The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s03e01 Episode Script

Who's Feeling Sporty Now

The mighty St Lawrence River.
These waterways are considered to be the gateway to North America, connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
And perched high above these rushing waters, on Cap Diamant, for Diamond Cape, is Quebec City, the jewel of French Canada.
Here, at the base of the historic Chateau Frontenac, 12 teams of two are about to embark on the most gruelling adventure of a lifetime.
(Whinnying) Right now, teams are travelling by horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Old Quebec to the Dufferin Terrace, a national historic site and the starting line.
Each team consists of two people within an existing relationship.
The 12 teams are Neil and Kristin, father and daughter from Burlington, Ontario.
Neil Lumsden takes the ball to the outside I played professional football in the Canadian Football League for ten years.
I won three Grey Cups, and I was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
There's been a great love of competition in our family.
It's in our DNA.
Hike! I grew up playing hockey.
I play football.
I'm more than just a daughter.
I'm a competitor and I'm an athlete.
Winning The Amazing Race Canada would be the biggest win ever for me, because I've done it with my daughter.
(Whinnying) Jon: Dujean and Leilani, exes from Toronto and Halifax.
Dujean and I met at a dance event.
We had a connection.
Started dating right away.
But we just butt heads all the time, so friends was the better thing to do.
There is no chance we're gonna get back together.
Well, we're both dancers.
We both compete, we both train.
We're ready to win, ready to race.
The other teams are going down.
Jon: Gino and Jesse, brothers from Hamilton, Ontario.
We're two working-class guys from Hamilton.
I'm a steelworker.
And I work for the city.
Occasionally I get to drive a Zamboni, which is fun.
We are both family-oriented.
We do everything together.
We're constantly competing.
One more.
Basically, the one-uppers.
If he's doing ten sets in the gym, I'm doing eleven.
We're going into this for one reason only, and it's to win The Amazing Race Canada.
Anything less would be a disappointment.
Jon: Max and Elias, newly-dating couple from Toronto.
I met this lovely man seven months ago.
I'm a girlfriend and a babysitter.
Like, his mom was super-pumped when I came around.
She's like, "Yes, help!" (Laughing) I'm a professional fighter.
I'm (Unclear) as a mixed martial artist.
I'm looking forward to taking that same focus into this race.
Our relationship is still in the honeymoon phase.
Run faster! If we can make it through The Amazing Race Canada as a couple, we can make it through anything.
(Chuckling) Jon: Dana and Amanda, police officers from St.
John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.
(Siren wailing) Both myself and Amanda got to the police force right out of high school which is really uncommon.
You know, they don't just pick anyone up off the street to be a police officer.
We are very smart, we are very fit and we are very out going.
(Laughing) We definitely want to make Newfoundland and Labrador proud of us.
And it's time for an all-female team to win the Amazing Race Canada.
Jon: Simi and Ope, father and daughter from Burnaby, B.
I was born and raised in (Unclear), Nigeria.
We came to Canada in 2006.
I gave up my business.
I left my comfort zone to give my daughter a better life.
Simi: I can't thank him enough.
I'm just so grateful.
I'm glad we're here and that I'm Canadian.
(Chuckling) (Neighing) Jon: Susan and Sharnjit, correction officers from Vancouver, B.
We met 17 years ago at work.
We work for Federal Corrections.
We work in a very crazy environment.
We've seen it all.
We've been strong together for 17 years.
Don't let the hot pink fool you.
Good job.
Underneath this hot pink is a firecracker and we're about to Both: Blow! (Horse snorting) Jon: Brent and Sean, brothers from Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.
We grew up in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.
(Cheerful gibberish) Growing up in a small town, we kind of didn't know where we fit and now we do.
We both live in Toronto now.
We're full off and that's exactly how we're going to win this race.
It's full personality.
Our parents used to always say that I deserve an award for putting up with Sean.
Hopefully winning this race can be that reward.
Well, we'll see.
We'll see who gets you there, won't we? Yeah.
Jon: Nic and Sabrina, dating couple from Montreal Quebec.
(Speaking French) Okay, just stop.
Oh, en Anglais.
We're Italian.
Super proud to be Italian-Canadian.
We are definitely going to be underestimated by the other teams because we love each other.
We love each other so much that our hobby is cuddling.
