The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s06e01 Episode Script

Just a Breaver Hero

1 JON: After all these years the race has circled the globe, and criss-crossed the country.
JON: Go! JON: as Canadian teams of two RACER: [screaming] RACER: This is amazing! RACER: Woo! RACER: Dad, you're my hero! JON: have travelled close to 200,000 kilometres, all racing for the ultimate prize.
SAM: It's just been the most amazing experience of our lives.
We're so thankful, so grateful.
RACER: This guy's my hero, right here.
JON: And today, off the coast of Vancouver Island, as we make our way to the starting line, the heroism of past racers has inspired 10 new teams of everyday Canadian heroes to jump headfirst into their own adventure of a lifetime.
The 10 teams are Chewy and Happy, retired Canadian air force pilots, and best friends from Southern Ontario CHEWY: I love flying.
It doesn't even feel like it's been a job.
HAPPY: I was very honoured to serve our air force for 21 years.
I served in Afghanistan for a combined 14 months.
Being selected for the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition, I'm very humbled.
Obviously, it's very, very important to represent the men and women of the armed forces.
I also want to do it while having fun.
CHEWY: We're a couple of middle-aged men.
We're in our late 40s, but we'll keep you guys honest.
We're coming.
CHEWY: That really hurt.
That really hurt! HAPPY: Oh, please.
CHEWY: Oh, my sweet mother of God, that hurt.
JON: Leanne and Mar, mentors and teammates from Toronto LEANNE: The absolute best part about being an Argo's cheerleader is the anti-bullying and the community programs that we're involved in.
MAR: From grade 7 till grade 10, I was a little awkward.
MAR: I was bullied profusely.
I just got picked on so much that I never wanted to go to school.
This program, it's my absolute life; like, I love these kids, and I want to let them know that they're not alone.
MAR & KIDS: One team, one dream! Woo! MAR: We are hoping that other teams underestimate us.
Amazing Race LEANNE: We're gonna win.
MAR: Pom drop.
JON: Martina and Phil, volunteers and siblings from Vancouver MARTINA: We're just like everyday people, but together we've volunteered 10,000 hours.
PHIL: Locally, in Vancouver, and globally all around the world.
The thing that inspires me about my sister is that she's an activator.
Let's go change the world, and let's go feed the homeless.
It's like, okay, I didn't know that I wanted to do that, but I want to do that with you because you make it so much fun.
My sister has so much energy.
MARTINA: Once I see Jon Montgomery, I'm like, "Woo!" PHIL: He has to say "go" first.
MARTINA: Oh, he has to say "go," yeah.
JON: Taylor and Courtney, RCMP officers and siblings from Langley, British Columbia COURTNEY: Taylor and I come from four generations of RCMP officers.
The two of us, our dad, our grandpa, and our great-grandpa.
We're used to making critical decisions quickly, often in less than ideal circumstances.
TAYLOR: With our job, we kind of get put in that hero bracket.
COURTNEY: I think that you can still U-turn people and be nice.
COURTNEY: A brother and sister team that are police officers TAYLOR: Super team.
COURTNEY: That's the secret sauce right there.
JON: Adam and Courtney, first responders and engaged couple from Calgary, Alberta.
COURTNEY: The first time I laid eyes on Adam, he was being auctioned off in a room full of women.
He was part of the firefighter calendar, and they were doing a fundraiser.
ADAM: For a good cause.
COURTNEY: For a good cause, absolutely.
COURTNEY: I'm a registered nurse.
Both of us deal with a lot of stress and pressure.
People put their lives in your hands.
ADAM: It's somebody's worst day, and we're there to make it better.
We all take it very seriously.
We've been together seven years, engaged for one and a bit, and married in a couple of months, hopefully.
COURTNEY: We'll see how the race goes.
[laughs] ADAM: Yeah.
It may be an amazing wedding or an awkward party.
JON: Todd and Anna, dating couple and advocates from Edmonton, Alberta ANNA: If anyone had an excuse to say life hasn't dealt me a fair hand, it would be Todd.
TODD: At the age of three, I was diagnosed with cancer in my nasal and facial area.
I went through chemo, radiation, and then they removed the tumor.
I've probably had about 15 surgeries, but I've been cancer free for 20 years now.
I had to do some reconstructive surgery, but I probably won't continue that.
I want to inspire Canadians to put themselves out there.
The scars I have on my face represent my life story, what I've been through.
It's who I am.
ANNA: We really want to show someone who's been there, who's now living a full, healthy life, and is on the Amazing Race Canada.
JON: Zainab and Monica, navy seals and friends from Toronto ZAINAB: We're not the typical soldiers you see in movies.
We're women.
We're 5' 2" and a bit.
MONICA: And a bit.
ZAINAB: And hair.
MONICA: And we're getting our job done.
ZAINAB: We're out there doing search and rescue, fishery patrols, drug interdiction.
You feel like you're really making a difference helping keep Canada safe, and there's nothing you can compare that to.
We were both raised by strong, single women.
I don't have a sister, but I do in her.
MONICA: Yes, you do.
ZAINAB: I do, I do.
We are going to kick some butt.
JON: Dylan and Kwame, coaches and friends from Fort McMurray, Alberta KWAME: I'm a physical education teacher.
