out of this.
Thank you!
- My flower boy.
- That was fun. That was fun.
- Great job.
- Well done, Greg.
- Thanks.
- Well done. All right, we'll see you later.
All right, let's go. Go, go, go.
- Hate being in the back.
- Can I get a check?
- No?
- Smithe got a no.
I got a no on my first
attempt, and now I'm thinking
there must be a certain count
on the flowers.
One, two, three, four.
So I need one more purple on.
Just completing the
um, the base layer
of the leaves.
Yes. All right.
Smithe got it. Smithe got it.
- Beautiful.
- Come here.
Man, I'm so jealous.
- Yay. Good job.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Way to go, Smithe.
I do feel the anxiety building.
Um, everyone's gone,
and it's just me.
Um, this whole
bringing up the rear is not fun,
but it's also, I think, a matter
of just getting it done
at this point.
The only team
behind us is Ashlie and Todd.
And as much as I love them,
I hope they stay there
a long time.
Okay, check?
All right, here you go.
Getting checked.
- Yes?
- Yeah, she got it.
All right, cool.
All right.
Go, girl. Yeah.
I love it. I'm loving this.
Thank you.
I would have kept going.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Hey, you're right on track.
You didn't lose any time.
- You didn't lose any time.
- No, but we're last!
Here you go, babe.
You want to grab this?
I don't like
playing the catch-up game.
I hate it, actually.
I'm frustrated.
You see it?
- That's it?
- That's it. That's it.
Look at this.
Come on, let's go.
This looks like
the main entrance.
"Find the violinist."
You hear that?
Okay. They're up there.
- There.
- Do we need to go up?
We're coming for you.
- Hello.
- Great playing.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
"Travel by subway
to Solna Centrum Station."
- All right.
- That's a first.
- Bye.
- Bye. Thank you.
Johnny and I we're city boys.
Can't do hay,
but we can do the subway.
it is. I think I see it.
Let's go to the theater.
Thank you! Have a great day.
All right, we got it.
- It's right there. Yeah.
- Yeah.
"Find the violin player."
All right.
No, we cannot.
- Okay.
- I hear him.
What about this open door
right here?
There he i Upstairs.
How do we get upstairs?
You think it's outside?
Back this way.
Beautiful. Can we get a clue?
Yeah, of course.
You're a great viol
- Thank you. - Violinist.
- Violinist. Thank you.
- My brain doesn't work.
- Good luck, guys. - Thank you.
- Solna Centrum Station.
- Let's get out of here.
This way?
We just need teams
to not get here.
- All right, ready?
- Yup.
Look at this.
All right, let's go.
Solna Centrum.
We got to be on line 11.
- Okay. Yeah, so line 11.
- We have to take line 11.
Okay, let's hurry.
We might make it.
We just need
teams to not get here.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
So, we're at least on this
tran without any other teams.
We don't know when
the next train's coming,
but we know we're
ahead of some of the teams.
It just left.
Seven minutes till the next one.
Aw, dang it.
So, I'm assuming there's
gonna be a clue box
when we go up into the front.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
Up we go.
Solna Centrum. Yep. Up.
Anna Leigh, Steve,
over here, over here.
There it is.
There's our clue.
- Come on, Dad.
- I'm here.
"Sort or Serve?"
Sweden is going through
a recycling revolution.
A staggering 99%
of all locally-produced
products are recycled.
As a matter of fact,
they ran out of trash to recyce
and started importing it
from other countries.
Recycling takes place
at enormous centers like this.
This Detour requires teams
to sort and separate
one family's trash under the
watchful eye of a manager.
- When he feels they've got it all sorted out..
- Good job.
He'll hand over a clue.
Nobel Prizes were
named after Alfred Nobel.
Regarded as an eccentric geniu,
he established various awards,
including physics, chemistry
and the Nobel Peace Prize,
to recognize individuals
having the greatest impact
on humankind.
Every year,
Nobel laureates gather here
at Stockholm's City Hall
for a special banquet.
This Detour requires
teams to work together
as a server and runner
to deliver three courses
based on menus
from past Nobel dinners
to four settings at a table.
