The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s06e02 Episode Script

Ah Fiddler's Fart

JON: Previously on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition Ten teams began an epic journey on the shores of British Columbia.
JON: Go! RACER: Go, go, go! NANCY: What a rush.
JON: The first roadblock forced them to swing into action RACER: [screams] JON: to save a Canadian icon.
RACER: Oh! BEAVER: [laughs] JON: And the second roadblock had teams logging time as lumberjacks.
KWAME: Argh! JON: And while some teams quickly climbed their way to the top, Martina was left out on a limb.
MARTINA: Oh! PHIL: Find a way, Nuna! MARTINA: I can't.
It's so hard.
JON: In a paddle battle for first place, Leanne and Mar went head to head with Nancy and Mellisa.
LEANNE: They're creeping up quick.
JON: But it was the cheerleaders who took the gold.
JON: You're team number one.
LEANNE & MAR: [cheering] JON: And in an unprecedented five-way race to the mat AKASH: We're still neck and neck.
COURTNEY: My hands are just shaking.
MARTINA: Every minute counts.
JON: Joseph and Akash edged out Happy and Chewy HAPPY: Chewy! JON: by mere seconds, who crashed and burned out of the race.
JON: You have been eliminated from the race.
JON: Now nine teams remain as they race to win the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Red Line, a once in a lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and the Amazing Race Canada.
JON: Here, on the Sea to Sky Highway, halfway between the city of Vancouver and the powdery slopes of Whistler is Squamish, British Columbia.
Today, nine teams will leave this majestic mountain town, as they begin the second leg on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
Leanne and Mar won the last leg of the race, and will depart first at 1:09 pm.
MAR: They liked you.
Let's get it.
BOTH: Route info.
LEANNE: Make your way to Dawson City, Yukon! JON: At the top of the world in the Canadian north, where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers meet, thousands flocked to stake their claim in the gold rush of 1896.
Here, just 300 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle is Dawson City where nine teams will race through the most northern destinations the Amazing Race Canada has ever seen.
LEANNE: Note, in this leg there are three Express Passes up for grabs! MAR: Okay, let's go! LEANNE: Blue, baby, we're coming for ya! LEANNE: First place.
LEANNE: I think a lot of the other teams did underestimate us until they saw us kick butt in the last leg.
LEANNE: Ahh! I have always wanted to go to the Yukon! MELLISA: There are three Express Passes up for grabs.
NANCY: Yeah, right on! Ha-ha-ha! NANCY: We're trying to find our way because we've only met a few times.
MELLISA: Nancy is super intense, and I'm very sensitive.
MELLISA: I like it when you're intense but you follow it up with honey.
[laughter] ANNA: There are three Express Passes up for grabs.
TODD: Ooh-hoo.
Express Passes can make a huge difference.
If you're stuck on a challenge, you can just skip it and keep on going.
ANNA: Oh, yeah.
KWAME: Express Pass.
Opportunity for an Express Pass.
We need this.
COURTNEY: Dylan and Kwame are like right there.
TAYLOR: You always said you wanted to go to the Yukon.
I guess here's your chance.
COURTNEY: I am so pumped.
ZAINAB: Never been to the Yukon before.
Super excited.
MARTINA: So our immediate plan for this leg-- learn from the last leg.
I am the slowest runner out of all the teams, and my brother was carrying both backpacks anyways, so we consolidated, put everything in his bag, and we're gonna stop and give away my backpack to someone in need.
MARTINA: Hi, there.
We have some food and a new backpack.
PHIL: Would you like it? MARTINA: Yeah, we got you some water, so hopefully that will help.
PHIL: Yeah.
MAN: Thank you.
MARTINA: To make a positive impact on someone's day, we get so much out of it.
It's just so amazing to give.
MARTINA: Thanks.
MAN: Right now, it means a lot, actually.
PHIL: I just hope that just inspires more good deeds and more acts of kindness to be done in this world.
ADAM: Yes! COURTNEY: We are in eighth place, which is not an ideal place to be.
We're not super stoked about it, but we're not in ninth place, which is good.
AKASH: Let's rock and roll.
JOSEPH: We're currently in last place.
It's a new leg.
Getting a fresh start is exactly what we need.
Last leg, we won by one or two seconds, but we could also lose by one or two seconds.
We're not losing this leg.
Mark my words.
JOSEPH: Thank you so much.
Thank you.
AKASH: Really appreciate it.
JON: All teams are now traveling nearly 2,000 kilometres from Vancouver, via Whitehorse, to Dawson City, Yukon.
Once they touch down, they'll choose one of these 2018 Chevrolet Silverado High Country Editions, and find their next clue.
JOSEPH: Let's go.
You go first.
MARTINA: Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go, go! PHIL: Okay, I'm going.
MARTINA: Get the white, get the white! MARTINA: Here.
NANCY: Route info.
MARTINA: You're on the clock.
JON: In 1896, Woods outfitted prospectors of the Klondike gold rush with canvas tents, sleeping bags, and other equipment they needed to survive the harsh northern conditions of the Yukon.
Teams must now load up their Silverado with all of this Woods camping gear, and drive themselves to the Dredge No.
4 historical site.
Here, racers will choose one of these nine stations, and set up all their Woods gear, to match this completed campsite.
