The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s06e03 Episode Script

Sounds like a Wild Boar

1 JON: Previously on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition NANCY: Go, go, go! JON: Nine teams travelled north to Dawson City, Yukon MAR: Ah, the Yukon! JON: where the Woods camping challenge gave Todd and Anna an early lead TODD: Awesome, team number one! JON: but left Joseph and Akash totally deflated.
JOSEPH: What the heck are we missing? MAR: It says it's north.
JON: A high tech gold rush allowed three teams to get rich quick NANCY & MELLISA: Oh! TODD: Express Pass.
Anna, Anna, hey! Don't leave me hanging.
JON: leaving Dylan and Kwame empty-handed.
KWAME: This could put us in last place.
JON: And a detour handed Taylor and Courtney a leg up COURTNEY: [cheers] JON: but gave other racers a kick in the kiester.
PHIL: Oh, my god.
This might be hard.
ZAINAB: I'm not trying that.
Thanks, bye.
DANCERS: [laughing] JON: In the end, Todd and Anna doubled down to win the leg.
JON: You guys are team number one.
TODD & ANNA: Yeah! JON: But it was Zainab and Monica who were dealt the lucky wild card.
JON: This is a non-elimination legs, ladies.
ZAINAB: No! MONICA: Super proud of you.
JON: Now, nine teams are racing to win the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Red Line, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and The Amazing Race Canada.
JON: Located just south of the rugged mountains of Tombstone Territorial Park is Dawson City, Yukon.
Today, this historic northern town will act as the starting point on the third leg of the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
Todd and Anna won the last leg of the race and will depart first at 9:22 am.
TODD: Route info.
Fly to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
JON: Teams must now travel over 2,000 kilometres from the northern outpost of Dawson City, Yukon to Salt Spring Island.
Located between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, Salt Spring is known for its natural beauty, laidback lifestyle, and thriving art scene.
TODD: Woo-hoo.
We're super excited.
Finishing first last leg gave us a huge confidence boost.
TODD: Nice.
ANNA: We're so happy we won one Express Pass.
It's a lot of power to have an Express Pass.
MELLISA: Fly to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
NANCY: Back to back in second place feels pretty awesome.
NANCY: Let's go! COURTNEY: We finished the first leg in fifth, finished the last leg in third.
Now we're on the podium.
We're so close.
TAYLOR: Yeah, I can taste it, so now let's go get the meal.
COURTNEY: Yeah! This is gonna be awesome! MAR: We've got our bags.
Let's go, baby! [inaudible yelling] DYLAN: Oh, baby! I've actually been to Salt Spring Island.
Very hippie feel.
Everyone's roof is covered in moss.
MARTINA: Come on! Back to BC, where we live! PHIL: We're going to Salt Spring Island! I haven't been there before, but my sister's been there, so I think that's gonna help us out.
COURTNEY: Goodbye, Dawson City.
You have a piece of my heart.
JOSEPH: We're just going to the airport.
It's a straight road.
We're gonna see it.
JOSEPH: We are technically the worst team so far on the race.
I think it feels great to be like the bottom of the pack.
AKASH: Really? JOSEPH: Because no, other teams think that you're just technically bad.
They're gonna not see it coming when we ride to the top.
AKASH: Are you sure this is the right way to the airport? JOSEPH: Did we pass it? ZAINAB: Oh, my god! We're still in the game! ZAINAB: We've survived because of a non-elimination.
I don't think the other teams are gonna be happy to see us.
MONICA: Let's go.
ANNA: What the heck?! ZAINAB: Hi! ANNA: Ohh! MARTINA: Non-elimination! MAR: It's cool.
We just have to beat them again.
MARTINA: Wow! JON: All teams are now travelling from Dawson City via Whitehorse to Vancouver, BC.
Once they land, they'll make their way to the downtown Harbour Air Terminal to catch a flight on a sea plane bound for Salt Spring Island.
MARTINA: Go, go! Go, go, go! DYLAN: Taxi! MARTINA: Go, go, go, go, go, go! JOSEPH: [inaudible] It's craziness! JOSEPH: We're the first ones out of the airport.
MAR: Taxi! Leanne, Leanne, Leanne, Leanne! Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre.
LEANNE: It's a race.
AKASH: Harbour Air.
This is it.
JOSEPH: Yes, yes, yes! JOSEPH: We're checking in on the very first sea plane at 9:10 am.
AKASH: We're on the very first plane, yeah! JON: Based on order of arrival, teams are now signing up for one of five morning flights to Salt Spring Island.
KWAME: We're the last ones.
It's all good.
It's all good.
DYLAN: Can't worry about it now.
