The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e08 Episode Script

The Scam

Double, double Toil and trouble Fire burn and caldron bubble Eye of newt and toe of frog Wool of bat and tongue of dooooooog Thank you! Next.
Wow, good Halloween mask! It's not a mask.
I'm allergic to the face paint! Huh, c-minus then.
Go to the infirmary.
Oh! Unh! Next! For my show-and-tell I have a Halloween story! Legend tells of a terrible monster that dwells in the underworld, so evil and ugly that words cannot describe it! So I'll use mine.
Anyway Every year, the king of the underworld sacrificed a soul for the creature to devour until one year, he demanded the hand of the king's daughter in marriage.
The king agreed on the promise of no further sacrifice.
But the Princess, disgusted by the monster's appearance, left him at the altar.
In his sorrow, the monster ate everything at the banquet table and every soul around it! He was banished and all mention of his name forbade, for to speak his name would be to invite him into our world, which is why you should never utter the words "Gargaroth the devourer"! Uh That's right.
"Gargaroth" is a name you should never say! The mere mention of "Gargaroth" would summon Gargaroth into our world, and believe me, Gargaroth is not a nice guy.
Gargaroth is can you please stop saying it?! Did I say "Gargaroth"?! Eh, that wasn't scary.
I'll give an a-a-a-a-a-a! An "a"? Really? No, I meant aaaaah! It's Gargaroth! Boo! Aah! And scene.
Good job, Carrie! This is gonna work.
Okay, I saw principal brown buying candy for the school store.
Then let's hit him first.
Okay, yeah, I'm gonna need more screaming and less judgmental staring in your performance.
It's not a performance.
All right, method acting.
I respect that.
No, I really am judgmental 'cause what we're doing is wrong! Eh, which part? The part where we pretend to summon Gargaroth and use Carrie's powers to scare people, the part where we pose as paranormal specialists to get rid of him, or the part where we get paid with everyone's trick-or-treat candy? Every part! What is wrong with you?! I'm tired, Darwin.
I'm tired of having to wear a mask on Halloween because people wouldn't give me candy if they knew it was me because of my reputation, Darwin.
My reputation.
All right, fine, it's because I'm greedy, but don't worry.
There will be plenty for you, too.
Nothing can make me go along with this dishonest scam! Not even to get close to Carrie? If she's gonna eat all that candy, she'll need a body to possess-s-s.
Ia-la la-la la Ia-la la-la la Ia-la la la la la Doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo Okay, when do we start? Hmm.
What are you doing here? Hmm, traces of ectoplasmic residue.
Telekinetic activity.
Can you please explain to me what's going on?! We're here to get rid of Gargaroth the devourer for a small fee, of course.
How much? We'll take those two bags of candy in the corner over there.
Unh! Hey, yeah Tell me, how low would you go Aah! to get the things you want? Aah! would you bend the truth So you can do what you want? It's Gargaroth! Gargaroth?! Have it your own way Show no fear, you're so Sincere Fire 'em up! She wasn't even possessed when she ate this.
Tell me, how low would you go? I'm getting paid double for this one.
Gargaroth! We'll take it from here! For a small fee! Thank goodness you're here.
How low how low, how low How low would you go? Hnh! Aah! How low how low, how low How low would you go? I finally reached a state of pure enlightenment! No, no, no, no, stop, stop! Help, help! Hey! Raisins?! Mmm-mmm-mmm! Gargaroooooooooooooooth! I'm glad we're gonna quit while we're ahead for once.
We are quitting, aren't we? Yeah.
You're lying, aren't you? Yeah.
We're gonna scam every bit of candy in this town, aren't we? Yeah.
There! Every last bit of candy in elmore! - All right - Dig in! Um, so, Darwin, do you mind if I borrow your body to, uh, you know? No problem.
Ow! Uh, guys, did the weatherman say cloudy with a chance of apocalypse? What's going on?! Gargaroth has taken over the school! What?! He's real?! I didn't know.
I thought he was just a ghost ghost story.
The wattersons! Thank goodness! They'll save us from Gargaroth the devourer! I always knew I'd get my 15 minutes of fame.
I just didn't think they'd be my last.
So, Carrie, I-in the story, h-how exactly did they manage to banish Gargaroth? That part was light on detail.
Through the sacrifice of a lone, selfless hero.
Yeah, uh, still pretty vague to be honest.
Run! Wait! If your story's true, all it takes is a hero this hero! Right, maybe not.
Run! We deserve this! We shouldn't have scammed all that candy! Yes! We need to feed him the candy! No way! I worked way too hard for that! You need to make a sacrifice like the hero in the story! No! Okay! Gargaroth! If your grossness agrees to release us, we will give you what your heart desires a sacrifice to your infinite fleshitude! Maximus haribos! He's a monster! Uh, duh! That's not what I meant! He's not even taking off the wrappers! Look out! One more mouthful, and he'll blow! Quick! I-is there any more candy left?! No.
Then run again.
Remind me to never believe anymore of your stories! That's it! He's only here because we made people believe in him! Then maybe if we close our eyes and stop believing Ohh! Gumball?! Gargaroth, stop! Why are you doing this? Is it really food you seek? Perhaps the emptiness isn't in your stomach but in your heart.
Gargaroth, no! If you promise not to destroy this world, I will fill the void in your heart.
What are you doing?! It's the only way.
Gargaroth, I will be Your bride.
I do.
And, you, Gargaroth the devourer, do you promise to share your clogged heart in health but mostly sickness and join me for eternally horrible matrimony in the underworld? I'll take that as a "yes.
" Then, with this kiss, let us seal our unholy union! Why did she have to be sacrificed?! There has to be another way! Uh N-no! All right.
Yeah, yeah, whatever! Okay, w-well, bye.
Oh, oh, u-unless you're hungry.
Not really.
What was left of that candy looked pretty well-digested.
Oh, right.
Never mind.
O-or we could just get an ice cream? Uh, I-i-I'd like Come on, already!