Relying only on memory,
one team member
must memorize
each course of the menu,
relay it
to their partner in the kitche,
who must then locate the corret
dish before handing it over.
When all four
three-course dinners
have been presented correctly,
the head waiter
will hand over a clue.
We're thinking Sort.
What are you guys thinking?
That's what I'm thinking. Sort.
All right,
let's do this together.
Let's get this done
and be the first two teams.
- All right, we're in, let's go.
- All right. Okay.
- We got to get back to a cab.
- Come on, Dad.
Do you know
Bromma aŚtervinningscentral?
Taxi. We have to go there.
Corey, our guys know,
so if y'all want to follow us.
You guys know? Yeah.
- They know where it is. Can you follow them?
- Okay.
Gregory, this way.
All right, let's go.
- Yeah, right there.
- Okay.
"Sort or Serve?"
- We're gonna do Serve.
- We're gonna do Serve. Okay.
- All right. Need a taxi.
- Get to work.
Do you know where this is?
- "Stadshuskašllaren."
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay. Thank you.
Let's go.
There it is, there
it is, there it is.
- "Sort or Serve?"
- "Sort or Serve?"
I think Sort.
- I think Sort. I agree
- Yeah. Let's do Sort.
- "Travel by taxi." So we got to get up out of this station.
- Okay.
This is where
we have a chance to catch up.
Puddle, puddle, puddle.
We're in a big
hurry. We're in a race.
Have a good one. God bless you.
We found the theater.
It's right there. Yeah.
"Playing a violin."
Nice and warm.
Up there. We got to go up.
- Up?
- This way.
- my gosh.
- Amazing.
Amazing. Beautiful.
- That's beautiful music.
- Thank you.
Do you have a clue for us?
- Here you go. - Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
"Travel by subway
to Solna Centrum Station."
- Cool. Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Solna Station.
Do you see where they
went? They're right behind us.
All right, let's work together
and figure out
where this stuff goes.
We get to this massive
recycling center,
and you just have
a pile in a parking lot
that you have to go through
and figure out what goes where.
"Use your cart to transport
items to the receptacles."
All right, we got
clothes, TVs, luggages.
Do we want to just split up
and each of us test something?
- Sure. We're gonna do tires.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. We'll do tires first.
- And a rug.
- And a rug.
Are they gonna point us?
You got to
figure it out. Go fast, go fast.
There were 15 different statios
that accepted
different types of items.
Tires go right here.
- I got 'em.
- Got 'em? Bye.
We can't
read any of these signs,
so we don't really know
where any of this stuff goes.
Everything was in Swedish,
so we had to kind of
figure it out as we went.
TV here? Good?
Here? Or do you want in?
Put it in?
Thank you so much. All right.
Yeah, this one's it.
La la.
- I'm the server. He's the runner.
- Yep.
I'm going this way.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
As a server, I walk in
and I see this
dining room and all of these
elegantly-dressed guests,
who are all Nobel Prize winners.
This table looks nice.
I will choose you.
I choose the table
that's closest to the kitchen
Just to make it convenient.
Wowza. Wowza.
So, we have a nice menu here.
There was a list of appetizers,
entrées and desserts
for each of the guests,
who have Nobel Prize wins
in different years.
1911, 1921, 1938 and 1954.
So I had to correlate
the menu choices to the people
at the table, based on
the years that were on the men.
Am I allowed to ask you some
questions? You have it here.
Congratulations on your wins.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
White starts 1911. Ends at 54.
Clockwise. Thank you.
Now I've got to figure out
what to get from Greg.
It's in French.
It's in French.
I speak French.
I took French
all throughout my schooling
and then I studied abroad
in France, as well,
and lived with a French family
who didn't
speak too much English.
So I'm-I'm fairly proficient
in French.
So this is good.
This is very good.
So I need a turbotin cardinal.
Turbotan "Walewisk."
Froid norvégienne.
Froid norvégienne.
Epinards de la crème.
Yeah, I'm right here.
Hey, it's in French, baby!
All right. The ends of
the words are gonna be best.
- Epinards de la crème.
