The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s07e04 Episode Script

I Love Geologists

1 JON: Previously, on The Amazing Race Canada ANTHONY: Edmonton, woo! JON: Eight teams raced to Edmonton, Alberta, where a detour forced some teams to pick up the pieces AARTHY: Corner pieces.
They're all corner pieces.
JON: and others to make their own kind of music.
MEAGHAN: Chloe Anna JON: At the flower-arranging Roadblock, the rivalry between Dave and Irina and Aarthy and Thinesh continued to grow.
DAVE: Woo! JON: But it was Dave and Irina who planted themselves once again at the top of the pack.
JON: Team number one.
DAVE & IRINA: Yeah! IRINA: Yes, yes! JON: A brand new part of the race, the One Way, forced two teams to do only one side of the detour JOANNE: We're gonna One Way Trish and Amy.
Good luck singing! JON: pushing Trish and Amy out of synch AMY: Oh, look, we got One-Wayed.
TRISH: I'm very curious as to who put our names up there.
JON: and leaving Gilles and Sean one step behind to face their swan song.
GILLES: Every time we think of this, we're gonna have real joy in our hearts.
JON: Now, seven teams remain as they race to win the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and The Amazing Race Canada.
JON: This is Edmonton, Alberta.
It's here, on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, that racers will start the fourth leg of Canada's favourite summertime adventure, the Amazing Race Canada.
DAVE: Hah, hah, hah! IRINA: We're ready.
DAVE: Let's go.
JON: Dave and Irina won the last leg of the race, and will depart first at 2:26 am.
IRINA: Fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
DAVE: Ooh! JON: Teams will fly from the capital of Alberta to the capital of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife.
This beautiful wilderness is a remote and scenic part of the famous Canadian Shield.
JON Built atop 4 billion year old rock, just 400 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, Yellowknife is a place you've just got to experience for yourself.
DAVE: Let's do this.
IRINA: We have an Express Pass.
We'll try to be strategic about using it.
DAVE: We belong in first place, so we're gonna keep it that way.
IRINA: I hope we're gonna see some penguins.
THINESH: Rip! AARTHY: Fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
BOTH: Oh my god! THINESH: It's starting to feel like it's a two-team race at the top between us and Dave and Irina.
AARTHY: We do have an Express Pass, so we're definitely not going home today.
JAMES: So we're just off to Yellowknife where it's -20.
LAUREN: We're about to freeze our rear ends off.
JOANNE: I mean, I haven't shaved my legs in like three days, so LAUREN: Ew! SAM: You have $250 for this leg of the race.
Alright, let's go.
SARAH: Let's go.
SARAH: My biggest fear on this race is being cold.
I'm already wearing three sweaters, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, and we're not even there yet.
MARIE: I'm hoping we can get a little bit of a lag on this, a little bit of a lag on this leg.
MEAGHAN: You know what I mean? MEAGHAN: We have a lot of momentum in the beginning of each leg, but for some reason, near the end, it drops off.
TRISH: Hi, we need to go to the airport.
TRISH: It might be speculation, but we're thinking that it was Lauren and Joanne who One-Wayed us.
LAUREN: We're gonna send Trish and Amy to Celebrate.
AMY: It really bothers me that someone is out to get us.
TRISH: We're coming for you.
Alright Canadian North, over here.
JOANNE: Oh, no.
Oh, no.
LAUREN: Trish and Amy walk in, and we One-Wayed them.
I'm not scared right now.
JOANNE: I have no regrets.
It felt pretty good.
JON: All teams are now flying on the same flight, more than 1,400 kilometres north from Edmonton to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
When they touch down, they'll make their way to Somba Ke Civic Plaza where they'll search for the six-metre high United in Celebration sculpture.
Once here, they'll find their next clue.
TRISH: Taxi! You, you, right here! AARTHY: Let's go, let's go, let's go.
MEAGHAN: Somba Ke Civic Plaza.
AMY: That one, is that a cab? TRISH: No.
JOANNE: We gotta get a cab ASAP! THINESH: The availability of taxis here is pretty low.
We're trying to find a taxi.
AARTHY: Oh! SARAH: Somba Ke Civic Plaza.
I think we're leaving the airport number one.
That's the position we want to be in all day.
DAVE: Ah, it's cold.
MEAGHAN: These people are still waiting for cabs right now.
JAMES: That is the moms.
TRISH: Walking on the streets of Yellowknife looking for a cab.
[car honking.]
AMY: Wait, wait, wait, wait! AARTHY: Get in.
Oh my god, that was intense.
AMY: Man! LAUREN: There are very few cabs here.
The only ones that were there have already been picked up.
AMY: Are you sure we should keep walking? TRISH: Yes, because here's one right now! TRISH: Today we are going to get in first.
LAUREN: Why is this so easy for everyone else to get a cab? Want to call a cab? JOANNE: Yes.
LAUREN: Hi, can we get a cab to the Yellowknife airport? IRINA: Somba Ke Civic Plaza.
We're not really sure where that is.
Sounds like a shopping mall.
SARAH: Stop, stop, stop, stop.
If you wait here, we're gonna come back, okay? Just keep the metre running, please.
IRINA: Somba Ke, yes.
Let's go.
SARAH: Route info.
IRINA: Make your way to Rotary Park, then drive a snowmobile across Great Slave Lake to find your next clue.
SARAH: Great Slave Lake is where we need to go.
IRINA: We need a taxi.
DAVE: We should have made him wait.
We left our taxi without asking our guy to stay, and we lost our lead.
MEAGHAN: Will you wait for us? DRIVER: Sure.
