The Amazing Race Canada (2013) s07e05 Episode Script

Clamageddon Continues

1 JON: Previously, on The Amazing Race Canada Seven teams slid into Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
MEAGHAN: I love this race! JON: where a clash over cabs TRISH: They're taking our cab.
That's our cab! JON: puts some teams on thin ice AMY: Dave and Irina need to be dethroned.
JON: and taught Sarah and Sam a lesson about cold, hard cash.
SAM: We don't have enough money to pay our cab right now.
SARA: This is crazy.
JON: At an icy roadblock, some racers melted down.
SARAH: Get me out of there! I'm scared.
JON: But Dave and Irina decided to neither sink nor swim, and use their Express Pass IRINA: I would not want to jump in that water.
JON: and were knocked out cold by a map challenge where they chose to take a strategic penalty IRINA: It's way too complicated.
JON: and allowed Aarthy and Thinesh to grab another first place finish.
THINESH: Oh my god! IRINA: Now I'm starting to think that we're stupid.
JON: Roughed up by the diamond Roadblock, Anthony and James were forced to use their Express Pass JAMES: I hate diamonds.
JON: to ice out Trish and Amy JON: You're the last team to arrive.
JON: who were fired up by some hot news.
JON: You two are still racing, because this is a non-elimination leg.
AARTHY: Get a taxi! JON: Now, seven teams remain as they race to win the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two around the world, a quarter of a million dollars cash, and the Amazing Race Canada.
JON: This is Yellowknife, in the rugged Northwest Territories.
Here on the shores of Great Slave Lake, seven teams are about to begin the fifth leg of the Amazing Race Canada.
Aarthy and Thinesh won the last leg of the race, and will depart first at 8:35 am.
THINESH: Rip! Fly to Nanaimo, British Columbia.
JON: Teams will now travel from the frozen winters of Yellowknife to the ocean breeze of Nanaimo on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.
AARTHY: Let's go! Can we go to the airport? THINESH: Starting this leg and still having an Express Pass makes me feel confident.
AARTHY: We just want to keep going and going till we win the finale.
We're unstoppable.
THINESH: Oh, yeah.
MEAGHAN: Fly to Nanaimo, British Columbia! MARIE: Woo! Let's do it.
MEAGHAN: We are so happy we're going back to BC.
IRINA: Fly to Nanaimo.
It's a beautiful name, "Nanaimo.
" Na-na-na-na.
Never mind.
IRINA: On the last leg we used the Express Pass, and we took a two-hour penalty.
We still came in third.
That just shows how strategic we are and how competitive we are.
DAVE: We're going back first.
IRINA: That's right.
SARAH: Thank you for sending us somewhere warmer! SAM: I love you, Yellowknife but in terms of the weather, I need some positive temperatures.
SAM: We're more than just athletes.
I do a lot of mentorship work with an organiZation called Classroom Champions.
My goal on The Amazing Race Canada is to show these kids that I'm somebody who's gonna take on challenges head on.
SARAH: We are going for first place this leg.
SAM: Number one, baby.
SARAH: [laughs.]
SAM: It's the truth.
JOANNE: I've never been to Nanaimo, but I like the chocolate bar.
So hopefully the place is just as nice.
JAMES: Woo, BC! BOTH: Woo! ANTHONY: Maybe we'll have time to go get a bubble tea.
TRISH: Let's go, Amy! AMY: Oh, let's go to Nanaimo! We have a second chance at this race.
Our fire is lit.
TRISH: We have a Speedbump ahead, but we're gonna take it on.
AMY: You haven't seen the last of us yet.
MEAGHAN: Mamas! SAM: What? AMY: We're alive! We're alive! [inaudible.]
SAM: Oh DAVE: It sucks seeing the moms.
IRINA: We just want teams out of the race as soon as possible.
It's definitely on.
I want to win this race.
AARTHY: Guys, who did the polar dip? TRISH: You guys didn't do it? IRINA: No way.
DAVE: We just used the Express Pass, and I didn't know how to do the maps so I took a two-hour penalty.
AARTHY: Dave and Irina think they're better than everyone on this race, but taking a penalty is such a cop-out.
Thinesh and I are going to play the game and let karma do its magic.
JON: All the teams are now travelling nearly 1,900 kilometres from Yellowknife, via Edmonton, to Vancouver.
JON: Once they land, they'll make their way to the Harbour Air Terminal in downtown Vancouver, where they'll sign up for one of four sea plane flights that land 15 minutes apart in Nanaimo, BC.
They'll also be able to stock up on an assortment of Cliff Bars to keep them energized along the race.
THINESH: Taxi! Taxi! AARTHY: Harbour Airport sea planes, and really quickly.
JAMES: Thank you.
MEAGHAN: Marie, come on! MARIE: Meaghan, where are you going? DAVE: Thank you, boss.
I'm in a race.
IRINA: We have to go fast.
MEAGHAN: See the people on the right? We need to beat them.
MARIE: For once, we're ahead of Dave and Irina.
IRINA: Our cab is so slow.
DAVE: We're not first right now.
IRINA: I'm ready to give up.
Like, I don't want to do this anymore.
IRINA: We're last.
It's making me super stressed.
IRINA: When is the fun gonna start? THINESH: We're pretty confident where we're going.
AARTHY: We live in Vancouver, so there's a bit of a hometown advantage.
The sea planes are down there.
ANTHONY: Yes, right here's perfect, right here.
AARTHY: Go, go, go! THINESH: Oh my gosh! AARTHY: I don't know how to do this! THINESH: Yes, yes.