AKASH: It's so cool.
We've never seen anything like this! AKASH: It's totally awesome.
MONICA: We're good to go.
Let's do this.
ZAINAB: I look out the window, and I see the entire area that we were patrolling with the navy for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and guarded the Canada Place and the torch.
MONICA: Man, that must have been such an amazing experience.
ZAINAB: Exactly, I never thought I'd be back here.
MONICA: Yeah, it was really cool.
BOTH: Thank you.
JOSEPH: Route info.
Open your pie hole.
JON: With over 150 artisans and food producers on the island, the Salt Spring Saturday Market is home to one of the greatest collections of locally made crafts and farm fresh foods in the country.
Every item sold at the Saturday Market is made, grown, or baked by the vendors themselves.
Racers must now search the market for this pie stand, where each team will have to chow down on two full homemade blueberry pies.
Once they've consumed every crumb, they'll receive the key to a 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV where they'll find their next clue.
JOSEPH: Salt Springs Saturday Market.
Don't go too fast.
AKASH: Yeah, I'm not going very fast.
AKSASH: Saturday Market.
This is it.
JOSEPH: This is us.
Alright, let's eat it.
I eat pie all the time, so we're gonna eat this superfast.
JOSEPH: Water, water, water.
Water, water.
LEANNE: We've got this.
MAR: Open your pie hole.
Let's go eat pie.
ZAINAB: Thank you.
ZAINAB: Speed bump.
JON: After arriving last on the previous leg, Zainab and Monica must now complete a speed bump.
In this speed bump, they will put their taste buds to the test, as they sample eight different types of fleur de sel to correctly identify each flavour.
Once they've proved they're worth their salt, Philippe from Salt Spring Sea Salt Company will give them their next clue.
PHILLIPE: Welcome to Salt Spring, and here is our finishing salt.
ZAINAB: Okay, we can do this.
MONICA: This speed bump is amazing because MONICA & ZAINAB: we both love food.
ZAINAB: It's fruity.
MONICA: Red wine.
ZAINAB: Lemon zest.
ZAINAB: I don't even need you to check here.
Get out of my way.
Chocolate vanilla? Chocolate vanilla.
ZAINAB: I know every flavour of every food ever.
MONICA: I think we're good.
Let's get a check.
ZAINAB: Okay, get a check.
MONICA: Check please.
PHILLIPE: That's correct.
MONICA: Yes! ZAINAB: Oh! Oh-ho-ho! MONICA: Let's go! ZAINAB: Boom! MONICA: Speed bump over.
Open your pie hole.
Yes, let's go.
ZAINAB: Oh, I love pie.
JOSEPH: I thought I would eat this in like five seconds, but it's taking slightly longer than that.
You're a beast! MAR: Right here, Leanne! LEANNE: These are not little pies.
These are something you serve to your entire family at Thanksgiving dinner.
JOSEPH: Pull up.
MAR: Nice.
Okay, let's dive in.
It's good! It's really good.
LEANNE: Fresh blueberries.
Do you guys like pie? ZAINAB: [laughs] There's a table set up.
MONICA: Give it to me.
LEANNE: Breathe, girl, breathe.
You can digest it.
MONICA I love pie.
I eat it frozen at home.
LEANNE: Oh, you love pie! MONICA: I don't know if I'll love it after this, but so far, so good.
ADAM: Oh, there's some pie.
COURTNEY: Hi, guys.
Argh! TAYLOR: Holy.
ADAM: Let's eat some pie.
I was built for this.
Is there ice cream? COURTNEY: No.
Mm, this is my jam.
JOSEPH: We started before the other teams, so we're further into our pies, and it's incredibly difficult.
AKASH: You can do it, man.
TODD: Ooh.
LEANNE: Hope you like pie! PHIL: I love blueberry.
MARTINA: Best pie ever.
I love it.
ANNA: Oh, gosh.
TODD: I don't like pie, and I don't like blueberries.
AKASH: All that's left of this pie is on our spoon.
And all we need to do is chug it down and get out of here.
AKASH: Check, check! TAYLOR: Good job, guys.
AKASH: Don't run it.
You might puke.
JOSEPH: Oh, my gosh.
Route info.
Drive yourselves to Mount Erskine Provincial Park and search the evergreens for a fairy door with your next clue inside.
JON: Teams must now drive themselves to Mount Erskine Provincial Park.
Here, teams will take a walk on the whimsical side, as they search this lush, green forest for these tiny, little, fairy doors.
With 10 doors tucked away amongst the moss covered oak trees and winding trails of the forest, racers must find one of three doors that contain their next clue.
JOSEPH: We started this leg in first place.