AARTHY Somba Ke Civic Centre.
Just go here.
Just go here.
Don't take anyone else.
Just us.
JAMES: If there's another team like us, don't let them take the cab.
DRIVER: Alright, alright, I see.
IRINA: We can't find a taxi.
We should have kept the taxi.
ANTHONY: Route info.
IRINA: We'll pay you double.
[car honks.]
IRINA: We'll pay you double.
We'll pay you double.
Are you kidding me?! THINESH: Do you know where the Rotary Park is? AARTHY: We left Dave and Irina, and they were ahead of us, way ahead of us.
MEAGHAN: He's here! He's here! MARIE: Nice.
MEAGHAN: Rotary Park.
JAMES: Dave and Irina didn't leave their cab waiting for them, so they can't find a cab.
IRINA: How could we be so stupid? JOANNE: Somba Ke Civic Plaza.
LAUREN: We need to get there and get to work.
We need to start catching up.
SARAH: I can't believe how cold it is here.
This is my ultimate fear, the coldness.
I didn't want it to be cold.
This is the Rotary Park.
Okay, wait here for us, please, okay? Pick a snowmobile.
SAM: Yellowknife! We love it, let's go! SARAH & SAM: Woo! MEAGHAN: Rotary Park, yeah.
MARIE: We're off to the races! Woo! MEAGHAN: Woo! ANTHONY: Maybe we'll get to go fishing or something.
AARTHY: [groans.]
Ow, I'm cramping.
AARTHY: Wow, it's really cold, but it's beautiful.
THINESH: Yeah, it's sick! AARTHY: Woo! I love this race! IRINA: We can't find a taxi and I'm freaking out.
I can't believed this happened.
We were second.
TRISH: It's right there, it's right there! It's that thing right there.
AMY: Don't let anyone take our cab, please.
Dave and Irina are right there.
IRINA: I think they're leaving.
Okay, let's go.
AMY: Drive a snowmobile across Great Slave Lake to find your next clue.
TRISH: Awesome.
AMY: Okay, let's go.
IRINA: We're gonna pay you double.
Can you take us to Rotary Park? DAVE: Let's go.
Let's go inside.
TRISH: Oh no, are they taking our cab? No, no, you can't take our cab! AMY: That's our cab! TRISH: That's our cab! AMY: That's our cab, no! IRINA: Rotary Park.
DAVE: Let's go, let's go.
Just leave, please.
They are coming.
Just leave.
I'll pay you double.
Just leave right now, man.
TRISH: No, no, no! That's our cab! AMY: That's our cab! DAVE: Sorry, moms.
TRISH: There's another cab over here, Amy! AMY: Why would they do that to us? You know what? Dave and Irina need to be dethroned.
SARAH: I have no idea how to get out of this.
Oh, brutal.
MARIE: We're second in the pack, baby.
AARTHY: This is wild.
JAMES: Awesome.
We love ice fishing.
JON: Here, at Great Slave Lake, teams will find these handheld augers and traditional ice fishing equipment used by the Yellowknife's Dene First Nation.
Using a handheld auger, teams will drill a hole through three feet of this ice, then completely clear the ice and slush from the hole so that a properly baited hook can be placed on the wooden Dene fishing line.
Once their line is ready for the catch, Sean the fisherman will give them their next clue.
AARTHY: This thing is like almost as tall as me.
THINESH: Watch out, watch out.
Don't touch it.
Stay back.
SAM: Never gone ice fishing.
Day one.
SARAH: I used to get my brother to bait my fish for me.
This could be George.
MARIE: You got it.
You got it.
Holy moly, what a goalie! MEAGHAN: Marie, can you shovel this water out of the way? MARIE: Yeah.
JAMES: Once you get it through, shove it all the way in and pull it out, and it'll get all the ice all at once.
JAMES: Ice fishing immediately takes me back to my childhood.
My dad taught me and my sister how to fish.
ANTHONY: James has literally caught fish over the side of a boat using his bare hands.
JAMES: There you go.
Pull it out.
TRISH: So we'll grab out stuff.
Sir, can you wait for us? It's Trish and Amy, okay? Thank you! IRINA: Worst taxi driver ever.
DAVE: Hey, it's the moms.
They beat us here.
IRINA: I hate I hate it so much.
DAVE: We're so sorry, ladies! AMY: Little thieves stole our cab.
DAVE: It's a race! AARTHY: Just put it in there, and then we'll call a check.
Alright? THINESH: Yeah.
I think it holds pretty good.
AARTHY: Check! Please, fishy, please, fishy, please! SEAN: I can't see the hole.
Could you guys clean it out better, please? AARTHY: Okay.
There can't be any ice in the hole.
Scoop everything out.
Like, just go fast.
Like, this isn't ladling soup! MEAGHAN: We're East Coasters! We have to hook them on with the fish.
I think that's the right word.
MARIE: Nobody's dad is a lobster man from the East Coast, besides us.
SARAH: We need to make the hole a bit clearer so you can see all the way down.
I really wanna win this.
SAM: Me too.
SARAH: I'm feeling very competitive today.
SAM: Do you want to try? SARAH: I do want to try.
So sorry, George.
Check, please! SEAN: Okay, guys, you're good to go.
SARAH: Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! MEAGHAN: Checkmate! Not a bad job, eh? SEAN: You got a pass.
MEAGHAN: Thank you so much! MARIE: Appreciate it.
SARAH: Roadblock.
MARIE: Who likes hard rock? JON: Yellowknife is known as the diamond capital of North America, and in this Roadblock, racers will find out what makes these Canadian-mined diamonds some of the rarest in the world.