- Epinards de la crème.
Okay, okay, okay.
Epinards de la crème.
And then what's the other one?
Turbotin cardinal.
Is that what that is? Beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
There's only four people?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Let's go, let's go!
Gregory, same thing.
"Turbonar Walewisk." Like
- "Turbonar Walewisk"?
- Word begins with T. Word begins with W.
- Okay.
- Ends with it. Yeah.
Turbotin à la Walewska.
And then lastly, it's something
that ends with, like, Norwegian.
Filet, and it ends with,
like, norvégienne.
- Yep, yep.
- Yep.
All right,
cake, cake, cake, cake.
- I'm trying. I'm trying
- Man. If we pass this,
- if we pass this
- I know, I know.
- I know, Gregory. I'm here.
- Go, baby, go. Go, baby, go.
- Sorry.
- Careful there.
I got to remember this order,
my guy.
All right, this
was the first one you gave me.
- This was the first one you gave me.
- Which one?
- This one. 'Cause you Yeah.
- This was the first one.
This was the last one.
- That was the last one.
- Which one were these two?
Do you want to check,
just for this one?
- Yeah. That one
- I remember the order I said them in.
Okay. That one is the cardinal.
Cardinalwas the f
was not the first one.
It's the second one.
- We went cardinal, and then we went the W.
- Yeah.
- And then we went Okay.
- Yeah, the W, then the One, two, three, four.
- Good job, Johnny.
- Thank you.
This is multilayered
in delivery.
So we had Epinardswas 54.
So high, and then
thecardinal was 11.
Fifty-four, 11, 21, 38,
54, 11, 21, 38.
Good evening.
I have your food prepared
for your first dish.
I'm excited about this because,
one, there's only four people.
Johnny can remember
four dishes at a time. Cake.
Two, it's in French.
I speak French.
Johnny speaks a little bit
of French. Done. Three,
we kind of came up
with a system before of, like,
"Okay, we're just gonna use
the key parts of the words,
not to memorize
the entire thing."
We'll see if the appetizers
pass, then I'll get cocky.
Please enjoy.
Can I have
the head waiter check?
Every time
I had completed the table,
I would ask the head waiter
to check my work.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Thank you. Please enjoy.
- I mean, this is it, though?
- Okay, this is good.
Look, Smithe. Look, there it is.
- There's Steve and Anna Leigh.
- Okay.
Those are big items.
That's fine.
Let's get tires first.
The Um, I'll get
the two things of newspapers.
I think we shouldn't
take any more than this,
'cause we don't know
what to expect in there.
Dude, let's throw the suitcases
on top, too.
All right.
I don't see Greg and John,
which is surprising.
They're probably already done.
There's empty piles there.
Hey, guys.
- There's more around the corner, this way.
- Excuse me.
- Go that way and just see?
- Sure.
Can I just throw it?
Move this. Thank you.
Should we put in the chair?
- Chair? - Chair?
- Yes, okay.
- Yes. Thank you.
- Well done.
Have y'all
found where wood goes?
- It's down at the end.
- Down at the end?
- Great. Thank you.
- Yeah.
It's coming down, girl.
Coming down hard.
You move Might want to move.
- Okay. Ready?
- Yeah.
Coming at you.
I'm gonna
have to come through there.
We have not been to the other
side, have we? Have they?
There's clothes.
There's clothes, Dad.
- Got it, Dad?
- Put it in through the hole.
Where were the papers?
- Papers is around that corner.
- Shoot.
- Around the other side?
- Yeah.
Look in the dumpsters,
Anna Leigh. Go. I got the cart.
Hey, it's paper, right here.
"Solna Centrum Station."
We could make up time,
if we run really, really fast.
I love your positivity,
'cause I'm not there right now.
I know.
You know what? I'm just
We're blessed to be here,
and we can't lose sight of that.
That's what
people who are losing say.
Okay, well, sometimes
winning isn't everything.
The name of the game is,
other teams can make mistakes.
We're hoping for that.
I hate losing, and I feel like,
right now, we're just, like
I hate that feeling.
But what's a good
comeback story, you know,
like, without, you know,
trailing, you know?