KWAME: Hit it! DYLAN: I work as an in-school mentor, and me and Kwame started Northern Elite Football.
KWAME: We take kids off the streets.
We give at-risk youth the opportunities that they might have never had before.
We teach them discipline, responsibility, skills that will help them succeed in life.
DYLAN: That's mentorship through football.
Kids are going to university and getting scholarships.
Like, kids who didn't even know what football was.
It's real, man.
It's real.
CROWD: [cheering] JON: Joseph and Akash, volunteers and friends from Toronto AKASH: Our friendship began when we just randomly both decided to volunteer at a food bank.
We started working on food drive initiatives across Canada to actually make sure that food banks, in off seasons, can have their shelves actually filled.
JOSEPH: It doesn't matter what your background is, what your age is, what your experience is, you can make a difference in the world.
We're here to race with integrity, but when it gets competitive, We'll do anything it takes to win.
AKASH: [laughs] Yeah.
JON: Nancy and Melissa, athletes from Taber and Pine Lake, Alberta.
NANCY: Melissa and I are both elite athletes.
I'm a two-time Canadian champion in barrel racing.
MELLISA: I'm a three-time Olympian in the sport of skeleton, Olympic bronze medalist in 2006.
NANCY: We're going to bring determination, grit, and the cowgirl way.
MELLISA: I believe as an athlete I am a role model.
NANCY: So we want to showcase being kind, but it still is a race.
Right? You still want to win it.
Win! MELISSA: [laughs] In case you didn't hear.
NANCY: Win! JON: And now it's time to start Canada's favourite summertime adventure the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
TEAMS: [cheering] [applause] JON: Okay, come on, you guys.
Come on! Welcome to Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University, and welcome to the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition.
TEAMS: [cheering] [applause] JON: Today you are beginning an extraordinary adventure that will show you Canada and the rest of the world like you've never seen them before.
TEAMS: [cheering] [applause] ADAM: Woo! JON: But before we get started, I'd like to know what does the word hero mean to everybody here? MELLISA: Somebody who fights a courageous battle.
ZAINAB: Someone who leads and uplifts everybody around them.
MAR: Someone who can speak up and stand up for those whose voices have been silenced.
CHEWY: Someone who gives up their freedom and safety for the freedom and safety of others.
DYLAN: Someone who will always do what's right, and I brought one with me.
[laughter] JON: Well said, every single one of you.
Do you guys want to know what you're racing for? TEAMS: Yeah! Woo! JON: The team that makes it to the final leg, and crosses the finish line first will win the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Red Line, one for each of you TEAMS: [cheers & applause] JON: A once in a lifetime trip for two around the world TEAMS: [cheers & applause] JON: A quarter of a million dollars cash TEAMS: [cheers & applause] JON: And the Amazing Race Canada.
TEAMS: [cheers & applause] JON: Alright, your first clue is on the packs that you brought with you, somewhere on the castle grounds.
Here we go.
Good luck.
Make Canada proud.
Race safe.
JON: Go! RACER: Yeah! RACER: Go, go, go! Go, go, go! RACER: Coming through.
RACER: Right behind you, buddy.
RACER: Follow me! RACER: Yup, here, here! Good luck, guys! KWAME: Here it is.
Here it is.
MELLISA: Go, go, go! COURTNEY: Route info.
Take the BC Ferries and drive to Squamish to search for your next clue.
Your 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is somewhere on the castle grounds.
TAYLOR: Let's go! COURTNEY: Let's go! TAYLOR: Let's go.
Gotta catch the ferry.
JOSEPH: Did you see where they went? AKASH: Everyone went this way.
JOSEPH: Huh? AKASH: This way.
JOSEPH: Where's the next destination? AKASH: Squamish, BC.
We're travelling by ferry.
PHIL: [inaudible] MARTINA: I'm coming.
MONICA: Cruzes! HAPPY: Squamish, baby.
To Squamsh, BC Ferries.
Let's do this.
CHEWY: You rock, man.
MELLISA: Yee-haw! NANCY: Oh my gosh.
What a rush.
MARTINA: First, baby! We're first, baby! PHIL: We're first.
BOTH: We're on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition! PHIL: Yeah, yeah, turn left, turn left.
MARTINA: Yeah, I'm gonna turn left, hon.
PHIL: Okay, good.
MARTINA: We came in first place to the ferries! Woo-woo! CHEWY: Looks like second place from what I can tell.
HAPPY: Give me some love.
COURTNEY: Hello! MARTINA: Oh my gosh, my name's Martina! What's your name? COURTNEY: I'm Courtney.
MARTINA: Hi, Courtney! Nice to meet you.
Yay! Oh, there's more people! [Mellisa honks horn] MARTINA: Welcome to the ferries.
COURTNEY: Martina's like a welcome wagon.
MARTINA: Guess, guess, guess! KWAME: You must drive to Squamish using BC Ferries.
Okay, we've got to figure out where the ferry is.
DYLAN: Yeah yo, we already looks like the dumb jocks, eh? Alright, where are we going? JOSEPH: No way.
The car literally goes on the ferry.
That's actually so cool.
TODD: Woo, look at all these teams.
ANNA: Yeah.
TODD: Here we go.
ANNA: Yeah, no problem.
PHIL: There's two teams that haven't made it yet to the ferry terminal.
