The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

The Third; The Debt

1 We still have 24 hours 'til we go back to school! 24 whole hours of fun! So, what shall we do? Shoot some hoops? Nah, it's boring.
Water fight? Nah, that's boring too and wet.
I know! It's time to play Dodge or Dare! Roll the dice, pick a! Who am I kidding? We're bored of this as well.
Why are these games so boring now? Darwin, maybe it's not the games, maybe we are bored of each other.
NO! Don't say that! It can't be! It's the truth, Darwin and you know it, and the sooner we accept it, the better it will be for everyone.
So what are you saying? You don't wanna hang out with me anymore? Of course I wanna hang out with you.
I'm just saying that things have got a little stale.
So, what should we do about it? THAT'S IT! We should become ants? No, we need to find a third best friend.
Three best friends? Won't that be a bit weird? It's only weird if we make it weird.
Do you find it weird? No if you don't.
OK then, let's get ourselves a new buddy.
My cookie School is full of people and all we've got to do is pick one to be our new best friend.
How about her? How about not? William? I don't know He's just a bit creepy.
Peek-a-boo! Hey Joe! Peek-a-boo! You wanna play with us for a bit? Yeah! Hey guys! Seen this? Wait! Wait! Look at this! Great! I can do other stuff too! See that? I slipped over myself! What do you think? He's a bit of a one-trick pony Yeah, let's go.
Okay, Joe! We'll be in touch! Hey, one more thing! Before you go! Ready? So, how do we play this game, "punchies"? It's easy! You just give each other friendly digs in the arm.
Like this! Your turn has terminated.
Commencing my turn.
Finding a friend is harder than I thought Hey! I heard you're looking for a third.
Yeah, but it's proven a little Stop looking.
I'm in.
W-Well, Leslie, i-it's not as simple So, what are you having for lunch? W-Well, Leslie, i-it's not as simple So, what are you having for lunch? Oh! Beef stew? Me too! We're having pizza Let's sit together! I'm going in the middle.
Oh, this is so much fun! From now on, we can do everything together FOREVER! Whew, I think we lost him.
Finding a friend is really hard.
Yeah, what do we really want from a friend? Well, they should be athletic to protect us from bullies, rich so we can play with their toys, have a colourful personality and most of all, be really good at listening.
Hey, you guys! I couldn't help, uh, listening to everything you just said, and I uh think you're in luck.
Athletic? Check! Rich? Check! Colourful? Check-a-leck-a-ding-dong.
You know what, guys? I'll be your friend.
Really? Uh huh.
For 20 bucks.
What?! I'll give you a moment to think about it.
I dunno about this, Darwin.
But this is what we've been looking for.
He is perfect! I suppose it's only 10 bucks each.
Yeah About that Can I borrow 10 bucks? Fine Great! Man, this is gonna be awesome! Hey, hey, guys! Wait up! Guys! And then, Tobias said: "I know you are, but, what am I?" And everyone laughed! And then I said: "You" Oh, yeah! And then Tobias showed me this really cool thing where you shake your hands behind your back and say: "Nice to meet me".
And everyone laughed! He's a really cool guy! Well, he's OK, but What do you mean he's OK? He's the best guy EVER! It's not like you've played with him your whole life.
I might as well have.
I feel like I've known him forever.
Gumball! I'm sorry, that must have just flown off my fork.
Anyway, the funniest thing happened to me today: I was going into class when That's great.
Now, tell me more about this Tobias guy.
Everyone, pair up! And make sure it's with your best friend, because we're playing Trustball.
Great! Now I finally get to spend some time with Darwin! Hey, Gumball.
Tobias was just telling me about his new computer-games console.
Yeah, yeah, it’s a Z Station.
They are not even out yet.
Let’s play tonight! Sleepover at yours? Ya, sure! We can have a sleepover.
20 bucks.
10 bucks.
I’m not coming.
You’re not? No! I’m having a sleepover with my new best friend Alex! Alan.