We ate two blueberry pies, and we're still in first place.
LEANNE: Every time I look down, it looks like there's more and more on the plate.
MAR: Woo! ANNA: Joseph and Akash just left.
ANNE: Ick.
ANNA: There's no way we're gonna finish both of these pies.
TODD: It's tempting to use the Express Pass.
ANNA: Are you gonna be able to finish? No, let's do it.
Let's go.
ANNA: We're out.
Okay, here we go.
[laugh] MARTINA: Hello! NANCY: Where'd you guys find the pie? Hurry.
MELISSA: I love pie.
It's always better to enjoy your pie in a beautiful park.
KWAME: Okay.
DYLAN: What's up, y'all? How's the pie? COURTNEY: This is made for you guys.
You're gonna crush this.
NANCY: This is our chance to catch up to the other teams.
MELLISA: Yeah, you smashed that pie in like five minutes.
NANCY: You're gonna smash it in 20.
NANCY: Let's go.
TODD: Joseph and Akash are ahead of us.
ANNA: Yeah.
JOSEPH: I just saw Todd and Anna.
I'm 100% sure they used their Express Pass.
AKASH: We're basically neck in neck right now.
JOSEPH: Mount Erskine, yes.
You want to find it together? TODD: Sure.
JOSEPH: Let's do this.
Top two.
What does the clue exactly say? AKASH: It says all the fairy doors are within 20 feet of the hiking trails, invisible from the trail.
TODD: Fairy doors, fairy doors.
What the heck's a fairy door? JOSEPH: I found one, found one, found one! TODD: Is there anything inside of it? JOSEPH: There is no clue inside.
JOSEPH: It turns out these doors are very small and hard to find.
TODD: I see one, Anna.
ANNA: Good eye, Todd.
There's nothing? TODD: No.
ANNA: Let's keep going.
TODD: Keep looking.
JOSEPH: Oh, my god, I'm gonna puke all this blueberry pie.
COURTNEY: Oh! ADAM: Babe! COURTNEY: [retching] Ohh! [retching] Oh, I've gotta pee.
ADAM: Hey, you're doing great.
Atta girl.
COURTNEY: [retching] Ohh! I am never going to eat another piece of blueberry pie in my whole life.
ADAM: I know it's for better or for worse, and I looked over, and I thought I can't picture you looking much worse.
COURTNEY: Oh! ADAM: And I still want to marry you.
COURTNEY: [retching] TAYLOR: I finished my pie.
I cannot imagine fitting more of that pie in my body.
TAYLOR: We're in the home stretch.
Come on! Let me just look at a clean plate.
[coughs] MAR: Dude, I can't stomach this.
LEANNE: I like to eat, but I cannot pack back a whole pie.
MAR: There's no way we're gonna be able to get through these pies.
Joseph and Akash are gone.
Anna and Todd have used their Express Pass.
MAR: Dude, I can't stomach this.
LEANNE: Express Pass is the only option.
MAR: We're gonna use our Express Pass.
Thank you.
MAR: Oh, my god, that was awful.
ADAM: So close to the end.
COURTNEY: Good job, babe.
COURTNEY: That's amazing! ADAM: [groans] Running is not good.
Oh, I'm just gonna roll the window down for a sec.
AKASH: Looking for a fairy door with a clue inside of the door.
JOSEPH: Right there.
Let's go.
Who's good with numbers? I am.
I'm good with numbers.
I'm gonna be doing it.
JON: Teams must now drive themselves to Vesuvius Bay, where they will board one of the BC Ferries, and set sail for Crofton on nearby Vancouver Island.
Then they'll make their way to the location of the roadblock, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
JOSEPH: Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Todd and Anna, there's one here! TODD: Oh, right here.
ANNA: Okay, here we go.
Do it.
TODD: Roadblock.
Who's good with numbers? Me.
ANNA: Todd.
TODD: Okay, I'll do it.
PHIL: [retching] MARTINA: [laughing] Life is hilarious! I love this.
PHIL: I might need to think about my love for blueberries in the future.
MARTINA: [laughing] [retching] [laughing] PHIL: If you have to throw up, throw up in the bucket, okay? MARTINA: I think I'm just dry heaving.
[laughing] [retching] KWAME: [retching] COURTNEY: I never heard anything even like that before.
MONICA: Sounds like a wild boar.
OFF-CAMERA [retching] DYLAN: Sounds like some kind of like exorcism throw up right now.
OFF-CAMERA: [retching] DYLAN: I need a young priest and an old priest.
MARTINA: [laughing] I love the Amazing Race Canada.
Throw whatever you want at me.
Best days of my life.