Everyone loves a comeback story.
- Best
- Underdogs, baby.
Solna Centrum.
There it is.
"Sort or Serve?"
Let's do Sort.
Sorting recyclables.
Can you take us? Bromma?
Do you know where that is?
Still need to make up some time.
I've been down in basketball
games countless times,
and I've actually been a part
of some amazing comebacks.
And I've found, like,
the one thing that gets you
back in the game
is your attitude.
Um, if you play loose, if you
play having fun, shots go in.
If there's one thing you can
control, it's your attitude.
All right, let's do an order
now, just so it's easier.
Gregory. Yo.
We got chaud.
- Chaudwhat?
- Chaud.C-H-A-U-D.
- As in the first letter?
- As in the first word.
Now we're doing first words.
Okay, I'll just make sure
that there's only one chaud.
- It's chaudsomething, isn't it?
- Yeah. Chaud-froid de
Yeah, and then Selle. S-E-L-L-E.
Something like that.
- Okay. Yeah.
- And then poularde.
- Poularde?
- Yeah.
All right. Grab it.
And then filet. But it's, like,
- a filet with, like, pommeat the end.
- Okay.
I think it's, like, potatoes.
- All right, so this was first.
- Second.
- Looks good. My gosh.
- Third. I know, right?
You said, what is it? Filet
Filet. And it's a
long name, ends with, like, P.
Filet de boeuf rôti.
Filet de boeuf rôti.
-That's a lot of words for,
- Merci beaucoup.
- Mer
De rien.
Good evening.
I'd like to present you
with your second dishes.
- Very good job.
- Please enjoy.
Thank you.
Thank you, Head Waiter.
- What do you got there? That's-that's tires.
- All right.
catching up to us. Hurry.
Go. Throw it.
Throw it before he looks.
Throw it before he looks.
I bet you
this is our bike drop-off.
Throw it in there, Anna Leigh.
- Dad.
- Gosh.
I was telling you, don't let
them turn around and see it.
It says porcelain. Heave it.
Can I just throw it?
Nicely done, Smithe.
It was such a blast
picking up that toilet
and just slamming it
into that recycling bin
as hard as we could.
- That's heavy.
- Slam it, Smithe.
Slam it! Yeah!
I grew up watching wrestling.
Hulk Hogan, André the Giant
Those guys were my heroes.
And I kind of pretended like
I was one of 'em, when we were
slamming stuff into those bins,
watching it explode.
Get rid of it!
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
Just go, go, go!
- It's right here, Anna Leigh.
- I know, but go.
Walking to it is not gonna help.
We're done.
- Okay, we're good.
- Yes?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Route Info.
"Travel by taxi
to Pampas Marina"
"and search
for your next clue
in front of theAlba II boat."
- Let's go.
- Okay, let's go.
- Saddle up, let's go.
- Okay.
Come on, Dad. Come on, Dad.
Steve and Anna Leigh are done.
Are those
the taxis on the left?
- There they are.
- There they are.
Hey, let's follow
each other, guys.
We're going to Pampas Marina.
Pampas Marina?
- Okay. Okay.
- Perfect.
Let's go.
Just not last,
and that's all we care about.
So I'm not feeling good
until I see Phil.
Charlotte. Poires.
Glace. Poires.
Give me the goods.
Okay, and then poires?
And then, um, poires cardinal.
- And then
- And then glace.
- Glace au four.
- Yeah.
There's only one more.
Okay, tell me, tell me, tell me.
It's another poires, and then
It's that first word,
and then a new word.
I'll just look at the name.
- Keep the order!
- Yeah.
Poires Roberta.
Poires Roberta. Poires Roberta.
- I see it.
- Yeah. Okay.
All right, this was one.
- No, this was one.
- Which one?
This top one, I think was one.
Let's-let's just try it.
So swap this. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Just a little.
I don't want them to see me
- And we're good.
- Careful, careful.
Good evening. We'd like
to close out your meal.
- Some specialty desserts.
- Thank you.
It does.
Have you enjoyed your evening?
- Of course. Thank you for asking.