Oh, he's so cute! (Smooch) (Neighing) Jon: Nick and Matt, pro wrestlers from Newmarket and Stouffville, Ontario.
We met at a pro wrestling gym nine years ago.
I've been stuck with him ever since.
We wear matching tights.
(Dinging) It's a really unique relationship.
I trust him to pick me up and throw me around.
I've only dropped him twice.
(Laughing) So, Amazing Race Canada, we're coming for you.
Yeah! Jon: Brian and Cynthia, married couple from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Brian: Cynthia and I met in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Since 18 years of age we've served this wonderful country.
You will not find two people more proud to be Canadians than us.
Brian: Currently Cynthia and I are police officers in the Winnipeg Police Service.
Cynthia: We work hard to play hard.
We've been unknowingly preparing for this race all our lives.
We're the complete package.
Brian: Here's to the race.
(Clink) Jon: Hamilton and Michaelia, engaged couple from Centerville, Nova Scotia.
Seven years ago Hamilton and I met in cadets.
When I met him he was a female and went by the name Hannah.
Every year on my birthday I would always blow out the candles on my cake and I would always wish to be a boy.
It's just what transgender people feel like.
They just didn't have the luck of being born the gender that they're supposed to be.
I started transitioning when I was close to 16.
I was done being so frustrated with my body.
I just want to get it over with.
I am so incredibly proud of Hamilton for even saying let's do The Amazing Race Canada.
We're just going to take it head-on.
This historic part of Canada is filled with stories of bravery, strength and determination, all qualities the teams are going to need in order to win The Amazing Race Canada.
(Lively instrumental music) (Horse neighs) (Cheering) (Cheers and applause) Yes! Woo! Welcome to Quebec City everybody and welcome to The Amazing Race Canada.
(Cheers and applause) This is the beginning of an adventure that has the potential to change your lives forever, and this is a journey that will definitely take you to some of the most beautiful places in our home in native land.
This race has been designed to test your strength, your intelligence and your ability to work together as a team.
Along the race, you'll receive a series of clues.
Now, read these clues carefully.
If you don't, you may get left behind.
And as you all know, I will be eliminating most of you.
For the team that crosses the finish line first, you will win a year of travel for two in business class to anywhere in the world that Air Canada flies.
(Cheering) The 2015 Motor Trends Truck of the Year, the Chevy Colorado.
One for each of you.
(Cheering) Gas for life from Canada's gas station, Petro Canada.
(Cheering) A quarter of a million dollars (Cheering) and The Amazing Race Canada.
(Cheering) That's almost a million dollars in cash and prizes.
The largest prize in Canadian television history.
(Cheering) Okay, your first clue is waiting for you on the packs that you brought with you.
When I give the word, run over to your bags, read the clue, and the rest is in your hands.
Who's ready to get started? Good luck, make Canada proud race safe Go! (Indistinct shouting) We're on The Amazing Race! Whoo! Grab your bags! Susan, right here, right here.
(Smooch) "Make your way on foot to Quai 22" "Quai 22" "and search for your next clue.
" Go! Alright, let's go to Quai 22.
Jon: Teams must now make their way down to the harbour and find Quai 22 and their next clue.
Down there.
Down here! Woman: Quai 22.
My heart is beating like-- Quai 22! That's it, baby.
Man up! Let's go, girl! Yes! Alright, what have we got? "Find the pair of bicycles that the enclosed combination unlocks.
" Jon: Using the unique combination code found within their clue, teams must find the one and only matching lock in this sea of bicycles.
Once unlocked, the teams will ride their bikes to the ferry terminal and travel across the Saint Lawrence River to the town of Levis where they'll find the brand new 2015 Chevrolet Sonics, each distinctly numbered one through 12.
The lower the number on the car, the earlier the flight vouchers to their next destination.
"The cars are numbered.
"The lower the number, the earlier the flight "on the vouchers found in the car.
" Yes! Get this done before anyone catches up with us.
Quai 22.
Gino, here, here! Let's go! Airborne shuffle.
Good job, dad.
Merci, merci! I'm pretty sure.
Left, I'm pretty sure it's near the water.
Okay, let's go.
Yeah, but how do we get down there? Do we go around this way? That only makes sense.
We just started and I'm already out of breath.
