The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e15 Episode Script

The Brain

Okay, let me see.
- 110.
- 110 degrees? She's burning up! No, that's just how much we charge for removing the thermometer.
Her temperature is normal.
No, 98 is how much it cost for me to explain that to you.
Now, follow my finger.
How about Hmm.
Well, as a medical practitioner, I don't like the sound of this at all.
But as a part-time deejay, I'm kind of feeling it.
Me and my dogs, we keep it 100 100, money in the way Still we 20-20 focused, skree Stacks and stacks, skrilla up to the ceiling Ceiling Hands in the air you know the feeling, skree Doctor, please.
Can you tell us what's wrong with her? Yes, allow me to demonstrate.
Could one of you do something stupid? - I got it! He-- Aah! - Ugh.
- Just as I suspected.
Your daughter's been facepalming at your stupidity for so long it's becoming dangerous.
Take a look at this X-ray.
There will be serious consequences for her brain if she facepalms again.
Let's assume this is a standard Watterson brain.
If the facepalming continues, in six months, she'll go from a Nicole to a Gumball.
In nine months, she'll be a Darwin.
By 12 months, she'll have the intelligence of an amoeba.
And at 18 months, she'll have gone full Richard.
Oh, no! Richard am sad! What should we do, Doctor? I'm afraid there's only one cure.
Anais cannot be exposed to any form of stupidity for an entire week.
Nine whole days?! It's gonna be pretty hard not to mess up, even with her wearing noise-canceling headphones.
I mean, dumbness kind of runs in our family.
Just look at the Watterson coat of arms.
What does that Latin stuff mean? "Insert Family Motto Here.
" Yeah, okay, guys, can you just get on with it? Oh, yeah, sorry.
Five milkshakes and a doub-- Triple cheeseburger.
For the fifth time, sir, this is a hospital parking lot.
There's no food here! What about those mints? You forgot the napkins.
No more to the left.
Almost there.
Little bit further.
There you go.
Thank you.
I think I'm gonna put these noise-canceling headphones right here.
Two cheeseburgers, please, and hold the pickle.
Aah! - She's asleep.
- Good.
Then now is probably the time to drain ourselves.
What do you mean? Well, I feel like a giant udder of stupidity, bloated and bursting, waiting for someone, anyone, to milk me.
I agree with Gumball on the content rather than the form.
You might as well be at your most facepalmy while she's not here to witness it.
Mm-hmm! Hmm.
Ah! Ugh.
Please place your items in the bagging area.
Well, I think we've found something even more infinite than the universe.
- Your eternal love for us? - All right, two things.
Your ability to emotionally manipulate me and this family's stupidity.
It's not stupid if it works.
I'm gonna take Anais to the mall.
And by the time I get back, I want this house bleached clean! Ooh, pasta huh? Me gusta, as they say in Italy.
Three boxes of cereal, huh? Someone call the FBI, we have a "cereal" killer here! Oh, orange juice.
"Orange" you glad these were on special.
You got a good "dill" on these pickles.
I am a dill, and I'm working at the till We're supposed to call it checkout But I'm gonna stick my neck out and say Till till, till dill, dill and till so dill with it I am a dill, I'm still working at the till Earn a dime and earn a nickel with my fickle ickle pickle Say till dill, dill till Dill and till and so dill with it I had a little spill with my friendly little dill Put you back into the jar with your herby vine-gar So fickle pickle, jar, can I work and jerk and stand and bag a dill pickle Dill pickle D-d-d-d-deal with it, lady That'll be $25.
No, I'm sorry, ma'am.
Your coupons expired today at 12:00.
Come on! It's 12:01! It's store policy.
Not my fault.
Yes, it is.
You just spent half an hour singing "Don't go 'bacon' my heart" to a pack of ham! Mm, sorry, ma'am, rules are rules.
Okay, I'm not getting into a fight with a teenager.
Call your supervisor, please.
Bobbie to the checkout.
That's Bobbie to the checkout.
How can Bobbie help? What the -- How can you be in charge? You got to be kidding.
Literally! I mean, you're so young I bet you don't know the alphabet yet.
Yes, I do.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G -- Uh H.
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
Okay, that was pretty sweet, but I'd still like to speak to the store manager, please.
Okay, this really isn't helping.
Finally, an adult.
So, about your coupon policy -- I'm sorry, madam, but I'll have to refer to my shareholders.
Guys, would you mind stepping in? Sure, what seems to be the problem? - Hello? - Hi, honey.
So, yeah, could you help us settle an argument? When you said "bleach the house," did you mean that in a literal way or more as a manner of speaking? What have you done? I went for the literal approach.
I'm just gonna go around the block one more time, honey.
It looks like the entrance to paradise.
Fix it, now! Kids, your old man's got it all worked out.
We have to repaint the whole house in the next 10 minutes? Don't be silly.
We got about two.
- That's impossible! - I think you mean fun-possible! What the -- Uh, hello? What's that smell? Lunch is in the oven! Right.
Why don't you watch a little TV, Anais, while I go and check on the lunch? Hey, guys, can you step in here for a moment? - What is it, honey? - Why is it upside-down? It said on the pack to place it in the oven at 180 degrees.
You're probably not gonna like dessert, either.
What is it? Crème very brûlée.
What is the matter with you? And tomorrow there'll be high temperatures with a few IV drips of rain.
Then things may take a turn for the nurse, so be sure to take intensive care.
Huh? Huh? Do you want Anais to end up like the three of you? What do you mean? Hmm? Aah! Aah! I need everyone to stop acting like they use paint fumes for cologne.
- Uh, Mom -- - No, I haven't finished yet.
This is about the future of your sister, okay? And if you think about it, yours as well.
I mean, 10 years from now, Anais may be the only difference between you two being in Penn State or State Pen.
- But I -- - I'm still not finished! If you can't do it for yourselves, at least do it for her.
- Can I speak now? - Yes.
She's gone.
It was hard enough protecting her from your stupidity, now we have to protect her from the whole world! There! A piñata! Richard, do something! I've got this! Free candy! Aah! - Come away from there! - Free candy! - Come away from there! - Free candy! - Come away from there! - Free candy! - Way! - Free! Get off the freeway! I got this! Nothing stupid, okay? Gumball, what is wrong with your sight? You cause constant destruction! What is wrong with your sight? Constant destruction! Constant destruction! Sight! Construction site! Aah! I can't look! I got this! Ow! Oh, Anais.
All's well that ends well.
Let's all go home and run a CT scan and another blood test.
Huh? Oh, my gosh.
- Hmm? - None of this is real! Anais? Is everything all right? All right, she's gonna be all right.
Thank goodness you're okay! What? What happened?! You know how we weren't supposed to say or do anything stupid for a week? Anais cannot be exposed to any form of stupidity for an entire week.
- Nine whole days?! Ugh! You've been out of it for 36 hours.
And 12 bedpans.
So what now, Doctor? What's the prognosis? Well, the symptoms are regular headaches, stress, facepalming, and an abnormal amount of shouting.
It's called family.
And I'm afraid there's no cure.