The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

The End; The Dress

1 Can you think of any better way to spend our lives? Dude, I can't even think.
Has my heart stopped beating? Keep flicking.
Keep flicking.
THE END IS NEAR! THE END IS NEAR! THE END IS NEAR! THE END IS NEAR! For our discount sale, so hurry up.
That's weird.
Where do you think all those birds are going? What? You want my sandwich? Here, you can have it.
Please let me go! Okay, there's something going on here.
Yeah, first there was this weird message from the TV.
Then, the weird guy with the sign.
And now the animals are acting weird.
What's going on? Greetings organic units, would you be interested in signing up for the science club excursion to watch the solar eclipse in exactly 24 hours? 24 hours? Uh, what exactly happens in a solar eclipse? The Sun will be engulfed by the Moon and the world will be thrust into complete and unnatural darkness.
Whoa, uh, and uh, is this gonna be like like a bad thing? Well, the Mayans believed that it would signify the end of the world, but, of course, that was before the advent of science.
THE END OF THE WORLD!! Yes, but obviously, it's just primitive nonsense IN 24 HOURS!! Please let me finish WE'RE DOOMED!! I'll take that as a "yes".
24 HOURS?! Oh, this is horrible! All the things I wanted to do in my life, all my plans Ruined! RUINED!!! You know, I've been thinking 24 hours is actually quite a lot of time.
Hey, you're right! I mean, how many minutes are there in an hour? Like 60? So, that's like 60 times 24, which is Three billion seconds! That's like ages! We've got to make every second count! You know, Darwin, I've never asked you, what do you wanna do with your life? What are your hopes and dreams? Who is Darwin Watterson? Well, I guess, that makes me happy is helping other people who are less fortunate than ourselves due the circumstances beyond their control.
So I'd like to start a charity for Where are you going? Dude, I don't think the end of the world is time to get charitable.
And besides, you're getting a kind of boring.
I think we're better off doing some of the things I wanna do.
Darwin, what are we doing here? Learning hard, so we can get a career, a home and feed our children in the future.
Darwin! There is no future! We need to make the most of it right now! No listening some baboon drone on about algebra! Gumball, this is biology.
Oh, who cares?! It won't matter in 24 hours! Kiss me, Penny! I’ve got a surprise for you today, children.
A surprise test! Well, I’ve got a surprise for you! I’m not gonna do the test because It’s the end of the world, and nothing matters anymore! Not even this! How's that for a surprise? So, come on, everybody, let’s turn our last day on Earth into the biggest party EVER! OK, on second thoughts, spending three hours on detention wasn't the best use of our time.
I'm gonna be late for my wedding now.
Wedding? Yes Darwin, my wedding.
By the power of the banana, it is my duty to ask if there's anyone here that has any reason why Gumball and Penny should not be joined in marriage.
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Actually, I've got more than one reason.
Firstly, I'm 12 and so are you.
Secondly, you didn't even propose to me, you're just trying to marry me in the school corridor.
Hey, guys! Happy wedding! And finally, this is not a wedding ring.
It's a bagel.
But you know what? That shouldn't stop you for asking me again in 20 years.
Oh, but you don't have 20 years.
Shhh I love her too much to let her know the truth.
Hey, wanna get married? Gumball, why do you have a perm? It's just something I've always wanted to do.
So, mom, under normal circumstances, how long do you reckon I'm going to live for? Well, your grandfather lived to be 102, so I wouldn't worry sweetie.
That's at least 90 more birthday presents.
Mom, I'd like to make you an offer you can't refuse: I wanna combine all of my birthday presents in one manageable lump present.
So, can I have a pony after dinner? What are you laughing at? Nothing.
Do you want a tutu with that? If I get you a pony, you'll get bored of it in a day.
Not an issue.
Okay I'll get you a pony.
Thank you, finally! As soon as your father starts laying golden eggs.
I haven't given up yet! All right.
I was going to spare you, guys, but Okay This morning, the TV spoke to me, and here's what it said, "Dark times are upon us burns everything it touches to ash".
So, basically, there's gonna be the solar eclipse, and it's gonna be the end of the world.
No one believes us.
Have you tried to do something about it?! Well, Gumball got a perm and tried to get married.