Yeah, you're not in the greatest shape.
I did not think it was going to be this bad at all.
(Whinnies) Right there, the bikes.
Keep going! Keep going! Yeah! "Find the pair of bicycles "that the enclosed combination unlocks.
" Okay, go! They're catching up on us.
Oh yes! Someone got their bike? Shoot, okay.
We're going straight.
I think it's this way here, G.
You think so? Yeah.
This goes to Levis, right? Yup.
We have to try all of them.
I'm going to start doing this.
Okay, 6331.
Oh my god! The lock opens first time.
It was like angels were coming out of the heavens.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me, guys.
Look out! We're already on the ferry.
Let's leave.
Let's get out of here, leave some teams behind.
Come on.
(Horn blows) Just missed it.
Look! The brothers.
They're going to get first.
Damn it.
(Coughs) Sean, are you okay? Oh god! (Vomiting) (Toilet flushes) I'm just really bad at hiding my emotions so everything came up.
Are you okay? (Vomiting) Fuel for the guns.
Fuel for the guns.
There's a lot of bikes.
This is all about luck right here, not who gets here first.
We could pick any bike.
We could just go at random right now.
Got it! 2223.
There we go.
Got it.
Woo hoo! The ferry to Levis! I'm so tired.
I think finding the clue is going to be the motivation that we need, right? Do you want to jog a little? No.
Go right up there, guys.
Go to the bikes.
There it is.
(Horn blows) Jess, let's go.
Let's go outside.
Check the numbers! The lower the number, the earlier the flight on the voucher.
Fly to Toronto, Ontario.
Jon: Teams must now make their way to the Jean Lesage Airport where they will board one of two separate flights to Toronto, Ontario.
This provincial capital is the largest city in the country with a population of over 2.
6 million people.
Let's go.
Well, we've got car number one so we're on the first flight.
We must be doing something right.
(Laughs) (Horn blows) This thing's about to take off.
So there's only one team ahead of us and we're all caught up except for the brothers.
And Nic and Sabrina.
We're obviously the last ones.
(Horn blows) Move it! Go! Sharn, Sharn, Sharn, Sharn, Sharn! Right here! The lower the number Five! Four.
Boom, boom, baby girl.
Boom, boom.
I can't believe we're car number three! We're in car number 9.
Very likely we're on the last flight.
(Speaking French) No.
That's Spanish.
There's the airport right there.
Let's get in there as quick as we can.
Get us to Toronto.
First flight.
Love, we're in this building right here.
We're obviously the last ones.
Right now we're on track to be the first team eliminated from the Amazing Race Canada.
(Dramatic instrumental music) There- number 12.
There you go.
Last one.
Jean Lesage Airport.
We're last but we're going to be on the same flight as three other teams.
Jon: All teams are now traveling on two separate flights, departing an hour apart, from Quebec City to Toronto, Ontario.
When they land, teams will travel to the St.
Lawrence Market.
Founded over 200 years ago, the St.
Lawrence Market is older than Canada itself.
When the market opens at 8:00 a.
, teams will look for the woman in the blue BMO shirt who is here to help with their next clue.
(Dinging) Right, right! Taxi! Taxi! St.
Lawrence Market! Alright, my man! Good job keeping up.
Oh boy.
Let's go! Let's go.
Let's go.
Oh! Find your next clue here at 8:00 a.
Oh my gosh.
Come back at 8:00.
Lawrence Market.
Solve the enclosed word scramble to find the location of your next clue.
Jon: The St.
Lawrence Market is made up of a network of streets and intersections.
Teams must unscramble these letters to find this intersection.
Centre Street and Market Street.
Once found, this butcher will give them their next clue, and their BMO Cashback World Elite MasterCard which they'll use for purchases along the race.
Oh my Lord.
Is St.
Lawrence Market in here? There's no L.
Street meat and something dessert.
Maybe it's just best to walk and look.
Alright, you can stop right here.
Right here is good.
Oh my god.
Oh my gosh.
Oh god.
I really see dessert in there.
I don't know why.
But there's no D.
I know.
We can spell market.
We can spell market? It's a cross street, dude.
Centre Street and Main Street.
No, not Main.
Look for another street.
I know it's Centre Street.
Okay, Centre Street.
Centre Street.