The ferry's gonna leave in 5 or 10 minutes.
COURTNEY: There's a fire truck, babe.
Woo, woo! ADAM: What's up, boys? COURTNEY: This is a great sign.
I'm not gonna lie.
ADAM: BC Ferries.
We made it.
Yes! COURTNEY: Ah! COURTNEY: Holy caboney! DYLAN: I've been to these ferries before, and there's long lines.
KWAME: I really hope we don't miss this ferry.
DYLAN: Almost there.
Five kilometres out.
[sighs] [ship horn] DYLAN: Crap KWAME: There's the ferry.
DYLAN: Oh, fuzz.
It looks like we're the only team who missed the ferry, so we're gonna chill for two hours.
KWAME: Oh, man.
JOSEPH: Wow, this is amazing! MAR: I'm the king of the world! [laughter] MAR: Toronto cheerleaders, hello.
HAPPY: Hi, Courtney.
I'm Happy.
COURTNEY: Have you ever been told you look like Adam Sandler? HAPPY: Ah yeah.
Hence the Happy nickname.
CHEWY: I'm Corey.
HAPPY: And I'm Mark.
CHEWY: But we go by the call signs Chewy, and HAPPY: Happy.
Right there on the side of my jet.
CHEWY: My call sign is Chewy.
Someone just off the cuff said, "Hey, dude, "you look like you're walking like a Wookie.
" [wookie noise] COURTNEY: Ah! [laughs] [ship horn] JON: All teams are now traveling across the Georgia Strait on two separate ferries to mainland British Columbia.
RACER: Stop the ferry! ZAINAB: Come on, pal.
COURTNEY: Race to the next clue! JON: Once docked, they will drive themselves just north of Vancouver to the mountain town of Squamish, and take the Sea to Sky Gondola 850 metres to the summit, where they'll find their next clue.
HAPPY: Squamish, baby.
CHEWY: This is Squamish? HAPPY: Chewy and Happy, team number one right now.
CHEWY: I can't see a gondola.
NANCY: Sea to Sky Gondola.
Woo-hoo! MELLISA: Yeah! HAPPY: Go, buddy, go, go go.
Come on.
Number one! Gondola one! MELLISA: Awesome! HAPPY: Hey! MELLISA: Woo! NANCY: Yeah, woo-hoo! HAPPY: Let's do it.
Thank you! LEANNE: Second gondola.
MAR: Woo! LEANNE: Amazing! ANNA: We're on the second gondola, so we're really happy about that.
TODD: Second gondola.
MAR: I love heights.
[eagle calls] [laughter] MAR: Whoa! PHIL: Rock and roll.
MARTINA: Yeah! MARTINA: Sibling pact.
PHIL: 1, 2, 3 ALL: Siblings! MARTINA: Super siblings! HAPPY: Great googly moogly, this is a beautiful country we live in.
CHEWY: [laughs] Oh, here we go, guys.
HAPPY: Ladies first.
NANCY: Go, go, go! MELLISA: Go, go, go! NANCY: It's a roadblock.
HAPPY: Who wants to save a beaver? HAPPY: Okay, save a beaver.
JON: In this roadblock, one team member will have to retrieve a loveable Canadian icon dangling high above the canyon floor, and there's only one way to get it.
Woo! Nailed it! JON: Once they grab this symbol of national pride, they'll receive their next clue, reunite with their partner, and keep on racing.
BEAVER: [laughs] HAPPY: Chewy's gonna save a beaver.
NANCY: I do.
CHEWY: I've never done anything like this in my past.
The zip line is over to the mesh net, 500 metres above the canyon floor.
MELLISA: Let's go, Nancy! NANCY: So excited to get out there and save that beaver.
[laughs] Adios! Let's go! CHEWY: With nine other teams behind me, it's extremely important to get my hands on this beaver on the first try.
Otherwise, I'm going right to the back of the line.
HAPPY: Go, Chewy! Don't mess it up! CHEWY: It's really far away.
CHEWY: That was really high up there.
[ship horn] KWAME: I've never been so happy to be back on land.
Let's go.
DYLAN: We've gotta make up for lost time.
That's the key right now.
MONICA: We are in downtown Vancouver.
ZAINAB: Yeah, so we're going parallel to Granville, which is 99, right? MELLISA: We're trying to find Squamish, and we don't know what direction to go towards.
ZAINAB: We are like, "Where did we go wrong?" MONICA: Lordy, Lordy.
MONICA: We got lost making it to Squamish.
Let's hope the other teams are super lost.
ZAINAB: Yeah, seriously.
MONICA: I feel like we're not first, and that's really bugging me.
ZAINAB: See to Sky on the right.
ZAINAB: Oh, my God, everybody's here.
MONICA: There's no way everyone made it before us.
KWAME: Yo! DYLAN: We know we're sharing a gondola with the navy ladies.
KWAME: We're still in the race.
DYLAN: Hey, guys.
ZAINAB: We're pretty bummed.
We're basically as good as last place right now.
MONICA: Guys, this is so romantic.
Isn't it? LEANNE: Who wants to save a beaver? I'll do it.
MAR: Okay.
TODD: Okay, I'll do it.
ANNA: Todd's gonna do it.
TAYLOR: Alright, you gonna save a beaver? COURTNEY: I think you should.
