The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s06e04 Episode Script

Just Suck My Blood Please

JON: Previously on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition MARTINA: Go, go, go! Go, go! JON: nine teams raced to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where a pie-eating challenge proved to be no piece of cake LEANNE: Do you guys like pie? MARTINA: [laughing] JON: swallowing all three express passes.
LEANNE: The express pass is the only option.
NANCY: All the teams are gone.
We choose to use our express pass.
JON: A high-tech, precision roadblock COURTNEY: Oh, yeah.
JON: had Courtney veer off course INSTRUCTOR: You broke the speed limit.
ADAM: We are dead last.
JON: while birds of prey had other racers tied up in knots.
DYLAN: I did it.
I just don't know how I did it.
JON: And in a dramatic footrace to the mat for first COURTNEY: Come on, let's go! TODD: Come on, Anna! JON: the Mounties came out on top.
JON: You're teams number one and two.
COURTNEY: [screams] JON: while Todd and Anna's third podium finish in a row ANNA: Yeah, a gold, a silver, and a bronze.
JON: secured their position as the team to beat.
But a strong start JOSEPH: We're on the first one, ya! JON: was not enough for Joseph and Akash AKASH: I figure I'll watch.
JON: as the volunteers were left at the end of their rope.
JON: I am sorry to tell you this, but you've been eliminated from the race.
AKASH: I'm so sorry.
JON: Now, eight teams remain as they race to win the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Red Line, a once in a lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and the Amazing Race Canada.
JON: This is Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley, and today Duncan, the city of totems, will act as the starting point as eight teams continue their adventure on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
JON: Taylor and Courtney won the last leg of the race, and will depart first at 3:14 am.
COURTNEY: Fly to Jakarta, Indonesia, the emerald of the equator.
JON: Teams must now travel the 13,000 kilometres from the lush wilderness of British Columbia to the chaos of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta.
Located on the other side of the world, this island nation is the largest archipelago on the planet.
With more than 18,000 islands, it has the world's second-longest coastline, right behind our home and native land.
COURTNEY: Caution, double U-turn ahead.
TAYLOR: We're going international.
COURTNEY: Ooh, are you excited? TAYLOR: Oh, this is the furthest I've ever travelled in my life.
COURTNEY: As RCMP officers, we don't get a lot of leave.
I can't remember the last time that we spent this much time together, and I, for one, am having a blast.
TAYLOR: It's gonna be crazy, man.
ANNA: Fly to Jakarta, Indonesia.
TODD: Nice.
Woo hoo! ANNA: Caution, double U-turn ahead.
We feel confident.
TODD: I think the other teams are realizing that we do have a good chance of winning.
It's a good thing, but it's also a bad thing because it could put a target on our back.
ANNA: A whole new game outside of Canada.
MAR: Oh, my god! Aah! LEANNE: Oh, my god! MAR: We're going to Indonesia! Oh, my god.
MARTINA: Indonesia, woo-hoo! Jakarta! Caution, double U-turn ahead.
Double U-turn ahead! Oh! PHIL: Let's go.
PHIL: Our secret weapon really is we have this puppy-dog attack, which his like we're non-intimidating, but as we get closer to the end, we're gonna attack! DYLAN: Jakarta, Indonesia! KWAME: Whoa! COURTNEY: [screams] Let's go! ADAM: Jakarta! MONICA: Jakarta, Indonesia! ZAINAB: Oh, my god, I'm so pumped! ZAINAB: So far, we've been sixth, ninth, and seventh.
We need to be 1, 2, or 3.
MONICA: We need to be one.
ZAINAB: We need to be one, yeah.
NANCY: Right here.
Woo! A stinking double U-turn.
It would be nice to get up to the top of the pack.
NANCY: We're in last position.
I don't like it.
I never will like it.
NANCY & MELLISA: [laughing] NANCY: Jakarta! We need Air Canada.
MARTINA: Hi, there.
PHIL: We're flying to Jakarta, Indonesia.
MARTINA: Woo! JON: All teams are now traveling across the Pacific Ocean between Vancouver and Tokyo, to Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia.
When they touch down, they'll make their way to Fatahillah Square where they'll join these ondel ondel dolls in a traditional Indonesian welcoming dance to receive their next clue.
MARTINA: Let's go, go, go, go! Taxi, oh! PHIL: Oh, wow.
MARTINA: Oh, my god, I'm hurt! I've fallen! DYLAN: Go, go, go, all the way.
KWAME: We're off to Fatahilla Square.
DYLAN: We've got a good driver today.
NANCY: Go, yes, yes, go! Yes, go, go, go! Yes, go, go! MELLISA: I think you're scaring him.
COURTNEY: Fatahillah Square.
TAYLOR: Do you know where that is? 100%? MAR: Aah, I can't believe we're here in Indonesia! It's absolutely incredible.
LEANNE: It's wild.
DYLAN: Oh, looks like a nighttime marketplace.
Fatahillah Square.
This way! KWAME: Yes, we have a sign-up for ondel ondel dancing.
KWAME: We get to the sign-up first.
This has never happened to us ever.