Let's go.
AARTHY: Let's go, baby.
THINESH: Oh, yeah! THINESH: We got the one spot on the first plane.
JAMES: Just in behind Aarthy and Thinesh by one second.
We're on the second plane with the moms.
LAUREN: Nice job, buddy.
SARAH: We're number five.
IRINA: Go, go, go.
JOANNE: Hurry, hurry! DAVE: Oh! IRINA: It's ridiculous.
DAVE: We're last plane, girls.
MARIE: How did that happen? MEAGHAN: Dave and Irina are on flight number four with us.
IRINA: We're on the last plane.
Very good.
I'm pissed.
AARTHY: Thank you.
THINESH: All aboard.
JON: All teams are now heading to Nanaimo on four separate planes that lane 15 minutes apart.
JON: Once they splash down, they'll move into a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS, and drive themselves to Petroglyph Provincial Park.
CHARACTER: We're onto something big, Dora.
CHARACTER 2: An ancient city made of gold.
JON: where they will find a special video clue straight from Isabela Moner, star of the new movie, Dora and the Lost City of Gold DORA: I have to keep going, no matter what.
CHARACTER: She's frickin' awesome.
JON: as well as a Dora backpack of supplies that will help them through this leg of the race.
AARTHY: I'm just in absolute awe of how beautiful our country is.
I'm just thinking of both our parents that escaped a war from Sri Lanka as refugees.
I can't imagine what they went through to get here, sacrifices they did, so that we get to be here in this moment, and experience a beautiful country.
I couldn't be more proud to be Canadian.
TRISH: This is incredible.
I can't even believe the view from up here.
ANTHONY: I want to live over here.
When we win The Amazing Race, we're gonna buy a house here.
JAMES: I lived on Vancouver Island when I did my [inaudible.]
medicine residency.
I'm a doctor.
I practice both Western and Cree medicine.
I work a lot with transgender people, and especially transgender youth.
It's important to accept all people from all walks of life, wherever they're from.
JOANNE: I wonder if we can see whales! SAM: I'm like just not trying to freak out.
I'm legit kind of scared.
SAM: So, I've always been afraid of heights.
This is a big fear of mine.
SAM: Aah THINESH: Now we're ready to go.
They're lined up.
Let's just take a red.
THINESH: Petroglyph Provincial Park.
[engine starting.]
THINESH: Oh, music to my ears.
AARTHY: It's a pretty rad drive.
I'm not gonna lie.
THINESH: Petroglyph Provincial Park we'll find our next clue.
AARTHY: Play the message.
ISABELA: Hey, racers, Isabela Moner here from the movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold .
To help you along your journey, I've got one of my amazing Dora backpacks that's filled with all kinds of treasures you'll need to complete the challenges on this leg of the race.
Your next clue is right inside that backpack.
Good luck and race safe.
THINESH: Here it is.
AARTHY: Route info.
JON: Nanaimo is a hotbed for outdoor adventure and home to the world-famous and much-loved three layers of amazingness, the Nanaimo bar.
At Wild Play Element Park, first teams will gear up and get strapped in before they have 60 seconds to memorize the ingredients that make up this classic Canadian confection.
Then one racer will have to bungee jump JON: Bungee-ee-ee! JON: while the other racer does a tandem primal swing off this death-defying 150-foot bridge.
Once both racers have reached the bottom and correctly listed off all the ingredients of the Nanaimo bar, the bungee master will give them their next clue.
AARTHY: Pack up all of your items in your Dora backpack.
You'll need them.
THINESH: Awesome, let's do it! AARTHY: What is this stuff? THINESH: We'll find out.
AARTHY: There's gloves.
There's even a carrot.
THINESH: Nice to have a snack.
Let's go.
AARTHY: Oh my god, we're bungee jumping.
It's not the height.
I don't like jumping.
ANTHONY: Backpack, backpack Sorry, I just had to have a Dora moment.
JAMES: You ready? ANTHONY: Okay.
AMY: And bungee jump 150 feet off a bridge.
JAMES: Pack up all of your items in your Dora backpack.
You will need them.
ANTHONY: Backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack ANTHONY: Dora the Explorer brings up memories of my niece.
I watched it with her, so it has a fond place in my heart.
We have a map.
We got a flashlight.
AMY: Let's see What is in here? Ooh, headlamp! I don't know what this-- Oh, some kind of a tooth! Some kind of a board that we, I guess a white board? DAVE: Let's do this! IRINA: We're on the last flight to Nanaimo.
I can't enjoy this right now.
We should be first.
I'm so stressed.
MEAGHAN: Don't stress.
Just enjoy the view.
IRINA: "Enjoy, enjoy, look how beautiful, wow!" AARTHY: I don't want to bungee jump! Oh, god THINESH: Let's go! MAN: Who's swinging? THINESH: I'm jumping.
She's swinging.
MAN: You're jumping, you're here, have a seat.
Go and see Jacob! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! AARTHY: No one likes jumping off a bridge for fun.
THINESH: I've never done a bungee jump before.
I didn't think I'd be doing it today, but hey, here I am.
AARTHY: Oh my god, are you serious? Oh, god.
Oh god, oh god What if I fly off my chair? MAN: It's like a big swing at a playground.
AARTHY: I don't like this.
THINESH: Not only do we have to jump off a bridge, we have to memoriZe the ingredients in a Nanaimo bar.
And you only get one minute.
AARTHY: We've got to memoriZe it? THINESH: Yo, try to memorize the bottom half.