- Thank you.
I hope you come back. Thank you.
I haven't been a server before,
but I love the hospitality
portion of it.
- Yes.
- Yes!
Thank you so much.
Merci beaucoup.
Thank you.
Gregory, Let's go. Let's go.
"Search for your next clue
in front of the Alba Ilboat."
- All right. Let's go.
- All right. Taxi's right there?
- Yep.
- Sorry.
You fast? You drive fast?
- All right.
- All right. You're our guy.
Pampas Marina.
- Can you put it into the GPS? Yeah.
- Dude.
- Are you kidding me?
- I struggled at first, though.
No, you killed it.
- Let's get everything else on here. Lay it flat.
- Okay.
Lay it flat, right here.
Juggle that, all the way down.
Thank you.
- The bike.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Anytime he sees a bike,
he's got to ride it.
You left your kickstand down.
- Ready?
- One, two, three, slam!
- Yeah!
- Let's get out of here. We're done.
All right, we're
done. Where do we go?
- Yes! - Yeah!
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Can I have a hug?
- Aw. How sweet.
- People who give me clues get hugs.
Route Info.
"Travel by taxi to Pampas Marina
"and search for your next clue
in the front
of the Alba Ilboat."
- Pampas Marina.
- All right. Let's go.
I feel like we did that faster
than Steve and Anna Leigh.
I don't know, though.
- Yeah, we did that pretty quick.
- Not too far behind them.
Thank you, sir.
Have a great day, okay?
- You think it's over here?
- Yeah.
Careful, don't slip.
So, let's do tires first.
- Recycle.
- We're recycling, baby.
Reuse, reduce.
This is kind of my jam. Sorting.
- Can I throw it?
- Yeah.
- Get in there!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Body slam.
Get in there.
- It almost went out.
- Yeah, if it threw out,
then we'd
have to go back and get it.
This is porcelain.
Want to do it together?
Sure. Take my frustration out.
- Teamwork makes the dream work.
- One, two, three.
Chuck it up really high.
One, two, three
- That felt really good.
- All right.
To know that
we were in last, like,
it was just a hard pill
for me to swallow all day.
I was in a bad mood.
What was fun
about this Detour, though,
is we got to, like,
get out some aggression.
That was cathartic.
I feel great.
And we're
looking for Alba Ilboat.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Stop, stop, stop right here.
Hurry. Run, run, run.
Come on, come on.
I got it. Go, go, go, go.
Here they are, here they are.
Come on, Dad!
- Dad!
- I'm coming.
"Race to the Pit Stop. Travel
by subway to Stroömparterren."
Almost 50 years
ago, construction workers
were building a parking lot here
until they unearthed
the ancient walls
of a 16th century town.
This museum was built
as a way to preserve them.
Today, the Pit Stop
is right out front.
The last team to check in here
will be eliminated.
"Race to the Pit Stop. Travel
by subway to Stroömparterren,
"in front of Medeltidsmuseet
and find Phil on the mat.
"Last team to check in will
be eliminated." This way, Dad.
Excuse me.
Do you know where we find
the Vaästra skogen subway?
Where is it?
- This way?
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, perfect. Thank you.
He said, "Nice hike."
Nice hike?
- We got teams.
- Looks like another team's pulling up.
Let's go, Dad. Come on.
Take the subway
at Vaästra skogen.
The symbol is a white
circle with a blue T.
"Race to the Pit Stop. Travel
by subway. Phil on the mat."
All right,
let's follow the teams.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
To the finish line,
to the finish line.
Go. Go, Dad.
Damn it, they can catch up.
Look for a white circle
with a blue T.
Look up, look high, look low.
- You sure it's this way?
- No.
- All right, it's right there.
- The clue box is right there.
All right.
Don't trip and fall in.
That would be funny.
- All right.
- Okay, what do we got?
"Find Phil on the mat."
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
- All right, let's go.
- We got to get back
- to the subway.
- Back to the subway.
- All right, let's get out of here.
- All right, we're out.
- No? Can't do it?
- Yeah, I can.
Look at that. She's a beast.
Yikes, yikes, yikes!