DYLAN: First time ever.
KWAME: Dyl, I don't want to be number one, though.
DYLAN: Stop it.
DYLAN: Kwame's very superstitious.
KWAME: I noticed a little pattern going on.
Chewy & Happy, all-male team, signed up first, the sea to sky gondola-- eliminated.
Akash and Joe, all-male team, signed up first, sky plane-- eliminated.
Maybe we should sign up second.
DYLAN: Stop it.
Put number one.
The performance begins tomorrow at 8 am.
JON: Signing up for the first performance are Dylan and Kwame MAR: Performance one.
JON: and Leanne and Mar.
LEANNE: Get your dance moves ready.
JON: Watching the second performance are Todd and Anna, Courtney and Adam, and Zainab and Monica.
And for the final performance, Martina and Phil, Nancy and Mellisa, and Taylor and Courtney.
COURTNEY: We are last.
TAYLOR: Our cab didn't know where he was going.
COURTNEY: Well, that was a gong show.
[gong] [traditional music] [traditional music] LEANNE: Ondel ondel is a traditional Indonesian welcome dance.
KWAME: Very humbling for us to start off our day with them, with this dance.
MAR: [laughs] Woo! DYLAN: Route info.
LEANNE: Make your way to Jakarta's old port, Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa.
DYLAN: And find your next clue.
Oh! MAR: Do you want to go to that corner to grab a cab? LEANNE: Yeah.
We are going to Jakarta's old port.
KWAME: We left the square numero uno.
My friend, how do you say number one in your language? KWAME: You can't speak English? DYLAN: It could be bad.
MAR: Palabuhan Suda Kelapa.
LEANNE: Right here.
There's a clue box.
LEANNE: Route info.
Take a load off.
JON: Known around the world as the big durian, Jakarta is famous for this stinky tropical fruit.
Teams will now have to carry load after load of this painfully prickly fruit from this truck, as they navigate these narrow planks to fill one of these crates on this pinisi boat.
Once all their durian is onboard the ship, they'll receive their next clue.
LEANNE: Grab a couple by the stems, if you can.
They're prickly.
Ouch! I've got holes in my arms.
MAR: Let's just take our time.
Let's go at a really good pace, okay? LEANNE: Yup, we do not want to fall into this water.
Walk like duck foot.
MAR: Ah, this is crazy.
Really spiky! Woo! I haven't seen Dylan or Kwame.
They left before us! DYLAN: How close are we, sir? DRIVER: [coughs] KWAME: This cab driver's killin' us, man.
DYLAN: We're definitely not going the right way.
I'll tell you that, man.
ANNA: Jakarta's old port.
TODD: Do you know where that is, sir? ANNA: You don't know Jakarta's old port? NANCY: Madool, we need you to go to Jakarta's old port.
NANCY: Good! [traffic sounds] ADAM: I've never seen so many mopeds in my entire life.
ADAM: Old port.
This is it.
ZAINAB: Is there-- Can we go further up? MONICA: Can we drive further? COURTNEY: Look, there's another team.
MONICA: We can beat them! Andale, andale.
LEANNE: Teams are running in.
MAR: I want to get a check.
Can we get a check, please? MAR: No, okay.
COURTNEY: Babe, load me up.
MELLISA: Ooh, they're spiky.
A couple more.
Oh! Actually, it doesn't smell too bad.
These things smell decent.
LEANNE: You girls feel at home, or what? ZAINAB: Yes! These feel so painful! COURTNEY: They're sharp and pointy and they hurt! ADAM: Oh, yeah, they feel real good.
MAR: Leanne, one more.
LEANNE: Slow and steady.
Good job.
MAR: Check, please.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Route info.
JON: Teams must now make their way to Pasar Burung Barito where they'll find this traditional local bird market.
Once here, they'll find the double U-turn, which gives one team the opportunity to slow down another team by forcing them to complete both sides of the detour.
And it's a blind U-turn, meaning that any team that U-turns another will remain anonymous.
[bird chirping] LEANNE: Caution, blind double U-turn ahead.
Okay, let's go.
We're good? Perfect.
MAR: I wonder where Dylan and Kwame are.
KWAME: Todd and Anna are right there.
ANNA: They don't know where they're going.
We don't know where we're going.
It's a little bit stressful.
ANNA: Thank you.
DYLAN: Are you guys sure that's the way? ANNA: We don't know.
We think so.
Let's go.
DYLAN: We figure let's stick with them.
They usually end up on top.
ANNA: We'll just stick together for now.
PHIL: Hot, hot! H-A-W-T, hawt! MARTINA: Suck it up, buttercup.
COURTNEY: I'm feeling a little bit better about directions now that we have a map, and our cab drivers seems to be a little bit more knowledgeable.
Here it is, right here.
MONICA: Ow! These are sharp, hey? MARTINA: Oh yeah, I see people.
MONICA: Martina and Phil just showed up.
MARTINA: I can only do three at a time.
It's so hot and humid! I'm like dying! Oh, my god, it's so humid! Aah! [panting] Oh god! I dropped one! COURTNEY: Hand me that.