I'll focus on top half.
AARTHY: Unsalted butter, sugar, cocoa.
Unsalted butter, sugar, cocoa.
This is hard.
I'm never gonna get this.
MAN: 3, 2, 1 Swing! AARTHY: Aah! [screaming & laughing.]
THINESH: Woo! Woo! AARTHY: Oh my god, it's over! It's over! I don't remember much.
THINESH: Top layer is unsalted butter, semi-sweet chocolate.
Middle layer is cream Uh, oh my god, I'm blank right now.
MAN: Try again.
THINESH: Okay, thank you.
AARTHI: Augh! I don't cook, man! I don't know what's in a Nanaimo bar! AMY: Not only do we need to know the ingredients, we have to name the layers.
ANTHONY: Yes, we're here.
JAMES: Woo! TRISH: I'm so excited! My kids are gonna go crazy! They're gonna think this is so cool.
AMY: Remember your ingredients, Trish! ANTHONY: Is there a barf bag included? [laughs.]
MAN: Yeah, right here.
Blah! AMY: I am living on the edge, baby! TRISH: Okay, Amy, you do the top two! AMY: Top layer AMY: We bake, both of us.
We're stay-at-home moms.
We have made Nanaimo bars before, and we're confident we can do this.
MAN: 3, 2, 1! TRISH: This is for you, kids! Woo! Woo! AMY: Whoa! Oh my god! Woo! Oh my god! Wow! That was frigging awesome.
In the top layer, unsalted butter and semi-sweet chocolate.
In the middle layer, unsalted butter, cream, vanilla custard powder, and icing sugar.
TRISH: On the bottom layer there is unsalted butter, sugar, cocoa, beaten egg, graham water crumbs, finely chopped almonds, and coconut.
MAN: Good job.
AMY & TRISH: Yes, yes! [laughing.]
TRISH: Who's the cool mom now? AARTHY: The moms got it.
AMY: Route info Drive yourselves to Deep Bay Marine Field Station and search outside for your next clue.
First position, baby! TRISH: Let's fricking go! TRISH: The first lead we've had this entire race.
BOTH: Trish and Amy, you're team number one! ANTHONY: Oh my god.
JAMES: Aah! ANTHONY: Aah! Unsalted butter, sugar Cocoa, graham wafer crumbs, egg beaten, finely chopped almonds, and coconut.
MAN: Here you go, guys.
JAMES: Aah! Thank you so much! ANTHONY: Thank you.
JAMES: We love Nanaimo bars! LAUREN: So, the chocolate, if it has multiple ingredients, top layer has got this, this, this.
JOANNE: Okay, where do I go? LAUREN: Just give me uno second.
SARAH: Slight left and then Wild Play is there.
SAM: Woo! SARAH: Sam is actually afraid of heights, so this is going to be a tough one.
SARAH: You got this.
SAM: That's very high.
MAN: They put you at the edge, and you like jump, bro.
SAM: Right now I'm terrified.
Do you want to just triple check that? MAN: Good for now.
Don't worry.
SARAH: You're gonna be great, Sam! SAM: Is there a way to tighten this up? Is that good? I don't want to die.
Lord, help me.
SAM: Lord, help me.
I don't want to die.
SARAH: Holy moly.
SAM: Okay, unsalted butter, sugar, cocoa SAM: I'm thinking of so many things.
I do a prayer.
I think of my mom.
I think of my classroom champs.
MAN: 3, 2, 1, swing! SAM: Aah! Oh, Lord! SARAH: Good job, Sam! Hello.
SAM: Bottom layer, graham cracker wafer MAN: Sorry, guys.
SARAH: It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
SAM: Oh! I'm gonna have to do this again? AARTHY: We gotta get this this time.
Sugar, cocoa, egg beaten, graham wafer crumbs MAN: 3, 2, 1! AARTHY: [screaming.]
IRINA: I'm so nervous.
Bungee jump, memoriZe, oh my god.
IRINA: I'm gonna puke.
LAUREN: We just gotta get going the other way.
LAUREN: We were on an earlier flight, and we've been looking for this park for a very long time.
LAUREN: So, you're gonna have to watch because you're gonna need to make a left.
JOANNE: Wild Play Element Park! I'm ready to throw myself off.
MARIE: Yeah, Wild Play is up there.
MEAGHAN: Yeah, right there.
Whatever you do, don't look down.
THINESH: Unsalted butter, cream, vanilla custard powder, icing sugar.
AARTHY: Egg beaten, graham wafer crumbs, finely chopped almonds, and coconut.
MAN: Congratulations, guys.
THINESH: Thank you! AARTHY: Oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god.
Drive yourselves to Deep Bay Marine Field Station, and search outside for your next clue.
Good job, babe.
You bungee jumped.
AMY: Oh my god.
They're heaven.
That's awesome.
TRISH: There's our speedbump.
Have a whale of a time.
JON: After arriving last on the previous leg, Trish and Amy must now complete a Speedbump.
In this Speedbump, Trish and Amy will have to head inside this state-of-the-art marine biology research facility to assemble a 37-piece model skeleton of an orca whale.
When the model is complete, Trish and Amy will receive their next clue, and can keep on racing.
TRISH: We can do this.
Let's line them up, and then we can put them into where they fit.
AMY: Let's just go in order.
TRISH: They're not marked, though.
AMY: They're marked, Trish.
TRISH: Oh, they are marked! Geeze, okay.
AMY: You don't listen.