Get out of my life, chair.
- I want a laundry chute like this.
- Yeah.
Beep, beep, beep.
Ha, ha, ha!
There we go.
- Check, check.
- Yes?
All right.
Thank you. Thank you.
- All right. Let's do it.
- Taxi!
- Pampas Marina.
- Pampas Marina.
Yes. Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Can you help us find the subway?
- Vaästra skogen?
- You go there.
Up the stairs?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
And after, you go on your right.
And you follow the train.
You arrive at Vaästra
- Vaästra skogen? Okay.
- Vaästra skogen. Yeah. Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much. Thank you. - Good luck.
All right, let's do it.
Hey, we
need to ask somebody, guys.
Do you know where we would
find Vaästra skogen subway stop?
Vaästra skogen. Go
- This?
- Five minutes?
- Ten. - Ten-minute run?
- Dad.
- Dad, run.
- Okay.
Go, Dad. Go, Dad.
Come on. You're gonna
have to go faster than that.
You got this, Dad.
All right, it's a marathon.
That way. Come on, y'all.
Go. Go, go, go.
Dad, please.
This is killing us.
I'm trying.
I hope it's this way.
Let's go down there.
That appears to be the top
she's talking about.
This feels wrong.
- "Tomteboda"?
- That's not the name of it.
We're going to Vaästra skogen.
It's not under this building,
is it?
Whatever this is, it's closed.
I don't know
if we'll see anyone there.
I don't think this is it.
I feel like
we're running aimlessly.
This is looking like a dead end.
- Just sucks.
- I know.
It's got
to be back the other way.
Let's ask this guy.
This guy up here.
- Ask that guy?
- Yeah.
Hi, excuse me.
Do you know
where Vaästra skogen is?
- Which way?
- Where that way?
That way, and then around?
What the heck?
- Okay.
- Back under the bridge?
I don't even know
how to get across that.
I think we go
back that way we came.
We got some shoddy directions
and ended up
at some other
train station that was closed,
and we just had people pointing
us in different directions.
- Can you look on Google Maps real quick?
- Yes.
Thank you.
We've been going in circles.
Every direction
they point us into
would then
break into three other roads.
And we're like, "Which one
are you talking about?"
It was
it was frustrating,
to say the least.
Thank you.
Back where we started.
Golly, we got time to make up.
My gosh.
Go, Dad. Go, Dad.
Every second counts.
That says "Vaästra skogen."
Right there.
Okay, so there must be
a subway terminal here, also.
Wait. W Hey, hey, hey.
- Yes.
- Yeah. We got it. We got it.
We're coming, Phil.
- All right, let's do this.
- All right, let's go.
That's it. That's it. That's it.
We have
to go to Kungstraädgaården.
We're hoping that somebody
got lost, at some point,
and we can move up to third
or even second.
"Race to the Pit Stop."
"Find Phil at the mat.
The last team to check in
will be eliminated."
So we need to find the subway.
- I say we go this way.
- Yeah.
Do you know where
the subway is at Vaästra
- Vaästra skogen? Yes.
- Yeah.
You have to go over there.
Cool. Thank you so much.
All right, let's go.
All right, this is us. Let's go.
Okay, we got to go. We
just got to go to there.
All right,
we got to orient ourselves.
I'm thinking
the river's this way.
- This looks promising.
- Okay. Yeah.
- I see it, I see it.
- Okay. Around this way?
Come on,
Dad. They're leaving us.
She's hard to keep
up with, but she pulls me along
and encourages me
and pushes me through it.
The competitiveness comes out,
and you want to keep going.
You don't want to stop.
Look, they're all leaving.
- I understand.
- Come on, Dad.
We're here.
Come on! They're gonna leave us.
They're way already down there.
- Come on!
- I'm coming.
Here we go.
Dad, hurry,
please. They're going.
They're literally getting on.
I'm staying with you.
All right, let's go.
I think it's here. Here.
Vaästra skogen.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Come on. Here.
Go, go, go, go!
All right, let's go.
This way, Dad.
It's a footrace, Gregory.
- Yep.
- We got to outrun them.
