The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e13 Episode Script

The Potato

Hand it over Everything of value.
I said everything! Is this really necessary, Mom? I'm not taking any chances.
But he's my father! He's not gonna steal from us.
Richard, he's a con artist.
That 24-karat necklace he sold you was made of actual carrots.
Yeah, but at least I remembered your birthday.
Come on.
He invited us over.
He's making an effort.
He probably wants something from us.
Or sell something to us.
Or sell one of us.
You have arrived at your destination.
It is an awful neighborhood.
Does Grandpa Frankie really live in there? It could be worse.
He could live in that.
Hello, Wattersons! Come on in! Oh.
Excuse the houseguests.
So, let me give you a tour.
Here's the living area and that's the end of the tour.
It's uh Well, it might not be much, but it's home for me And about 25 different species of parasite.
It's good to see you, Pop.
Nice to have the family all together.
I was gonna get in touch sooner, but my phone broke.
Anyway, you guys hungry? Sure! Me too.
I thought there'd be some food coming after that question.
No, just sad music.
O kay.
How about a glass of water? Sure.
Where are you going? I get my water from the toilets.
I'll boil it when I get back.
Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Yeah.
This is great! Let's leave now.
What?! Wait.
What?! Richard, listen, I'm gonna try and say this as nicely as I can.
This place is worse than a Porta-Potty at a punk music festival that's been left stewing in the sun for a week.
Wow! What was the harsh version like? I would have expanded on what the punks did inside.
Don't you get it? He lives in a confined space, he's not used to modern technology, and look.
Two rats roasting a cockroach over an open fire? No those.
The bars on the windows.
Where did Grandpa say he was all those years when he was away? I don't know He just said he was somewhere no one could contact him or visit.
Don't you see? He was in prison! He can't do anything for himself anymore.
He needs routine and people telling him what to do.
We should create a familiar environment for him.
Where? Home.
We need to bring Grandpa Frankie home Our home.
Yes! Ohh! Oh, hey, Anais! It sure is kind of you guys to invite me It's "Miss Watterson" to you, perp! Walk and talk with me.
I haven't got all day.
Okay, you're going inside.
Keep your nose clean, your head down, and, with good behavior, you'll be out of here in time for my graduation ceremony.
Operation Make Grandpa Frankie Feel At Home By Turning Our House Into A Prison is a go.
I just wish it had a catchier title.
Oh, hey, Nicole.
I hope I'm not late for dinner.
Hand it over! Uh thanks? And the rest.
Too much.
Careful when you launder that shirt, doll.
It's real silk.
So, uh, where is everyone? And what's with the face? I got a warmer reception at the igloo convention! Which is actually a thing, by the way.
How about you fix us a drink? Put that on! A gift? Too kind.
I think I just shed a tear.
Although, my face is wet, so it's hard to tell.
You sleep here.
Thanks, Nicole.
And can I just say that I guess I can't.
Oh, hey, kid.
Looks like we're sharing.
Nice tattoos.
What's that one? That's a portrait of my girl.
She's waitin' for me.
Quite the looker.
And that one? A unicorn battling another unicorn.
Means I'll always defend my homies.
And that? A lion with a baseball bat, so people know not to mess with me.
Kind of looks like a butt with a wig playing the oboe.
Does it? Yeah.
Well, it's hard to draw on your own back, okay?! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why is everyone so tense around here? And what's up with him? Yeah, I wouldn't mess with that one.
He belongs in a more padded cell, if you catch my drift.
So do you.
Aw! You think I'm criminally insane, too! Thanks.
I think I'm going to bed.
Hey! I get the top bunk, fish! Ohhh! What is this? Shower gel in a sock.
I couldn't find any soap.
Oh, whatever.
Good night.
Hey, Pop.
How you holding up? They say the first night's the hardest.
But don't worry.
I got ya.
Lights out!! Rise and shine, maggots! Ow! Hurry up, Pop.
You don't want to find out what happens if you're late.
And it's your turn to empty the bucket.
Ugh! Finally some privacy.
Hey, Pop.
We all shower together here.
Can you do my back? Uh sure.
So, what's for breakfast, doll? Waffles? French toast? Froot Loops? It doesn't look good, but I'm sure it tastes Nope.
So, not that I really mind, but aren't you gonna eat with us? I don't eat with you.
I'm not your friend.
I don't even want to see you unless I have to.
I think she's warming to me.
Uh, do you mind if I sit in that chair? Yes! Right.
I think I've lost my appetite.
Thanks, Pop.
Uh, isn't that a bit risky for a kid with only one finger? I wouldn't make eye contact with him.
Why? Ohh! No sleeping in the canteen! Yard now! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think you're becoming my favorite in this family.
I said now! Mm feels like we're being a bit mean to him.
What makes you say that? Eh I know my dad.
I can sense a subtle sadness in his eyes.
Leave this to me.
I stole some cookies from the commissary.
- Want some? - For real? Yeah, man.
Here you go.
See you later.
I'm not finished yet.
What do you mean? Contraband! You're going in the hole! Why are you doing this to me?! Let me out! Will someone let me out?! Okay, Mr.
, uh, Watterson.
I hear you have some complaints about how we run things around here.
You bet I do! They hosed me down, they fed me slop, they made me shower with them, and look at me like I'm the weirdo.
They insulted me, they stole my clothes, they locked me in here, and this time, they didn't even give me a bucket! Hold on.
I need more fingers.
Even that's not enough to count all the things they did to me.
Are you doodling? Yes.
It's a picture of you playing a tiny violin! Like it? I'm running a correctional facility, not some kindergarten for whining man-babies! Wait a minute.
I'm asking a 4-year-old to get me out of a shed, when I could just leave.
Where do you think you're going?! Richard, your family is deranged! This place is like a prison! I'm out of here! Wait! Family huddle.
Guys, I think there's a slim possibility that maybe we are absolutely nailing it! Good work, everyone! You're going nowhere, Watterson! Says who? Too much? Nah.
My head! Well, at least it can't get any worse.
Okay, it's 4:00 in the morning.
Time for Grandpa Frankie's gentle wake-up call.
Rise and shine, you maggots! He escaped! Hmm.
Of course! The poster! The window, Dad.
Of course! The window! Never mind.
Sound the alarm! We're gonna need something bigger.
So, where are we gonna lay low? Bolivia? Mexico? Chipotle? I got to get these handcuffs off.
So we go to a crooked blacksmith? Bribe a lumberjack? No! We just go to the police! So, Officer, allow me to explain why I'm running through the streets in a striped jumpsuit handcuffed to a tattooed delinquent.
Ehh! I'm in pursuit of a fugitive handcuffed to a tattooed child! You mean a 12-57? Uh if you say so.
Stop! Release the hound.
Come on! We'll lose them in here.
These tunnels go on for Freeze! End of the line, dirtball! Get back! You people are insane! If you come any closer, we'll jump! What?! We haven't discussed this! Frankie, no! We're not insane.
We were doing it for you To make you feel like you were in prison again.
Prison?! I never went to prison.
Then, where were you when Dad was growing up? I was running away from prison.
I got sentenced to three days in jail for selling parcels of the moon to senior citizens.
Then, if you weren't in prison, how come you can't cope with living on the outside? I was trying to get free rent and food out of you, okay? He was trying to scam us! I told you! Aw, Dad.
You should have just asked.
You can stay with us whenever you want.
In fact, why don't you come and live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? live with us? Nah.
- Uh - Hmm? Selling the moon to senior citizens, eh? You're going to prison! No rent, free food.
Why not?