The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e07 Episode Script

The Code

Are you guys having problems with the wi-fi as well? I don't know, but I've been-een-een waiting for thi-this video to load for ages.
What? Sorry, we're so dependent on the Internet that our brains literally can't function without it.
So, do you have a problem with the wi-fi or not? Well, I-I-I Come on.
I'm just really confused by Dad.
Has thou fair imps encountered trouble with the sacred thread of communion? I'm in character.
I'm a dark elf.
I was in the middle of a raid on a dwarf burial ground.
So, do you have wi-fi or what? No, the Internet's down.
I knew this day would come.
Kids, there's something I have to tell you.
You're not my father?! How did you guess?! No.
We've just been using Robinson's wi-fi for years.
That would explain why the network is called "Get Off My LAN Watterson.
" Yeah, well, when he asked me to help him set up his Internet, I kind of grabbed the opportunity to Mooch off it?! Mr.
Dad, how could you? Easy, you just turn it on, choose a pass code, and Oh, you meant in a moral sense.
Well, Mr.
Robinson must have finally got wise and changed the code.
No problemo.
We'll just get some wi-fi of our own.
Excuso, little burrito, it's mucho problemo.
You see, we got bad credito.
Why do you think we have a coin-operated fridge? Yecch! What are we gonna do without the Internet?! Wait! I remember something.
Something from a time long forgotten, a mystical repository of long-lost knowledge, which the ancient people called a bo-oic.
Are you trying to say "book"? Exactly! A "buque.
" Entertain me! Hmm.
It's not touch-sensitive, and it looks like a double keyboard with the letters all messed up.
What is wrong with you? It's like you've only got one neuron left and you're using it for stupidity.
It's because we don't have to retain any knowledge.
It's always readily available online.
Well, I guess you'll just have to take what the Internet does and do it yourselves.
Dude, I think I found a way to reproduce the Elmore Flix experience.
Now we can get back to looking at thumbnails for hours without actually watching anything.
Well, in that case, you may also like Blung What's that? Your in-box.
Aw, cute! It's like the little e-mail icon.
Hey! "Look who got stuck in a lawn chair!" He had to drive to the hospital to get it removed.
"Did you know what you copied Mr.
Dad in your e-mail?" Oh, no! How?! Ah! Hey! Maybe you should just e-mail him to apologize.
Nah, this manual e-mail is way too complicated.
Yeah, much easier to bounce digital messages from server to server between interlinked computers.
What about Mr.
Dad, though? Did you get those pictures of that guy stuck in a lawn chair? What a fool! You know what I miss most about the Internet? Your royal Nigerian pen pal? Yeah, him too.
But I meant playing online with other nice kids from all over the world.
Say cheese, 'cause you're about to get your head shot! Oh, yeah?! Well, I hope you like the taste of your own butt, because that's what you're getting handed for dinner! Hey, have you ever noticed that if you say "I'm gonna insert-made-up-verb your insert-made-up-noun," everything sounds like a really rude alien insult? Like, I'm gonna cybernize your thrusters! I'm gonna gallifrak your automatron! I'm gonna creptify your proto eggs with this word! Zittlepus! It's a type of frog.
Scores 32.
Insults are on point, but the game play is boring, and the graphics are terrible.
Hmm? "I bought these ping-pong balls two months ago" and was shocked when they turned into small chickens.
I have to say they don't function as well as the more common ping-pong balls, "and it's very hard to get backspin to a chicken.
" What is this? "Very disappointing.
I purchased this sled-hammer" to enjoy the snowy slopes of Vermont, and only managed to slide a couple of inches.
"I would not purchase again.
" What the hashtag, dollar sign, at-sign, asterisk is going on here?! "This tank is completely unsuitable for modern warfare.
" Though the glass panels provide a wide field of vision, "I worry my fish will be exposed to enemy fire.
" Dude, Larry's coming.
Nah, it's fine.
The beauty of trolling is that you're anonymous.
You Wattersons are banned! Thank you for shopping at Food 'N Stuff.
Don't worry.
All I have to do is change my IP address.
- How? - You reboot your router.
Did it work? No.
I still remember my name.
Maybe we just move on.
Gumball just checked into the cafeteria! What are you doing? Exactly what I do on Elmore Plus.
What, looking at people's pictures and being jealous of their lives? What was that? Laughing my butt off.
You forgot the laughing bit.
Ah, no one really laughs on the Internet.
They just go I am walking to a table! Hey, look at my food! Look at it! Do you like it?! You like my face? Hashtag no filter! Come on, give me a thumbs up.
Dude, he doesn't have thumbs.
I'll try something else.
This boy was diagnosed with a rare condition.
One like him with one prayer.
Ignore if you don't care about his pain.
Maybe he's not online.
Let's poke him! Look! I don't feel like Dude, you have to type, or we don't know what you're saying.
Look, I don't feel like goofing around today.
My grandma's really sick.
I like that.
What do you mean you like it?! Sorry, man.
There's no button to express sympathy without having to do all that typing.
I mean, after all, we're only Elmore Plus friends.
That's it! I'm deleting you from my friends list! How do you delete someone in real life? I suggest we run before he works it out.
What are you guys up to? We're crowd-funding to pay for our own Internet.
I think you mean you're begging.
No, it's not begging if you offer perks.
What perks? For $1.
00, you get a verbal thank you.
For $10, you get a smile and a warm feeling in your heart.
- Yeah, that's begging.
- Anais?! We really need that wi-fi back.
Dad usually looks online for tips on raising kids.
But now he has to improvise.
Mom said I have to take you to the park! You're gonna have to hack Mr.
Robinson to get the password.
- How? - Ah! I left instructions for you! - Where? - Check your box drop! What's a box dr What is this place? This is cyberspace, Darwin.
Better switch to incognito mode so the cyber-police can't trace us.
Who's that? Probably a fellow hacker.
We should greet him in a friendly fashion.
This is Robinson's house.
Ah! Access denied?! How do we get in? Anais says we need to find the back door.
You gotta hand it to Mr.
Robinson he keeps a tidy desktop.
Look, he left a window open! Almost there! Aah! Do something! Do something useful! Oh, sorry.
Maximize the window! It's not working! Oh, hold on.
Sorry, buddy.
I should have known that clicking faster never works.
What's that? The firewall! Quick! We don't have much time before someone spots us! What do we do?! We're gonna have to use a Trojan horse.
I have trouble seeing how this will save us from being detected.
The anti-virus! - Where?! - There! Quick, let's hide in one of these folders! - We won't fit! - We can compress our files.
I think our files got corrupted! What n-n-now? Hit control-Z! Too far! Control-Y! Now for Anais' next step.
We need to get Mr.
Robinson to accept cookies.
Nothing's happening.
Maybe 'cause he's in sleep mode.
Let's try a worm.
Guys, what are you doing?! Hacking Mr.
Robinson, like you said.
I mean hack his computer, not his face.
What exactly have you been doing this whole time? How do you do, good sir? - The anti-virus! - Meh.
Yeah, well, you should have been more specific.
Let me in.
That's weird.
He never changed his password.
Wait a minute.
The wi-fi isn't down.
He's using all of it up with all these stupid tool bars.
Well, fix it, then! Quick! - I need more time.
- I got this.
All you have to do is hack into the mainframe, adjust the power options, and put it to sleep.
What? Oh, that was less stupid than I thought it was gonna be.
Meh, meh, meh.
Yay, the Internet is back! We can get back to refusing invites from obscure relatives to play lame games on Elmore Plus! Reposting someone's original content and pretending it's ours.
And correcting people's grammar in their Elmore Stream comments.
Anybody got a quarter for the electric meter?!