I mostly ate ice-cream on a roller-coaster.
That's not what I'm talking about! We need to plan our survival! Apocaly-dips or not, the Wattersons will LIVE ON!!! Come on, come on! We need to go faster!! Dad, I think you need to take the handbrake off.
GOOD IDEA! Dad, you're in reverse.
CORRECT! LET'S WALK! First thing to do in an emergency is to panic and buy everything you can.
Hey! No running in the supermarket.
Ok! Let's race walk.
This is pretty effective.
Well, it's an Olympic event, you know? Now, you grab as much food as possible! AH! Queue! We don't have time for that! Look dad! The self-service aisle! Unexpected items in the bagging area.
Please try scanning it more slowly.
Insufficient scanning speed.
Please try scanning faster.
A little bit faster.
A little bit faster.
A little bit faster.
Scan successful.
YES! Item unrecognized.
Unexpected item in cranium area.
Please rescan.
Insufficient scanning speed.
Hey! Come back here! You didn't pay for that! Dad, is this really necessary? Absolutely.
In every disaster movie I've ever seen, the family survives by hiding in a bunker.
Richard, that's not a bunker.
It's a toilet.
C'mon, guys.
Think outside the box.
This's got everything we need: a toilet, a I don't think we're all going to fit in there.
We have to.
Dad, for the last time, there won't be any apocalypse.
It's just an eclipse.
Apocaly-gyps, apocaly-clips It's all the same smarty-pants.
I think this might be easier if you left the TV outside.
Nicole, you're describing a world I do not wish to live in.
I'll sacrifice myself.
Look, honey, why don't you and the boys stay in here and keep acting complete lunatics, while Anais and I sit outside and watch the eclipse? Boys, what do you think you're doing? We're sacrificing ourselves for your survival.
After the apocalypse, you guys, will have to repopulate the Earth.
Tell the children of the future of our heroism, our sacrifice.
And our perm! We love you! Gumball Watterson, come back here immediately! I'm not spending the afternoon in a toilet! This is it, buddy.
I'm proud of spending my lasts moments with you, Gumball.
Me too.
Here it comes.
Duuuude, you just got moooooned! What is wrong with that guy? That was a bit anti-climatic.
But at least we've learned something today, that every moment of our life should be lived to the fullest, because it can be very long or very short, my friend.
That is very true, Gumball.
So, what do you wanna do now? TV? Yeah.
Richard, do something! Don't worry, girls, I've been in this situation before! I'm going to kick the door open.
Yup, that's exactly what happened last time.
Gumball, Darwin! C'mon, we're gonna be late for school! Be there in a second.
By my calculations, these ice cubes will allow us to glide down stairs at almost the speed of light! Go! Awesome! Ready! You can't go to school like that! You're naked! But I can't find my clothes.
Dad! Morning, son! Why are you sleeping in the garden? Because I've been up all night doing the laundry, just like your mother asked me to.
Whatever you do, don't do the laundry.
Aye, aye, captain! Great! Can I have my clothes? Of course.
Here you go! They're so tiny.
And so clean.
Kinda tight, too.
You know how your mom feels about public nudity! Not to worry.
I’ve got just the thing! Here you go! What? Mom’s wedding dress? I can’t wear that! But everything else is in the wash! I’d rather go naked! But if you do, your mother will know I’m a terrible father-slash-husband! Please son! Do this for your own dad! Okay, I’ll wear the dress Thanks son! I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this wardrobe’s still standing Here we go! Gumball! What are you wearing? Dad ruined all my clothes and made me wear that stupid dress! I can not let anyone recognize me.
Who are you? My name is Quick! Think the name Think the name Gum, ball-- Oops! Egg Wobble- Underpants! Is that a foreign name? Yes! Yes! I’m uh from uh Europe! Where in Europe? Gum Bald No! Wig! Battleaxe? Ninja! Can you believe that, Darwin? Darwin? She dropped her button Oh, boy.
Ok, Ok.
Settle down and take out your math homework.
I forgot to do my homework.
Can I copy yours? You can copy mine.
No, mine! You can copy mine.
No, mine! How about mine? Well, well, well.
