The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e12 Episode Script

The Copycats

Mom! Mm-mm.
Mm? Mm-mm-mm-mm.
No, I didn't get a new haircut.
Hmm? Hmm, hmm, hmm! No, I'm not desperately trying to get noticed for waxing my mustache.
Hmm! No, I haven't had my dentures whitened, and I don't wear dentures! And by the way, I can plainly see you're all miming, so just man up and ask.
What did we do wrong?! It might be that a certain someone forgot a certain something.
Uh, you're being a bit hypocritical here.
You can't be angry at someone for forgetting something if you can't even remember their name or what they forgot.
It's fine.
No need to make a fuss about it.
I got it.
There must be some secret fuss that I shouldn't know about! No, there is no fuss.
No fuss.
Got it.
No, seriously, there is no fuss.
You just said you didn't want a fuss.
Also, what is all this fuss about? Sure, you didn't organize any fuss.
I'm not bluffing.
There's no fussing.
Oh! I wonder who this could be! Oh! A sing-a-gram! Uh Hello, my darling Hello, my baby This is from the IRS You better pay it, they're getting serious Your home will be repossessed There you go.
What? A party! I knew it.
Yay! Even acupuncture couldn't save him.
"It's a special day!" Aww! "Get 25% off at Dave's Skywriting Emporium"? Wait, so you really haven't organized anything? Oh.
It's all right.
It's quite all right, really.
Don't make a fuss.
Okay, then.
Something about her body language tells me she doesn't mean that.
Pack your bags, we're about to go on the round-the-world guilt trip.
Unless we figure out what we should be making a fuss about.
Dirty socks and filthy clothes When all I wanted was a sweet red rose And how could anyone forget or fail to see why I'm upset He made me laugh with things he said But now he can't remember the day we Aaaah! Gumball! Put out the fire! Ahh! No, don't! Aah! Pwah! The song! Finish the song! No.
A certain someone should know why today is important.
Why did you say we shouldn't be making a fuss if you get all angry about it when we don't? "No need to make a fuss" is a thing people say, but they obviously don't mean it.
It's all in the subtext, like when someone says, "I'm only two minutes away.
" "But we should stay in touch.
" Or, "It's fine, honey.
" Uh, okay.
So, are you gonna tell us what we should be celebrating? Don't worry about it, sweetheart.
It's kind of difficult to organize a party if we don't know what it's for.
What's appropriate? Cake? What if it's the anniversary of some tragedy? A black cake? Let's keep it as vague as possible.
Like this, look.
"Today's the day.
" Do I draw a smiley face on the card or not? Make it both! Mm.
Keep it neutral.
Good choice! Beige, the Wednesday of colors.
Like a visual muzak.
As noncommittal as can be.
Okay, I'll be Mom coming in.
Everyone, try and look as bland as possible.
I feel nothing.
It's perfect.
She's coming! Get ready to sing the everything song! Today's so very important, it doesn't come very often For reasons you thought we'd forgotten Today is all about you It's such an important day It's such an important day Happy today to you, happy today to you Happy today, dear Nicole Unless it's kind of sad, too This day for you Is important for us, too A sad and serious day unless you want us to say hooray We know this idea is not strong This is clearly a Christmas song We can't keep this up for too long So tell us what's wrong "With deepest feelings on this momentous occasion.
" Smooth.
We baked you a cake.
Really? Dad, she was looking you right in the eye.
It's you who's forgotten something! What is it? Okay.
Let me think.
What's going on? I think he's using his brain! This is dangerous! He's pushing way past his usual limits! Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! He's not gonna make it! No, Darwin.
He has to do this.
Aaaaah! I got it.
What is it? We ask for a clue! Can you please just tell us why today is so special so this family can get back to functioning in its usual dysfunctional way? It's November 1.
Our wedding anniversary.
Since when do swans have nipples? Dad, there's only one way to save the day With a totally over-the-top, disproportionate, overblown gesture.
You're right! I don't know what's so special about October 11, but I know it's an important day to your mother, so I'm going to make sure I never forget it again.
How? Hmm.
That's not a swan.
It's an elephant.
What are you talking about? Well, didn't you ever wonder why we went on summer vacation in January? The calendar was upside down.
Today is October 11, not November 1.
I'm going to get a tattoo of October 11 on my butt! Okay, a tattoo is a big commitment.
You should probably think about it for So, it turns out I was What? You know, I was She thought today was their wedding anniversary, but it isn't.
She's trying to say she was wrong, but her mouth is pathologically incapable of saying those words.
Well, I hope her legs are capable of making up for it.
What? Why? It looks just like her.
I'd like this on that.
What are you doing? I couldn't see ahead! Then we're gonna have to run.
Ow! It hurts so bad! Oh, no, no, no! I can't do it! It's too painful! Dude, I assure you, that's a reasonable price for a tattoo.
Ahh, please don't be a butt, please don't be a butt, please don't be a butt.
Oh, thank you, universe.
Technically, that's my face.
Uhh, that's my butt.
Let's go this way! We can see where we're going in this direction! Wait! What? You're holding it upside down.
Almost got the date wrong there.
Where is it? By the strip mall, somewhere on the left.
I can't see anything! Oh.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.
Wait, I gotta write you a ticket before I forget what happened.
Stop! What? Where's my husband? I'm here! Oh, here.
What have you done? Ahh, don't worry, honey.
Oh, thank goodness.
You didn't go through with it.
No, I totally went through with it.
I just meant that he gave me a discount so you don't need to worry about the price.
Oh, Richard.
Now I'll never forget what day it is.
I will always look at this and think, "I wonder what day that is," forever.
But I was wro Huh? She messed up with the date and she was wrong.
Well, that's a day to remember.
Aw! Just kidding.
I know exactly how to fix this.
How? Now I'll never forget to think about you every day.
What do you think? Hmm.
I love it.