These are prickly as-- Ow! COURTNEY: Hot as hell.
I have a pair of gloves in my bag.
We packed them just for safety.
ADAM: Is this it? COURTNEY: Good job, baby.
Can we have a check, please? ADAM: Can we have a check, please? ADAM: Yes! COURTNEY: You're taking us to the bird market.
MELLISA: Check, please! Check, please! NANCY: Thank you! MELLISA: I think we passed every team that was there besides Leanne and Mar, so possibly third or fourth.
LEANNE: Search the bird market for your next clue.
Okay, right here.
MAR: U-turn! I don't want to U-turn.
LEANNE: I don't want to U-turn anyone.
We're not U-turning anybody.
LEANNE: We're at the front of the pack.
There's no need to put that target on our backs.
LEANNE: Detour.
Ular or Kebeya.
JON: In this detour, teams will get a chance to learn more about local Indonesian customs and cultures.
It's their call, Ular or Kebeya.
Ular requires teams to make their way to Langset[?] Park, and find this snake handler.
After choosing a crate, racers must wash and fully dry whatever snake they find inside.
Some are bigger than others.
Once the handler feels the snake is spic and span, teams will sit down with this doctor, who will offer each racer a chance to cleanse their blood.
Here, racers will find out that they each need to use an alternative medicine technique, and attach a leech to their partner's arm, and let it do its work for five minutes.
Once the snakes are clean, and the leeches have done their work, teams will receive their next clue.
In Kebeya, teams will need to make their way to the nearby Mayestik Market, and search this massive textile bazaar for this sewing stall.
Using the provided machines, teams will need to sew two panels, which they will then need to sew to the inside of the lapels of two traditional women's blazers.
Once they've correctly sewn the two keybeyas the seamstress will give them their next clue.
MAR: I'm not good with sewing.
I know I'm not good with sewing.
LEANNE: We're choosing to do ular.
Oh, my god.
Okay, I'm in the Langset[?].
Forward right.
MAR: Look, these are really big snakes.
LEANNE: No, it'll be okay.
MAR: Oh-ho-ho! [giggling] LEANNE: Okay, hello.
Got him? Not close to his head.
MAR: I used to have a dog.
This is not the same as washing my dog.
It's okay.
Ah! Ahh! TAYLOR: Like porcupines, man.
MONICA: This is good.
I'm feeling so attractive right now.
Check, please! Woo! ZAINAB: Oh! [laughter] COURTNEY: Ow! I hate this challenge.
Captain, check please! TAYLOR: Check, please! COURTNEY: Yeah! Durian were so prickly.
Taylor's bleeding.
MARTINA: I don't know how many more loads we have to do.
We've got this.
DYLAN: We're looking for the old port.
ANNA: We've got to be close.
We're near the water, right? DYLAN: We see boats, so we think where there's boats, there's water, and where there's water, there's ports.
DYLAN: This looks like it circles back around.
ANNA: It's the blind leading the blind.
DYLAN: We are super lost.
KWAME: I'm thinking why did we sign up first? DYLAN: This looks like it circles back around.
DYLAN: Dead end.
Gotta go back.
DYLAN: We need to go back out on the main road and look around.
KWAME: We've got to across.
TODD: Watch, watch.
DYLAN: Yo, taxi's here.
Do you know where this is? DRIVER: Yes.
TODD: Follow that taxi.
Fast, fast.
ANNA: Fast, fast.
DYLAN: The old port, here we go.
ANNA: Yes, here.
DYLAN: Let's get it.
PHIL: Oh, somebody's coming.
DYLAN: Put our nametag on a crate and fill it up with durian.
PHIL: Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
ANNA: Oh, my gosh! They're really sharp.
KWAME: Hurry up! Hurry up.
I don't want to fumble any of these.
One mistake could hurt us.
ANNA: Now the pressure's on.
ADAM: Barito Bird Market right here.
There's a double U-turn here.
Because we have a fairly good lead on two teams COURTNEY: We're not using the U-turn this time around.
We're gonna keep racing here.
COURTNEY: You want to help a snake handler? ADAM: Yeah.
COURTNEY: Okay, all nerve.
MELLISA: Caution, blind double U-turn ahead.
NANCY: I'm not sure what blind means.
Oh, oh, I know! We don't have to tell them who U-turned someone.
We don't have to put our picture up.
Yes! Yes! MELLISA: What do you want to do? There's nobody up there right now.
NANCY: I think we should do it.
NANCY: We just want to slow down another team, so it secures us a spot on the next leg.
NANCY: Yup, it's them.
We are choosing to U-turn Martina and Phil.
We feel it'll just maybe get us ahead one more step.
NANCY: I think we should do the snakes.
MAR: Nancy and Mellisa and Adam and Courtney just showed up.
NANCY: Yeah, this one.
NANCY: Oh, it's huge.
COURTNEY: Oh, wow.
ADAM: I've never held a snake in my life.
COURTNEY: Wah, okay.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm a little bit scared of snakes, I guess.
MARTINA: Good job, Phil.
PHIL: Check.
MARTINA: Check, please! MARTINA: Yes, thank you.
PHIL: Drive.