Centre Street and Market Street.
Let's go.
Yeah, we're here.
Market Street and Centre.
Make your way to TSN and search for your next clue.
Let's go.
Let's go get a cab.
Get out this way.
They got it.
They got it.
So we know it's here.
What would it be? Is it Market Street and Centre Street? Yes, it is.
Yes, yes, yes, yes! Make your way to TSN and search for your next clue.
What's TSN? Toronto Stock? 9 Agincourt, TSN! Do you know where we're going, sir? Yeah, yeah.
It's very, very important that we get there really, really fast.
Okay, let me get in first.
I've never even heard of this.
9 Channel Nine Court in Agincourt.
I don't think that's right.
It's TSN, you know, the sports-- Yeah, I know that one.
Let's go.
Who's feeling sporty? A roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.
In this roadblock one team member will get the chance to go behind the scenes at Canada's sports leader, TSN.
Here they'll get camera ready and deliver the sports and scores with none other than Mr.
James Duffy.
Working with the help of TSN anchor, Kate Beirness Welcome to the Sports Centre newsroom.
Jon: the racers will master what it takes to be a professional sports broadcaster, reading from the teleprompter, correctly pronouncing players' names, talking to the right camera, and pausing at the right moment for the all-important sound on tape.
Announcer: Demolishes the rim! Once they've nailed the perfect read, James will give them their next clue.
I'll do it.
You want to do it? I'll do it.
Welcome to the Sports Centre newsroom.
Oh my god.
Hi, how are you? I'm great.
How are you? I'm amazing.
Here are your scripts.
This is your intro.
You're going to be reading it on set with James.
Do I have this all on the TV thing? It is all going to be on teleprompter for you.
Thank you.
Both: Who's feeling sporty? You.
You're good at sports.
We're going to put your IFB on.
Do you just want to undo your jacket here? Absolutely.
Pop that in your ear and I'll bring you up on set.
I'm so excited.
We both watch TSN.
It's part of our morning ritual.
How are you? James.
You good, bud? So Jesse, I'm the director, Beth, today.
We're going to start on the short sting.
Then we're going to come to camera two on a two-shot.
After you say your name, you turn to camera three and throw to the tape.
Okay? So two to three.
Here we go in 15.
Five, four, three, two, one Beth: Move on two.
To James.
Welcome to this Amazing Race Canada edition of Sportscentre.
I'm James Duffy.
And I'm Jesse Montani.
For this edition we are looking at the CFL Wrong camera.
juniors, Raptors, and MLS.
You have to look at one monitor for your intro and then you have to look at a second monitor for your paragraphs.
Solomon Elimimian of the BC Lions-- You have to get every name, pronounce it perfectly right.
And you have to also stop speaking and finish your paragraph at a certain exact time.
had a franchise record-- (Audio from tape cuts in) for wins in a season.
(Laughing) There's a lot going on.
Okay, bud, work on those names.
Argh! Back to broadcasting school.
I didn't know what monitor to look at.
Follow me.
Hello, Susan.
Hi, James.
Ready? Yes.
One of my biggest phobias is public speaking.
I'd rather take a puck in the face than read these words out loud.
Hi, folks.
Welcome to this Amazing Race Canada edition of Sportscentre.
I'm James Duffy.
And I'm Susan.
Keep going.
(Buzzer) Oh.
Okay, thank you.
I'll be back.
There's a team! We've seen a few teams pass us.
There's one in front of us too.
Oh boy.
(Horn honks) They're honking at us.
Oh God, they got here too? Oh-oh.
My god, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Roadblock! Who's feeling sporty? I am.
You are.
I am.
I can do it.
Love, this is yours.
Are you going to do it? I'll do it.
This looks weird, though.
All of the sudden we're in some suburban area.
This isn't TSN.
See, we don't know where we're going.
We need you to find out where we're going.
Like what this taxi driver doesn't realize is that he could single-handedly cost us this race.
Oh my god.
(Dramatic instrumental music) All of the sudden we're in some suburban area.
This isn't TSN.
See, we don't know where we're going.
We need you to find out where we're going.
It's a complete nightmare.
Oh my god.
Eli-mim-em? Elimimian.
Both: Manneh.
So like French Manet.
TSN is filling up with a bunch of racers, so the pressure is on.