Once their camp is Klondike-ready, Jackie the camp director will give them their next clue.
And as an added bonus, the team that correctly sets up their site in the fastest time will win a $5,000 cash prize from our friends at Woods.
ADAM: The team with the fastest time will win $5,000 from Woods.
Let's go.
Let's go.
MARTINA: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! ANNA: We need all the items.
MAR: Let's go.
ADAM: Come on, come on, come on.
ANNA: We have to build a campsite as fast as possible, and $5,000 is on the line.
ADAM: This is how I get down, these back roads, the mud.
Oh, yeah.
ADAM: We're in a frantic convoy with Todd and Anna, Phil and Martina, and Dylan and Kwame.
COURTNEY: Me and Adam do a lot of camping.
ADAM: We are going to rock this tent challenge.
KWAME: Dredge 4.
DYLAN: This it? KWAME: This is it, this is it, this is it.
ADAM: I think this is it.
COURTNEY: Try and get as many things as you can.
Okay, babe, let's go.
ADAM: We are first starting the challenge.
It's open this way, yes.
The open bank is this way.
COURTNEY: There's a tent.
There's chairs.
There's backpacks, lights.
ADAM: This Woods gear is COURTNEY: This Woods gear is awesome.
ADAM: New tech.
COURTNEY: This is about getting everything right, quickly.
ADAM: Babe, this is an air frame, okay? We have to pump this up.
COURTNEY: Okay, are you gonna start pumping? ADAM: $5,000 is ours.
It's already in my pocket.
They made this challenge for me.
COURTNEY: You are amazing.
ADAM: You are beautiful.
DYLAN: Okay, yo, this tent has no poles.
We've gotta pump it up.
TODD: It might throw people off that this tent is inflatable.
You don't have to use like poles.
MARTINA: Where's the valves? PHIL: Should be like these ones.
PHIL: It might be in the back, the back corner.
Maybe it's in these zippered areas.
MARTINA: Huh? I don't know.
Maybe it's on the other side.
MARTINA: We do not camp! PHIL: We're city people.
We're from Vancouver.
MARTINA: Oh, it's working now.
PHIL: Is something happening? MARTINA: Yeah, it's happening.
MONICA: Zainab, we need to win this.
ZAINAB: Five grand.
ZAINAB: This is amazing.
JOSEPH: Attention to detail.
AKASH: Yeah.
COURTNEY: Oh, I think we want to set this up first.
ANNA: Okay, everybody's here, as far as I can tell.
LEANNE: I have not been camping since I was little so air-filled tents were not a thing then.
Woods is upping their game.
NANCY: Yeah, I'm using my legs to help pump this tent up, and I just keep going.
It's like glamping.
JOSEPH: Check for the tent.
Where's the tent? This is a cot.
Open up everything.
Open those, open those.
AKASH: These are inflatable beds.
JOSEPH: Sleeping bag AKASH: This is a pillow.
JOSEPH: We missed it? Did we miss it? What? There's no way.
I checked it.
JOSEPH: We notice we actually do not have the tent.
JOSEPH: We gotta go back and check, in case we actually left it.
PHIL: They're leaving.
MARTINA: Who's leaving? PHIL: Joseph and Akash.
They didn't set it up at all.
COURTNEY: Can I help you? ADAM: I'm gonna go this way 'cause of the front here.
Okay, babe? Up it goes.
We're good.
COURTNEY: I'm assembling tables; I'm putting up the chairs; I'm putting out the pots and the pans.
ADAM: It is a sexy dream home.
COURTNEY: Adam and Courtney look like they're nailing it, so let's pick up the pace a little.
DYLAN: Yo, I'm gonna teach this guy how to camp.
I was with this guy the first time he tried S'mores.
He didn't even know what they were.
It was a beautiful moment.
Oh, there it is.
Attention to detail.
ADAM: Okay, you ready? COURTNEY: Yeah.
ADAM: Come on.
Check, please! COURTNEY: We're ready for a check.
COURTNEY: I feel awesome.
We killed it.
ADAM: I know.
JUDGE: You'll have to check your campsite again.
ADAM: Thank you.
ADAM: Is that it? Yup, come on.
There's a gear net hooked up to the top of the tent inside.
That's what we're missing.
We're looking for a mesh net.
TODD: Check.
ANNA: Can we get a check? Not super confident, but if we got this right now, we'd be on top of the world.
JUDGE: Congratulations.
TODD: Awesome.
ANNA: Yeah, we won five grand! Route info.
Drive yourselves to the Bank of British North America in downtown Dawson City, and search outside for your next clue.
BOTH: Woo! TODD: Team number one! ANNA: On top of the world! TODD: We should have won ourselves five grand.
We're in first place, so that feels great.
ANNA: Oh, Todd, I love you! TODD: I know.
ANNA: We're in first.
ADAM: This is my bad.
I've gotta lay this down.
COURTNEY: Babe, stop it.
DYLAN: Let's go, let's go.
Check, check, check.
Check, please.
[laughter] KWAME: Thank you so much! Huh, huh-huh, ha! Let's go! ADAM: Oh, no.
COURTNEY: Babe, just stay cool, stay calm.
It's okay.
JOSEPH: Right there.
Oh, my goodness.