Barito Birds.
MARTINA: Ca-caw! Ca-caw! DYLAN: Hurry up.
Hurry up.
DYLAN: This is our moment to not be last right here.
ANNA: We're really close.
Check, please! TODD: Check! ANNA: Check, check, check! ANNA: Good! TODD: Perfect, thank you.
Every team except for Dylan and Kwame are ahead of us right now, so we're gonna try to make time.
Go as fast as you can.
ANNA: Fast, fast.
KWAME: Check, please.
DYLAN: We're a little bit behind Todd and Anna.
It's still the beginning, still the beginning.
MONICA: Oh, look, right there.
Oh, my god, we can U-turn someone.
ZAINAB: Oh, my god, okay.
[laughing] ZAINAB: It has to be someone behind.
MONICA: Todd and Anna and the coaches.
ZAINAB: Classic line, we're not here to make friends.
We need to win.
We need to get rid of the strong teams.
ZAINAB: We choose to U-turn Todd and Anna.
We didn't see them at the last challenge.
We're pretty confident they're behind us.
Nothing personal.
Todd and Anna are a strong team, so bye, guys.
MONICA: Detour.
ZAINAB: Snake? MONICA: Let's do snake.
ZAINAB: Snake! We're gonna do snake.
COURTNEY: Yeah, we don't see our photo, which is awesome.
Martina and Phil and Todd and Anna have been U-turned, and we're not U-turned! TAYLOR: And we're not.
That's a good sign.
TAYLOR: Let's do the snake.
It might be cool.
TAYLOR: They might bite us, but whatever.
COURTNEY: Whatever? LEANNE: We've got to clean this guy's dirty little neck, and we are good to go.
HANLDER: Congratulations.
MAR: Wonderful! Thank you! LEANNE: Thank you.
Okay, next part.
Treatment area.
MAR: Treatment area.
LEANNE: I think these are leeches.
We sit down to find out we have to attach a leech to each other.
MAR: Ahh! I hate leeches.
LEANNE: I will hold the snake.
That's no problem.
I do not want a leech sucking my blood.
MAR: Come on.
LEANNE: Are you ready? Because this guy's squirming away.
MAR: Ah, I can't grab him.
LEANNE: Ahh! What was that? Oh.
I thought he creeped up my arm.
MAR: Okay, ready? LEANNE: Give me your arm.
MAR: Yeah, there we go.
Okay, we're on.
Five minutes.
LEANNE: Mine's biting.
This is a big guy.
He's gonna eat all of my blood.
I can't get yours to stick.
This one's not attaching.
LEANNE: We area struggling with this leech.
MAR: He doesn't want to bite me.
Just suck my blood, please.
LEANNE: Ow! COURTNEY: I have never held a snake.
NANCY: Oh, he likes it.
He likes it.
MELLISA: This is a nice boy.
NANCY: It's a nice snakey-snakey.
I think we're good.
HANDLER: He's clean.
NANCY: Yes! HANDLER: Clean enough.
COURTNEY: Thank you! ADAM: Thank you very much! NANCY: We've got to go get our treatment.
ADAM: Treatment area.
COURTNEY: Over here.
Let's go.
MONICA: Oh, this is cool.
One, two BOTH: Oh! MONICA: Alright.
Alright, alright, you're beautiful.
He's heavy.
Hi, babe.
ZAINAB: He's interested in you.
Oh, my god! I can't.
I cannot.
You pick that up.
TAYLOR: That is a big snake.
Oh, my god.
COURTNEY: Don't panic.
Only one of us can panic.
Don't look at me, snake.
Don't look at me, please.
MARTINA: Where's the bird market? Where is it? There's bird cages here.
PHIL: Are there? MARTINA: There's bird cages.
Do you see anything? PHIL: Barito Market? MARTINA: I heard birds.
ANNA: Oh, I see it, Todd.
Right there, by that yellow sign.
There's us.
TODD: Oh, no.
ANNA: We've been U-turned.
We have no idea who U-turned us.
It's obviously frustrating, but we're not gonna spend time worrying about who did it or why.
TODD: Phil and Martina have to do it too, so ANNA: Now the plan is to go get the two sides of the detour done as quickly as possible.
TODD: We're gonna do the snake one first.
KWAME: Hey, Dyl, it's a close race.
Look, Todd and Anna are right there.
DYLAN: Okay, let's go.
DYLAN: We're not U-turned.
KWAME: Yes! DYLAN: Snakes.
KWAME: Ular, Ular.
DYLAN: Alright, let's go.
MAR: He's not biting me.
LEANNE: You're sweaty now.
He probably doesn't like it.
NANCY: We get to put leeches on each other.
I am so okay with this.
COURTNEY: Oh, I don't like this.
ADAM: Just calm down.
COURTNEY: Wait, I hate leeches.
This is worse than snakes.
MELLISA: Oh, my god, he's fricking' big.
Ah! Ha-ha-ha! NANCY: Okay, calm down.
Calm down.
MELLISA: He's so big! Ahh! He's on the wrong side.
NANCY: Okay, okay.
You can't do that.
You need to calm down.