MARTINA: Who will save a beaver? MAR: I have a mini pom-pom ready and waiting for her.
LEANNE: [chuckles] This is amazing! Woo hoo! NANCY: If you want to be a barrel racer, you have to be an adrenaline junkie.
We are tough.
There's no doubt about it.
NANCY: Woo! Whoa! Woo! Yee-haw! Piece of cake! Woo! Thank you so much.
That was so fun.
MELLISA: You were amazing! HAPPY: Nancy came out first.
Good for Nancy.
NANCY: Yes! MELLISA: Route info.
Drive yourself to Squamish Days Logger's Sport Festival and search for your next clue.
We are in position number one.
NANCY: We've gotta see if these heroes are zeros or not, eh? MELLISA: Yeah, totally.
NANCY: That was so fun.
MAR: Leanne, I love you so much! Ah! LEANNE: [screams] Woo! [laughing] This is amazing! Woo! LEANNE: I saved Barry.
I got him for you.
Thank you.
MAR: You saved Barry.
LEANNE: As soon as I got up there, I was like does he have a name? They were like, "No.
" I was like, "His name's Barry.
" MAR: His name's Barry.
It's Barry the Beaver.
BEAVER: [laughs] ADAM: Who wants to save a beaver? COURTNEY: Woo! ADAM: Bungee jump time.
COURTNEY: You can do this, baby.
JOSEPH: Akash is gonna save the beaver.
NANCY: Squamish Days Logger's Festival.
Here, left, left.
NANCY: Another roadblock.
Who's ready to log on? JON: In this roadblock, the racer that didn't perform the rope swing will need to be a lumberjack and climb a tree.
JON: After gearing up, racers must use all their might to climb to the top of this 80-foot pole, where they'll find their next clue.
NANCY: Hey, you've got this! Keep your eye on the clue, honey! MELLISA: Okay.
MELLISA: Oh [panting] NANCY: Don't stop! You've got it! Like a horse! Squeeze your legs around maybe! Might help! MELLISA: I know! Ah! NANCY: You know, I have a hard time gauging how much I need to push her.
I don't really know Mellisa much.
MELLISA: We know each other through rodeo and the barrel racing community.
NANCY: And I just put it out there, like, "Who wants to come with me on this amazing journey?" MELLISA: Pick me.
MELLISA: Ah! NANCY: Good girl! NANCY: You know, we've only met a few times.
We really don't know each other.
[laughter] MELLISA: Just like we're in the hay rack on top of the trailer.
MAR: Oh, there it is! There it is! LEANNE: Oh, beautiful.
MAR: Okay.
MAR: Retrieve your clue hanging at the top.
LEANNE: Good thing all that tree climbing is gonna come in handy! NANCY: Come on, there's another team here now! Come on! Let's go! You've got it! MAR: I definitely climbed trees when I was little.
None the girth of this one.
LEANNE: You've got this, Mar! LEANNE: Let's hope we can beat these girls and get in first.
LEANNE: You've got this, girl! MELLISA: Oh, I can't feel my forearms.
NANCY: Hustle, hustle! Go for it! MELLISA: If I hustle, there'll be slivers in my crotch! ANNA: I'm a little bit nervous for Todd.
But he's got this.
ANNA: We were the male and female athletes of the year in our grade 12 year of high school.
We might look smallish, but Todd is so strong.
TODD: Woo! Aah! Woo! TAYLOR: Yup.
Woo! TAYLOR: What's more Canadian than a beaver? COURTNEY: A Mountie saving a beaver.
BEAVER: [laughs] TAYLOR: Mwah! PHIL: Yeah! Aah! Woo! MARTINA: Phil did it! Phil did it! I'm so happy! Oh, my gosh, you're my hero! CHEWY: We got here first, but it looks like, you know, four or five teams have already moved on.
LEANNE: Keep going, you've got it! NANCY: You're a champ! LEANNE: Use that flexibility! Come on! Left foot, right foot! MAR: Hold on, I have to rest my arms.
NANCY: Good, you're a champion! Go! MELLISA: Ah! NANCY: You've got this! Oh, you're strong! MELLISA: Ah! NANCY: Yes, yes! You're there! Woo! Use them quads! You've got it! MELLISA: Ready to lower! Woo-hoo! NANCY: Good job.
That was awesome.
NANCY: Drive yourselves to Darrell Bay and search for your next clue.
I'm so proud of you! You're amazing.
Awesome! I love this race.
LEANNE: Yes, Mar! Yes! You've got it! [bell ringing] LEANNE: Woo! Yes! Yes! MAR: Holy moly, that was a workout and a half.
LEANNE: I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling really good.
KWAME: Right here, right here.
DYLAN: Who wants to save a beaver? I do.
MONICA: Oh, okay, I'll save the beaver.
KWAME: Follow the marked path.
DYLAN: Let's go.
Wait, where are the girls? ZAINAB: So it's kind of like rappelling.
MONICA: Yeah, I want to do it.
I just we need to know where to go for it.
COURTNEY: You look so bad-ass right now.
ADAM: Thanks, baby.
COURTNEY: Just a-- just a beaver hero [kisses] right here.
[kisses] I love you.
ADAM: Okay.
Comin' in hot! Oh man, that's high.