AKASH: You got everything, right? JOSEPH: Yup! AKASH: Come on, man, come on.
JOSEPH: We're currently in last place.
[sighs] So we'll do whatever we can.
JOSEPH: Let's get this party started.
ZAINAB: We're just trying to find like little, little details that we may have missed.
MONICA: Let's go.
Ready for a check! ZAINAB: We're pretty confident about this one.
JUDGE: Check again.
MONICA: Oh, okay.
ZAINAB: Okay, let's study this.
What are we missing? ANNA: First corner on our right.
The bank, we found the bank.
TODD: Oh, it's right here, right across the street.
ANNA: It's time for a gold rush.
Oh, gosh.
JON: Here, in the heart of historic Dawson City, teams will step back in time, and take part in a modern-day gold rush.
Using a GPS device that has been loaded with the coordinates of nine different landmarks, teams must navigate the town to find the five locations where they will find a gold coin.
Once they've located the proper locations, and been handed all five coins, they'll head back to the Bank of British North America to cash them in and receive their next clue.
As an added bonus, hidden at three of the other historical landmarks, teams will find something even more precious than gold Three Express Passes.
ANNA: There's one Express Pass located at three different GPS way point sites, okay.
ANNA: Hi, there.
ANNA: We never felt like an underdog team, but we think the other teams might have thought we were a little bit small.
TODD: Come on, come on, come on! TODD: Being different, in a way, brings down your confidence because people are always looking at you, laughing at you.
I played a lot of sports-- hockey, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, just being able to excel in those sports definitely helped me in my confidence, and knowing who I am.
TODD: Okay, we're getting closer.
Is there something in there? ANNA: No.
TODD: It says that we arrived.
TODD: Come on, come on! ANNA: Toddy, Toddy! Can we collect a gold coin, please? ANNA: Thank you.
Do you have an Express Pass? WOMAN: No.
TODD: No, okay.
ANNA: Okay, next one.
DYLAN: This town is cool.
Yo, look at the stores.
This is crazy.
DYLAN: Hoo-hoo! There is one Express Pass located at three different GPS way point sites.
KWAME: Yeah, that way.
DYLAN: Wait, wait, wait! This way.
KWAME: It's very crucial and vital that we get the Express Pass.
Physically, we're a threat, but cognitively, maybe not as much.
DYLAN: So, yo, look up.
Look around.
Oh, maybe some of them are fakes.
KWAME: Not all these points have coins or Express Passes.
DYLAN: We got pump faked.
Move on.
COURTNEY: We're good! ADAM: Did you find it? Let's go, let's go! COURTNEY: Found our frigging net that we needed.
ADAM: Check, please.
JUDGE: Congratulations.
COURTNEY: Yes, yes, yes, yes! ADAM: Okay.
ADAM: I wanted the $5,000 from Woods, but it's okay.
$250,000 will make up for it.
NANCY: I think we're super close now.
Okay, come on, come on! We're ready for a check.
JUDGE: I want to congratulate you guys.
BOTH: [cheering] LEANNE: Check, please! JUDGE: You're ready to camp.
MAR: Thank you so much.
MAR: Wup, wup! Aiie-aiie-aiie! NANCY: Oh, my god, that was so good! I'm so proud of you.
JOSEPH: The pegs hold the front and the back so it doesn't collapse.
And then there's rods that make it stand.
AKASH: The most frustrating thing right now is our tent is smushed on the ground.
Every single team's tent is currently high in the sky, pegged down.
JOSEPH: Oh, there's two, like-- there's two lines that go up there that bend.
We need certain poles.
AKASH: I am genuinely worrying that a campsite is gonna send us both home.
JOSEPH: What the heck are we missing? JOSEPH: What the heck are we missing? AKASH: It's either bars or air.
JOSEPH: Air! It's air! So stupid.
[groaning] Oh, my god! ADAM: There's the clue box right there, babe.
COURTNEY: Time for a gold rush.
Go as fast as we can.
ADAM: Yeah.
COURTNEY: Babe, there's someone in the window right here! Look at these people.
ADAM: Oh, no.
That is a mannequin.
COURTNEY: Oh! ADAM: And she is half-naked.
[wolf whistle] [beeping] DYLAN: Yo, this guy? KWAME: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
DYLAN: Hello, sir.
KWAME: You got some gold for us? DYLAN: Okay! DYLAN: We got one coin, and we've gotta have those Express Passes.
KWAME: 66 metres, 60-metre dash.
Let's go! DYLAN: Woo-hoo-hoo! NANCY: It'll be Princess next, then Queen.
LEANNE: Found it! MAR: So we have to go northwest.
Let's go.
MELLISA: That way.
COURTNEY: Have we got the right place? ADAM: Yep.
ADAM: Who do we run into? It's Nancy and Mellisa.
NANCY: Do you guys wanna work together on this one or what? COURTNEY: Yeah.
Let's go inside.
[fast beeping] COURTNEY: Arriving.
Do you have a golden coin for us? [singing and drumming] [singing and drumming] [singing and drumming] NANCY: Wonderful! WOMAN: [speaking in Native language] We are happy you've come to visit us.
NANCY & MELLISA: Oh! NANCY: Thank you! Thank you! COURTNEY: Seeing them get that Express Pass stings.