There you go.
We're on.
LEANNE: Is that attached? You don't feel a pinch? MAR: Yeah, okay.
LEANNE: Okay, it's starting.
You've got it.
COURTNEY: Wait, ah, blaah! ADAM: I don't care.
Just put it on.
COURTNEY: It's stuck on me now.
Okay, here.
ADAM: Thank you.
COURTNEY: Ay, ay, ay, babe! COURTNEY: Argh! NANCY: Are we done? NANCY: Awesome.
HANDLER: You go.
Thank you.
MELLISA: Yay! NANCY: Thank you.
MELLISA: Route marker.
NANCY: Make your way to Bedung Teater Bulungan and search outside for your next clue.
Let's go.
We'll find our taxi here.
Right here.
Right here.
MELLISA: Marood! Marood! Marood! Marood! Come, hurry! Yay! Let's go! NANCY: Let's go.
We are in first place.
First place! LEANNE: Mellisa and Nancy left ahead of us.
Adam and Courtney are just behind us.
MAR: Thank you! ADAM: Thank you so much.
MAR: Let's get our taxi.
ADAM: Cabs are super important, and this gentleman seems to know where he's going.
MAR: I love you.
LEANNE: I love you.
BOTH: Got your back.
ANNA: Okay, this one.
I'm a little nervous, but it's not like my worst fear.
Holy! It's okay, Todd.
You can do this.
TODD: We have no snakes back home at all.
Come on in.
ANNA: I know.
Sorry, I'm trying my best.
DYLAN: Water, a little bit of soap, and we sponge her down.
Let's see our friend.
KWAME: Lord, protect me.
Yo, keep his head away from me.
TODD: Kwame, Kwame, it's not that bad.
DYLAN: Did you see our snake, bro? KWAME: Says you! TODD & ANNA: [laughs] Yeah, yours is a little bigger.
KWAME: Yeah, boy.
DYLAN: Don't be scared.
Just get in there.
KWAME: We're not even close to being done.
DYLAN: Aw, he's giving me a hug.
MARTINA: There's more birds down there.
PHIL: Do you have a clue? MARTINA: No, he doesn't.
This is frustrating because we're seeing so many birds at this market, but we just need to find one clue.
PHIL: I see it.
I see it! MARTINA: Where, where? PHIL: There! MARTINA: Go! Go! Go! PHIL: Oh no, we've been U-turned! MARTINA: Oh shoot.
PHIL: Oh no, we've been U-turned! MARTINA: Oh, shoot! PHIL: Maybe they think get one of the weaker teams out, but we're strong.
We're competitors.
We're here to fight.
PHIL: Let's go to the sewing station first.
We are not going home today.
We're gonna do both and get it done.
MARTINA: Yeah, let's go.
NANCY: Make our way to Gedung Teater Bulungan.
I almost feel like I can speak Indonesian now.
MELLISA: Is this it? NANCY: We've got to find our next clue.
Right here? Right here.
Oh, roadblock! MELLISA: Who thinks they are handy? JON: In this roadblock, racers will take part in the dance of a thousand hands, as they learn and master the traditional saman dance.
Here, teams must watch and memorize the complicated hand and body movements of the dance.
When they feel they can move in perfect unison, they'll take to the stage for a performance.
Once they've got the right rhythm and are in perfect sync, the drummer will give them their next clue.
DANCERS: Ohhh! NANCY: I'm not pretty, but I'm handy.
Master one of Indonesia's most popular dances! MELLISA: Shoot! NANCY: Mel would have been the perfect one to do it because she can dance.
I was expecting to build something.
NANCY: Oh, they're so beautiful.
NANCY: This way.
This, and this.
Argh! MELLISA: She'll be great.
ADAM: On the right here? LEANNE: Thank you.
ADAM: Who thinks they are handy? I'm handy.
I'm gonna be doing this roadblock.
LEANNE: I'll do it.
[music] ADAM: Can you teach me how to dance? ADAM: Wow.
This is extremely difficult.
LEANNE: Lots of hand movements.
TAYLOR: I don't like bugs.
I don't like leeches.
I don't like blood.
I don't like needles! Ow! Ow, ow! ZAINAB: We are one.
MONICA: Be one with it.
ZAINAB: Be the leech, be the leech.
MONICA: I am the leech.
[laughs] HANDLER: There you go.
Thank you.
TAYLOR: Route info.
ZAINAB: We don't know what Gadung Teater Bulungan is, but hopefully, we can get there quickly, and get our clue.
TAYLOR: Yeah, fast, fast! [laughter] COURTNEY: Ha, it's a race! It's a race.
PHIL: Do you know sewing? WOMAN: Sewing? MARTINA: Da-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da Oh, maybe on the first floor.
PHIL: Go, go, go, go, go.
MARTINA: I hear sewing machines.
Where? MARTINA: In this detour, you sew one panel closed, and then sew that panel to the inside of the collar of the blazer.
And I have to do two of them.
MARTINA: Okay, I know how to do it.
I've got this.
I've got this.
I'm a high school economics teacher.
I taught textiles in the past.
MARTINA: The buttons are on that side, so we've got to go like this.