Teams will make their way to the Northwest Territories Diamond Centre in downtown Yellowknife.
Once here, racers will be presented with seven diamonds.
Using this jeweller's loupe, they will need to identify which six out of the seven are marked with the Canadian symbol, a maple leaf.
Next, they must use the special Forevermark viewer to obtain each diamond's unique identification number, which proves each diamond is beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced.
And finally, place the diamonds in order from heaviest to lightest.
Once they've sorted and identified these precious stones, Travis the diamond expert will give them their next clue.
SAM: I do.
I love hard rock.
SARAH: Let's do it, let's do it.
MEAGHAN: All you, baby.
Let's go! SAM: Woo! Ready to go! Ready to go! AARTHY: I seriously can't move in this.
I'm literally taking a shower with ice water right now.
JAMES: Okay, let's clean that out.
He wanted the ice clear around it.
Check! SEAN: Yeah, you guys are good to go.
JAMES: Who likes hard rock? ANTHONY: You do it.
JAMES: Come on, babe.
JOANNE: Make your way to Rotary Park.
Drive a snowmobile across Great Slave Lake to find your next clue.
LAUREN: Let's go, buddy.
JOANNE: Let's go, man.
Can we pay you like a deposit, so if we don't need you LAUREN: So if we don't come back in the next like 30 minutes, you can just go? AMY: Oh, we got it.
More water.
DAVE: Oh! Got it.
IRINA: Really not my scene.
I don't want to touch the water, nor this fish.
DAVE: Oh, my hands are frozen.
Help, help, help, help.
THINESH: How'd you tangle it all? AARTHY: I don't know, my love.
IRINA: You already did everything? DAVE: Yeah.
IRINA: Oh my god, you're amazing.
DAVE: Yes, I know.
Check, please.
IRINA: It looks perfect.
SEAN: Folks, okay.
Okay, you're good to go.
DAVE: Thank you much! I'll do it.
IRINA: Okay.
DAVE: Woo! THINESH: I got it.
AARTHY: Yes! Check! SEAN: Okay, you guys are good to go.
THINESH: Should I do it or you? AARTHY: You do it.
TRISH: Okay, good.
And slowly the fishy goes down.
Yeah! Joanne and Lauren are here.
LAUREN: This is like not easy at all.
AMY: My hand's freezing! TRISH: Check, please! SEAN: Good to go.
TRISH: Woo! Thank you so much! AMY: Who likes hard rock? TRISH: I'll do it.
AMY: Woo! LAUREN: We're the last team here right now.
There is definitely pressure to get this done and get out of here.
AARTHY: This is the hardest leg so far.
THINESH: It's just started, baby, it's just started.
Let's hope our taxi guy is still here! DAVE: Go get it, baby.
IRINA: There's a taxi right there.
Close the door and let's go.
AARTHY: Hey, that's our taxi! Our cab just got stolen by Dave and Irina, which is really annoying.
DAVE: Oh my god, we just made enemies, but it's about surviving here.
AMY: Please, let our cab still be there.
TRISH: 342, I love you! You are the best! AMY: Our cab driver is the best.
He waited for us.
Aarthy and Thinesh are still there.
AARTHY: This sucks.
Oh, this is so annoying! MEAGHAN: Anything can change at any time.
We were sixth yesterday, and today we are now second.
SAM: Oh, right here.
SARAH: Yup, right on 42nd.
SAM: Yeah, right here.
SARAH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
SAM: Right now it's gonna take patience to get through this.
I need to be focused.
SAM: We're given seven diamonds, and I've got to find a tiny Canadian symbol on six of them.
SAM: Oh, it's a little bit tough.
I'm trying to find a Canadian symbol.
Oh my gosh.
Maple leaf.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
MARIE: It's really difficult to see down this thing.
The Canadian symbol could be like, you know, a beaver, a maple leaf ANTHONY: You got my bag? JAMES: Thank you.
JAMES: Apparently this is worth a lot of money, but I have no clue about that.
I'm just a simple country gal.
I don't need diamonds.
Ah! [laughs.]
IRINA: Let's go, let's go.
Thank you, sir.
DAVE: Thank you, boss.
IRINA: You got it, babe.
AMY: "Sorry, we're closed.
" Oh, okay.
DAVE: I've only been shopping for diamonds for Irina.
I got her a diamond, and then I got her a bigger one when I became world champion.
JOANNE: Girls from Saskatchewan are the toughest you'll see, so we've got a lot left in us still.
Yeah, fishy.
LAUREN: Check! SEAN: Looks good.
Here's the next clue.
LAUREN: Thank you.
JOANNE: Who likes hard rock? LAUREN: Uh I got it.
We've gotta get Dave and Irina out of this game.
THINESH: [sighs.]
I'm gonna be calm and collected.
AARTHY: Well, I'm allowed to be frustrated.
I'm a human being.
THINESH: Yeah, I agree with that.
LAUREN: Which way did we come down? Oh, no.
JOANNE: Yeah, he's gone.
LAUREN: Our cab has left.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
JOANNE: Car! LAUREN: Oh, damn.
JOANNE: Augh! It kind of feels like everything is stacked against us.
LAUREN: I am exhausted, and I just see the race slipping away from us.
LAUREN: It just sucks.
I know how much further ahead of us they're getting.
TRISH: I'm looking for the Canadian symbol, but I'm not really sure what the Canadian symbol is, exactly.
I'm not seeing it.
DAVE: It's hard to focus.
I'm feeling dizzy.
Ah! DAVE: Got it.