ADAM: Yes? COURTNEY: Where are we going? ADAM: I don't know.
MELLISA: That was so good! MELLISA: An Express Pass is like gold.
MELLISA: [laughs] NANCY: Let's go to the boat.
ZAINAB: Check! Campsite check! Campsite 2.
JUDGE: You'll have to check your campsite again.
TAYLOR: I got it, I got it, I got it! Check, check! MARTINA: Do you want to just do a check? PHIL: Yeah.
COURTNEY: [screams] MARTINA: [screams] [laughing] Why did I park so far away? ZAINAB: We're here with Joseph and Akash now, and it feels pretty crummy.
ZAINAB: We have got to figure this out.
NANCY: 170, 164.
[fast beeping] TODD: It says we're here.
Post office.
Hello, do you have a gold coin for us? POSTMASTER: What is your box number, please? ANNA: Oh, gosh.
TODD: Yeah, there's a bunch of boxes.
Express Pass! ANNA: Our box number is 286.
POSTMASTER: Here's your mail.
TODD: Nice! Thank you so much! Anna, Anna, hey! Don't leave me hanging! Ooh, sick! ANNA: Rock and roll, baby! ADAM: 678 metres.
COURTNEY: Oh, my gosh.
ADAM: Nice, easy pace, baby.
COURTNEY: An easy pace for you is different for me.
COURTNEY: We're currently running around Dawson City like chickens with our heads cut off.
ADAM: Need to find the truck, I guess.
COURTNEY: We're getting tired.
We're getting frustrated.
We decide that maybe it's a good idea to hop back into the truck.
COURTNEY: I don't know how this thing works.
Babe, I would appreciate it if you did this.
ADAM: It's just a GPS, babe.
You know how to use it.
COURTNEY: [sighs] Well, apparently I don't, and we don't have all the time in the world to figure it out.
ADAM: You want to drive? COURTNEY: I do.
ADAM: Now we're fighting.
COURTNEY: Are we? ADAM: We are not.
ADAM: 125 metres ahead.
[beeping gets faster] ADAM: Museum.
Do you have any gold coins for us by chance? FIRE CHIEF: I do.
How's that? ADAM: That is exactly what we needed.
COURTNEY: On a mission.
Let's go.
ANNA: We seem like we're getting away from the main downtown.
TODD: I'm going where it says.
There's somebody sitting up on top of that thing.
ANNA: Good job, babe.
TODD: Do you have a gold coin for us? Thank you so much.
ANNA: We've got all our gold coins, so we're running back to the bank.
TODD: Come on, Anna.
ANNA: Yup! TODD: There's the bank.
ANNA: Five coins for you there, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
TELLER: Here's your clue.
TODD: Awesome.
Thank you so much.
ANNA: Thank you! ANNA: Detour.
JON: Fortune seekers came to Dawson with dreams of easy money, and roamed the streets looking for ways to spend their newfound riches.
In this detour, teams will get a taste of two prosperous pastimes as they play a game of chance, or master the cancan dance.
In Dance, teams must locate the historic Palace Grand Theatre, a Dawson City darling that's been hearing hoots and hollers for well over a century.
Once here, teams will hit the stage as they learn and perform an authentic cancan dance.
DANCERS: Oh-a! JON: Dressed in sassy burlesque costumes, racers must watch a complicated series of steps, then join the dancers onstage to perform the routine.
DANCERS: Woo! JON: Once they can perfectly cancan, Madame Terry will give them their next clue.
Chance requires teams to make their way to Diamond Tooth Gerties.
Here, they'll have to learn to play for the house, by watching a blackjack game in progress.
Teams must pay close attention, as the rules of blackjack are complicated where little details matter.
When ready, racers will step up to the table, and deal one hand each.
If they fail, they must go to the back of the line to wait for their next turn.
Once each racer has correctly dealt and paid out their hand up to Gertie's standards the pit boss will give them their next clue.
ANNA: Dance or Chance.
It's right there-- Diamond Tooth Gerties.
TODD: Nice.
DEALER: 13, 15 TODD: Let me know if you have any questions.
ANNA: Okay.
TODD: The goal of blackjack is to get as close as you can to 21.
ANNA: How did they both lose? ANNA: There's a lot of blackjack rules we have to understand, and there's the dealing, there's paying them out at the end, there's multiple players that you have to keep track of, a lot of small detailed rules.
ANNA: Okay.
What? ANNA: So this is a new challenge for me.
ZAINAB: Come, look at the ceiling.
There's a net.
MONICA: Oh, my ZAINAB: We have to find it.
Oh, here it is.
MONICA: Let's go.
ZAINAB & MONICA: [screaming] ZAINAB: Thank you! [laughs] MONICA: Come on! ZAINAB: Who's driving? MONICA: You.
JOSEPH: Oh, it's this net.
Oh! The net! We put it in our bag! Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Check, check! JUDGE: Congratulations.
JOSEPH: Yes! Thank you so much.
JOSEPH: We're leaving in last place again.
[sighs] It's so frustrating.
ZAINAB: I love Joseph and Akash.
They are good guys.
But, man, I want to smoke them right now! TAYLOR: All the Chevs are here, Court.
COURTNEY: Perfect.
Let's go park by that red one.
MARTINA: Get the clue, get the clue.