MARTINA: I'm solely responsible for this detour challenge.
We just have to finish before Todd and Anna.
PHIL: Yeah.
We have to finish.
MARTINA: Oh, man, this is like stressful.
PHIL: Just breathe, breathe.
TODD: Are we good? ANNA: I think we're good.
Nice and clean and dry.
HANDLER: Yes, it is.
ANNA: Nice.
Let's go, Todd.
DYLAN: Okay.
KWAME: Yeah, give him.
HANDLER: Congratulations.
KWAME: Yes, sir! Ah, Ha! NANCY: There, over.
Let's go give it a try.
I am so not confident doing this, but I'm sure gonna give it my best.
MELLISA: Let's go, Nancy.
You've got this! [singing] [indistinct singing and laughter] [laughter] NANCY: Ahh! MELLISA: You're doing great! Let's try it again! ZAINAB: Roadblock.
MONICA: Okay, I'll do it.
TAYLOR: Want me to go? COURTNEY: Yeah, you're gonna kill that.
ADAM: I want to try it.
COURTNEY: Adam's gonna give it a try here.
I'm so excited.
[singing] [singing] ADAM: Yeah.
COURTNEY: You did awesome! I love you! LEANNE: I'm ready for this.
MAR: Leanne, I love you.
LEANNE: Oh! Am I up or down? [laughing] Ah! LEANNE: No, no.
MAR: One more time, one more time and you've got this.
TAYLOR: Oh, so it's always under.
MONICA: 1, 2.
ZAINAB: This is gonna be really hard.
MONICA: Okay, let's go one more time.
DYLAN: Boss man, thank you.
Thank you.
DYLAN: Let's go! ANNA: Dylan and Kwame just left.
ANNA: I know.
Thank you.
Let's go, Todd.
We've got one side of the detour down.
One more to go, and then we rock and roll.
PHIL: My sister is so amazing.
She's such a great sewer.
MARTINA: I got it.
Yes, a judge, please, please, please.
Please, please, please, please, please.
PHIL: Yes! Thank you! MARTINA: Ya! PHIL: Thank you! MARTINA: I love you! Thank you! Let's go to the snake challenge.
Let's go, hon.
PHIL: Yeah, go straight, and then around.
MARTINA: Sure, yeah.
PHIL: Just go back the same way.
Oh, my god, oh, my god! TODD: Phil and Martina, we just passed them, so they just finished the other side of the detour.
ANNA: It's just like head to head.
PHIL: Oh, my gosh, they're right behind us.
MARTINA: Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
PHIL: Good job, Nuna! Good job.
MARTINA: Thank you.
PHIL: Keep up the pace.
DYLAN: We've already moved up two spots.
This here? Here, here, here, here! Who thinks they're handy? Me? KWAME: Yeah.
DYLAN: Let's go.
Oh, no.
[cheers, laughter] TAYLOR: Oh, man, this is tough.
TAYLOR: Oh, I know that! COURTNEY: It's okay.
He's a fan favourite.
MONICA: Oh, this is going faster than I thought it would.
[singing] MONICA: I'll go through it again.
MELLISA: It's very important that we get out as quick as possibly because we haven't won a leg yet, and now is our chance.
MELLISA: So right now, we have to concentrate on dancing.
[singing] [singing] [laughter and applause] NANCY: Oh! Okay, I've got it.
I've got it.
LEANNE: I'm feeling good.
I'm going to make another attempt.
MAR: Smile, Leanne! Smile, okay? [singing] [singing] [singing] [singing] CROWD: [cheering] LEANNE: Thank you! MAR: Oh, my god! I'm so proud of her! NANCY: Leanne just did the dance, and she got it, and I'm hoping I'm gonna get it this time.
MELLISA: Keep going.
Keep going.
CROWD: [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] MELLISA: Okay, okay, bye, guys! Goodbye! LEANNE: Make your way to MONAS and search for Jon at your next pitstop.
JON: Teams must now make their way to Merdeka Square, a sprawling, wide-open, 185-acre green park in the heart of Jakarta.
Once here, they must search for the MONAS monument.
This 433-foot high monument in the centre of the square celebrates Indonesia's independence, and will act as the fourth pitstop of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
LEANNE: Taxi! Taxi! NANCY: Where's our taxi? Hello.
MONAS fast.
We got the best cab driver.
MELLISA: We're on Leanne and Mar's tail.
LEANNE: Nancy and Mellisa they're right behind us.
MAR: They're right behind us.
MELLISA: Argh! Racing for number one! MAR: Nancy and Mellisa they're right behind us.
NANCY: Our fast cab driver is gonna get us there in number one, and then he's gonna get a little tip.
LEANNE: Is that the MONAS? MAR: Ready? MELLISA: Thank you.
See you.
Bye, bye.
MAR: How do we get in? Follow these people.
NANCY: MONAS, where is it? Where's the monument? MAR: It's this way.
MELLISA: I think we've got to go that way.
JON: Come on, girls! Come on, Mel.
Come on, Nancy! Hustle.
Nice work.
MAN: Welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia.