AMY: Trish is flying by the seat of her pants.
Sometimes Trish needs to take a breath.
TRISH: There's T-3.
Here, you do T-4, Amy, Amy.
AMY: I'd be scared to be her kid.
AMY: Alright, let's take a breath.
ANTHONY: Hopefully this next challenge is something that we get to do together, and we'll whip through it.
Let's go.
JAMES: Route info.
JON: Racers will have to search for seashells by the seashore.
Using this reference board and these samples as a guide, teams will have to dig and correctly identify four different species of shellfish from the many similar-looking varieties down on the beach that's currently at low tide.
Once they've collected the correct number of each species, the marine biologist will give them their next clue.
JAMES: Oh, look.
The board's down there.
ANTHONY: Butter clam, light yellow in colour.
The Manila clam are smaller.
JAMES: Mahogany, they're black.
ANTHONY: Pacific oyster.
JAMES: This is how much we need to get of each.
Five butter clams, and then 30 of everything else.
ANTHONY: That means the butter clams are harder to find.
Yeah, okay.
JAMES: Let me go dig some clams! They're all here.
ANTHONY: Come on, clams.
I'm like bleeding pretty badly.
Oh, the gloves.
We have to wear the gloves in our Dora backpack.
Okay, let's move with expedience.
JAMES: Yeah.
SAM: I can't believe I'm doing this twice.
MAN: 3, 2, 1! SARAH: Woo! SAM: [screaming.]
SARAH: Woo! SAM: [screaming.]
I hate this thing.
Graham wafer crumbs, coconut, and cocoa.
Woo! Confident going in again.
The second I slipped off of that edge, the same pain in my stomach came, and I was like, "I'm not doing that again.
" IRINA: I'm nervous about the memorization right now.
DAVE: [sighs.]
IRINA: I am so stressed about being in the bottom of the pack that I'm afraid that it will influence my ability to memorize.
MAN: 3, 2, 1, swing! IRINA: Oh my god! Woo! Oh my god.
Eggs beaten, unsalted butter, sugar DAVE: Vanilla custard powder, icing sugar.
IRINA: Deep Bay Marine Field Station and search outside for your next clue.
DAVE: Let's go.
IRINA: I'm just happy that we're not last.
DAVE: Yeah, me too, baby.
IRINA: Good job, babe.
MAN: 3, 2, 1, swing.
MARIE: Woo! MEAGHAN: Oh! Woo! MEAGHAN: vanilla custard powder, and then icing sugar.
MARIE: Graham wafer crumbs, finely chopped almonds, and we got coconut.
MAN: Good job, guys.
MEAGHAN: Thank you so much.
MARIE: Here's a Nanaimo bar.
We know what's in there.
Okay, let's go.
JOANNE: Well, we'll see how this goes! Aah! Whoa! Aah! My god! JOANNE: Unsalted butter, uh cream of custard vanilla JOANNE: Augh! In last place, once again.
TRISH: Okay, it's Amy, we have one left.
There's a whale tooth in your backpack filled with the Dora items, so put the tooth in the mandible.
TRISH: Woo! MARINE BIOLOGIST: To your next challenge.
TRISH: Thank you so much! Let's go! AMY: Okay, we gotta go, we gotta go! TRISH: Thank you so much.
Okay AMY: Just go, come on, come on, come on.
Someone else is here! THINESH: It's in the BIU Marine Station.
So the boys and the moms are here.
AARTHY: Come on, babe! ANTHONY: Digging some clams in Nanaimo I'm just digging some clams in Nanaimo! JAMES: Oh my god, I'm so sorry people have to listen to him.
ANTHONY: [groans.]
JAMES: Oh, the moms are here.
Aarthy and Thinesh are here.
When it doesn't get fun is when all the other teams start arriving, and then the stress starts piling on.
AARTHY: Sri Lankan people are fishermen, so our ancestors are probably laughing at us right now.
TRISH: This is kind of like gardening at home except the mud is very heavy and wet.
So it's a little more laborious.
Is this good? TRISH: Yeah.
AMY: Which one is that? TRISH: These are the Pacific oysters.
AMY: And what's this? TRISH: Mahogany clams.
That's not a Mahogany.
AMY: We're gonna be here a while.
SARAH: Go around here.
IRINA: Alright.
DAVE: Okay, let's dig.
MARIE: Let's do it.
JAMES: Oh my god, there's more teams coming.
SAM: I've never been out on a beach with a shovel digging.
MEAGHAN: We're just two girls digging seashells by the seashore.
DAVE: Pretty easy to dig.
It's to find the oysters that's hard.
I have one, babe.
IRINA: Okay.
IRINA: I don't like hard work.
Not for me.
IRINA: I feel amazing about not having to dig in the dirt.
Don't dig just one hole.
Dig many holes.
DAVE: Oh, oh, oh-- ahh! IRINA: You have to dig for them.
MAN: 3, 2, 1, swing! JOANNE: Aah! LAUREN: Aah! JOANNE: Vanilla custard powder! Icing sugar! Unsalted butter, cream, vanilla custard powder, icing sugar.
LAUREN: Thank you so much.
Let's get outta here.
There is no worse feeling when you know everyone is at least 15 minutes ahead of you, at the very least.
I'm really hoping that we can make up some ground.
JOANNE: Oh, god.
LAUREN: They've blocked it off from an accident.
JOANNE: I guess we just gotta wait for that to move.
LAUREN: There's no way for us to take the only road into the place we need to go.
We literally just have to sit here and wait.