COURTNEY: Let's go to this one, 184 metres.
TAYLOR: Push it, push it.
[beeping] MARTINA: Hi, do you have a coin for us? Oh, my gosh.
You're the best.
COURTNEY: We've come to the right spot.
Can we take a couple? WOMAN: Just one.
COURTNEY: Just joking.
MAR: We've got four coins, one to go.
LEANNE: One left.
MAR: It says it's north.
LEANNE: Are you sure it's up this way? MAR: Straight up.
LEANNE: It doesn't look like anyone's been up here.
This is pushing it, dude.
How much farther? MAR: It says 282.
DYLAN: Right.
Post office? We were wondering if you have any gold coins here.
POSTMASTER: What is your box number? DYLAN: Four.
POSTMASTER: Let me check.
DYLAN: Thank you.
POSTMASTER: Sorry, no mail today.
DYLAN: Okay.
DYLAN: I notice there's a bunch of post office boxes.
KWAME: We feel in our heart that the Express Pass is here.
DYLAN: We gotta start looking.
PIT BOSS: Dealer's card.
22, too many.
PIT BOSS: Ready to try? TODD: Yeah.
Ready? 10 and 17.
WOMAN: Hit me.
TODD: 16, 21.
TODD: I'm getting pretty confident 'cause I've played blackjack like online; I've played it with my friends.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
Good dealing.
Next dealer.
TODD: Okay, you got this.
ANNA: Alright, everybody.
ANNA: I definitely feel nervous.
There's all five players watching you, a pit boss watching you, and you have to do mental math.
It's a lot of pressure.
ANNA: That's 18, 19, 22.
BOSS: Sorry, you're not dealing up to Gertie's standards.
ANNA: Okay.
What did I do wrong? TODD: What's 10 plus 8? ANNA: 18.
TODD: Plus one.
ANNA: 19.
TODD: Plus two.
ANNA: 21.
TODD: Not 22.
COURTNEY: Hi, there.
We just got our fifth coin! MELLISA: Get the coin.
NANCY: Thank you so much.
COURTNEY: Let's go dance.
ADAM: Okay.
MELLISA: I think chance.
NANCY: Let's go for it.
MELLISA: Watch your ankles and stuff.
MAR: Oh, there's stuff up here.
Leanne, I think we found it.
LEANNE: It better not be a fake marker.
MAR: Please, please.
Oh! [giggling] MAR: Oh, yes! LEANNE: We have to go find one more gold coin, though.
MAR: Come on.
Let's go.
[laughter] MAR: Dude, we got an Express Pass.
LEANNE: We're not done yet! COURTNEY: This way.
Woo! MARTINA: Hustle, hustle.
MARTINA: This is a guessing game? KWAME: Check each box and hope you find something.
DYLAN: We left all these teams behind back at the tent challenge, but now they're catching up.
MARTINA: It's too hard.
PHIL: Wanna just go somewhere else? MARTINA: Yeah, let's go.
Let's just go somewhere else.
COURTNEY: Look both ways before you cross the road! KWAME: What do you think, man? DYLAN: I don't know.
KWAME: Our lead has deteriorated.
This could put us in last place.
KWAME: This post office is taking forever.
DYLAN: We can't find anything.
We've gotta move on.
KWAME: It is what it is.
ZAINAB: Okay, let's go.
KWAME: Yo, the navy girls just got their clue.
MONICA: Let's go.
ZAINAB: We know how to use the navigation system.
ZAINAB: That's actually what I do in my training in the navy.
I can navigate a ship.
I think I can navigate a vehicle.
ZAINAB: Oh! MONICA: You are so beautiful.
Thank you.
JOSEPH: It's time for a gold rush.
It's up there, straight.
AKASH: Look over there! JOSEPH: Yeah.
AKASH: Thank you so much.
JOSEPH: Thank you so much.
JOSEPH: We know we're the last team here.
This is our time to make up some time.
ADAM: I did not expect to dance the cancan in Dawson City today.
Palace Grand Theatre.
COURTNEY: Let's come watch real quick.
[piano music] DANCER: Hi, there! DANCERS: Hi! [whooping] DANCERS: Woo! COURTNEY: Woo! [clapping] ADAM: Oh, my gosh, that was impressive.
Is that what we have to do? COURTNEY: With the noises and everything.
ADAM: Oh, no! MELLISA: Diamond Tooth Gerties, right here.
Have you played blackjack? NANCY: A long time ago.
21, right? MELLISA: Yes.
ANNA: 17 and 15.
ANNA: I'm trying to be in the zone.
There's a lot to remember.
ANNA: 25, I bust.
[laughs] PIT BOSS: Congratulations, both of you.
Here's your next clue.
ANNA: Thank you very much.
ANNA: Drive yourselves to the top of Midnight Dome and search for Jon at your next pit stop.
JON: Teams must now climb their way to the top of the Midnight Dome, the perfect vantage point to take in midnight sunsets during the summer, and the northern lights in the winter.
And today, here atop of the mountain summit, high above Dawson City, is the second pit stop on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
ANNA: We're going to the pit stop at the top of Midnight Dome.
We think we're number one.
We're pretty confident.
NANCY: I'm gonna go.
NANCY: Alright, let's see what we got going on here.
