The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s05e17 Episode Script

The Matchmaker

What? Remember your last birthday present? How can I forget? My present was an IOU.
Well, I'm afraid I'm gonna need that back.
Really? Because You got me a Game child? Made in Chainor? This is such a knock-off, even the country it was made in is a knock-off.
Did you buy it from the back of that van? Yeah, the Awesome Store! What's the problem? Everything we have is a knock-off.
Our TV's a Soppy Only two letters different, but that never stopped you from watching it.
Your superhero Badman.
He's a knock-off too, but you love his morally dubious adventures.
Even our doctor only has a doctorate in fine arts, but he did a great job on my appendix scar.
Okay, thungs.
What? That's knock-off for "thanks.
" That's the spirit! "Inverted Paradox The Enemy Within?" JRPG titles never make sense.
They're just random words thrown together.
The fashion equivalent would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, ski boots, and a top hat.
Actually, that does explain how the characters normally look.
Man ugh.
Dad, your console's not working! Go to bathroom, attic, bedroom? Aah.
ahh ahh aaaaahhhh! Uuuhh Dude, what is going on? Please enter name? I trapped us inside a video game! Aweeeesooome! Surely, this is gonna get old at some point.
** Can MYBUTT just use common sense and walk around it? Ah! I'm pretty sure I can handle a few ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow! A leaf monster would be susceptible to fire attacks.
Yes, I think most things are susceptible to fire attacks.
Ah! Whoo, yeah! Awesome! We did it! ** Okay, okay, we got it, we got it.
The Awesome Store's the villain.
I can't! There's no command to skip through his cut scene! Hold on! ** Getting loot.
No, if there are items hidden in these pots, they must be for me.
No, that's how it works in RPG's.
Whatever you find, you take.
I'm sure Mr.
Robinson doesn't mind.
I'm gonna go sleep in his bed now.
Yeah, well you did reject the alternative outfit.
But those leather platform boots would have given you plus 5 vision! Well, they make you taller, don't they? Aw, man! I can't fight my girlfriend! You have to! Okay, I'll try to calm her down.
Oh, how 'bout a gift? I love you! Smart phone acquired.
Thanks, Penny.
Sorry about the whole disfiguring you with a VHS player thing.
** Wait, I think this person has a clue for us! Really? I wonder what makes you say that.
No! A super tedious side quest that preys on every gamer's weakness! No! No, the compulsive need to complete every game to 100 percent.
** Worth it.
Aah! Aah! Aah! - Aah! - Aah! Aah! No, no, no Aah! Awesome! Wait, don't you kinda want to hear that awesome battle music one last time? Do-ba-do-ba-do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do-ba-do-ba-do, ba-na-na-naaaa.
You guys ready? 'Cause there's no turning back.
No, no, no, wait.
I forgot to save! I forgot to save! It's too late! The cut scene already started! No, no, no, nooooooo! Welcome.
Welcome to the end of your quest.
Prepare to fight your true enemy.
Aah! Oh, uh, sorry.
It's just you looked so evil, and you sold people all those cursed objects and stuff.
What do they expect when they buy things from the back of a van? Fair point.
Anyway, what were you saying? The secret is not a game.
The secret to beat the game is to beat the game.
Uhhhhhh, what? The console is the enemy.
Oooohhhh! "Inverted Paradox The Enemy Within.
" So the name actually meant something.
Makes sense, because we're playing the game in real life and the enemy is aah! How do we fight? We don't have the console anymore.
We take it on, hand to hand.
Hi-yah! Aren't you supposed to actually hit it? I'm not touching that with my bare hands.
I don't know where it's tentacles have been.
Wait, what happens in this game if we perish? I guess we perish in the real world, too.
Or worse We'll have to restart the whole game from the beginning.
Aah! Use the potion I gave you! But we might need it later! Dude, we literally only have one XP left! Aw, fine.
Aah! I meant, use it on us! Gumball, we still have the phone! Of course! No, we can use it to summon friends in battle! Oh, yeah, right.
** Aah! Ah, no one cares about the credits.
"Congratulations, you completed the game at 89 percent.
" Yay! Yay! What do you mean, 89 percent! "Do you want to start a new game?" No! **