Aah! COURTNEY: That's okay! I love you! ADAM: I love you! COURTNEY: Hopefully, the second time will be better.
JOSEPH: A couple teams missed it, and Akash is next in line.
This is exactly what we need.
We've been at the back for the entire leg.
JOSEPH: You've got this, Akash! JOSEPH: You've got this, Akash! JOSEPH: Oh, my God.
This is just the worst thing in the world.
DYLAN: [whistles] Here we go, baby! KWAME: When the pressure is on, he will not fumble.
DYLAN: Oh, not sure about the football gloves, eh? Here we go.
1, 2 Oh, woo-hoo-hoo! KWAME: That's my buddy! Handles his business! DYLAN: Ah! KWAME: Gotta keep moving up.
DYLAN: That's what we asked for, right? KWAME: Gotta keep moving up, one challenge at a time.
DYLAN: We asked for a physical challenge.
KWAME: One challenge at a time.
One challenge at a time we'll keep moving up.
TAYLOR: 'Atta girl! COURTNEY: Oh, good Lord.
TAYLOR: That's a big climb.
COURTNEY: Oh, my God.
TAYLOR: I'm glad she's doing it.
[laughs] I still want to see that smile from the top, though, Court! [bell rings] COURTNEY: Yeah, buddy! Woo-hoo! Yeah! [laughs] TAYLOR: Boy, I was very impressed there.
COURTNEY: You were? TAYLOR: Oh, God! You didn't even take a break going up that pole.
TODD: Come on, Anna! ANNA: This is really, really tiring.
TODD: Good job, Anna! Woo! ANNA: Drive yourself to Darrell Bay and search for your next clue.
Okay, we're moving on.
MELLISA: Darrell Bay Road.
This way, right here.
NANCY: Good girl.
MELLISA: Numero uno! JON: Teams must now grab a tandem paddle board, and make their way out into the bay, and go crabbing.
Out on the water, teams will find over 20 buoys.
Submerged beneath each are crab traps.
Teams must choose a buoy, pull up a crab, and return to shore, crab in hand.
The fishermen will then measure their catch.
If their crab is regulation size, they'll receive their next clue.
NANCY: You go.
I've got it.
Come on, come on.
NANCY: Alright, those are buoys.
Should we just see if it's a crab trap? I think we should check it.
MELLISA: I don't think it's these things.
I think these are just the buoys.
NANCY: Let's keep going.
MELLISA: I think it's further.
Let's go.
We're gonna go get some crab.
LEANNE: Are these little buoys? This is what we're grabbing? MAR: We could check.
Ooh, it's heavy.
MELLISA: What is that stuff over there? Do you see that yellow thing? NANCY: Fox.
That's wood.
Is anybody following us? MELLISA: There's the girls back there looking at buoys.
NANCY: I don't think it's here.
We've gotta hustle our asses back.
Big mistake.
HAPPY: Back for another, eh? CHEWY: That's right.
Round two.
HAPPY: Second time's a charm, man! HAPPY: The pressure's on.
Fingers are crossed.
I have faith in Chewy.
CHEWY: Aah! Yahoo! HAPPY: Chewy saved the beaver.
CHEWY: Thank God I'm already fixed.
MARTINA: It's my first roadblock.
It looks pretty darn high It looks pretty darn high! MARTINA: Physical challenges are totally intimidating because I am not fit.
The type of challenges that I'll be really great at will be baking or sewing.
MARTINA: Oh, my God.
PHIL: It's okay! You can do it.
I know you can.
MARTINA: I believe in myself.
I believe in myself.
I'm so scared.
MONICA: I feel like I should have went and peed in a bush or something.
Aah! I got it! ADAM: Okay, beav-y.
Aah! Whoa! First try! Just kidding.
Second try.
MONICA: I kept the beaver.
ZAINAB: Yeah, girl! Oh, it's so cute.
MONICA: Nobody's getting this beaver back.
COURTNEY: You're amazing! I love you so much! You rock.
[kiss] AKASH: I'm gonna give it a positive attitude, and I will get that beaver, no matter what.
We're currently in last place, and there's no time for mistakes.
JOSEPH: He just needs to come up right now.
Yeah, dude! [laughs] JOSEPH: Let's go! Hustle, man, hustle! AKASH: Let's do it! Ain't no giving up now! Actually, I'm not joking.
JOSEPH: Oh, my goodness.
It's okay.
TAYLOR: So cool.
Surf's up, yo.
COURTNEY: Hard, hey? Let's just not tip.
TODD: Woo! ANNA: Let's go, baby.
TODD: Feeling [inaudible].
MELLISA: Let me pull.
Let me pull.
Okay, grab this one here.
NANCY: Right size? MELLISA: Yeah.
For sure, that's our size.
NANCY: Okay, let's go.
MAR: Oh, yeah! LEANNE: Yeah! Sorry, buddy.
I got a race to win.
They're creepin' up quick.
NANCY: [groans] Vamonos! MAR: We are neck and neck.
This is our chance to beat Nancy and Mellisa.
NANCY: Paddle, paddle.
[groans] LEANNE: Grab it from the butt.
MAR: Let go! Come on, buddy.
Ah! Little bast LEANNE: Can we get a check, please? GUY: Yes.
Here's your next clue.