NANCY: Hm, okay.
[laughter] I'm done.
Oh, 20, and it's a tie.
I think I've gotta go again, don't I, when it's a tie? I think I gotta go again.
PIT BOSS: I'm sorry, you're not dealing to Gertie's standards.
NANCY: Dang it! I had it.
MELLISA: You were so close.
Everything was perfect, except-- NANCY: No money is paid out.
Fff Fiddler's fart! LEANNE: One left.
Here it is.
MAR: Hello! LEANNE: Thank you! Back to the bank! COURTNEY: Hi! Have something for us? FIRE CHIEF: Yes, I do.
COURTNEY: Right on! Thank you so much.
FIRE CHIEF: You're more than welcome.
MAR: Let's cancan! COURTNEY: Let's do dance.
COURTNEY: Alright, let's go.
Do you think the cheerleaders are going for this one? TAYLOR: Yeah.
COURTNEY: Yeah, they're all over this.
And you are a good dancer.
COURTNEY: [laughs] ADAM: I am a terrible dancer, but why not at least try it, right? I'm already in the dress.
[whooping] [whooping] [whooping] [whooping] JUDGE: That wasn't good enough.
ADAM: How close was that? JUDGE: Not very close.
ADAM: This is breakin' me heart.
COURTNEY: Thank you.
ADAM: Thank you, ladies.
We're not suited for this.
I'm not suited for this, so we're changing.
COURTNEY: We're gonna get the heck out of these clothes and move on to the next one.
ADAM: Okay, let's go.
COURTNEY: Grand Palace Theatre? TAYLOR: This is it, right here.
MAR: It's right here.
COURTNEY: Oh, my god.
[dancers whooping] COURTNEY: Oh, shoot.
TAYLOR: Okay, I'm okay.
TAYLOR: I love to dance.
I enjoy it.
It's fun.
COURTNEY: Me, I don't usually dance until I've had about 12 drinks.
DANCERS: Woo! Woo! TAYLOR: I can't do that, but I'll try.
COURTNEY: We can try.
I can do that.
TAYLOR: Ha! DANCER: Woo! MAR: Knee straight forward 1, 2, 3.
MAR: I have been a competitive ballet dancer, jazz dancer, tap dancer, cancan dancer for 22 years.
I think dancing may be my strong suit.
MAR: Kick Skirt.
[beeping] KWAME: One more, one more.
Argh! Thank you so much.
DYLAN: Thank you so much.
MAN: No problem.
DYLAN: Woo! Finally.
PHIL: Go, go, go, go! MARTINA: Thank you.
MARTINA: Which one do you want to go to? DYLAN: Okay, let's go to chance.
Come up short, no Express Pass.
We killed too much time.
KWAME: A lot of time.
TODD: Woo.
ANNA: Oh! WOMAN: Welcome to Tr'ondek Hwech'in, traditional territory in Dawson City, Yukon.
ANNA: Thank you for having us on your land.
JON: Todd, Anna You guys are team number one.
BOTH: Yeah! Woo! JON: As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for two to the south of France.
ANNA: Oh, my gosh! JON: You guys absolutely sailed through this leg of the race.
ANNA: Yeah.
JON: And you've won $5,000 cash from our friends at Woods.
ANNA: Woo! Thank you, Woods.
[laughs] And an Express Pass.
JON: And an Express Pass.
ANNA: This will definitely not be our last first place win.
JON: We'll see you on the next mat.
ANNA: This is the start of going up.
MELLISA: And that is 17.
You're staying.
NANCY: Come on, now! MELLISA: Alright.
Oh, look at that, 20.
So 15 and 17, I beat you all.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
Good job.
MELLISA: Alright, you've got this.
NANCY: Absolutely.
COURTNEY: Where are we here? ADAM: Diamond Tooth Gerties.
COURTNEY: Come on.
There's other teams here, babe.
ADAM: Alright, let's get changed.
NANCY: You guys, you're breaking me.
Good job.
Good job.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
NANCY: Thank you.
PIT BOSS: Good dealing, both of you.
Here's your next clue.
NANCY: I never gamble! MELLISA: So where are we going, some dome? MARTINA: Okay, everybody out.
PHIL: Okay, go, go, go, go! MARTINA: Let's go.
Let's go.
COURTNEY: Kick, knee, kick, knee.
MARTINA: Okay, Phil, how are you doing? [laughs] DANCERS: [whooping] PHIL: This might be hard.
PHIL: This is a really long dance.
I thought it would be like a 30-second thing.
It's like two or three minutes of choreography.
DANCER: Oh! PHIL: Oh, my god.
PHIL: No way.
We're out.
MARTINA: We have to change detours.
It's like unattainable.
We are so behind everyone.
PHIL: Oh, God, we are so behind.
MARTINA: Oh, my god! MARTINA: Go, push, push, pull, pull! PHIL: One starts here, the other starts here, but this has six, so just leave the six here, and move the two top.
Only if they have the pure blackjack.
MARTINA: I do not play cards.
I do not gamble.
No, no, no, no, no.
DANCERS: Hello! Hi! Woo! Oh! Woo! Woo! Oh! Woo! Bum, bum.
Oh! Good.
TAYLOR: The first attempt, I wouldn't say like I feel fabulous, but I felt pretty good.