We’re gonna play Dodge or Dare all night! You are? We are? Yeah.
And it’s gonna be loads more fun than some stupid computer game! Great! Looks like it all worked out then.
See you later! Oh, can I borrow 10 bucks? Thanks! Wait for me, Tobias! Ah, come on, Adrian! Roll the dice! Roll the dice! I can’t! I got no hands! Argh! Fine! I’ll do it for you! Six.
Pick a card! I still have no hands! Argh, do I have to do everything?! Listen, Gumball, do you really wanna be doing this? I mean, we’ve never even hung out before, and now we are having a sleepover.
Did I ask for your opinion, Alfred?! Can I at least call my mom? Fine! But keep it quick! Still no hands.
Number! This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had! All for just 10 bucks! Catch! What are you doing? No hands! Look, Gumball.
What’s really going on here? Oh, Arthur.
Who am I kidding? I’m not having as much fun as I’ve been making out.
All I can think of is Darwin! Go to him! Your best buddy is about to play computer games with someone who’s rich, athletic, multi-colored and a good listener! He’ll never play Dodge or Dare with you again! They will be best friends forever and I’ll just be a memory! I have to get my best buddy back! But it’s too late! Dude, it’s never too late for friendship! Yes! I’ll never forget you, Adam! Andrew? Alice? Hey, kid, please lend me your bike! I’m about to lose my best friend! Okay! 50 bucks! 20 bucks! 70! Get out of the way! I can’t! Get out of the way! I’m a brick wall! Hey, Max, what’s all the commotion? Hey, kid, you can’t go that way! No time! I wish I'd listened back then.
Feel like I’m missing something Missing something? What? Ah, never mind.
I already forgot.
By the power of friendship! Oh, man.
Gosh darn it! All because of those stupid ants and their stupid cookie! This is all their fault! "Uoo! Look at me! I’m a third ant!" Those stupid, stupid ants! Woo! Made it to the top! I’m coming for you, buddy! Hold on Where’s Darwin?! What did you do with my friend?! Uh He’s in the garden I think Gumball! Dude, I’m outside.
I can’t believe you were gonna play computer game with Tobias.
But you played Dodge or Dare with someone else.
It didn’t mean anything.
I don’t even like Adam.
No, whatever.
Best friends? Forever! Hey guys, shall I plug in a third controller, or what? No! What do you wanna do today Gumball? I'm waiting right here for mom to drive me to "Elmore Senior Talent Show".
Robinson's headlining.
But it doesn't start for another ten hours.
And you're not invited.
I don't care! Tonight's the biggest night of Mr.
Robinson's life and I have to be there! Tonight's the night, Margaret.
This town is finally going to see the real Gaylord Robinson.
Why can't you ever be happy for me? There he is now! Save yourselves! It's too late for me! Just get over on the sidewalk, dude.
Please remember me, guys, so I'll always be alive in your heart.
Oh, for crying out loud! My whole life is flashing before my eyes! And it's boring! Darn kids.
You saved my life, Mr.
Robinson! I didn't save your life.
I just didn't run you over! NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY!! No way.
I am not leaving your side until I've saved your life in return.
Get off my car! I'll nevereverleaveyourside! Don't make me shout at you.
I gotta save my voice for tonight.
Oh, dear Universe above me, thank you for the gift of Mr.
I swear on my life, I will repay this debt.
What did he say? I don't know.
Whose turn is it, anyway? Hmm, mine.
I spy with my lil' eye Well, Margaret, since you won't take care of my precious instrument, I'll get the cough drops myself What are you doing here? I'm here to save your life! Not today of all days.
Just get away from me kid.
I mean it! Here they are.
Antiseptic action What's this hazardous object doing in the middle of the floor? Mr.
Robinson can trip over it.
Safely out of the way.
What?! No! Mr.
Robinson! He's out cold! Now's my chance to save him! Step aside.
I know CPR.