MAR: Thank you! GUY: It's your lucky day.
NANCY: Yeah! JON: Teams must find their way to the Britannia Mine Museum.
This national historic site produced over 800,000 tons of precious metals in is 70-year life.
Once here, teams will search the grounds to find Mill Number 3.
JON: This cathedral-like industrial marvel, was once the British Empire's largest copper mine.
Today, it's the pitstop for the first leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
LEANNE: We're in first! The girls are right behind us.
MELLISA: Just wasted a whole whack of time, and lost our lead.
NANCY: That's okay.
MARTINA: Aah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Aah! DYLAN: She's on her way back down, eh? PHIL: No, she's still going up.
KWAME: Just very tall.
DYLAN: That's cool, Slicko.
You've got this, baby.
KWAME: Argh! DYLAN: Kwame goes beast mode.
KWAME: Argh! Argh! DYLAN & KWAME: Argh! KWAME: Argh! Aah! MARTINA: No! No! PHIL: You're so close! I believe in you! Our whole family believes in you! DYLAN: Wow, damn.
This guy brought the whole family.
Hey, push it, baby, push it! Let's go! KWAME: Argh! [bell rings] KWAME: On to the next challenge.
Let's go, man.
MARTINA: Oh! Oh! Oh! MARTINA: I am so exhausted.
PHIL: Keep going! You're so close, you can see it! Find a way, Nuna.
MARTINA: Oh! MARTINA: I don't know if I can finish this challenge.
MARTINA: I can't.
[crying] I can't.
It's so hard.
MARTINA: I can't.
[crying] MARTINA: [crying] I can't.
I can't, it's so hard.
PHIL: Find a way, Nuna.
MARTINA: Stand up, Martina.
Please, Martina.
Do it for Phil.
Oh! Inch by inch, little by little, I can do this.
PHIL: Yes, Nuna, yes, yes, yes.
Yes! Yes, Nuna! Yes, yes! [clapping] You are so close! MARTINA: That clue is mine.
PHIL: Woo! [bell rings] MARTINA: [sobbing] I can't believe I did it.
I did it! [crying] MARTINA: I just felt so proud of myself.
PHIL: You did it.
That was 80 feet in the air.
MARTINA: I can do a lot more than I thought I could.
PHIL: I'm so proud of my sister.
She didn't give up.
That's an inspiration to like so many people.
LEANNE: Mine Museum, that's what it says, Britannia Mine Museum.
Okay, this way.
MAR: Oh, there's the girls.
NANCY: Augh! MAR: Mill Number 3, that's where Jon is.
LEANNE: The girls were right behind us.
Oh Lord, Jon, you better be in plain sight.
LEANNE: How do we get in here? We're looking for Mill Number 3, and I would love to find it very quickly.
Can you tell us where Mill Number 3 is? MAR: The other side? OFF-CAMERA: Yeah.
MAR: It's open over here.
Mill Number 3.
LEANNE: Jon! Oh, my God! MAR: Oh! JON: [laughs] MAR: Oh, my gosh! WOMAN: Welcome to beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.
JON: Leanne and Mar, you're team number one.
BOTH: [screaming] MAR: Oh, my God.
[crying] This is crazy.
JON: As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip for two to Tokyo, Japan.
MAR: Oh, my God! Yo, we're gonna have so much fun.
You better start liking sushi.
JON: [laughs] LEANNE: The two cheerleaders just won the first leg of the race.
MAR: Yes! MAR: We are strong, and we are powerful.
Good job, cutie.
JON: Nancy and Mell, you're team number two.
BOTH: [exhale] JON: You are very much in this race.
You were at the top of the pack.
NANCY: Well, we're really just acquaintances.
That is honestly it.
JON: Well, if you're ever at a loss for maybe some of Mell's little idiosyncrasies [laughter] JON: come and see me.
MELLISA: Jon Montgomery is a teammate of mine.
We trained together close to eight years.
JON: We're lucky to have you, and we'll see you on the next leg.
NANCY: Thank you.
JOSEPH: Yes, Logger Sports, Logger Sports.
COURTNEY: We are gonna be going to Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival.
ADAM: This is not good.
COURTNEY: So, we're not sure that we know where we're going.
ADAM: But I think we're a little bit lost.
[sighs] COURTNEY: Maybe we should go back this way.
ADAM: This is driving me nuts! CHEWY: You're almost there, buddy! HAPPY: [exhales] This is a workout, bud! CHEWY: One more, dig deep! HAPPY: Argh! [bell rings] HAPPY: Hey, Chewy, who's your daddy? Who's your daddy, baby?! CHEWY: You are the father! HAPPY: I've gotta start working out.
This is ridiculous.
TAYLOR: Let's take that one right ahead.
COURTNEY: This over here? TAYLOR: Yeah.
COURTNEY: I like it.
There's Todd and Anna.
ANNA: Ooh, that's a big mama.
Okay, let's go.
[splash] [laughter] GUY: So you guys went fishing.
ANNA: Yeah.
GUY: Here's your next clue.
TODD: Nice.
ANNA: Thank you so much! GUY: Congratulations.
ANNA: Rock and roll, baby! COURTNEY: Those guys just cheered.
TAYLOR: Here's our beautiful crab.
GUY: An eighth of an inch too small.