MARTINA: [groans] COURTNEY: Alright, buddy, let's hit it.
TAYLOR: [groans] MONICA: We're done.
Let's go.
ZAINAB: Can you take one more bite? MONICA: I did not know I could eat all that.
I love pie, but I didn't know.
KWAME: Nancy and Mellisa are here right now.
So let's get done.
Do or die.
We got it.
We got it.
ZAINAB: Nancy's trying to help me.
MELLISA: Nancy's finished her pie, and I'm feeling the heat.
NANCY: There's no way my belly can hold any more.
Want to use the Express Pass on this? MELLISA: I don't think so.
I feel like that's not fair because you like smashed that.
MELLISA: We have an Express Pass in our pocket, but it would be a waste to use it, at this point.
I'm struggling with the pie, but I don't want to let Nancy down.
LEANNE: Can you see who's in front of us? MAR: It's Courtney and Adam.
COURTNEY: Is somebody behind us? ADAM: Yes.
This is it.
ADAM: How are you ladies doing? Looking for fairy doors.
COURTNEY: Keep your eyes peeled.
Keep concentrating on not throwing up.
JOSEPH: Vesuvius.
AKASH: Right here? JOSEPH Yeah, left.
BC Ferries.
Looks like we wait in line until the ferry opens up, and everyone drives in.
AKASH: I think so.
ANNA: We show up to the ferry terminal.
There's a long line of cars.
Joseph and Akash are ahead of us.
TODD: Oh! PHIL: Park up in front of the white car.
MARTINA: I might have to puke.
PHIL: That's fine.
MARTINA: Wait, hold on.
[retching] Oh, it's a dry heave.
So, what are we looking for? PHIL: A fairy door with our next clue inside.
MARTINA: Push with two hands.
COURTNEY: Looking for fairy doors.
MONICA: Time to burn off those calories.
ZAINAB: Fairy doors.
MONICA: Fairy what? ZAINAB: Fairy doors.
ZAINAB: Here, like this.
Look! Clue is taken.
Let's go.
MONICA: Now we know what we're looking for.
DYLAN: [burp] I can see the finish line right now.
KWAME: We finished before the girls.
Oh! NANCY: We are not going home because of a pie.
LEANNE: There's one.
This is pretty.
Who's good with numbers? MAR: You do it.
LEANNE: Okay, oh! No injuries.
COURTNEY: I'm looking behind for fairy doors.
Fairy door! COURTNEY: Roadblock.
Who's good with numbers? TAYLOR: You are.
COURTNEY: I'm gonna do the roadblock.
COURTNEY: I feel sick right now.
TAYLOR: Roll down the window because it smells like pine.
It's nice.
KWAME: Let's go.
We look for fairy doors.
DYLAN: Fairy door? [knocks on door] Hello? KWAME: Open it.
Okay, we keep going.
We've gotta find fairy doors.
DYLAN: There's more? MELLISA: Almost there.
Got it.
MELLISA: For every five of my bites, she was taking one.
[laughing] That's how she ate an entire pie.
NANCY: That's what teamwork is.
You pick each other up when you need to.
PHIL: There.
MARTINA: Go for it.
PHIL: Yeah! Roadblock.
Who's good with numbers? Me.
MARTINA: You are.
PHIL: I'll do it.
Watch this steep part.
MARTINA: You're a good brother.
ADAM: There's a door right there.
Woo-hoo! COURTNEY: I'm good with numbers.
ADAM: Yeah, let's hurry back.
COURTNEY I love you.
ADAM: I love you too.
DYLAN: Yeah! Yes.
Who's good with numbers? KWAME: Me.
DYLAN: You are.
KWAME: Nancy and Mellisa are not here yet.
MONICA: Does this remind you of Kilimanjaro and I'm your sherpa? Oh! Ah! Finally! Okay.
Who's good with numbers? You are.
MONICA: We're behind once again.
We're hoping that we catch up with everyone at the ferry.
JOSEPH: The cars are loading on the ferry.
AKASH: This is interesting.
JOSEPH: If the other teams miss this ferry, we're gonna have an hour lead over them.
AKASH: Awesome.
MELLISA: Mount Erskine Access Trail.
NANCY: Is this it? MELLISA: Well, let's see where all the little cars are.
NANCY: There's no one here.
NANCY: All the teams are gone.
We are dead last.
There's no one here.
NANCY: We get to the next challenge and all the teams are gone.
NANCY: We've gotta use it.
NANCY: We're too far behind.
We have to use the Express Pass.
NANCY: We choose to use our Express Pass.
Who's good with numbers? I'm gonna do it.
I'm very sad about having to use it so soon.
But it is what it is.