Especially in something like this because if you mess up you have to go to the back of the line.
The Toronto Raptors set a franchise record for wins in a season.
From Valan-- (Buzzer) You can't mumble or anything on this thing, eh? Geeze.
in a season from Jonas Valanciunus.
I'm reading a little bit too fast.
From Jankas Valancoonas.
Definitely not easy.
Solomon Eli-- Elimean.
The lines are long.
Jonas Valancoonis.
From Cacutta Manning-- Repetition, repetition, repetition and slowing down.
I've been to TSN before.
I've done some work there.
I had a show there for a little while.
I walk in thinking yeah, this is okay.
I'm kind of right at home for this.
I don't know this guy at all.
He's never been on a desk.
Holy moly! Including this solo effort from Kekutu-- Manneh.
(Buzzer) Damn! Alright, buddy, good start.
A little work.
Still a little work.
Who's feeling sporty? I'll do it.
You want it? I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling sporty.
Oh! There it is! TSN.
Sir, so we need to go into that TSN building.
I'm doing the roadblock.
There you have it, James.
From Elimimian to McDavid to Demar Derosen's monster jam and a beautiful strike in the MLS.
I'm Jesse Montani.
And I'm James Duffy.
(Cheering) Nice.
Woo! Make your way to Atlantis at Ontario Place and search for your next clue.
We got to the roadblock first and we're leaving first.
Tough, man! You looked like you could have been a TSN broadcaster.
I swear to god, you looked like you fit right in.
I'm not even kidding you.
The tie is-- look at the collar! The collar is a disaster.
I know.
The collar was, like, huge.
Where's my wife? In the military your suit and tie it's impeccable, right, so that's bugging him big time.
Solomon Eliminean-- (Buzzer) Fail.
Fail just for the collar.
(Laughing) Alright, we're back again.
The first time out the teleprompter threw me off.
I was reading it, trying to look at the screen.
It wasn't working.
Solomon Elimimiam of the BC Lions-- Why is he reading it? Finishing with 100-- I only need to look at the teleprompter for the intro.
Once the clips are playing, I'm not on camera so I can just read the paper.
You're so smart, love.
There you have it, James.
From Elimimiam to McDavid, great plays were on display.
I'm Nic La Monaca.
And I'm James Duffy.
Do I have to leave? (Cheering) Being the second team out is so motivating.
I'm so proud of you! Make your way to Atlantis and search for your next clue.
Alright, Atlantis at Ontario Place.
Let's go.
Atlantis-- follow that sign.
See? Go straight and then take a right.
Let's go.
Clue box.
Now who's feeling sporty? Jon: In this roadblock, teams will run the gauntlet on an intense and bone chilling three part water-based obstacle course.
After suiting up, racers will first traverse a 120 foot cargo net.
Then they will find out that they must cross a narrow plank and take a three-storey plunge into the frigid waters below.
Finally, after a frosty swim, racers will see this slippery 20 foot rolling log which they must cross to reach the finish line.
When all three obstacles are completed, they'll receive their next clue.
Okay, so Gino's doing this.
Gino has to do this roadblock because I already did the last one.
Water sports, eh? If they give us a physical challenge we will kill it.
I'm fearless.
Let's go, G! Come on, you've got this.
Good technique.
(Exhales) There's two teams that have gone through and we're all stuck at third so I'm going to take it slow and get it done.
Solomon Elim-Elimimian.
(Buzzer) Oh my god! Johan Valanchas.
(Buzzer) I know where I'm going wrong, so I just have to calm down.
I believe she's going to come through.
I'm praying for her.
to Demar Derosen's monster jam, great plays were on display.
You got it! Oh my god! (Cheering) Against the defending champs, the L.
We're at the point now where if he gets it we can still get ahead.
Get out of here! Yay! Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you! great plays were on display.
I'm Hamilton Elliot.
Perfect! Wow! Oh! Nice one.
Nice one.
Now we're in fourth place from 12th.
The team member who did not participate in the previous roadblock must do this roadblock.
This is going to be physical now.
I'm not very athletic.
I don't do these things.
I stay home and bake cookies.
What if I fall in? What do I do? Go, G! Come on.
You've got this! A little bit of a back flop but he'll take it.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I feel like vomiting.
I am so scared.