DAVE: So I have seven diamonds, and I need to see which six has that symbol, and then I need to correctly classify them from heaviest to lowest.
DAVE: 5989123.
Okay, I got one.
I'll be the first out.
Watch me, baby.
JAMES: Okay, so you're supposed to line up this beam of light in the centre.
Oh, there's something there.
It's like a number.
There's supposed to be a Canadian symbol.
I don't know what that means.
I think it's just the number.
That was actually pretty easy.
THINESH: Let's go! AARTHY: What's up? ANTHONY: What happened? AARTHY: Someone just stole our cab.
AMY: That happened to us too.
AARTHY: It's not fun when you don't play nice.
SAM: Alright, can I get a check, please? TRAVIS: I'm sorry, but that's incorrect.
DAVE: Good.
SAM: I feel like I'm on the right track.
I just gotta slow down.
Says the sprinter! MARIE: How you doing, Thinesh? THINESH: I can't find it at all.
MARIE: I'm actually blind.
I can't see it.
THINESH: Yeah, me too.
DAVE: Almost done.
Check, please.
TRAVIS: Congratulations, you completed the challenge.
DAVE: Thank you, boss.
Baby, let's go! IRINA: You're amazing.
AARTHY: [sighs.]
DAVE: Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
Let's go.
IRINA: Oh yeah, baby.
IRINA: Make your way to Great Slave Lake and search for your next clue out on the ice.
DAVE: Babe, I'm so proud of me.
Number one, baby! Woo! LAUREN: Knowing this race, you're gonna have 15 more turning points before the end of the day.
Okay, I'm gonna go do some diamonds.
JOANNE: Alrighty! LAUREN: I'm detail oriented, simple little things like this.
LAUREN: I have 20/20 vision.
If you don't have great eyesight, I don't think you can leave this challenge.
LAUREN: Yup, I think I've got it.
MARIE: I've got them all weighed.
I'm just looking for the symbol.
Is that a Canadian symbol? Atta girl.
JAMES: The lightest one is this one.
Okay, can I have a check, please? TRAVIS: I'm sorry, but that's incorrect.
JAMES: Okay.
SAM: [sighs.]
Right now, I'm looking for the weights.
ID numbers are correct.
Check, please.
TRAVIS: I'm pleased to let you know you completed the challenge.
SAM: Yeah! Sarah, let's go.
SARAH: Hi, sir.
Thank you so much for waiting.
We are leaving second, thanks to Sam's great eyesight and patience.
SAM: Thanks, Mom! [laughs.]
DAVE: I wonder what they're gonna make us do.
IRINA: Dave is down for whatever.
It's me, the princess, that doesn't want to do anything.
DAVE: You're not a princess.
You're a queen.
DAVE: Ah, it's cold.
IRINA: Roadblock.
DAVE: Okay.
IRINA: Who wants a cold one? JON: In this Roadblock, one team member must take an icy dive into the bone-chilling waters of Great Slave Lake.
The racer that didn't do the diamond challenge will need to suit up and take a deep breath before they plunge into a small opening in the frozen lake.
Then, using a rope to guide themselves, they'll have to swim under three feet of lake ice, in bone-chilling water, to retrieve their next clue on the other side.
IRINA: The team member who did not perform the last Roadblock must attempt this one.
Yeah, I have to go.
DAVE: Let's use the Express Pass.
IRINA: Express pass.
I don't want to go.
DAVE: No, you're not doing this.
We're gonna use the Express Pass.
There's no way I'm making my wife go in the cold water, and risk getting injured or tired.
We'll use it.
MAN: Alright.
DAVE: Thank you, boss.
IRINA: Make your way to Air Tindi Float Base to find your next clue.
DAVE: I'm so happy we had the Express Pass.
IRINA: I would not want to jump in that water.
There's no way, no way.
DAVE: She's very, she's like a little doll.
She's very fragile.
IRINA: I'm fragile.
THINESH: I measured all the diamonds.
I ID'd all the diamonds.
I'm a little glad I'm doing this because I need some experience with diamonds.
I think Aarthy is expecting one soon.
THINESH: Can I get a check? THINESH: Thank you so much.
TRAVIS: Your next clue.
AARTHY: Oh my gosh! Where's my bag? MEAGHAN: You've got this, Marie.
Come on.
LAUREN: I just need to double-check this one.
Check, please.
JOANNE: I just heard my buddy say "check.
" TRAVIS: Congratulations.
LAUREN: Let's go, Joey! JOANNE: Ahh! MEAGHAN: Oh.
JOANNE: It feels pretty good we're not in the back of the pack right now.
LAUREN: Crushed them diamonds, bro.
SAM: Roadblock.
SARAH: The team member who did not perform the last Roadblock must attempt this one.
Really frightening.
I might cry.
SARAH: My worst fear is being cold and being in water.
I don't know if I can swim under this ice block.
SAM: Wow, it is cold.
SARAH: Holy moly.
Oh my gosh.
MAN: Turn around a little bit.
That's it.
SARA: I'm so scared, Sam.
SAM: You've got this! You can do this.
You can do this.
MAN: Alright, okay.
Step over here.
Now you kneel down here, alright.
You're gonna dunk your face in and out.
It's gonna make it feel way better for you.
Just dunk it in.
I know it's cold.
That's it.
Now just keep on going.
You're gonna be okay.
SARAH: [sobbing.]
MAN: Just relax.
Just relax.
That's it.
That's it.
I'm gonna put this mask on you right now.
Okay? SAM: I'm not gonna lie.
I'm pretty nervous for Sarah right now.
MAN: Alright, so I want you to put your feet in.