AKASH: Okay, this is it, Joseph.
JOSEPH: We're driving into the ferry, but then the light turns red.
The ferry is full.
We have to turn around and wait for the next ferry.
We were so close.
LEANNE: Look who has to get back in line.
Joseph and Akash.
DYLAN: We're back on even ground.
Equalizer right here.
JOSEPH: Our lead is gone.
NANCY: We've caught up to the other teams.
We are still in this race! MELLISA: Never ever quit.
JON: All teams are now travelling via ferry from Salt Spring Island to Vancouver Island.
Once ashore, they'll drive themselves to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
TODD: Here we go.
JOSEPH: Go, go, go! [inaudible] JOSEPH: Tsk ANNA: Motorsport Circuit.
Let's go, Toddy.
JOSEPH: Park, park, park, park.
TAYLOR: Right here.
ADAM: Go, go, go, go.
MAR: Let's go, let's go.
JOSEPH: We're in fifth position.
No big deal.
JON: In this roadblock, one team member will have to shift gears and get behind the wheel of a 2018 Chevrolet Corvettte Grand Sport.
Here, racers will have to drive with precision and control to complete one full lap of the track, strategically navigating hair-raising turns in under three minutes, all without exceeding 80 kilometres an hour.
Each of the vehicles is equipped with a performance data recorder that will register their position on the track, their speed, and total lap time for the instructors to consult, after they've crossed the finish line.
Once they've proven their driving skills are ahead of the curve, the instructor will give them their next clue.
ANNA: Yes, Toddy! ANNA: We arrived in first, and it's essential that Todd gets this challenge on the first try because there's a bunch of other teams here.
We don't want to go to the back of the line.
TODD: For this challenge, we have to drive around the race track, and stay underneath 80 kilometres, and do it in under three minutes.
TODD: I'm super excited.
Growing up, we'd always play racing games on the computer.
You'd always dream as a kid to be in like these cool sportscars.
[tires squealing] ANNA: Toddy, did you do it? TODD: The performance data recorder will tell the judges if I've gone the right speed, and if I've made the lap in under three minutes.
INSTRUCTOR: Congratulations.
Here's your next clue.
ANNA: Yeah, Toddy! Ow, ow! Route info.
Drive yourselves to Pacific Northwest Raptors and search the grounds for your next clue.
TODD: Perfect.
ANNA: We love being in first place! TAYLOR: Let's go, Court! COURTNEY: Hi.
COURTNEY: When we were training to become police officers, we did a little bit of driving training, so I'm feeling pretty confident going into this one.
COURTNEY: You can feel how powerful this car is, and you want to just let her go, but you can't get carried away because it's all about driving control.
COURTNEY: Ah-ha-ha! TAYLOR: Woo! TAYLOR: Good job.
COURTNEY: Thanks, bud.
TAYLOR: Killed it.
COURTNEY: [laughs] MARTINA: Oh, my god, the Corvettes look beautiful.
PHIL: Oh, my god! ZAINAB: Monica, park over there.
NANCY: All the other teams are her so we're last, but I'm gonna move up in this one.
COURTNEY: Yeah! COURTNEY: I get to get behind the wheel of a Corvette, and I am stoked! COURTNEY: Oh, yeah.
INSTRUCTOR: I'm sorry, you broke the speed limit.
You're gonna have to go to the back of the line.
COURTNEY: That sucks.
TODD: Is this it? ANNA: Yes, I just saw the word "raptors.
" TODD: There's a sign right there.
ANNA: Birds of prey.
Grab it.
Oh, another roadblock.
Who's ready to tie the knot? JON: In this roadblock, the racers who didn't perform the previous roadblock will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to go face to beak with a raptor.
Falconry is the ancient art of training birds of prey.
Here, racers must learn the basics of falconry, as they tie this complicated one-handed falconer's knot by watching a silent demonstration.
When ready, a live raptor will be placed on the arm of a racer, and they'll have only 15 seconds to correctly tie the knot using the leash of the bird.
When they beat the clock, they'll receive this scroll as their next clue.
ANNA: Okay, this is mine.
Hi, there.
I actually do a ton of knitting, and I feel like I make a lot of knots when I knit, so ANNA: This is so hard.
There are a couple of easy steps you can follow, and then there's a flip where you can't actually really see what he does.
He flips his thumb, and there's suddenly a knot there.
It's like a magic trick.
ANNA: This is confusing.
I'm not a very visual person.
COURTNEY: Who's ready to tie the knot? TAYLOR: That's me.
The police don't teach us how to tie knots.
TAYLOR: Holy smokes.
You've got to do something with your thumb there.
Are you able to go slower? Are you allowed to go slower? No? Okay.