JOANNE: It's hard to wipe the smile off my face, but this is definitely something that'll do it.
ANTHONY: So right now, I'm trying to find the butter clams.
SARAH: This is quite the challenge.
SAM: Come on, clams.
AMY: Okay, Trish, what's this? TRISH: That's a butter, I think! No, that was a Manila.
AARTHY: [groans.]
I think it's the toughest challenge so far.
MARIE: Everyone's struggling with the butters because they're obviously rare.
MEAGHAN: This is nuts.
JAMES: [sighs.]
Babe, I found a butter.
Let's go check.
JAMES: We're feeling pretty good that we got all the clams.
We're just hoping that they're the right species because there's a couple that look similar.
ANTHONY: Oh, those stinky butters! We're headed back to get butters.
DAVE: They've been here for an hour.
IRINA: Do you think they're gonna be here for another two hours? DAVE: Well, we might be.
We're gonna be here at least for another hour.
So instead of wasting that hour It worked last time and we finished third.
IRINA: Okay, let's go.
DAVE: We're gonna take the penalty now.
Let's do this.
Thank you very much.
IRINA: Thank you.
DAVE: Okay, let's read.
AARTHY: Did they take a penalty? IRINA: Roadblock.
Who's the photog on your team? It might be tricky.
DAVE: I'll do it.
JON: Vancouver Island is home to the highest concentration of underground caverns in North America, earning it the nickname "the Island of Caves.
" In this Roadblock, one team member must not cave under pressure as they go underground for some good old-fashioned spelunking.
Here at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park, racers will find a surprise box from Canada's largest tech retailer, The Source.
Once they unbox the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone, they will have to take it inside this dark, cramped cave, and search for 11 letters hidden in these cracks and crevices.
Then, using the 50x hybrid zoom on their Huawei phone, they will snap pictures of the letters they find, and use this board from the Dora and the Lost City Of Gold backpack to unscramble their letters, and spell out the location of their next Pitstop.
Once they snap a pic of the correct phrase, the park director will give them their next clue.
DAVE: How do you feel using the penalty, babe? IRINA: I feel pretty confident because the sisters aren't there.
JAMES: Dave and Irina, once again, just took a penalty.
AARTHY: Irina didn't even pick up a shovel.
It's not Dave and Irina.
It's Dave and Dave.
MEAGHAN: Oh, classic.
Let's beat them! ANTHONY: Oh my god, let's get them out! Everyone work fast.
AARTHY: This is our way to get Dave and Irina out.
ANTHONY: We all gotta work together for the rest of the day, though, because we need to close the gap to two hours.
SARAH: Let's collectively get these.
ANTHONY: We have extra everything.
We need butters.
SAM: okay, butters.
SARAH: Yes, let's go.
JAMES: My gosh, this just got juicy! MEAGHAN: Where's Lauren and Joanne? LAUREN: Accident's cleared.
JOANNE: Oh, thank god.
LAUREN: We are far behind right now, so we just need to get there and see what we can do.
Let's go, buddy.
IRINA: So, Horne Lake Road, we are gonna go explore a cave.
DAVE: I got this.
IRINA: Go, kill it.
Ooh, this is gonna be nerve-wracking.
DAVE: The Source.
Oh, I have to take some pictures with a Huawei phone of letters in a cave, and then unscramble them to find the location of the Pitstop.
DAVE: Wow This is cool.
It's wet everywhere.
It's very narrow.
It's completely dark and you have to find some small letters.
DAVE: Oh, yes! Thank you, helmet.
TRISH: We're all pretty committed to trying to get out of here.
LAUREN: Someone's gone, but I don't know who.
AARTHY: The sisters are here.
LAUREN: Let's just stay focused, and let's get this done.
MARIE: Guys, Dave and Irina took a penalty.
We're all working together to get them out of here.
JOANNE: How long have you guys been here? MEAGHAN: We've been here for an hour, so Marie, shut up and keep going.
Let's go.
LAUREN: Okay, let's talk, let's talk, let's talk.
This is insane.
Do you want to try and move? JOANNE: That's the only way we're gonna get out of this.
LAUREN: Because look how far behind we are.
We gotta take a penalty.
JOANNE: We're taking a two-hour penalty.
LAUREN: Thank you.
TRISH: They got the clue.
JOANNE: We've seen teams that have left hours ahead of us are still here, and we'll die here if we stay.
LAUREN: Who's the photog on your team? That's me.
Let's go.
TRISH: Joanne and Lauren just took a penalty.
LAUREN: I'm hoping they get stuck there for a while because we really need it.
SARAH: We need one more of those.
I'm looking for butters.
Oh, Sam.
SAM: Yeah, that looks like one.
We're gonna go do some checks right now.
SARAH: Hello.
SARAH: We are hopeful.
MARINE BIOLOGIST: Congratulations.
SARAH: Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you.
JAMES: They got it.
Oh! AARTHY: They got here after us.
SARAH: Who's the photog on your team? Okay, I'll do it.
JAMES: Argh! Finding these butters is like finding a needle in a haystack.
DAVE: "O," baby! A lot of "O's" today.
DAVE: This challenge is difficult because you have to go in the cave and find 11 letters.
DAVE: I got 10.
I'm missing one letter, but I've got this.
DAVE: I have to unscramble the letters that I have to find the next Pitstop.
They gave us a map, so maybe it's a destination.
DAVE: Road Maybe I missed a D.
IRINA: It's all up to Dave right now.
I believe he's gonna do very well in this challenge.
DAVE: Oh my god.