DANCER: Woo! JUDGE: Sorry, you missed a step.
COURTNEY: Okay, that was good.
TAYLOR: Holy smokes.
LEANNE: Taylor and Courtney just went.
MAR: They did great for police officers.
DANCERS: Hi! Woo! Woo! Step together, step, around.
LEANNE: And Mar is a trained dancer.
Myself, on the other hand, I come from a competitive cheerleading background.
Yes, I am a cheerleader, but I am a promotional cheerleader, so I don't dance.
MAR: Down.
DANCERS: Oh! JUDGE: Oh, no, no, no, no.
LEANNE: That was horrendous.
TAYLOR: Second attempt.
DANCERS: Woo! Hello! Woo! Woo! Woo! Front, big Yoo! Woo-oo! Woo! Woo! Oh! Woo! JUDGE: You passed.
COURTNEY: Oh! [laughs] JUDGE: Here's your clue.
TAYLOR: Thank you so much.
COURTNEY: Let's get dressed.
MAR: Holy, they changed fast.
COURTNEY: Yoo! TAYLOR: Yahoo! Arriba.
MELLISA: Need a break.
JON: Nancy, Mellisa, you're team number two.
NANCY: Oh! JON: Ha-ha! NANCY: Good job.
NANCY: Not only did we finish this leg in second place, but we ended up with an Express Pass.
BOTH: Woo! NANCY: Good job.
MELLISA: Yeah, thank you.
JON: Taylor, Courtney, you're team number three.
COURTNEY: Yes! TAYLOR: Good job.
AKASH: We have four gold coins so far.
We need one more.
JOSEPH: Right here, right here.
Hi there.
May I have a gold coin? MAN: You may.
JOSEPH: Thank you.
MONICA: Did you find it? ZAINAB: Yup.
Yes! Hi! FIRE CHIEF: How are you doing? ZAINAB: Oh my god, I love you so much.
Good, how are you? You smell good.
Thank you so much.
JOSEPH: Let's go chance.
Blackjack, it's so easy.
ZAINAB: We about to dance off this anxiety and frustration.
MAR: Just keep the smile even though we're so tired.
Let's do this.
DANCERS: Hi! Hello! Ow! Ow! And step to the front, and kick.
[whooping] [whooping] Woo! JUDGE: Way to go, guys! Here's your clue! LEANNE: What did we learn today? Leanne can't do the cancan.
JOSEPH: It's gotta be somewhere.
PHIL: The boys are in here.
MARTINA: Uh-oh, they look like they'd be good at it.
JOSEPH: Over here.
Let's get changed.
[buzzer sound] DYLAN: Fuzz! What did I do? COURTNEY: 16.
Um So I'm over.
PIT BOSS: Sorry, that's incorrect.
COURTNEY: Oh, okay.
PHIL: Place your bets, place your bets.
What would you like to do? MAN: Hit.
PHIL: You have 22, too many.
I'll take your money because you lost, and then take their cards.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
PHIL: Thank you.
PIT BOSS: Great job dealing.
MARTINA: Okay, guys.
4, 10, 2 And then-- no, what would you like to do? PIT BOSS: I'm sorry, that was incorrect.
MARTINA: Oh! PHIL: Bottom of the pack.
Fighting for our lives here.
LEANNE: I love your face! JON: Don't slow down.
MAR: We love seeing your face! JON: Leanne and Mar, you're team number four.
MAR: Yeah! JON: Good day, good day? MAR: Yeah.
We trekked up a mountain to find an Express Pass.
LEANNE: We're happy we found that.
MAR: So excited.
DANCERS: Hello! Woo! ZAINAB: 4, 5, twice.
DANCERS: Woo! ZAINAB: Okay, good dance.
ZAINAB: It got complicated, fast.
DANCERS: Woo! MONICA: What the? DANCER: Ah! Woo! ZAINAB: Do we watch it one more time, or do we just go to blackjack? MONICA: We go to blackjack, 'cause whatever that was ZAINAB: Immediately? MONICA: Immediately.
ZAINAB: is not happening.
You guys are amazing.
I bow down.
I'm not trying that.
Thanks, bye.
[laughter] ZAINAB: That's way too complex of a dance.
MONICA: We looked cute in those costumes, though.
ZAINAB: Cute as hell! JOSEPH: Blackjack.
PLAYER: Thank you very much.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
JOSEPH: Thank you.
PIT BOSS: Good dealing.
[people clapping] [buzzer sound] DYLAN: I'm working for you guys right now.
3, 4, 5, 6.
PIT BOSS: Great dealing.
DYLAN: Thank you, guys.
Go, Kwame.
KWAME: All bets are in.
14, ooh 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Ah My man 4, quatro, for you.
Yes, sir.
KWAME: Yes! Let's go! Huh! KWAME: Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
Not us! Let's go.
Let's go! MONICA: Someone is leaving.
ZAINAB: The guys.
ZAINAB: We've got three other teams here with us.
We've gotta learn this quick, get it, and get the heck out of here.
ADAM: Okay, you have 9 or 19.
PIT BOSS: Sorry, that's wrong.
COURTNEY: Want to watch one more time, dude? COURTNEY: Okay.
ADAM: Pressure's on now there's more teams here.