(Sobbing) You can do it, love! Come on, Gino.
You've got it.
Let's go.
Yes, G! Yes! Make your way to centre court at the Air Canada Centre and find Jon at your first pit stop.
Jon: Teams will now make their way to Air Canada Centre, Canada's premiere sports and entertainment venue that's home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors.
It's right here that we, the north, battle it out to win it all.
And today, center court at the Air Canada Centre will serve as the pit stop for the first leg of the race.
The last team to arrive here may be eliminated.
When you're leaving first it feels amazing.
I can't wait to see Jon.
Come on, G.
We got this.
(Moaning) Hold on, love.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh my god! This is attempt number five.
Now I'm frustrated because we walked in here like thinking we were the belles of the ball because this is something that he's used to.
set a franchise record for wins in a season.
From Jonas-- (Buzzer) by Connor McDavid beating Russia's Ilia Sorogen.
Get out of here.
Yes! And there you have it, James.
From Elimimiam to McDavid-- great plays were on display.
Thank you! Go, go, get in.
Oh, there he is.
That's good.
That's good.
It's my turn.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Sean will do this.
That' s me, that's go.
Come on, that's us.
You're amazing! Oh, my god, there's another one! There's two more.
Oh, my God! Don't think about it.
You can do it.
You know you can.
Whoo! Great! Yah! Yah! My dad has never swum without a lifejacket.
There's water down below so he's probably pretty scared.
One rope at a time.
You got this.
You got this, love, you got this.
This is all yours.
This is all you.
You did it.
(Crying, mumbling) You did it.
Do not talk to me about it.
Never again.
I don't even know what just happened.
We never came here.
We never came.
You're not even wet.
We never did that.
Never did what? Exactly.
How deep is it? Oh, my God.
Can't swim.
Dad, what's going on? I'm scared.
How am I going to do this? This is a nightmare Just do it.
Dad, you got this.
Can't swim.
I'm nervous about disappointing my daughter.
Dad, you got this.
(Whispering to self) Ah.
Go, dad.
Go! Go! Go! Yes, dad, you're going! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Dad, you're my hero! You got this, Sean.
Whoa! That was awesome, babe.
Take your time, just breathe.
Oh! Quick, come on! Come on! Good job! Good job! Good job.
Good job.
Keep going.
You're almost there.
Whoa! It's okay, dad.
Whoa! The Air Canada Centre.
Air Canada Centre.
Bring it on down, boys, come on! We made it.
Gino and Jesse, welcome to Toronto.
Thank you.
Thank you You are team #1! Yes! Oh, my God! Congratulations, boys.
Thank you! As the winners of this leg of the race Air Canada is giving you two round trip tickets to Rio Dejainero, Brazil.
Yeah, boys.
(Laughing joyously) That's not all.
Petro Canada is giving you each 2.
5 million Petro points that can be redeemed for 6 months of free gas.
That's amazing! So keep it up.
See you at the next stop.
It's cuttin' down.
He's getting close.
There you have it, James, (Stumbling over words) (Buzzer sounding) Solomon (Stumbling on word) (Buzzer sounding) And the Vancouver White Caps fans have seen their fair share of wonderful goals (Sighs) I'm super nervous! Because you don't want it to be over so soon, you know.
great plays were on display.
Oh, my God! We've got to go so fast.
Come on down, you guys.
Hustle it up.
Nic and Sabrina, you are team #2! (Cheering) Congratulations, you guys.
Can be last just like in Quebec, we finish second.
You can never count us out.
Good luck and we'll see you at the next stop.
Road block.
That's you.
That's me.
Yes! Yes! (Cheering) Old man! Let's go, sunshine! Dad, let's go.
You drama queen! All right.
I'm going to do it I guess.
Guess that's me.
All right.
Good luck, girl.
Come on, boys.
We're coming! Brent and John, team #3! Yeah! Good job! Bring it in, you guys, come on! Hamilton and Michaelia, you're team #4! I like that you're taking your time one foot at a time.
It ain't worth rushing and falling so you've got the right strategy.
You've got company and you've got the big guys coming behind you.
You're going to be passed here so just hold on.
Hold on to it.
(Buzzer sounding) Yes, Nic, just like a steel cage! (Laughing) (Scoffs) Ah! Take a breath, Nic, take a breath.