LAUREN: I'm not too worried about this task.
The only thing I'm worried about, at this point, is that 2-hour penalty.
IRINA: Looks like other people are starting to show up.
SARAH: I think we could get in there and win this thing.
IRINA: I hope they took their penalties.
If not, we might be in trouble.
SARAH: Lauren LAUREN: You wanna work together? SARAH: Yeah, I will give you everything, all things.
This is awesome.
Back in Kamloops, Lauren and I worked so well together.
JOANNE: We can do this together if you want.
SAM: Yeah.
SAM: We're hoping if we work together, none of us are eliminated.
SARAH: You recognize how much stronger you can be together.
I think we see the value in that.
LAUREN: There's an O right behind you, and there's an N right here.
SARAH: Thank you.
LAUREN: This would be wicked hard by yourself.
DAVE: Come on, Davey.
I hate mixing up letters.
Even though I have all 11, I would not be able to do it.
MARIE: Like, are we ever gonna get out of here? AARTHY: [groans.]
TRISH: It's just the butters.
I don't think anyone's finding butters.
That's the problem.
AMY: We found only one, in all the time we've been here.
TRISH: Oh, this seems to be an impossible task.
I feel like we're not gonna find one, Amy.
AMY: Do you wanna take a penalty? TRISH: I don't know what to do.
AMY: Okay, let's do it.
TRISH: We're gonna take a penalty.
TRISH: I'll do it.
AMY: Okay, let's go.
AARTHY: Guys, the moms also took penalty.
JAMES: I want to be out of here! MEAGHAN: We've just been looking for butter for the last hour and a half, have we not? Everyone is taking penalties.
Every minute counts.
MARIE: We're gonna take a penalty.
AARTHY: Guys, I don't know, man.
That's pretty risky.
THINESH: They just bought us two hours, basically.
AARTHY: Yeah, they did.
MEAGHAN: This is stressful.
This is part of the race, and all we can do is focus on the next task.
Marie is gonna do great.
ANTHONY: The tide's coming in, guys.
It's only Aarthy and Thinesh and us on the beach.
Ooh, oh my god.
I think I have five butters.
JAMES: Let's go check, babe.
THINESH: Is this one? AARTHY: Yeah, this looks like it.
Okay, let's go.
Let's check.
JAMES: Oh, we just have to beat the penalty teams.
Are these butter? MARINE BIOLOGIST: This is the only butter.
JAMES: We're still no further ahead.
MARINE BIOLOGIST: So you have one butter.
AARTHY: Argh! We need four more.
ANTHONY: It's wet.
I'm hot.
I'm annoyed.
Argh! AARTHY: We shouldn't use our Express Pass, right? THINESH: No, I don't think so.
AARTHY: What if this takes all day? This is actually the challenge from hell.
THINESH: It's frustrating, but we have to keep digging.
AARTHY: Like, it's actually tedious work.
THINESH: Don't cry.
AARTHY: I'm just frustrated! JAMES: [sighs.]
The tide keeps getting closer which means that it's harder to dig up.
Argh! This is ridiculous.
AARTHY: [sighs.]
Come on.
ANTHONY: James, what do you want to do? Should we take a penalty? AARTHY: If you guys take a penalty, we'd Express Pass, and then you guys are gonna go home.
At this point, guys, let's just work together and get this done.
JAMES: Come on.
Let's help each other.
AARTHY: Anthony and James have become more than just racers for us.
The real win to life is truly when people help other people.
We will 100% help them.
JAMES: Clam-a-geddon continues.
TRISH: I've never been in a cave before.
It sounds extremely cool.
MEAGHAN: We made the decision to take the penalty.
This is stressful.
This is stressful.
SAM: Meaghan and Marie just arrived.
They don't look happy, though, so I'm predicting they took a penalty.
MEAGHAN: It's reassuring knowing how many teams took a penalty.
It's also reassuring knowing how many teams are still here.
MARIE: I'm gonna take some photos.
Looking for letters.
Where are the letters? TRISH: Here's the letter R.
DAVE: Okay, come on, Dave.
Come on.
You can do this.
Time is ticking.
SARAH: "Front" is a five-letter word that we have.
I see "fort.
" LAUREN: I see "soft.
" DAVE: They're helping each other.
DAVE: I'm still missing a letter, but I'm not going back in the cave.
SARAH: Goat.
We have goat.
DAVE: I'm gonna creep up on them like a tiger.
DAVE: How are you, girls? Are you teaming up on me? SARAH: We are teaming up with each other.
DAVE: Can I work with you guys? SARAH: Um, no.
DAVE: I just want to say, guys, I'm hurt.
TRISH: I have found 10.
I believe there's 11 I'm looking for.
Okay, let's go.
The smart thing to do would have been to bring my maps.
DAVE: You can take mine, if you want.
TRISH: Is it helping you? DAVE: Yeah, it helps.
We can help each other, if you want.
TRISH: No, it's okay.
TRISH: Dave wants to work with me, which I find funny.
We haven't really had a lot of communication this entire race.
AMY: And he stole our cab in Yellowknife.
DAVE: Let's go inside.
TRISH: Oh no, are they taking our cab? No, no, no! You can't take our cab! That's our cab! DAVE: Let's go, let's go.
Just leave.
TRISH: That infuriated me.
DAVE: Come on.
MARIE: It's way up there.
I've gotta take a photo of that.
Ow! MARIE: This cave is super challenging and super intense.
MARIE: Where is letter number 4? TRISH: R O See if this works.
Check, please.