Okay, just slide in.
MAN: Focus, focus, focus, focus.
How are you feeling? SARAH: I'm so scared.
MAN: You can do this, alright? Nice big breaths now.
MAN: Put the other hand on.
You have to go.
SAM: Yes, Sarah, yes! It's all done.
You're good, you're good, you're good.
SARAH: I hated that! I hated everything about that! SAM: [laughs.]
DAVE: Three legs number one.
I want this.
IRINA: [inaudible.]
JON: Canadian Rescue pilots are the best of the best, and when lives are in danger, these skilled flyers can land with pinpoint accuracy on any one of the thousands of lakes in the remote Arctic wilderness.
Teams will now perform the initial step Canadian rescue pilots must take to precisely identify a location of emergency situations.
First, racers must choose a station where they'll find four separate navigational maps that they'll use to identify 10 different rescue sites using only longitude and latitude.
Once they decode the coordinates and find all 10 destinations on these maps, they'll receive their next clue.
WOMAN: Grab a clipboard, choose a work station.
DAVE: Thank you.
IRINA: Thank you.
Let's go.
Let's go.
DAVE: Choose a clipboard.
So, the first one is DAVE: 54 and 98 N.
IRINA: Oh, babe, there's four different maps.
I think we need to open all of the maps.
DAVE: Let's locate 64, locate 64.
Oh, 64 degrees is here? Wow.
How does that work? TRISH: I have my weights and I have my numbers.
What I don't have are these Canadian symbols.
Oh! Oh my god, that's what I'm looking for? Holy cannoli.
JAMES: Can I have a check, please? I'm pretty sure this is it now.
TRAVIS: Sorry.
JAMES: What? ANTHONY: James.
JAMES: Hm? ANTHONY: Do you want to use the Express Pass? JAMES: Um, no.
I'm not gonna give up.
ANTHONY: [sighs.]
MARIE: I'm just gonna try this.
Can I get a check, please? Thanks.
TRAVIS: You did it.
MEAGHAN: We were first coming in there, so it doesn't feel good to be this last.
JAMES: [sighs.]
AMY: It's just James and Anthony, and Trish and I left here.
We're all feeling the pressure.
AARTHY: Cold water freaks me out.
I really hope it's not another Roadblock, like my heart is gonna come out of my mouth.
THINESH: [laughs.]
Roadblock! Jump into Great Slave Lake, and swim under the ice from one hole to the other, retrieving your next clue along the way.
AARTHY: Are you kidding me? That's me.
No! This is my worst fear! [panting.]
Why do I keep getting the hard ones! MAN: Just focus on your breathing.
Just slow it down.
THINESH: Aarthy hates water.
She hates swimming.
This is her worst nightmare.
AARTHY: I'm scared.
MAN: It's okay.
AARTHY: [panting.]
MAN: That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
Do it again.
AARTHY: Ah! MAN: You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
AARTHY: It's so cold! MAN: Yeah, it is.
It's meant to be.
Alright, we're gonna put a mask on you.
AARTHY: What if I take in water? MAN: You have to hold your breath, right? AARTHY: Well, what if I accidentally open my mouth? MAN: Don't open your mouth.
MAN: Slide into the water.
It's gonna be cold.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Take a big breath.
Alright, you ready? Let's do it.
Let's go.
AARTHY: Ahh! Help me.
It's so cold! THINESH: Oh my god! AARTHY: [breathing on hands.]
AARTH: Aah! Help me! It's so cold! THINESH: Babe, do you want to not do this? AARTHY: A part of me is definitely thinking about this Express Pass.
AARTHY: I can do it.
I'm not afraid.
It's just it's cold.
MAN: You have to make that decision right now.
The ice is a metre thick.
You have to pull yourself down.
AARTHY: What's a metre? MAN: Three feet.
AARTHY: I'm four feet.
MAN: I know.
THINESH: You've got this! I love you! MAN: You have to go now.
Okay, she's coming through.
AARTHY: Ahh! MAN: Good job.
That's it! THINESH: Oh my god, she just did it! MAN: Good job.
AARTHY: Get me out of this! Get me out of this! AARTHY: This race is showing me I can do anything I put my mind to.
AARTHY: I went under an iceberg.
THINESH: I never knew you were this strong.
I'm sorry if I don't give you enough credit.
You're amazing, Aarthy.
I love you.
SARAH: Longitude and latitude, do you know how to do that? So you don't have a phone, sir, right? SARAH: [sighs.]
SARAH: Reading maps is a bit tricky for us.
We're millennials, you know? We've got GPS all day.
SAM: Hello.
SAM: We don't want to go to the challenge and be stuck, so we think let's look up longitude, we'll look up latitude, and we'll go from there.
SARAH: Vertical lines on earth are lines of longitude.
Do you have a printer here, by chance? MAN: Yes.
There you go.
SARAH: Do you have colour? IRINA: 64 and 110 W.
DAVE: But we have 10 to find, babe.
We have 10 coordinates to find.
IRINA: Yes, babe, I know, I know! DAVE: Calm down, because that's not gonna help us.
IRINA: Oh my god, I hate this leg so much.
DAVE: How much is the penalty for route markers, two hours? IRINA: Yeah.
DAVE: We have no idea how to do this, so let's just go.
IRINA: Let's do it.
DAVE: We've decided to do the penalty because we have no idea how to do this.
IRINA: Way too complicated.
DAVE: I prefer having a map on my phone.
So we're gonna take the penalty for this challenge.
WOMAN: Here's your next clue.
DAVE: Thank you.
IRINA: Search for Jon at your next Pitstop.
