The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e11 Episode Script

The Anybody

What are you doing in my house?! Oh, thanks, Mr.
I knew I could rely on you to wake me up! I can't be late for Miss Simian's class again.
I've already been late the once this week -- Well, three times if you count the other two times -- So I can't let her catch me again or she'll give me detention, and there's no way she's gonna catch me this time.
I mean it's not like I'm doing it on purpose.
I'm just a heavy sleeper, you know? I mean, you wouldn't want to be woken up at 7 a.
, would you? I mean, you would, because you're old.
What is it with old people and getting up this early? I guess you're just trying to drag out the last few days of life you've got left.
Anyways, have a nice day, bye! Wait! Wait, wait! Hey, stop, little boy, I need to borrow your -- Yes? Aaah! I need to borrow your wheels.
Let me in! Rocky, open the doors, let me in! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky, let me in! Wow, it really does sound like trash! Open the door! And so begins my 10-second countdown.
Wait! Hey? Aargh! You're late! Detention! Home time, everyone! Except you, Watterson.
I'll see you back here in five.
Ah! Oh, hey! Too bad about the detention.
Nah, it's all right.
I got this annoying breathing technique that's going to make it as hard for her as it is for me.
Cool story, Gumball! What?! Who said that? Me! Whoa, Clayton! You're disguised as a water fountain? Yeah, well, nothing interesting ever happens to me, so I thought I'd try becoming inanimate objects.
And -- spoiler alert -- Nothing interesting ever happens to them, either.
Try to relax Don't tire yourself out Avoid any form of training Samantha, finally! We've been waiting so long, Angela's clothes are back in fashion.
Oh, that one's pretty interesting.
Yeah, I wasn't the ball.
See? It's boring.
We're not all like you, Gumball, running around, stopping the school from being blown up, or wrestling an alligator.
I don't think he's ever wrestled an alli-- Dup! Let the boy finish.
I'm finished.
Fair enough.
Dude, you're wasting your talent.
If nothing cool happens to you, why not just change into someone else? If I've learned one thing from movies, it's that the key to happiness is never be yourself.
Okay, then I'll be Darwin! So, what are we gonna do? I do not sound like that.
Try clearing your throat.
Okay Oh, yeah, that's better.
Look, look.
No offence, but he's kind of the sidekick.
If you want real excitement, you gotta aim a little higher.
Y-You know, someone a little more awesome.
You know, someone who's a little bit -- Me! You could be me! Okay.
That's more like it.
Watterson, get in here! I know! I could sit your detention for you! Well, aren't you going to stop him? It's not right that he should be taking your punishment.
Oh, Clayton, no, please don't sit my detention for me.
It'll be a really bad idea I mean, he couldn't hear me.
I tried.
I tried hard.
Wait, if Clayton was the water fountain, then I must have been drinking -- Come on, let's go before Simian catches the real me.
Morning, kids! Huh? Hey, guys, it's me.
And it's us.
J-Just out of interest, Rocky, how many of "us" can you see? No, it's me, Clayton! I'm doing what you said.
Now I'm Rocky.
Dude, you can't drive! Oh, can't I -- Gumball, you started this, you have to stop it! But how do you stop somebody when they could be anybody, anybody, anybody, anybody -- You just don't want to do it, do you? Huh? Who are you? I'm -- I'm Doctor, uh Doctor Man.
I'm here to do doctoring things.
His stethoscope isn't even in his ears.
He's clearly Clay-- Hey, guys, it's me, Clayton.
I'm sorry about the bad driving.
But you got to admit it was fun! Oh, Dr.
Man! We've got a couple of patients we need you to attend to.
Uh, let me get my -- Um, err -- bag? What a pro.
He may be really shifty, but he's the best gosh darn surgeon I've ever met.
Clayton! Wait, what? This can't be happening! My -- My twin brother? I haven't seen you since last Sunday? Yes, here I am -- In Elmore -- for perfectly, normal Normal.
Um, legitimate reasons.
legitimate reasons.
Wait! Clayton's over there.
We need to stop him.
It'll certainly be easier than figuring out whatever this is.
And then he just rode away on it, bold as brass! Tell me again what he looked like? He's about yea tall with a hat, a green shirt, and an orange tie.
Okay, buddy, I'm gonna give you a 10-second head start.
Whoa, whoa! This is so much fun! Whee! Ooh-hoo! Huh? Ah, cauldrons! And I was two payments away from owning that broom.
At least I didn't fill it up with gas.
Quick, Clayton, turn into a bird! Okay.
No, not a nerd -- a bird! You know, like an eagle.
Got it! No, not a beagle! A bird! A bird! Oh, a bird! How is this gonna hel-- Well, at least he made it safe for us to cross the road.
That was awesome! This was such a good idea! Whoo-hoo! No, Clay-- Let me in, let me in! Hey, guys! I've locked myself out! We don't have time, man! No, I mean I've been locked out by myself.
Right, you've been locked out and you're on your own.
We still don't have time.
No, I mean, I have been locked out of my house by an individual who has exactly the same physical appearance as I do.
Why didn't you say so? Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you But it's my birthday! My cake, and they're my candles.
Okay, I promise never to be selfish again.
Please, spirits, show me no more.
Clayton's gone! There! One child's ticket, please.
Really, sir? Oh! I mean, one child's ticket, please.
Uh Unless senior tickets are cheaper.
Just go right on in.
Excuse me.
Did you see a guy-- Or a woman.
Old-- Or young.
Tall-- Or short? They all went in there.
Okay, this'll be easy.
The theater will be empty at this time of Let's split up.
The cat's out of the bag! Oh, my goodness, you're right! Martin! Martin, where are you?! I know who you really are! I smell a rat! Sorry, kid, that was me.
Game over! Busted! It's no good.
We've asked everybody.
Darwin! Darwin! And this is no time for ventriloquism.
Gumball? Then that's Clayton! Shh! Sorry.
Then that's Clayton! Whoa! Whoa! That was close-- Oof! Okay, well, as you're already down there, you can kind of sort it ou--! Whoa! Ahhh! Clayton, stop! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you to be someone else! I was wrong! But other people's lives are so much more exciting -- Especially yours.
Yes, that is true, but you've got to be yourself and live your own life! Why, thanks, Gumball.
Only you could have solved this terrible situation.
Nah, it's just what we do.
We run around for a while and then we save the day.
There's usually a bit more to it than that! You're right! Sometimes we sing! I believe Yeah, I think we're all good for the song, thanks.
We're done, yeah? Yeah, I guess so.
Cool, then -- What are we gonna do?! Quick, grab those ropes! Now what?! Don't worry -- I got this! Oh.
Clayton, are you all right?! Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.
But what about Gumball? Help! Help! Ah, yeah, sorry.
I made a deal with Gumball in the movie theater.
He let me do all the running around, saving the day bit as long as I promised to be myself from now on.
Clayton, stop being yourself and turn into something useful! Unh-unh.
I'm staying true to myself from now on -- As per your advice.
Oh! No, never mind, it's all right.
I've found an alligator to hold onto.
Help!! I thought you'd fought an alligator before.
Yeah, look, m-maybe if you tire him out a little bit -- Just tell him the truth! Okay, okay, I've never fought an alligator! Now come on, help me! Stand back! Why would you turn into a senior citizen?! I thought bringing wisdom and experience to the situation might help.
No? Ah! This makes me cooler than you, right? W-What? 'Cause I really did fight an alligator! Hey, Darwin, is he going to be okay? He'll be fine.
He's just had too much excitement for one day.
I think I know what to do.
I don't think this is working.
Yeah, well not everyone can handle the excitement of hanging out with me.