The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e14 Episode Script

The Shippening

Uh, officers, what can I do you for? License please.
Sure, there you go.
That's a doctor's license.
Yes, that'll be a hundred dollars.
Alright, keep your hands on the wheel.
Guys, check what he's got back there.
This is some creepy doll, chief.
We are friends, everything is fine What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine.
- What was that, Frank? - Nothing, Chief.
I really wish I was in bed today.
Aah! Uh, we're gonna need some reinforcements, sir! Oh, come on, trooper.
How big can one truck be? There's a map on the fifth floor.
Huh? Aah! Hmm? Wow! Everything looks so beautiful The light, the world Huh? Where did these love handles come from Aah! My wife! She looks like a moose! What kind of dark magic is this? Uh.
they're not magic.
I think you just need glasses.
Alright, most of that stuff looks pretty illegal.
I think you'll find all the right paperwork in here.
There's no paperwork here.
It's just thousands of dollars! We're taking you downtown! Fair enough.
See you guys there! Sir, he's getting away! Or maybe he's making a U-turn so he can take the correct exit.
Maybe he's made a mistake and will realize that isn't the way to the precinct? Boss, that ice cream girl just stole a piece of evidence! Good point, sergeant! We should get ice cream.
Don't you mean we should go back and retrieve that notebook? Sorry, you're right.
We should totally go for ice cream.
Okay, and then we check on her.
That's right, yeah.
Then chicken.
Hmm who should I ship today? The sun was rising over Elmore and there was something intoxicating in the air It was love.
Which brings us to a lonely young girl called Teri.
She lived her life in the safety zone, but there's no medication for falling head over heels in love.
Alan rushed over.
Aah! "Did it hurt?" Alan said, the gentle light glistening on his chiseled features.
Aah! "Not as much as all these years of yearning for you," she said, her heart in her mouth.
Without further ado, they kissed, their lips crashing into each other, forever oblivious to the world around them.
I have no words.
Then, please, allow me.
I'm dumping you, you iron-jawed gas sack! You're welcome.
And what are you going to say about that? In that moment, I felt something I've never felt before.
I love the way you speak your mind, literally.
Without further ado, they kissed, the waves of their love sweeping away everything around them.
I would say it looks like Cupid needs to lay off the ambrosia for a while.
Look, Karen, I've been meaning to ask you for a long time, and I finally got the money for a ring.
Oh, Laurence! I thought you'd never as I will! Serving some bridal realness there, Mr.
- Hmm.
- Honey, I love it.
This will truly represent our newfound love.
And it'll look great on my shoulder.
No, I want it here.
What the what? Hey! How's it going, guys? We can't let him see his dad kissing Barbara! We need a diversion! Well, that's still less painful for him.
Well, his feelings are still intact.
I'm sure he'll thank us one day.
After six months of physiotherapy and learning how to talk again! I've waited forever for this kiss.
Is it me or is something really weird going on today? I guess I've always known we shared deep feelings, but sometimes it's hard to see what's right in front of your eyes.
I love you man.
I don't know, man.
That doesn't seem so out of the ordinary for him.
Hi! Who are you? I'm your cousin Zacharia Lopez Kirby! I have a hyper mood, and I like paragliding and ducks! I hate arguments and itchy hats.
Uh right.
And I am Zacharia's girlfriend, Bexi.
It's short for Albexandra.
Backstory I was raised by my uncle Timutet and his twin dogs Rahmir and Castro.
Catchphrase "This bird is out of control!" Okay.
How often will she get to use that catchphrase? Dude, I think you were right.
I don't see how this day could get any weird Aaaaand here we go.
Aah! What the Dude! This is so messed up! I know, right? I mean, future me wearing sandals? I mean, you're gonna steal Carrie from me! It's supposed to be Car-Win, not Car-Ball! You home-wrecking woman-eater! And it looks like I didn't stop at women.
I agree.
Always thought I was the one wearing the pants in this relationship.
What is going on?! This mess has got Sarah's name written all over it.
How do you know? Her heart pounding in her chest, Penny said to Banana Joe, "Let's never split.
" What did you do this time? Nothing, I swear! I was just writing some non-canon AT and AR ships, the odd one-shot here and there, and a bit of OOC, some OC drawings, of course, but mostly OTP squees and fan service.
Wait, what? Wait, what? I was just writing love stories about everyone in Elmore.
I got a bit carried away.
Where did you get this?! It fell off the back of a truck.
That's not a euphemism.
It literally did.
The Awesome Store.
Well, just take a look at what happened when you wrote in it.
Oh, wait.
I'm an otaku.
The light could kill me.
It's like a commercial for male deodorant out there.
Oh, my gosh.
So, when I wrote all this, it became canon in reality.
Excuse me for a second.
Well, you gotta fix it, okay?! Right.
Oh, I probably need to destroy it thoroughly.
Are you o Uh, hey! I'm alive and in quite a lot of pain! Okay, so, the only solution is to rewrite it back to normal.
Open up! This is the police! They're here for the notebook! Then hurry up and start already! Okay.
- Open up! - I got nothing.
What?! I've got writers block! You're gonna have to do it.
- Uhh - Police, open up! Mr Small looked at Larry and said, "It's not you, Larry, it's me.
" No, wait.
Larry said, "We can't see each other anymore.
" Huh? It was a hard blow for Mr Small, and Larry was destroyed.
You're making things worse! T-T-This is hard! Just keep it simple, like, "Principal Brown and Jackie Wilson broke up.
" Scratch that.
They get back together.
They're breaking down the door! I got this! Come on troopers! Go, go, go! Bring on the heat.
Good job, dude.
I haven't written anything yet.
But I'll send a little something to delay them.
- Come on! - Come on, come on, come on! Bobert, Jamie, and Tina were having a picnic.
They knew it would be their last meal together.
"Don't be so sad, what we had was beautiful.
Let's eat Bobert," Tina said.
Wait, shouldn't there be a comma before Bobert? Pfft, what difference does that make? Penny said to Joe, "It's over," and his stomach twisted into a knot as he cried.
Hotdog Guy and Clare looked at each other with tears in their eyes.
"We need space," said Clare.
"I agree," he replied.
I'm sorry, but this is moving too fast for me.
Aaah! I'm sorry, but this is moving too fast for me.
Aah! This bird is out of control! Huh.
What do you know? And then Yuki said, "I'm sorry, but this is moving too fast for me.
" What?! You think you can just lock three people in a room and pressure them to keep coming up with gold? Eventually, they'll start repeating material.
I mean, what? You think you can just lock three people in a room and pressure them to keep coming up with gold? Eventually, they'll start re Open it! They made it up the stairs! And all we've done is make things worse! And there's only space left for one sentence.
What are we gonna do?! I've got an idea.
I love you, Sarah.
Me, too.
And without further ado Mwah.
What the what? How did you do that? Gumball and Darwin kiss Sarah, but in the end, none of this mattered because it was all just fan fiction! Ah! Genius idea! But, wait, how did us kissing you help that plan? It didn't! Hmm.