- Go. Go, Dad.
- Yep.
You see anything?
I think it's out there
to the left.
I think. I don't know.
Look down here. There's the mat.
There's the mat. I see
the mat through the trees.
Well, then let's run.
Phil, so good to see you.
Joel and Garrett,
how are we doing?
- We're doing good.
- We're doing wonderful.
Hi, and welcome
to Stockholm, Sweden.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Joel and Garrett
you're team number one.
- No! No!
- Are you kidding me? No way.
- No way!
- Are you serious?
- I am deadly, deadly serious.
- How did we do that?!
We did it! I cannot
believe we did it.
It feels
so good. I can't even describe
what it feels like
to actually finish
in first place.
To prove to ourselves
that we can actually beat
Greg and John feels pretty good.
That-That's been
the biggest thing in our minds,
I think, is trying
to keep up with the machines.
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
you have won OneKeyCash from
Expedia, and you are going
to the Galápagos Islands.
To Galáp
Expedia experts have organized
unique experiences for you,
including a hike
up the Sierra Negra volcano.
You're gonna go snorkeling
at Tortuga Island,
explore Los Humedales wetlands
and scuba dive in Gordon Rocks.
- My God.
- My God.
Okay, I know
where. All right, let's go.
- Let's go!
- Go, go, go.
To the finish
line. To the finish line.
- We got to outrun them.
- Go, go, go, go.
Come on, Dad.
Dad, it's a footrace. Come on!
- Man.
- There's another team there, I think.
Here's Greg and John.
- How did we beat the giant killers?
- How did we do that?
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Good job, guys.
And another team coming in.
Come on in, guys.
- Come on, Dad.
- Anna Leigh
Dad, they already made it.
Come on.
Wait. Wait.
- Let's go.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
They made it. Come on!
- Dad, this is a footrace.
- What?
Looks like we
got to go the other side.
There's stairs down there.
I know. Got to cross the bridge.
- Dad, if Todd and Ashlie get here Please!
- Okay.
Dad, move it.
- Hurry, hurry, hurry.
- Wait on me.
- We did not train for this.
- Let me get to the bridge.
They're here!
We close?
- We are close.
- Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
This is it.
Hey, girl, I can't even run.
Come on, there it is. Let's go!
- Do you see it?
- Come on.
Yes, I see it!
They're all there!
Except for us.
Go. Go to Phil. Go to Phil.
Come on in.
Well, we are
looking at the final four
- on The Amazing Race. Congratulations.
- Yes!
And look how tight
the competition is.
You're literally running here
on top of each other.
I don't think
we've ever had a final four
this close,
going into the penultimate leg.
One team standing
here we will be crowning
our Amazing Racewinners
for this season.
Who's it gonna be?
- Might as well tell you
- Well, I'll
- I'll put my dad's hat in the ring.
- Steve does.
I'll-I'll limp
right across that line.
I don't want to stop now.
Todd and Ashlie, run it in.
Well, I am
very sorry to tell you
you are the last team to arrive.
You know there are
no non-elimination legs
and unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
I We gave it our all.
Um, but I love this guy.
I mean, clearly we've been
through hell and back together,
and I wouldn't
have it any other way.
I-I adore this man, so
Five, six years ago,
we weren't in a spot
where we could ever
do something like this.
And God
restored our relationship.
And it's just,
I'm-I'm just truly
I am the winner of this race,
because I'm so blessed
My family, my wife, my kids.
I don't need a million dollars.
I just need my family, so
-We truly put our blood,
-ASHLIE: Yeah.
- Sweat and tears in this race.
- Yeah.
- We left it all out there. I mean, you can't ask for more.
- Yeah.
It was every single emotion
that you could possibly feel.
The highest highs,
the lowest lows.
I would do it
in a heartbeat, again.
Next time on
The Amazing Race
In Dublin, Ireland,
teams take the plunge
Here we go.
step up
Point, point.
Don't boo us.
and swing big
That looked tough.
for a spot in the final three.
Dad, please
get in and follow them.
If you think
you have what it takes
to win The Amazing
Race, go to
and apply now.
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