JON: Teams must fly by ski plane across the frozen lake to find the Yellowknife's Dene First Nation Community of Dettah.
[live drumming.]
JON: Today, these traditional Dene drummers will welcome teams to the fourth Pitstop of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
DAVE: That was smart.
We have a massive lead.
IRINA: What are we doing? DAVE: We're killing it.
IRINA: [laughs.]
DAVE: I want to see the Pitstop! JAMES: I feel like I've got them all.
Okay, check, please.
TRAVIS: Sorry, it's still incorrect.
JAMES: Argh.
TRISH: I'm just going back to check the girth on my last one again.
That's a nice size rock.
I wish it was mine.
AMY: [whispered.]
He's got an express pass! TRISH: Check, please.
TRAVIS: Congratulations.
TRISH: Whoa! [laughs.]
AMY: Hurry up, Trish! They're gonna use their Express Pass! TRISH: Okay, okay! Oh my gosh! JAMES: We're using our Express Pass.
Thank you.
MAN: Thanks a lot, you guys.
AMY: Make your way to the dock at the end of Robertson Drive.
TRISH: Cab, cab! Hello! ANTHONY: Hi, there.
JAMES: I frigging hate diamonds.
MEAGHAN: Thank you.
We'll be right back! Don't leave! Please don't leave! JOANNE: Woo! LAUREN: Get it, buddy! My sister and I have speed swam like 20 years JOANNE: I am more comfortable under the water than I am above it.
LAUREN: Yeah! JOANNE: Aah! MAN: Climb up.
Come on, let's do it! MARIE: Good job, Meaghan! You're such a beauty, buddy! SARAH: Longitude and latitude.
We're glad we looked it up because now we feel we at least have somewhat of a handle on it.
SAM: We will be back.
SARAH: Oh, clipboards here.
SAM: Ooh! So, 65.
SARAH: 65 degrees 43 N.
Shoot, I have no idea what that column means.
What the heck is that other number? I really don't get it.
AARTHY: It's outside? Are you joking me? Hello.
THINESH: Where's Dave and Irina? Did you see them? SARAH: No, we haven't seen them.
AARTHY: This is all you.
THINESH: This challenge isn't too difficult.
We just need to locate the coordinates on the map by using the grid lines.
AARTHY: So, 63 and then 129.
THINESH: Let's see, 1, 2, 3.
THINESH: This is 129.
So, like, it meets here.
THINESH: Okay, next one.
This is like third grade geography right here.
DAVE: Pretty cool, huh? We better look for Jon.
[live drumming.]
DAVE: Oh, they're singing.
DRUMMER: Welcome to Dettah, home of the Yellowknife Dene First Nation.
DAVE: Thank you, sir.
JON: Dave, Irina, you are the first team to arrive, but because you failed to complete the map challenge, you are being assessed a two-hour penalty.
If you'd kindly wait off to the side here, I'll let you know when that's up.
DAVE: Thank you.
JON: Stay warm, you guys.
IRINA: [sighs.]
DAVE: I love you.
IRINA: I love you too, baby.
MEAGHAN: Let's rock.
We're here! AARTHY: Teams are coming.
It's making us a little nervous.
LAUREN: Lay the clipboard on that side.
LAUREN: As a teacher, I mean, I teach history based stuff.
I'm not looking at maps almost ever.
MARIE: We're looking for 62.
62, 24, right here.
MEAGHAN: Dude, it's Yellowknife.
MARIE: That's it.
MEAGHAN: Talk about teamwork.
SARAH: I seriously don't know what this is pointing to.
SAM: I'm getting more confused as we go.
SARAH: This is a frigging nightmare.
SAM: How likely is it that you know this right now, like out of 10? SARAH: Like a hard 2.
SAM: Okay.
Do you think it's worth it to go back and just SARAH: Search how to do this? SAM: Yeah.
SARAH: Okay.
SAM: We feel like we're not able to identify any points, so we decide, instead of wasting time, let's go back to our cab, and let's see if we can find some people who can help.
AARTHY: Did they get it? AARTHY: What the hell just happened? TRISH: You're doing a great job, sir.
Thank you.
See? See, that's where we have to go.
Can you stay with us? DRIVER: Wait for you, right? TRISH: Yes, please wait for me.
You can't leave, okay? JAMES: If you can just wait for us and keep the metre reading, we'll be back.
TRISH: James and Anthony are hot on our trails.
AMY: Roadblock.
Who wants a cold one? JAMES: You got this.
You love this.
TRISH: Amy, you're gonna be awesome! You're a triathlete! AMY: I'm just gonna leave my batteries.
TRISH: Amy does have a hearing impairment, so she's going on just what he told her before I took her hearing aids out.
She'll be fine.
She's gonna do good.
MAN: Show me you can control your breathing.
AMY: I can't hear.
AMY: My goggles are fogging, and I can't read his lips, so I'm thinking, "Oh, I hope he doesn't tell me "something important, or else I'm gonna die!" MAN: Nice big breath MAN: Okay, climb up, climb up! That's it.
AMY: Yeah! MAN: [laughs.]
TRISH: Amy, we gotta go.
Anthony's in the water.
JAMES: He looks so cute.
MAN: Come on, climb out! ANTHONY: Woo! JAMES: Come on, babe! They're just leaving! TRISH: Here to leave 4th place.
Here we go.
AMY: Is our cabbie there? TRISH: Where's our guy? AMY: We have to use it! We're taking it! ANTHONY: Hey, that's our cab! AMY: Please get us out of here.
We're last.