Here you go.
TRISH: Goats on roof.
MAN: That is correct.
TRISH: Are you kidding me? I did it! DAVE: Trish's answer is still on the board, and she passes the challenge.
DAVE: I have to take in the answer on Trish's board.
I erase it so other teams don't see it.
TRISH: Hey, you just took it! Are you kidding me? DAVE: Oh, whatever.
TRISH: How can you live with yourself? You're such a cheater.
DAVE: What do you mean? TRISH: You went over to my board.
DAVE: It was open.
TRISH: And you just looked at it? DAVE: Hide your stuff.
MAN: That's correct.
DAVE: Thank you, sir.
TRISH: Amy! Amy! AMY: Oh my god! TRISH: Let's go, babe.
IRINA: Yes, yes, yes! Come, come, baby! TRISH: Goats on roof.
Where would there be goats on a roof? JON: Teams must now drive to the town of Coombs and locate the famous Goats on the Roof at the old country market.
This quirky local landmark on beautiful Vancouver Island will act as the fifth Pitstop on The Amazing Race Canada.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
LAUREN: I'm gonna write these up in a different order, maybe I'll see something.
Goats on roof I'm gonna go check.
SARAH: Lauren's getting a check.
We'll see if it works.
MAN: That's correct.
LAUREN: Awesome.
Thank you.
It's "Goats on roof.
" MAN: That's correct.
SARAH: Thank you so much.
MARIE: This has been the most stressful leg of my life.
TRISH: Wait till I tell you what freaking just happened! Dave stole my answer off my board.
AMY: They've been cheating this whole time.
They have no integrity.
I'm very frustrated.
DAVE: She just left it there.
Why would I not look at it? Technically what happened is that they were against me.
DAVE: Okay? The moms really don't like us.
IRINA: They want to eliminate us.
Every single team DAVE: Why us? Because we're IRINA: Yeah, because we're the big threat because we won, apparently, but Aarthy and Thinesh are not.
That's it.
No, no, no, there's gonna be huge drama.
I'm gonna snap on them, like Jet[?.]
It's war time.
DAVE: [laughs.]
MARIE: Is everybody gone? I don't know if I have enough letters.
I thought maybe I'd ask some people, but I don't see anybody out here.
I need to get out of here.
MEAGHAN: I'm just hoping that Anthony and James take a penalty, and same with Aarthy and Thinesh.
JAMES: Oh, my god! AARTHY: Have you guys found any? I think we just need one more butter.
ANTHONY: I think I got one.
JAMES: What do we have, three? JAMES: We've been digging for clams for hours with Aarthy and Thinesh.
Our fingers are like prunes.
They're cut up.
This challenge is so tough that four teams have taken penalties.
ANTHONY: We're racing for last, at this point.
AARTHY: One more, babe, one more.
Oh, babe, what's this? Oh, that might be one.
You wanna get a check? THINESH: Yeah.
MARINE BIOLOGIST: Congratulations.
THINESH: Thank you.
AARTHY: Guys! ANTHONY: They got it.
AARTHY: Thank you.
THINESH: Thank you.
AARTHY: Guys, we're gonna come help you! THINESH: I just don't feel like it's fair that we both worked so hard, and one of us has to go home.
AARTHY: Come on, boys, dig.
You've got to dig.
We're not going home today, guys! Let's go.
JAMES: We need two more.
AARTHY: Here, here, here.
Take this one.
We basically need one more, right? Dig, guys, dig! Oh, that might be it.
That might be it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Let's go get you a check.
Come on, guys.
MARINE BIOLOGIST: Congratulations, you guys.
JAMES: Oh my god! I'm so happy.
AARTHY: Let's go, let's go.
Lets' go.
AARTHY: Who's the photog on your team? I am.
ANTHONY: I'll do it.
That was hard.
JAMES: Yeah.
ANTHONY: Thank god for Aarthy and Thinesh.
JAMES: Who'd have thought our demise would have been butter clams? AARTHY: No one deserves to go home because they didn't give up.
I would hate to see them go home that way.
TRISH: Goats on a roof, that's where we're headed.
AMY: We're gonna ask somebody.
TRISH: We're looking for somewhere where we might find goats on a roof.
WOMAN: Coombs Country Market.
TRISH: Coombs, Goats on Roof, Old Country Market.
Okay, thank you! AMY: Thank you so much.
SARAH: We're going to see Jon, Pitstop! SAM: Go! LAUREN: Just look for "Old Country Market.
" DAVE: You think it's real goats? IRINA: No.
TRISH: Goats on Roof is left! Out of the car now! [goats bleating.]
TRISH & AMY: Yeah! Woo-hoo! Woo! Woo! MAN: Welcome to Goats on Roof, Coombs, British Columbia.
TRISH & AMY: Thank you.
JON: Trish and Amy, you're the first team to arrive.
TRISH & AMY: Yeah! JON: However, because you failed to complete the clamming challenge, you've been assessed a 2-hour penalty.
If you'll kindly wait off to the side.
Your time begins now.
I'll let you know when it's up.
TRISH & AMY: Thank you.
TRISH: We got here before Dave and Irina, who also took a penalty, so now we're safe.
SARAH: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
Hey, Jon! Aah! DAVE: Go, go, go! TRISH: There they go.
DAVE: Good.
JOANNE: Hello! JON: Come on and join us, ladies.
JON: Sarah and Sam, you two are the second team to arrive, but because Trish and Amy took a penalty, you're team number one.
SAM: Yes! SARAH: [screams.]
