The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e12 Episode Script

The Pact

Without you I can't breathe Without you I can't breathe Well, this is weird.
I know, right? That new kid looks exactly like Principal Brown! I believe this is yours.
It's all right.
It's ruined anyway.
Hey! Hey! Hey! So, what happened to your car? Mm Hmm.
I feel like I've forgotten something.
It's in the shop.
So, what do you want to talk about? Anything but girls.
Ha ha! Don't get me started on girls.
I said no girl talk! Suit yourself.
So I got this weird rash on my cheeks from shaving.
Looks fine to me.
Not those cheeks.
All right, I take it back.
Girl talk is fine.
Okay, so Miss Simian means everything to me.
And when I say "everything," I mean every terrible thing, as well.
Oh, dude, I feel you.
Wait, do you mind if I call you "dude"? Only if I can call you "bruh.
" Yeah, pass.
So, what I meant, Principal Brown, is that I get what you're saying.
Penny's developed this superweird laugh recently.
Sounds like a clown gargling a haunted accordion.
Why don't you tell her? Because I prefer my heart beating safely inside my chest rather than being held in front of my screaming face.
Yeah, to be honest, there are some things I avoid telling Miss Simian.
Like what? Her morning breath can peel off wallpaper.
In fact, it's gotten to the point where I don't bother redecorating.
Why don't you confront her about it? Because she will bite me, Gumball.
She will bite me in the neck.
And if that doesn't finish me, without a doubt the resulting infection will.
Wait a second.
Perhaps there's a way we could, you know, help each other out.
I see what you mean.
Do you? Because that was a genuine question.
Yeah, I take care of Simian.
You take care of Penny.
Right? But it has to look like an accident.
What?! I meant take care of the laugh and breath thing.
Oh, yes! That's a much less illegal idea.
Let's shake on it.
Um hmm.
Ahh! Aah! Okay, Gumball.
You only get one shot at this.
Uhhh! Aaah! It's over, Simian.
My plan is flawless.
Can still smell it.
Miss Simian? Uh-huh? We need to talk, Watterson! When asked what led to the defeat of the British at Saratoga, you wrote, "Dental hygiene.
" When asked what was Abraham Lincoln was most famous for, you wrote, "Dental hygiene.
" And when asked which medical profession did the state of Connecticut became the first to license, you wrote, "Dental hygiene.
" One out of three! That's the best you've ever scored! Well done, Watterson.
Hip hip hoora-a-a-y.
All right, I need to say something.
Okay, you know sometimes there are these things that seem really awkward, but they're not really, and it's like way better if someone just tells you, but it's a little touchy, so they try to put it in the most delicate way possible? Okay.
Your breath smells so bad, your face should be wearing diapers.
And how did she take it? Well, I didn't have to go to the hospital.
The nurse said it would be more dangerous to surgically remove the pencil.
Well, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me so I'm not going to thank you at all.
You're welcome.
What about the other part of the plan? The plan worked brilliantly -- So brilliantly, in fact, that we don't need to do the rest of it.
We should quit while I'm ahead.
What? If you think you can wuss out of this, you got another think coming.
You promised to tell Penny that -- Hey! W-Watch out! Huh? What? I can see you, Principal Brown.
No, you can't.
What? Uh, uh Aah! "You better keep your end of the deal, or I will tell Miss Simian.
" Pff! He's bluffing.
Ooh! Hey! "I'm not bluffing.
" Aah! "I've nothing else to say.
I just had to buy a full 200-page notepad, and I don't want it to go to waste.
" "So, how's it going?" And remember to use your handbrake next time.
Yeah, yeah.
Aaah! Sorry.
I haven't said anything in a while.
How long have you been in here? It's hard to tell.
After a day or so, you lose track of time.
It takes much longer to repair a car than I thought.
Anyway, do you have like a granola bar or some chips or something? 'Cause those aren't abs you see there.
It's my spine protruding through my stomach.
Uh, sorry, no.
Are you sure you aren't taking this a bit too far? No! And let this be a lesson! This is how far I'm prepared to go! Okay, I got the message.
Now, could you push me out of your car, please? I got the muscle mass of a J-rock singer.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh, no! Ah! Aah! Oh, what a terrible nightmare.
Aaaah! Aah! You should be careful about threatening me, Watterson! I control everything in this school! If, say, a teacher was to look in your locker tomorrow, they might just find the money from the school safe.
If you think you can buy your way out of our deal, you're completely right.
I'll take it.
Wait, no, it would be stolen.
I don't need to know where it came from.
I'll be framing you, you bewhiskered fool.
Then I'll expel you, and you'll be sent to jail.
Well, if I go down, I'm taking you with me.
Yeah, well, if you do take me with you, I'm gonna sit in the back and complain the whole way and keep asking you if we're there yet.
Well, if you're going to expel me anyway, I'm gonna tell Miss Simian that you put me up to this.
Ah, go ahead! I'd love to see you try.
Oh, no, no, no! Wait, wait! Get back here! Right.
You asked for this, Watterson.
You're making a big mistake, son.
This school is mine.
I control everything here.
No, if I wanted the CD drive to open, I would have Darn it.
Why did Rocky update all that stuff? I had it just how I liked it.
Oh, there it is.
Time to turn up the heat.
Aah! Attention, detention class.
The first person to bring me Watterson's head is exempt from their punishment.
Wait, I probably should have clarified.
The body must still be attached to his head.
Oh, and both must still be alive.
Well, go on! Get Watterson! Aaaaaah! Get him! Get Watterson! He's getting away! Don't you dare! Sorry, dude! No, wait, the other Watterson! Miss Simian! Miss Simian! Ha ha ha ha! You big-headed fool! Ha ha ha! Aaah! Your report card just came in.
You got a "D" for going "down.
" Oh ho ho, I'm not the one going down.
Aaaaaah! Oh.
What was that about? Sorry, I thought it would be a trap door or something.
What was that button for? Appropriate music.
This is you, Watterson.
Hi-yah! Oh, yeah? Well, this is you! Yeah? Well, these are your tears.
Oh, yeah?! Well, this is your face! Literally.
And this is your And this is your pla-- Uhh! And this is your chair! Aaaah! Fight me! No need, Watterson.
You're done.
I've got all that on my security camera.
I set it recording when I pushed that button earlier.
You've deceived me, you Saruman.
Well, that will teach you for trusting a handshake, won't it, Watterson? You used me! That's right.
I used you as a pawn to get rid of Miss Simian's fetid breath, which was so bad it triggered our smoke detectors.
And when you threatened to tell Lucy the truth, I used my powers to crush you, putting your life at great risk.
Actually, that sounds pretty bad when said out loud.
What have I done?! I've broken my oath as guardian of the school.
I've become a principal without principles.
All because I was scared of telling Penny Fitzgerald about her stupid laugh.
A laugh that sounds like she's gargling her insides up through her mouth.
Your words, not mine.
I should have just done my part of our secret pact.
You get rid of Miss Simian's toxic pie-hole vapors, and I get rid of that laugh that sounds like a circus mule operating a pneumatic drill.
They're standing right behind me, aren't they? No.
Ohh! Ha ha.
They're on your left.