MAR: Leanne, let's do it, yeah! LEANNE: I have a heavy foot.
I will be the first one to admit that.
LEANNE: That was super fun.
LEANNE: Thank you! MAR: Yeah! LEANNE: Have fun, guys! AKASH: I think Joseph is taking it slow and steady.
That's the right approach.
JOSEPH: I might have went a little slow in the corners, but I think I was a steady driver.
JOSEPH: Yes! Thank you so much.
AKASH: Was that hard? ADAM: Everybody gets to learn from Court's mistake now.
COURTNEY: At this point, I'm the only one that's failed, and I feel sick.
TAYLOR: It's down, over, so you have it like this, and then cinch it like that.
ANNA: [sighs] INSTRUCTOR: So just stay calm.
If she moves around like this, just stay still, keep doing what you're doing.
TAYLOR: Holy smokes, this is a pretty big bird.
TAYLOR: This is so cool.
INSTRUCTOR: Your time will start as soon as you touch the leash.
TAYLOR: 15 seconds.
LEANNE: Birds this way, parking that way.
JOSEPH: And search the grounds for our next clue.
Where is the raptor sign? MAR: Who's ready to tie the knot? LEANNE: It's all you.
JOSEPH: The team members who did not perform the last roadblock must attempt this one.
You got it.
AKASH: Can I see that again? MAR: Oh, my god, it's twisty ANNA: part in the middle, right? MAR: Yeah.
ANNA: I know.
This is just really confusing.
MAR: Let's talk it through.
ANNA: Yeah, good idea.
MAR: So we put it down.
ANNA: Through the top, make a little triangle.
MAR: Through out thumb.
ANNA: Did you get it? MAR: I think so.
Okay, if I show you, can you let me try to get the bird first? ANNA: Of course, yeah.
ANNA: I think Mar saw the panic on my face, and just decided to be nice to me, which makes me emotional because she's so sweet, and it's a race, and she's trying to help me.
MAR: Pull it, and then you tighten it up.
I'm gonna try.
Hi, birdie.
MAR: I'm just gonna stay nice and calm so this birdie stays nice and calm.
It's okay.
ANNA: How'd it go? MAR: I did it in 17 seconds.
It is the anxiety of doing it in 15 seconds.
ANNA: I'm ready.
ANNA: I did it in 16 and a half seconds.
LEANNE: I want to see what they're doing.
Like, oh TODD: It's taking a long time.
TAYLOR: I think it's just about being smooth.
Me and Elton have gotta be smooth together.
TAYLOR: Holy! What was that, like 14.
99? TAYLOR: Drive yourselves to Kinsol Trestle in search of Jon at your next pitstop.
JON: Teams must now located the Kinsol Trestle, made up of nearly one million feet of timber, it's the highest wooden trestle in Canada, and one of the largest wooden bridges in the world.
Spanning the canyon over the Koksilah River, this historical timber rail trestle will act as the third pitstop on the Amazing Race Canada.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
COURTNEY: Off to the pit to see Jon.
Off to the pit to see Jon.
Off to the pit to see Jon.
TAYLOR: That's one song I don't mind having stuck in my head.
MAR: I'm gonna try again.
You're doing great.
LEANNE: We're going to see Jon! MAR: We're going to see Jon.
INSTRUCTOR: You did it.
LEANNE: Taylor and Courtney are in front of us.
TAYLOR: I think we had to go there.
COURTNEY: Do you think? ANNA: I'm so ready to see Jon.
COURTNEY: Historic Kinsol Trestle.
Anna and Todd are here.
ANNA: Oh, my gosh, we have a chance for first.
We need to run.
COURTNEY: Come on.
We've gotta go! MAR: We're going this way, Leanne.
TODD: Come on, Anna! Come on, Anna! Let's go! TAYLOR: Come on, Court! Come on, we gotta go! TAYLOR: Let's go! TODD: Come on, Anna! TAYLOR: Let's go.
Come on.
JON: Bring it in! You've got people hot on your heels! COURTNEY: Woo! Way to go.
ANNA: Thanks.
WOMAN: Welcome to the Cowichan Valley in BC.
TODD & ANNA: Thank you.
JON: Folks, you're teams number one and two.
COURTNEY: [screams] JON: Courtney and Taylor, you guys won a trip for two to Boston, Massachusetts.
COURTNEY: Oh! TAYLOR: Woo-hoo! COURTNEY: We're having so much fun together.
We're filling the memory bank, and it feels so good.
TAYLOR: So awesome.
JON: Todd and Anna, you guys are right on the podium every single time.