COURTNEY: No! TAYLOR: Back at it.
COURTNEY: So confident with that one.
The football players are here.
DYLAN: This is the time to catch up.
There we go.
KWAME: Think we got a winner, bro.
Yes, sir! Let's go! DYLAN: Woo, woo! Let's go! COURTNEY: Oh, damn.
KWAME: We're gonna see Jon.
BOTH: Hey! KWAME: We're gonna see Jon.
BOTH: Hey! BOTH: We're gonna see Jon.
Hey! TAYLOR: Ooh.
COURTNEY: I feel like this one's a good one.
TAYLOR: We'll take him in.
Number four.
GUY: Congrats because TAYLOR: Oh.
GUY: Oh, my finger! Sorry.
COURTNEY: Oh! GUY: Here's your next clue! Ow! COURTNEY: We did it, we did it, we did it, we did it You did it.
JOSEPH: Ha! Ha! AKASH: Come on, Joseph! Use that upper body! You're almost there! You're almost there! JOSEPH: Move on, baby! MONICA: Zai, he's getting closer! You got this! ZAINAB: Up, yes.
AKASH: Come on, come on, come on! JOSEPH: Don't think, just do.
Ah! Ah! Ah! [bell rings] AKASH: Yeah! ZAINAB: Oh, my God! MONICA: Yeah, that's my girl! AKASH: Zainab and Monica, they're right behind us.
JOSEPH: Zainab and Monica, they're right behind us! AKASH: On our trail.
ZAINAB: That was so hard.
ADAM: There it is.
COURTNEY: Oh, crap.
ADAM: It is on you, love.
COURTNEY: So I'm ready to log on.
COURTNEY: We are in dead last place.
COURTNEY: I'm feeling stressed.
This is a lot of pressure.
COURTNEY: To be in last place is the worst feeling, and I'm terrified of heights, so worst combination.
ADAM: Baby, give 'er 100% here.
COURTNEY: Hundi-p, baby.
ADAM: Hundi-p.
COURTNEY: To be in last place is the worst feeling.
It's all on me at this point, and I'm terrified of heights.
ADAM: Let's go, baby! Big steps! COURTNEY: [grunts] COURTNEY: I don't want to let Adam down.
Like, I don't want to let Adam down.
That's what keeps running through my head.
ADAM: Look at you climb! This is-- this is amazing.
Holy, babe! Dig it in! Dig it hard! Yeah! [bell rings] COURTNEY: Coming down! ADAM: Coming in hot! COURTNEY: Yeah, baby! ADAM: I love you! COURTNEY: I love you too! ADAM: You are amazing.
TODD: There's Jon.
ANNA: There's Jon! JON: Todd, Anna, you guys are team number three.
ANNA: Yes! We'll take that.
JON: I guess so! ANNA: Hit the podium.
[laughs] KWAME: Mill Number 3.
Yeah! JON: Dylan, Kwame, you're team number four.
KWAME: Yes, sir! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! We moved up six spots.
JON: Taylor and Courtney, you're team number five.
COURTNEY: [laughing] TAYLOR: Oh, we did it.
We're so tired.
MARTINA: Oh, please say that there's a trap here.
PHIL: Oh, my arms.
MARTINA: You've got it.
You've got it.
You've got it.
PHIL: Breathe.
MARTINA: You've got it.
PHIL: Breathe.
MARTINA: You've got it.
I believe in you.
You're like the best brother.
Oh, my God, this is really pretty.
GUY: It's a beautiful crab.
Slightly too small.
PHIL: No! GUY: You've gotta go back in the water.
PHIL: You're joking.
Oh, my God.
CHEWY: Really long rope.
HAPPY: Oh, stop being so crabby.
Hurry up.
CHEWY: [laughs] GUY: He's a feisty one.
Slightly too small.
You've gotta go back.
HAPPY: Akash and Joseph show up, and team navy.
Let's go.
Let's get this done.
Us, being the oldest guys here, this is really tiring.
It's like, "Let's lie on our bellies, "and just use our arms.
" ZAINAB: Oh, look at you guys.
Let's try the same thing.
MONICA: I'm gonna try that too.
ZAINAB: Oh, my God, my ribs.
JOSEPH & AKASH: We got this, man.
AKASH: We'll rest all we need tonight.
JOSEPH: We'll rest all we need tonight.
I'll give you a foot massage, eh? [laughs] Woo! ADAM: Got the back handle? COURTNEY: Let's go.
ADAM: Let's go, let's go, let's go.
ADAM: As we're pulling down towards the beach, I see the other teams.
COURTNEY: It's just so awesome! ADAM: See what they're doing? HAPPY: Go, go, go.
ADAM: We're not doing that.
I'm gonna power paddle from the back.
Get on.
ADAM: I love paddling.
We go paddling at the lake by our house.
ADAM: Oh, yeah! Show me some power! Hello, hello! ZAINAB: It's there, it's there, it's almost there.
There's a crab! MONICA: Yeah? ZAINAB: Okay, let's head back.
Oh, we're so lucky we got that one.
AKASH: Joseph, we've got it.
Let's go.
PHIL: Okay.
MARTINA: Let's go.
COURTNEY: Oh, wow.
ADAM: That is regulation.
COURTNEY: That is a big dude.
ADAM: Let's go, baby.