No, no! I sure hope that hasn't affected my vocal cords.
Robinson, you're choking! Gumball! What the? That's my heart So, I saved your life, right? NO, you darn nearly ended it! Now leave me alone! A healthy glow will make me look my best for tonight.
Robinson! Oh, no! I'm too late! Why wasn't I here to save you? Why?! No! NO! I refuse to let you go! He looks so peaceful CLEAR! What do you think you're doing?! I'm bringing you back to life! But I was alive! Better safe than sorry! Welcome home, Mr.
Robinson! I booby trapped your front door! Why? To protect you from intruders.
All you have to do is ring the doorbell, like so Wait! Why would an intruder Are you okay? Listen, kid.
This is the most important night of my life.
I’m gonna shine like a star! And I don't want you around to ruin it! But I've gotta be there! To save your life! Just leave me alone, kid.
Just leave me alone! I'll never repay my debt to Mr.
Robinson I failed you, Universe! Poor Gumball What can we do to help him? I got an idea! I said throw near him, not at him! Ow! Oh, it's so painful.
Oh man, that hurts.
Ow, I'll try to walk it off! Ow! Bad idea! There's a note tied to it! Let's see Mr.
Robinson will be assenominated assisanattatted assasina-ta-ta Assassinated! assassinated at the talent show! This is terrible! No, wait This is what I've been waiting for! Mr.
Robinson! Well, Margaret, it's nice that you finally decided to show your support for me tonight.
What do you mean you're only coming to see me fail? Mr.
Robinson! You can't go to the talent show tonight! YOU'RE GONNA BE ASSASSINA! He's so brave.
Take it away Bert! Wake up! Ok, Darwin, here's the plan.
We drop heavy sand bags near Mr.
Gumball will notice and push him out of the way, just in time to save his life.
Got it? Got it! We drop these heavy sand bags on to Mr.
Robinson's head.
No! We don't actually hit Mr.
Hit Mr.
Ok, I understand.
Maybe I should try reverse psychology.
Ok, Darwin: the plan is we drop all this stuff at Mr.
Robinson's head.
That's what I've just said.
Just do what I do.
Oh, man And now, ladies and gentlemen, would you, please, welcome to the stage our second and final act, Mr.
Gaylord Robinson! Good luck, dad! Up til' now, my life's been good.
Treated me well, I can't complain.
Met a woman, raised the kid and every day just felt the same.
But there's something deep inside of me that always wanted to be free.
And now I think the time is right to show you what I mean! I wanna sing! I wanna dance! I wanna touch the sky with my own two hands! If I sing to the world, it'll set me free, and let me be who I wanna be! Dance, dance and sing! I'm gonna give it my everything! What's he doing? I don't know, but it's pretty good.
Now it's our chance to "assassinate" him! as I whisk you off to a wonderland! I'll hip-hop and jive with my heart and my soul! Did Gumball see any of that? down to the bump, to the rock and the roll, I'll Maybe, he'll notice the trapdoor.
I'll fly like a bird if you set me free! Like a skylark on the wing, or a rosebud in the spring, like a gangster and his bling, like fish bait from a sling, like a puppet with no string, like an English feudal king! Like all those kinds of wonderful, wonderful, things! Show yourself, assassin, and fight like a man! Let's try the special effects! Under the seats? Whoa, who is this guy? That's my dad! ROCK ON, DUDE! I wanna be free NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mr.
Robinson! Please, come with me now.
It's not safe here! No! Go away! Oh my gosh! You really did save my life.
Robinson! Way to go, dad! Bravo! Thank you, everybody! Thank you! Thank you so much! I don't deserve all of this.
Thank you! Thank you! I love you! And your love means so much to me Thank you, infinite Universe for sending us our very own star: Mr.
Robinson! Thank you, everybody! I love you! You put me where I'm today! Thank you so much Oh, no! I think we squished Mr.
Robinson! Nah, he's Ok.
Let's go home.