TRISH: Amy, we can't take their cab! ANTHONY: Don't leave! TRISH: We're not stealing it.
AMY: The cab has failed us.
I can't believe it.
What is with our luck and cabs? [sighs.]
ANTHONY: We want to be here just as much as they do, and sometimes it's just the luck of the draw.
ANTHONY: Love you! AMY: [sighs.]
We're in the middle of nowhere.
That sucks because we were ahead again.
TRISH: I know.
AMY: I'm so pissed off.
This [beep.]
sucks, okay? AMY: So we are stranded because our cab left us again.
TRISH: We're not down and out yet, right, Amy? AMY: We're not down and out, no.
We don't quit.
Okay? TRISH: We're not gonna quit.
AMY: Kids, you don't quit.
Oh, here it is! Here it is! Here we are.
We're still in it.
TRISH: We're here, we're gonna tough it out, and that's it.
SARAH: Hi, do you know how to like read coordinates on a map? Like longitude and latitude? WOMAN: Do you know what building this is? SARAH: No.
WOMAN: They're geologists and geophysicists.
SARAH: Oh my god, for real? WOMAN: For real.
SARAH: Can we learn how to do his? WOMAN: Let's go upstairs.
SARAH: Okay! Oh my god, this is crazy! We just stumbled across a geology lab.
Everyone here's a genius at reading coordinates.
So like when it says 69 degrees, and 43, like it has this little line, what does that little line mean? GEOLOGIST: So, that's the minute.
They're saying like 64, 30 minutes, then count 30 ticks over this way.
SARAH: Perfect.
Thank you guys so much! Should have listened in high school geology a bit more.
Back to the challenge now.
LAUREN: Okay, I just need to get the second number.
116 and 46.
JOANNE: What, they meet or something? LAUREN: I don't know.
I'm kind of at a loss.
Oh! ANTHONY: I was in Boy Scouts growing up.
A lot of times we had rez maps which were directions, you know, take a left at the old truck.
MARIE: We're looking for number 60 and 109, 60 and 109.
AARTHY: I literally can't feel my fingers.
One more.
61, 20.
THINESH: And what's the other one? AARTHY: 104, 29.
THINESH: Can we get a check? AARTHY: Check! Please, for the love of God, be right.
WOMAN: Your list is correct.
Here's your next clue.
THINESH: Yes! AARTHY: Yay! THINESH: Thank you.
AARTHY: Thank you, thank you! THINESH: Fly in a ski plane.
Search Dettah for Jon at your next Pitstop.
AARTHY: Let's go, man! That's epic.
SAM: Let's go, Sarah! LAUREN: How did they only just get here? SARAH: So this is 30, 35, 40, 1, 2, 3, 43.
We do feel like we're on the right track now.
LAUREN: 15 and 0, 14 and 0.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
40, 50, 60.
Okay, we got this, buddy.
We got this.
MARIE: We have one left.
We're looking for 60 and 109.
MEAGHAN: Right here.
MARIE: Okay.
Why don't we do a check? WOMAN: Here's your next clue.
MEAGHAN: Yes! Thank you so much! JOANNE: Oh, the twins got it.
MARIE: Oh my God, Meg, this is gonna be unbelievable! MARIE: Woo! TRISH: Every minute counts.
AMY: Yeah, that's right.
There's still a lot of teams here.
We've gotta be fast.
Okay, so 64 and 24 minutes north.
10, 15, 20, 24.
Here we go.
TRISH: It ain't over until Jon says it is.
AARTHY: Yellowknife literally lived up to my expectations.
We ice fished.
I swam under an iceberg.
And now we're flying over the Arctic.
It doesn't get any more Canadian north than this! [live drumming.]
AARTHY: [breathing heavily.]
JON: Aarthy and Thinesh, you guys are the second team to arrive, but because Dave and Irina took a penalty, you're team number one.
THINESH: Oh my god! Yes! JON: As winners of this leg of the race, you two are going to Dublin, Ireland.
THINESH: Oh my goodness! AARTHY: Oh my god! JON: The ice swim challenge, bananas! AARTHY: It was literally my biggest fear and nightmare, and like it can't get worse than that.
So if I can do that, I can do anything.
AARTHY: I feel so bad-ass that we kept our Express Pass.
THINESH: Me and Aarthy never quit.
AARTHY: Dave and Irina, karma is amazing.
This is worth almost freezing to death.
SAM: Amy and Trish are here.
Joanne and Lauren, and Anthony and James as well.
I am definitely feeling the pressure a little bit.
SARAH: You know what I'm not feeling? My hands.
SAM: We have one more to go.
SARAH: Biologist Lake.
Let me just write it down.
SAM: Okay.
SARAH: Okay.
Check, please! WOMAN: Your list is correct.
SAM: Yes! SARAH: Yay! Thank you so much! SARAH: We need to get our bags from our cab.
Okay, we're going to pay you.
We're actually all done.
SAM: How much do we owe you? SARAH: 245? Sir, I don't know how much money we have.
SAM: We have 145.
SARAH: Oh my gosh.
How is this possible? SARAH: Turns out we did not see how high the metre had been running.
We don't have enough money.
SARAH: Where's that 20 you gave me? That's literally it.
SAM: Oh my goodness.
What can we do? DRIVER: You pay me the rest of it, you know? SARAH: Oh my god.
SAM: If we can't pay our cab, we can't see Jon at the Pitstop.
SARAH: This is crazy.
This is crazy! SARAH: This is crazy.
This is crazy! SAM: We don't have enough money to pay our cab right now.
We have to get to the Pitstop.
Oh my goodness, what can we do? SARAH: We can ask those geology people.