LEANNE/MAR: Thank you.
NANCY: Thank you.
JON: Leanne, Mar, you're team number one.
MAR: Yes! Yes! JON: Another leg! BOTH: Woo! JON: Nancy, Mellisa, ladies, you're team number two.
BOTH: Woo-hoo! JON: You were very close to these two.
NANCY: You're little twerps for getting ahead of us.
JON: [laughs] MAR: You guys are such powerhouses.
LEANNE: We've been neck in neck and we love it.
MAR: the entire time.
We love it.
JON: Leanne, Mar, as the winners of this leg, you've won an exciting trip for two to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.
LEANNE: Oh! MAR: Oh, my gosh! JON: [laughs] MAR: This is our second win.
It feels amazing.
We've remained at the top so far this race, and we just have to stay consistent.
ANNA: We can do this, Todd.
TODD: Yeah.
ANNA: Get it right the first time.
TODD: Is that it? ANNA: Good, thank you.
ANNA: When I was home-schooled, every week I would go to sewing lessons for six years.
And I would do fashion shows in the clothes that I had sewn for myself, so I've done a fair amount of sewing.
TODD: Anna, you're killing it.
ANNA: Thank you.
TODD: Slow, slow.
ANNA: It's so hard.
Oh, I don't know if I'm doing it right, Todd.
MARTINA: I've never held a snake like this before in my life, but it's amazing.
Good, okay.
Good, clean baby.
Beautiful, beautiful snake.
HANDLER: That is clean.
PHIL: That is clean? Yes, thank you.
MARTINA: Thank you.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[singing] ZAINAB: She's doing well.
This is the toughest part.
MONICA: 5, 6, 7, 8.
CROWD: [laughter] MONICA: This is why I got kicked out of dance class when I was younger.
I'll get it next time, I promise.
[singing] [singing] CROWD: [cheering] TAYLOR: Oh! TAYLOR: Oh, heartbreaking! COURTNEY: Tay, that was really good! COURTNEY: Stay calm.
You're good.
You've got this! [singing] KWAME: Right now, it looks like everybody's here, except for Martina and Phil, and Todd and Anna, so we can jump up a lot.
DYLAN: I did karate as a kid, and this is similar.
It's just memorizing movements.
I'm relating it a lot to that.
[singing] KWAME: Yeah, he's got it, he's got it.
He's got it.
CROWD: [cheers & applause] DYLAN: Thank you so much.
Let's go.
KWAME: We got there in sixth, and we're leaving in third.
That's big.
Oh, sir, let's go.
Let's go.
This is not an average Friday night at home.
This is the most bizarre thing I've ever done in my life.
HANDLER: Yeah, okay.
MARTINA: Oh, I'm finished.
Thank you.
MARTINA: We got it! We got it! Let's go.
Let's go.
ANNA: Okay, let's go put them on the mannequin, and hope for the best.
There we go.
TODD: Check.
ANNA: We really, really hope we got it, but I don't think we did.
ANNA: Thank you! TODD: Thank you, thank you.
ANNA: Thank you.
ANNA: I was a little emotional in that sewing challenge.
I was just feeling really nervous.
I didn't want to let Todd down because we're near the back.
TODD: It's okay.
You crushed that first time.
COURTNEY: You've got it, bro.
COURTNEY: Yeah! Woo! [cheering and applause] COURTNEY: Dude, way to go! [singing] ZAINAB: Yes, girl! [cheering and applause] ZAINAB: Oh, my god.
Yes! I love you! COURTNEY: We arrived to this challenge in second place, and now we are the only team left.
ADAM: I'm gonna go try again.
COURTNEY: Babe, you've got this.
[singing] ADAM: I have no idea how many attempts it's been, but I'm starting to freak out.
I'm starting to get in my own head.
This is not happening well for me.
ADAM: Oh! This is terrible.
COURTNEY: Take a breath.
Don't get flustered.
ADAM: Oh, this is terrible.
I'm really battling with that whole tempo thing.
I'm not a dancer.
I don't hold a beat very well, and I'm just not doing well right now.
MARTINA: Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Oh, right here.
MARTINA: Grab it.
Who thinks they're handy? You can fix things.
You can fix my IKEA dresser.
PHIL: Okay, I'll do it.
Master one of Indonesia's most popular dances.
I'm so happy it's a dance routine because I love to dance.
As a kid, I'd just breakdance in my parents' basement, and then as I grew up, I did a little bit of choreography, and I feel like I have this.
PHIL: 5, 6, 7, 8.
ANNA: You, Todd? TODD: Me? Are you sure? ANNA: Yeah.
TODD: Okay, me.
ANNA: I know Todd can do this.
JON: Dylan, Kwame, you're team number three.
DYLAN: [laughs] Finally! JON: Moving on up to the podium, boys! DYLAN: Let's go! Thank you.
JON: Take it easy, fellas.
DYLAN: Thank you.
KWAME: The curse of the sign-up board is over.
[laughs] MONICA: Come on! Come on! JON: Zainab, Monica ZAINAB: Yes.
JON: You're team number four.