JON: Sarah and Sam, as the winners of this leg of the race, you two are going to Manchu Pichu, Peru.
SARAH: Yeah! That's amazing! JON: This is a crazy leg of the race.
People are taking penalties all over the place.
But you finished everything.
How'd you push through? SAM: My Classroom Champions.
I was thinking of those kids, who, no matter what, continue to persevere.
SARAH: We started the day behind, so to arrive here first is like, oh! We've been waiting for this moment.
SAM: First, first, first! SARAH: First place! JON: Sarah and Sam, excellent job today.
We'll see you on the next mat.
Dave and Irina, Lauren and Joanne, you were the third and fourth teams to arrive, but you've both taken penalties for the clam-digging challenge, so until that 2-hour time is up, we're gonna have to get you to wait off to the side.
DAVE: Thank you.
[goat bleats.]
TRISH: Dave copied my work, but we still made it first, so cheating doesn't get you ahead.
DAVE: Trish is pissed at me, so I'm making friends on the roof because we don't have friends on the race.
TRISH: I hope the goat bites him.
Like, right in the ass.
[goat bleating.]
AMY: Maa-aa! [laughter.]
IRINA: They're ganging up against us.
We're here with these peasants, and we're gonna have to deal with them.
DAVE: Yeah, don't stress.
ANTHONY: We're going spelunking in a cave.
Right now we're just racing the clock.
AARTHY: Babe, I'm getting scared.
THINESH: if you can't do it in like half an hour, use the Express Pass.
MARIE: Three words One of the words is definitely "to," "go," or "no.
" So that eliminates at least one "O.
" MARIE: I'm feeling stressed.
I know that we took a penalty, and that two other teams could show up at any point.
The pressure is on.
MARIE: This is probably wrong.
Road so Foot.
MAN: That is incorrect.
MARIE: Okay.
Gonna be here all night.
AARTHY: Trying to get to this cave, and Anthony and James are driving right behind us.
Anthony and I will smash this challenge, and not get eliminated today.
ANTHONY: Unscramble a set of letters and spell out the location of Jon at your next Pitstop.
So I think that has to do with our Dora backpack.
We have carrots and a white board.
9, 10, 11.
It has 11 letters.
JAMES: Maybe it's Goats on a Roof? Oh my god, is it? Guys, we think we got it.
"Goats on Roof".
I think that's what it is.
Shh, don't say it out loud.
JAMES: I lived here before.
I know that there's a place here called Goats on a Roof, and in our Dora backpack there's carrots in there, and what eat carrots? Goats! All they have to do is write that on the clue board, and we are out of here.
MAN: That is correct.
AARTHY: Thank you so much.
Come on, Anthony.
MARIE: They literally just arrived here, so I'm confused how they just left.
JAMES: Yes! Way to go, guys! ANTHONY: Sometimes you get lucky.
This is like a little mini miracle.
MEAGHAN: It just sucks to be last.
MARIE: Goats on a Roof.
MAN: That is correct.
MEAGHAN: You're good! MARIE: Goats on the Roof.
MEAGHAN: You did really, really well.
MARIE: Hopefully it's a non-elim.
[goat bleating.]
TRISH: Everybody's waiting.
ANTHONY: Let's all step on the mat like exact same time.
Oh my god! JAMES: Hey, goat.
[goat bleating.]
ANTHONY: Right foot step, left foot step! JON: Anthony and James, Aarthy and Thinesh, you're the fifth and sixth teams to arrive.
But, because three other teams took penalties, that means you guys are tied for team number two.
ALL: [cheering.]
ANTHONY: Oh my god! JON: Why were you guys so bent on showing up and arriving at this mat together? ANTHONY: Honestly, I was ready to go home today.
I was knee-deep, literally, in the ocean, but Aarthy wouldn't let us quit.
THINESH: I personally don't believe anyone should get penalized for never giving up, so we wanted to make sure these guys did not go home.
AARTHY: At the other challenge, they helped us, and they knew the answer right away, so karma's a beautiful thing.
What a day.
MARIE: What a day.
JON: Meaghan and Marie, welcome to the mat, ladies.
Would the remaining teams please come back to the mat? Trish and Amy, you're team number four.
Dave and Irina, you're team number five.
Lauren and Joanne, you are team number six.
Which means Meaghan and Marie, you are the last team to arrive.
JON: I am sorry to tell you ladies, you've been eliminated from the race.
MEAGHAN: That's cool.
MARIE: [crying.]
JON: Meaghan and Marie, I know this isn't the news that you were hoping to hear when you woke up this morning.
MARIE: We love you guys, you know, the mamacitas, the other sisters, these robots over here.
MEAGHAN: We had such a blast.
MARIE: Just very, very grateful.
It's all good.
MARIE: This race is about connections.
It's brought us together more than I ever could imagine.
I love you.
You say it.
MEAGHAN: Love you.
JON: For the rest of you penalty-takers, we're gonna see you guys on the next mat.
Good luck.
MEAGHAN: Don't say good luck.
I'm tired.
[goat bleating.]
JON: Next time on the Amazing Race Canada JOANNE: We're going home! JON: The adventure continues as teams fly to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan IRINA: Going deep! JON: where a down-home detour has some teams stumbling over their words TRISH: When you meet-- do a left allemande.
JON: while others run around like chickens with their heads cut off LAUREN: Why can everyone get out of this thing but us? JON: and teams square off in a shocking showdown.
AARTHY: That's disrespectful! IRINA: No, that's not disrespectful!