HAPPY: I'm cramping.
Go, go, go.
HAPPY: We pull up our crab cage, and now all five of us are racing back to shore.
JOSEPH: Come on.
Almost there.
You're a motor boat.
GUY: It's the right size.
ZAINAB: Oh! [laughs] GUY: Congratulations! MONICA: Love you! I love you! I love you! JOSEPH: Thank you so much.
PHIL: Ah! COURTNEY: Thank you.
We need to give you a hug! GUY: This is for you.
HAPPY: Thanks, buddy.
PHIL: We're battling for last, Nuna.
JOSEPH: They're right there.
CHEWY: Let's go, let's go, let's go! JOSEPH: No, no, open the door.
AKASH: It's open.
MONICA: Everybody's neck and neck.
We have to go.
We have to go.
COURTNEY: Come on, love bug.
HAPPY: Go ahead.
Britannia Bay.
HAPPY: This is gonna be a five-way race to the pitstop.
Alright, buddy.
It's not over yet.
COURTNEY: It's gonna be a race to the mat.
My hands are just shaking.
MARTINA: We're just fighting to be ninth.
We don't want to be tenth.
Every minute counts.
Everything counts.
CHEWY: We've gotta run and find Jon, figure out where he is.
HAPPY: Mill Number 3? CHEWY: Mill Number 3, yeah.
JOSEPH: We're looking for WOMAN: Britannia Mine Museum.
Yeah, that's right.
JOSEPH: It's about 14 minutes away.
Thank you so much.
AKASH: We're literally racing for our lives right now.
Pretty crazy.
Anything could still happen.
MONICA: Yeah, that might be it, yup.
ZAINAB: Britannia Mine Museum! Oh, my God, this is it.
MONICA: Entrance.
Oh, my God! MONICA: Oh, it must be over there.
So we just need to find Mill 3.
Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Follow the girls.
COURTNEY: Come on.
We're booking it.
ADAM: We're booking it.
COURTNEY: Mill Number 3.
Babe, Mill Number 3.
Let's go! Let's go! JON: Come on over! Whoa! MONICA: Jon! JON: Oh, here we are! MARTINA: I love you.
JON: Bring 'em in! There's another team.
You got three of them here.
Come on over.
MARTINA: You made it.
PHIL: You guys made it.
JON: Zainab and Monica, Martina and Phil, Adam and Courtney, you're teams number 6, 7, and 8.
MARTINA: [laughs] PHIL: 6, 7, 8! COURTNEY: Oh, my God, you guys! MARTINA: Where's the other teams? AKASH: Britannia Mine Museum.
JOSEPH: Yes, yes, yes.
Woo! CHEWY: There's a car right in front of us.
HAPPY: Oh, boy.
Run run like the wind.
JOSEPH: Entrance, entrance.
Go to the entrance, we could ask them.
Oh, my God.
Ticket this way.
Yes, yes, yes! HAPPY: Let's go.
Number 3, right? Not done yet.
JOSEPH: It's a foot race.
It's a foot race.
Let's go over here! HAPPY: Let's go, dude! CHEWY: Mill Number 3.
HAPPY: Come on, dude.
JOSEPH: It's right here, it's right here! Go, go, go, it's right here! HAPPY: Chewy! Chewy! Come on! JOSEPH: It's over here, over here! AKASH: That's not it.
What're you talking about? JOSEPH: It's not it, it's not it.
AKASH: It's back here.
The entrance is there.
AKASH: What are you telling me, man? HAPPY: Mill number 3.
Chewy, Chewy! JOSEPH: Book it, come on! HAPPY: Come on, Chewy! Chewy! JOSEPH: Book it, book it, book it! HAPPY: Chewy! TEAMS: [cheering] MARTINA: Both feet on the mat! PHIL: Both feet, both feet, both feet, both feet! Oh, wow, that was close.
JON: Joseph and Akash, you're team number 9.
Chewy and Happy, you are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated from the race.
For the guy whose call sign is Happy, you can't even wipe the smile off your face right now, boys.
HAPPY: Just being part of the Amazing Race Heroes Edition for us is humbling.
It's an honour to represent the men and women of the air force.
JON: We all, as a country, owe you guys a debt of gratitude.
CHEWY: Right on.
Come here.
MARTINA: You have lots of heart.
HAPPY: Really great racing with you, man.
HAPPY: This man is the best wingman ever, best friend.
HAPPY: That's a big boogie.
[laughter] JON: Take care, and all the best.
HAPPY: Thanks, Jon.
Make us proud.
Love ya.
CHEWY: I love ya.
HAPPY: I love you too, buddy.
Thanks, pal.
Right on.
Chewy and Happy.
TEAMS: [applause] CHEWY: [Chewbacca noise] JON: Next time on the Amazing Race Canada Heroes Edition, teams head all the way north to Dawson City, Yukon MAR: Aah, I have always wanted to go to the Yukon! JON: where a detour has teams taking a kick at the cancan DANCER: Yay! COURTNEY: I can do that.
TAYLOR: Ha! JON: while others find their cards just don't add up.
NANCY: Fiddler's fart! JON: And teams hit the streets on a modern day gold rush.
KWAME: Argh! JON: as they look to strike it rich in search of an express pass.
KWAME: We need this.
KWAME: We need this.