BOTH: What?! ZAINAB: Yes! Bring it in! MONICA: Today we've had our best finish yet.
Everyone's been underestimating us, but we're actually very strong.
ZAINAB: Fourth place.
[laughter] COURTNEY: Jon! Thanks, bro.
JON: Taylor, Courtney, you guys are team number five.
COURTNEY: Nice, dude.
TAYLOR: We made it through Jakarta.
COURTNEY: Oh-ho! ANNA: Todd's a good dancer.
He's really coordinated.
[singing] [singing] TODD: Oh I gotta stop.
[laughter] MARTINA: Go, Phil! You've got this! [singing] [singing] [singing] [singing] [singing] [cheering and applause] PHIL: Yes! Yes! Thank you! Oh! Oh, man! Ahh! MARTINA: I love you! Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia, number one! MARTINA: Taxi, taxi! PHIL: Yes! Once I read that it's a dance routine, I knew I had it.
I knew I could catch up, and I knew we weren't going to go home.
[singing] TODD: I'm getting a little bit nervous, but we can get ahead here.
[singing] [singing] [singing] ANNA: You've got it.
Don't get frustrated.
TODD: The walk of shame.
ANNA: You were so close, Todd.
TODD: [sighs] [singing] ADAM: Argh! COURTNEY: Babe, practice makes perfect.
ADAM: 3, 4.
ANNA: It's so stressful.
JON: Bring it in, you two.
Come on! MARTINA: Jon! JON: Martina, Phil, you two are team number six! MARTINA: [crying] Oh, my god! PHIL: Good job! PHIL: We got U-turned and it sucked, but we survived it, and we're still in this race.
Watch out! MARTINA: We're the puppy dog attack.
JON: Alright! PHIL: Thanks, Jon.
Woo! Woo! ADAM: I don't like that it's down to this.
COURTNEY: It's stressful, girl.
It is.
[singing] [singing] CROWD: [cheering and applause] [singing] [singing] CROWD: [cheering and applause] ADAM: Thank you, sir.
COURTNEY: Woo! You are amazing! TODD: Adam just got it, so it's super important to get the next one, so we can have a race to the finish line.
[singing] CROWD: [applause] ANNA: [cheering] Good job, Todd! Woo! ANNA: We're still in it.
We're still in it.
ADAM: Babe, we've gotta find a taxi.
COURTNEY: Keep calm, love.
It's okay.
ADAM: It's not okay.
This is gonna kill us.
TODD: Taxi.
There's one I think right there.
COURTNEY: Taxi right here! ANNA: Taxi! COURTNEY: Sir, do you know MONAS? ADAM: MONAS? COURTNEY: Hurry, fast, fast.
ADAM: As fast as you can.
COURTNEY: Just as fast as possible.
ANNA: Just hoping for the best right now.
ANNA: We're going to the pitstop somewhere called MONAS.
COURTNEY: We're racing for last place here.
ADAM: This is MONAS.
TODD: There? COURTNEY: We're close.
I know we're close.
MONAS? ADAM: MONAS? ANNA: Right there.
TODD: Do you see Jon? COURTNEY: Come on, babe! Come! Come! TODD: Right there.
ANNA: Toddy, go, Toddy! ADAM: Come on.
COURTNEY: Oh! Jon! Oh.
COURTNEY: Oh, man, you guys.
JON: Courtney, Adam, you're team number seven.
COURTNEY: Yes, babe.
JON: Todd, Anna you are the last team to arrive.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have been eliminated from the race.
ANNA: [crying] Okay.
JON: What are you feeling right now, Anna? ANNA: I'm just not ready.
We had way more in us than this.
[sighs] TODD: You want to win, so to go out now, in the fourth leg, it's a bummer.
ANNA: Kind of like the leg we ran today.
I love this guy so, so much.
ANNA: Todd, I just want to say thank you for putting yourself out there, and telling your story because it inspires me, it inspires so many other people.
TODD: No matter what you're going through, if you're going through bullying, anxiety, anything like that, to have people there to help you, to encourage you, to help you get through it, and just to push on.
Know who you are deep down inside, and keep going.
JON: Well, you've shone your light on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition in a really incredible way.
I wish you nothing but the best.
Take care, you two.
ANNA: Thank you, Jon.
JON: Come on in here.
Todd, great to have you on the race, buddy.
TODD: Anna, I just want to thank you, just how strong you've been for me, and helping me get through things, and yeah, just any moment I know I can lean on you, and trust you, so thank you.
ANNA: I love you.
JON: Next time on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition ZAINAB: We're going to Canada.
JON: Teams fly back home to Canada.
MONICA: We're going home! JON: and duel it out in Stratford, Ontario.
KWAME: En garde! JON: For some, it's a Shakespearean tragedy.
COURTNEY: [groans] JON: For others, a comedy.
MARTINA: Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo? JON: Teams sink their teeth into a detour.
ADAM: Oh! JON: That leave some boxed in ADAM: It's okay.
Calm down.
JON: while for others it's a mad scramble MAR: E-D.
JON: as they try to stay afloat.
LEANNE: We're not going home! NO! JON: For more info on the racers, head to ctv.