I don't know how good everybody is or how often they play blackjack, so it's anybody's race at this point.
JOSEPH: There's still four teams here, so we're all fighting.
It's all a level playing field.
This is not an easy game to deal, and there's so many players.
It's so easy to make a mistake.
[buzzer sound] MONICA: Dammit.
What did I do? MARTINA: Hello, good-looking people.
Feeling lucky.
Ooh, 10.
Ooh, a six.
MARTINA: So while I'm dealing, I remember a memorization technique that I learned in university.
If you learn something in an accent, it actually sticks in your brain easier.
MARTINA: What would you like to do, gentleman? PLAYER: Hit.
MARTINA: What would you like to do, gentleman? PLAYER: Hit.
MARTINA: You are 20.
Oh, I have a 20.
Then I take your cards.
MARTINA: [laughs] My god! MARTINA: We cannot wait to see Mr.
Jon Montgomery! DYLAN: Oh! Good job.
JON: Dylan, Kwame, you're team number five.
DYLAN: Okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
COURTNEY: Okay, babe.
ADAM: Yeah, I'm ready to give it a shot.
ADAM: Dealer has 10.
Dealer has 14.
Dealer is over.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
Great dealing.
ADAM: Thank you so much.
Okay, babe.
You're gonna kill this.
COURTNEY: Okay, hello, everybody.
So we have a four, 14, I'll take these, and get rid of these.
Thank you.
ADAM: I'm gonna pee my pants.
COURTNEY: Let's go, baby.
ADAM: So fricking excited! COURTNEY: So fricking excited.
ADAM: I'm excited! COURTNEY: Ooh! MARTINA: Jon! Woo! JON: Martina, Phil MARTINA: Yes.
JON: You two are team number six.
BOTH: Yeah! MARTINA: We're still in it.
We're still in it to win it.
Yeah! COURTNEY: Woo! ADAM: There he is! COURTNEY: Hi! JON: Courtney, Adam you are team number seven.
COURTNEY: Woo! Yes! ADAM: Yes! Get up here! JON: [chuckles] MONICA: 20.
You lose.
19, you also lose.
And 16, you also lose.
ZAINAB: 16, 20.
So PIT BOSS: Sorry, that's not up to Gertie's standards.
[buzzer sound] JOSEPH: Yes.
AKASH: All bets in.
ZAINAB: We're just here with Joseph and Akash now.
This sucks.
We're been racing against them all day, and it's super frustrating.
AKASH: What would you like to do? AKASH: Wanna stay? What would you like to do? PLAYER: Hit.
PIT BOSS: Congratulations.
JOSEPH: Oh! Oh, my god! Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Do you want to ask that gentleman where it is? AKASH: I know where it is.
JOSEPH: You know where it is? AKASH: Yeah.
MONICA: Joseph and Akash are gone.
We're the last team that's left.
ZAINAB: If we don't get it in the next few minutes, we're out.
MONICA: We're freaking out.
We're the last team that's left.
ZAINAB: If we don't get it in the next few minutes, we're out.
PIT BOSS: Sorry, that's incorrect.
[buzzer sound] ZAINAB: It was 20.
I went over.
MONICA: You have 21.
ZAINAB: Oh, my god.
JON: Come on, boys! Bring it in! Bring it in! Joseph, Akash you're team number 8.
AKASH: Two legs back of the pack has taught us a lot about hustle.
It's taught us a lot about never giving up, and we never want to be in this place again.
JON: Gentlemen, see you at the next mat.
JOSEPH: Thank you so much.
MONICA: We really wanted to win, but this is still the coolest thing I've ever done in my life, so yeah, proud.
ZAINAB: Super proud of you too.
JON: Zainab, Monica, I'm sorry to tell you but you are the last team to arrive.
ZAINAB: This was our gold rush, but we didn't make it, right? JON: The interesting thing about the gold rush is that the people that left here, they kept striving.
And guess what? You two are gonna go on.
This is a non-elimination leg, ladies.
ZAINAB: No! JON: You're still in this race! MONICA: Shut up! [laughs] I'm dreaming.
MONICA: Oh, my god.
ZAINAB: Oh, my god! ZAINAB: Monica and I, we were both raised by strong, single women.
MONICA: I'm not ready to tell my mom that I'm coming home.
I made a promise that I'd win this race.
JON: Unfortunately, because you arrived last today, you will have to complete a speed bump somewhere on the next leg.
Ladies, see you at the next mat.
MONICA: Thank you.
MONICA: We can't throw away this second chance.
ZAINAB: No, we're not throwing it away.
It's game time.
[laughs] JON: Next time on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition COURTNEY: Fly to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
JON: Teams take off for Salt Spring Island COURTNEY: Yeah, this is gonna be awesome! JON: where it's full throttle ahead in a roadblock.
NANCY: I get to drive a Corvette! Yeah! JON: Pressure soars to new heights, as racers struggle to learn the ropes.
AKASH: I've never felt this kind of stress before.
JON: And while some are thrilled to have their pie and eat it too ADAM: I love eating pie.
LEANNE: I'm a giant blueberry! JON: others find it hard to stomach.
NANCY: We're not going home because of a pie.
JON: For more info on the racers, head to ctv.
JON: For more info on the racers, head to ctv.