TODD: We have one of each medal now, so ANNA: Yeah, we've got a gold and a silver and a bronze.
JON: Coming in from the backside.
Bring it over here, ladies.
LEANNE: How did we, how did we go so far? JON: Leanne, Mar, you're team number three.
LEANNE: Woo! MARTINA: I love cars.
I name all my dogs after cars.
DYLAN: We need the clue.
We can't go to the back of the line right now.
MONICA: Zainab is a great driver.
I have faith in her.
KWAME: Okay, let's go.
ZAINAB: We are going to Pacific Northwest Raptors.
AKASH: Yeah, I'll give it a try.
JOSEPH: I don't know what Akash is doing.
It sucks I'm not able to help him.
AKASH: I'm struggling a lot.
I'm struggling a lot.
ZAINAB: Birds on the left.
Birds of prey.
MARTINA: Is this it? There's birds here, raptors.
DYLAN: Let's go searching for a clue.
PHIL: Your turn this one.
ZAINAB: Okay, you've got this.
DYLAN: Oh, damn, navy.
She knows how to do a knot.
MONICA: This is not like any navy knot I've ever tied.
This is a bird knot.
Okay, the same hand, the five fingers.
What are you doing with your hand? NANCY: It is not easy being in this powerhouse of a car, and having to go only 80 kilometres an hour.
NANCY: Oh-ho! MELLISA: Woo! NANCY: That was fun.
I wish we could have gone faster.
COURTNEY: Everybody but us, babe.
ADAM: That's all we need.
COURTNEY: Everybody's gone.
I'm a wreck right now.
I want to get this done and hopefully we can keep racing, at this point.
COURTNEY: I know I didn't speed that time around, so hopefully I did it quick enough.
COURTNEY: Let's get the heck out of here! ADAM: We are in dead last.
COURTNEY: All my fault.
ADAM: It is not.
COURTNEY: That is all my fault.
ADAM: Just fine.
MARTINA: Give it a shot.
I've watched it like 10 times.
Come birdie, birdie.
Thank you.
Practice makes perfect.
DYLAN: Yeah.
I did it.
I just don't know how I did it.
DYLAN: I'll be alright.
A hawk flew by.
MONICA: Oh, my gosh, hi.
Hi, little cutie.
MONICA: This is really embarrassing right now.
NANCY: Right there.
MELLISA: I grew up on a ranch, and this is the exact knot that I use every day to tie my horses to the trailer.
MELLISA: I know the knot.
MELLISA: I wish we were using two hands.
ADAM: I'm doing this roadblock.
ZAINAB: Join the bench.
COURTNEY: Even though we arrived last, we are still in this race.
Oh, my goodness.
Adam is a rope specialist.
That's what he does for work.
ADAM: Oh, yeah.
I can tie knots with one hand, no problem, if I know the knot.
ADAM: So, as a firefighter, you're kind of a jack of all trades.
I've been to 10 cats in trees, bats in a house, owl in a chimney, so I think I can figure this out pretty quickly.
ADAM: My hand is moving way too much.
MARTINA: I believe in you.
You believe in me.
Let's do this knot together.
PHIL: Woo! MARTINA: You know I love you.
AKASH: I've seen the example a hundred times.
I've never felt this kind of stress before.
ADAM: Okay, I understand this knot, I believe.
I think I'm gonna give it a shot.
Hello, how are you? You sweet, little bird.
At work, I take a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves INSTRUCTOR: You got it.
ADAM: I love you.
Coming in hot! COURTNEY: You're amazing.
Good job.
Let's do it.
I love you so much! Woo! Ha-ha.
COURTNEY: Honestly, you killed that.
ADAM: Thanks, love.
This is a race, and I'm in race mode.
COURTNEY: Race mode on.
DYLAN: I think I know how to do the knot.
I just don't know if I can do it within the time.
Good job.
KWAME: Yes, sir! That's my buddy! Handles his business.
JOSEPH: Oh, my goodness.
AKASH: If I can pick out the middle part, I can get the last part really easily.
JOSEPH: We arrived here in fourth place, and I don't know what Akash is doing.
Like this and then like this.
I feel like I finally learned something extremely important.
I figured out how to do the loops.
AKASH: I'm feeling very frustrated.
MONICA: One with the rope.
INSTRUCTOR: That is incorrect.
I'm twisting it too many times.
MELLISA: She's like, get it right, dude.
MELLISA: I am tying this knot over INSTRUCTOR: No.
MELLISA: And over again.
INSTRUCTOR: Incorrect.
MELLISA: Well under the 15-second time limit.
INSTRUCTOR: That is incorrect.
MELLISA: Oh my god.