Yes! Keep going, keep going! On the last couple of rounds of this thing and we just have to win it.
Here he is lowering the boom on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
We were actually the second ones to arrive at TSN but right now it's just me and Max left in the room.
Great plays were on display.
I'm Susan Harris.
And I'm James Duffy.
Oh, my god! I love you! I love you! Oh, my god! Go! Go! Go! The last team left.
We're the last ones here.
Still in race mode we get out of here in the next 2 minutes, we're not that far behind.
This year the Toronto Raptors set a franchise record with a win for a win (Buzzer sounding) I know that Max would have been much better at this.
I have dyslexia.
You rearrange words in your head.
Yes! Beating Russia's Elias Erko-- Serko-- (Buzzer sounding) Come on, Elias! Everything's slipping.
No matter how hard I try it won't work.
Like, it literally won't work.
Serakon-- (Buzzer sounding) Let's do it again.
Let's do it, let's do it, let's do it.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
The last teams left.
We're the last team here.
We get out of here in the next two minutes we're not that far behind.
Alamenia, to Demarjarosa's monster jam and a beautiful strike.
Great plays were all made.
Get the heck out of here! Oh, my Lord.
I'm so sorry, baby! It's okay! Even though we're last, we're still really close to the couple of teams that just left.
Come on, please! Please! Please! Ontario Place.
You have to rip it.
Thank you, sir, so much! Come on, dad! Kristin, it's you.
Come on! That's the way! Whoa! Go, Cynthia! You got it, Cynthia! Cynthia, that log rolls.
Think strategy on this one.
Slow and steady.
Come on, Cynthia, you're okay.
If you're hurt take your time.
Yeah! Whoa! That-a-way! That-a-way! Baby, baby, get yourself up.
Nice and easy, Cynthia.
Look for the end.
That a girl.
I would just take a breather.
You've obviously got the technique down.
Whoa! Ha.
Simi and Ope, you guys are team #5.
(Cheering) Nick and Matt, you guys are team #6.
Atlantis, there it is.
I guess it's me.
Okay, let's go.
Holy crap! Great job, Kristin.
Think strategy, hon, this is the big one.
Yeah! Oh, this is just using your head now.
Nice job.
Let's go.
There it is! Now who's feeling sporty.
You can do this, you can do this.
You got this.
Stay focused.
Max and Elias just came in.
I think it's going to be Sharn and Max here at the tail end of this.
Oh, my god, Elias.
You're doing great! She was literally here when we got here, babe.
Dana and Amanda, you guys are team #7.
Whoa! Dujean and Leilani, you are team #8.
Brian and Cynthia, you guys area team #9.
Ah! Neil and Kristin, you guys are team #10.
So, keep on pressing forward.
See you at the next stop.
Baby, you're doing so amazing right now.
Yes, go! They were just ahead of us.
Okay, babe, you're almost there.
Got it.
Warning, the last two to check in may be eliminated.
Go, babe.
Doing so amazing, so close.
No time for that.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Air Canada Centre.
We've got to go ACC, brother.
Right now we're not asking for much.
We're just asking to not be eliminated.
We just cannot be last.
(Horns honking) Do you think that's Gate 2? Where's Gage 3? Let's go, let's go! Come on, they're right behind us.
Let's go, babe.
Gate 3's that way? Come on, you guys.
Susan and Sharnjit, you're team #11.
(Cheering) Next leg we're going to definitely, definitely do better.
We've learned from our mistake.
We're 11 but we're going to drop to 1.
We're 11, one gone.
Max and Elias, you're the last team to arrive.
Sorry to tell you this but you have been eliminated from the race.
We may have been last but we finished a team and the short amount of time that we spent on this race, it's reinforced how much I care about her.
How amazing she is and how happy I am we're part of the same team.
Take care, you guys.
I'm so excited to take what we've learned from each other and actually make a lasting relationship.
Next time on The Amazing Race Canada, racers are surprised with an early trip leaving Canada bound for South America.
Chile! Whoa! Where tensions run high.
Like, it seems like I'm doing all the work.
Shut up! And racer fly higher.
(Screaming) Some teams struggle to communicate with the locals.
No English! Andale vita! While others express themselves with a little body language as they race for a pair of express passes.
Come on, let's go!