I don't even know.
SAM: Yeah? Can we go drive back to the geology place? Awesome.
SARAH: We are frigging fools! We are about to ask them for like the most ridiculous thing.
Oh my gosh.
MEAGHAN: Woo! JON: Meaghan, Marie MEAGHAN: Give us some good news, Jonny.
JON: You are team number two.
MARIE: Yes! MEAGHAN: Oh! MARIE: We're number two! MEAGHAN: We can feel the momentum.
It's our turn to take over this race.
MEAGHAN: Number two, baby! IRINA: Now I'm starting to think that we're stupid.
We have the weirdest question for you.
We are $90 short for paying for our cab for driving us around all day, and now we need to ask if somehow people would be willing like to donate $20 each.
MAN: You need 90 bucks for the cab.
I've got 65.
SARAH: You are a fricking-- like best human ever! Thank you! I know we've just bugged you.
We are $25 short of our cab drive.
I am so sorry.
We'll give you a five.
MAN: You might need it.
SAM: Thank you so much.
SARAH: Oh my god! You are so generous! Thank you! We got it.
SAM: I love geologists.
Thank you, geologists of Canada.
SARAH: Canadians.
Canadians are so kind! SAM: And Canadians, the geologists.
SARAH: Thank you, Canada.
SAM: If you can pull over here, that would be amazing.
You can count that money.
It should be 250.
SARAH: Thank you so much! SAM: It's been a day.
SARAH: It's been a day.
JAMES: Three left.
ANTHONY: Okay, we're still in this.
AMY: So, 64 and 110 is up here.
TRISH: 64 right here, 110.
AMY: Here.
TRISH: Hold, on, hold on, hold on! AMY: Oh, for God sakes.
TRISH: We're close, we're close.
LAUREN: What's the other number on 66? JOANNE: 46.
LAUREN: Nelson JOANNE: Okay.
LAUREN: Let's try it.
JOANNE: Check, please! WOMAN: Your list is correct.
Here's your next clue.
LAUREN: Thank you so much! JOANNE: We're off to see Jon! So pumped! JOANNE: Aah! Oh my god! LAUREN: I get a little car sick, but I'll live.
JON: Dave and Irina, your penalty is up.
I can now check you in.
BOTH: [sigh.]
JON: You're now team number three.
IRINA: Awesome.
DAVE: Nice.
IRINA: Thank you.
JON: You used your Express Pass.
It paid off.
IRINA: There was no way I was jumping into that ice water.
Oh, hell no.
JON: [laughs.]
IRINA: I could have done it.
I mean, it's not impossible to do.
I just really didn't feel like doing it.
IRINA: This whole northern territories thing is not for me.
IRINA: Sorry, guys.
It's very cold.
SARAH: Jon, what's up? JON: Sarah, Sam, you guys are team number four.
SARAH: Oh! That's surprising! JON: We have an approaching team.
Lauren, Joanne, you're team number five.
JOANNE: Yay! LAUREN: Yeah! AMY: Okay, last one is 65 and 97.
JAMES: 14 and 17.
ANTHONY: The pressure to get out of this challenge is on.
We're neck and neck.
ANTHONY: There we go Dettah.
JAMES: Okay.
ANTHONY: Check! AMY: And here, Wolf Rapids.
TRISH: Wolf Rapids.
Amy, I love you.
AMY: I love you too, but let's just hope it's right.
Okay, check, please! JAMES: Search Dettah for Jon at your next Pitstop.
TRISH: Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated.
JAMES: Oh my god! TRISH: Let's go, let's go! JAMES: I'm just happy to be going to the Pitstop.
TRISH: I think we did fantastic today.
AMY: I think we did too.
We don't want to go home.
JAMES: I'm just happy to be going to the Pitstop.
It's been a rough day.
TRISH: We worked really hard today, so AMY: I wouldn't do this with any other person.
TRISH: Me either.
AMY: This is the teammate of my dreams.
[live drumming.]
ANTHONY: Woo! MAN: Welcome to Dettah, home of the Yellowknife Dene First Nation.
JON: Anthony, James, you're team number six.
ANTHONY: Yeah! JON: You're still in the race! JAMES: After the day that we've had, this is what we needed.
ANTHONY: We're still in this race.
We are not done.
TRISH: Let's go, Amy! Woo.
JON: Trish, Amy, I'm sorry but you're the last team to arrive.
AMY: [sighs.]
JON: What happened out there today? AMY: We were just unlucky with cabs again.
TRISH: We worked really well, and we pushed each other, and supported each other, so no regrets.
AMY: No regrets.
JON: Well, ladies, as the saying goes, it ain't over till it's over.
AMY: [screams.]
JON: You two are still racing because this is a non-elimination leg.
TRISH: We're alive! AMY: Are you kidding me? TRISH: [inaudible.]
AMY: Woo! JON: You guys are still racing, but because this is a non-elimination leg, you must complete a Speedbump somewhere on the next leg of the race.
TRISH: We're fired up.
We're charged.
AMY: You have not seen the best of these moms yet.
JON: Next time on The Amazing Race Canada MEAGHAN: Nanaimo, British Columbia.
MARIE: Woo! JON: Teams splash down on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, British Columbia AARTHY: I bake[?.]
I'm not going to lie.
JON: where the race swings into action LAUREN: Living on the edge, baby! RACER: [screams.]
JON: forcing some teams to cave under pressure.
AARTHY: I'm just frustrated! JON: And others to expose their true selves.
TRISH: I can't even believe you just did that.
You're such a cheater.
JAMES: This just got juicy!