MELLISA: And then I realiZe I'm tying the wrong knot.
MELLISA: The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.
Overthinking, like I always do.
MARTINA: Jon! JON: Yelling my name doesn't make the mat any closer! But I like to hear it.
MARTINA: Jon! JON: 'Atta girl! Martina, Phil, you guys are team number four.
PHIL: Oh! MARTINA: Woo! We made it! JON: Bring it in, boys! Dylan, Kwame, gentlemen, you're team number five.
BOTH: Woo! Huh! JON: Courtney, Adam, you guys are team number six.
COURTNEY: Yeah, baby.
ADAM: Moving on up.
ADAM: Just a little while ago, we're going home, and now BOTH: we're in sixth place, baby! ADAM: Woo! COURTNEY: Thank goodness this guy's a rope specialist.
JON: See you at the next stop.
ADAM: I'm the knottiest one in this relationship.
COURTNEY: [laughs] AKASH: I just need to talk to Joseph right now.
This is incredibly tough for me.
Joseph, I'm not able to figure it out.
I can't do this.
JOSEPH: Just go back and do it.
Everyone's getting it.
You can do this.
You can't give up.
You can do it.
You've got this! ZAINAB: This is painful.
NANCY: Come on, Mel.
Yeah, that's correct.
MELLISA: Thanks.
AKASH: Mellisa just figured it out, and she's going for it.
MONICA: I think I got it.
NANCY: Good job.
Good job.
Drive yourselves to the Kinsol Trestle and search for Jon at your next pitstop.
So, any idea where that would be? MELLISA: No, I have zero idea where that would be.
JOSEPH: We're fighting for last place again.
[bird squawks] INSTRUCTOR: It's correct.
MONICA: [sighs] ZAINAB: Good job.
JOSEPH: Good job.
ZAINAB: I'm so proud of you.
Akash doesn't have it.
Kinsol Trestle, and search for Jon at your next pitstop.
The last team to check in may be eliminated.
JOSEPH: This must be a really hard knot.
I know he can do it.
I know Akash will not give up.
JOSEPH: and search for Jon at your next pitstop.
Warning, the last team to check in maybe eliminated.
AKASH: We are still in this race, and we are not giving up.
JOSEPH: I'm so proud of you.
I know that was super hard.
AKASH: Let's hope it doesn't cost us everything.
They've taken us right into the wilderness on this one.
MONICA: Oh, here we go.
MONICA: Good? Okay.
MONICA: Oh, my god, they're here! MELLISA: Keep breathing.
MONICA: Come on, we can do it! AKASH: Here it is here.
AKASH: Let's get going.
MONICA: Oh, man! Where is he? ZAINAB: He's right there! Run! Okay, come on! I know you can do it! They're right behind us! JON: Bring 'er in! Bring 'er in! MONICA: Ah! JON: Zainab, Monica, Nancy, Mellisa, you're teams number 7, and team number 8.
ZAINAB: Good job.
MONICA: We're still in this race.
What a feeling.
AKASH: I'm so sorry, man.
JOSEPH: It's okay.
JON: Gentlemen, you are the last team to arrive.
I am sorry to tell you this, but you have been eliminated from the race.
Not the words you were looking to hear when you woke up this morning, I don't imagine.
AKASH: Definitely not the words we were looking for.
It feels really disappointing.
JON: Does it break your heart to feel that Akash feels like he let you down? JOSEPH: No matter what, I'm always really proud of Akash.
I know he gave it everything he got, and that's all I can ask for as a partner.
AKASH: I think this race just shows us there's still so much to learn, and never stop.
Keep on working even harder.
AKASH: We didn't win the Amazing Race Canada, but to be amongst some of Canada's finest heroes has been an absolute honour for us.
JON: All the best.
BOTH Thank you.
JOSEPH: We're leaving this race incredibly inspired to keep doing what we love, to keep giving back to our communities, and to inspire other people around us to give back as well.
JON: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition MARTINA: Fly to Jakarta, Indonesia! JON: teams are jacked for Jakarta MAR: Jakarta, Indonesia! JON: and hit by a culture shock.
KWAME: How do you say "number one" in your language? DRIVER: I can't speak English.
KWAME: You can't speak English? JON: A detour for some TAYLOR That is a big snake.
ANNA: [squeal] JON: is a game of snakes and leeches.
COURTNEY: Oh, I don't like this! JON: while others are left in stitches.
MARTINA: So, we da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da? JON: And a double U-turn PHIL: I see it, I see it.
JON: has some teams blindsided.
MELLISA: Blind double U-turn ahead.
NANCY: We don't have to put our picture up.
Yes! JON: For more info on the racers, head to ctv.