You are not trying to cheat, are you Gum? Who are you? I'm a I'm That's GumBallOopsEggWobbleUnderpants! From GumBaldNoWigBattleaxeNinja! That's in Europe! Quiet! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! But you're wearing a beautiful dress, so it must be true.
Why don't you sit there and look pretty? While the rest of us get on with class! What just happened? I'm so happy! Anais! The most wonderful, incredible, amazing thing has happened! What? I'm in looove! She's the most beautiful, most wonderful, most amazing, most wonderful, most Here she comes! Stop! There's a puddle! We can't let you walk through that! Let me help No! Let my fly you over I could build you a bridge No! Let me carry you in my mouth! I can just walk around Like this.
Oh! She's so clever So independent! What a free thinker! What was all that about? It's the dress.
What? They think you're a beautiful girl.
People'll do anything for a beautiful girl! Anything! You're right! I am beautiful! You really go once for a genius, sis! She will be mine! That was weird Oh, well! Today is gonna be awesome! She's as cool as nighttime, She's as bright as day.
When she looks in your eyes, She takes your breath away.
She could move a mountain, Make a fire start.
On a smaller scale, She could break your heart.
She's a lady! A fine lady! She looks like an angel, She's sent from above.
She's a lady! A super lady! And with this kitten I'm smitten, I'm bitten by the bug they call love! Now the lady may be mine.
Yeah, the lady may be mine.
Thanks, guys! Yeah, no problem! Any time! Gumball, what's going on? It's just like you said! All day long people have been bending over backwards for me! Hey, new girl! How's it going? I love being beautiful! You should give it a try! Darwin asked me to give you this "Meet me at the stomach destroyer roller coaster at 6PM".
Then he put three "X"s, to show how extreme it will be! It's a love letter! He thinks you're a girl You'll give yourself worried lines with all that nagging.
And you'll never be beautiful, like me! She came, she actually came! Hey, you ready, Darwin? She knows my name! This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! I know this is kinda sudden, and I hope you won't think I'm a fool.
Yeah, this is really cool! But, who am I to deny fate? I know! This is gonna be great! What I really mean is What? I love you.
So, now you see the real price of beauty.
Ah, he really thinks I'm a girl and he thinks he love me! You'll just have to tell him the truth, won't you, beautiful? I can't do that! He'll be heartbroken! Besides, he might tell everyone about the dress and I'll lose my powers! But, maybe if I keep up that, then in a few years Darwin will move on and meet another girl! And if he doesn't? I WANT MORE KIDS! Who's your pretty friend, Anais? It's me, dad Hello, "It's-me-dad"! Is she foreign? Hi, everyone! This is quite difficult for me to say, but what I'm trying to say is is I'm leaving.
But, why? Because the king of Europe has been kidnapped and they need my help 'cuz I'm so beautiful? You better get on that bus before you blow the whole thing! Have you got the balloon? Check! This a great idea of yours.
Staging a grand farewell for the darling of Elmore High! Remember, this isn't about you! Hey, everybody! Here he comes! Quick, get on the bus! This plan already reeks of failure.
What a perfect new girlfriend day! Just for having a new girlfriend, don't you think, fellas? She is leaving? Well, here it goes.
Hello, Darwin! You get more beautiful every time I see you.
But why are you leaving? I'm sorry my love, but Europe needs me.
Then take me with you! A love this special only comes around once in a lifetime.
We must nurture it, take care of it, let it grow and blossom like a a a A potato? A potato! You are a true poet, my love.
And although we'll never see each other again, my heart and all my other internal organs will always belong to you.
All aboard! I have to go now.
Bus is leaving, bye! She's an angel Look out for the Sun! Go left! Go left! NOOOOOOO! Why? WHY? Gumball, go to him.
I'm so sorry, Darwin.
She was really special.
But think of it this way, it's better to have loved, and watched that love be burned before your very eyes, than to have never loved at all.
So, why don't you and me head home, cover ourselves in ice cubes and jump from the biggest set of stairs we can find.
What do you say, buddy? Okay Excuse me.
I know this is a bit sudden.
I mean, we hardly know each other, but, I think I love you.
Your silence says a thousand words.
I guess some people just can't help making fools of themselves.
Look, there's Gumball! And he's naked! DON'T MOCK ME! I used to be beautiful.