The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e20 Episode Script

The Potion

How can we not get an "A" with this? This diorama puts the "G" in "biology.
" Go on.
Slowly, Hector.
Bit more.
Bit more.
Perfect! Okay.
Let's try that again.
What? Where'd the Barrier Reef go? Protect the Barrier Reef, or one day, nature will strike back.
Yeah, sure, hippy man.
Bring it on, Barrier Reef! I'll give you a free shot.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
I hate being so big.
What are you talking about? It's great to be huge.
Trust me, it's not.
I have to stick my head in a car wash when I need to shampoo my hair, only to look like a poodle who chewed a power cord.
Yeah, but at least girls like tall guys.
I swallowed the last girl I kissed.
She broke up with me immediately.
Well, a day later.
Still, it's a better feeling than being forced to use a volcano because there are no toilets your size, which means the hair on your butt will never grow back because of the heat and that people laugh and point at it from every corner of the tri-state area.
I have an idea! Of course! Just do something to distract from your height -- Like the Titanic was the biggest ship in the world, but all anyone remembers is that it's the fastest.
Uh, I was thinking more about using one of Mrs.
Jotunheim's book of potions.
Nah, Mom won't let us.
Aw, come on.
All we need is a little potion.
Of course! An intelligence potion to help us think of a solution.
Darwin, if you're not gonna help, can you just walk away, please? Of course! The further away you get from Hector, the smaller he appears.
I meant a shrinking potion.
Well, that makes no sense.
If we shrink ourselves, Hector will only look bigger.
Ugh! No, no, give me a chance.
I'll get there.
Is the potion itself shrinking? I think the potion's for me.
"I think the potion's for me"? What potion are you talking about? A shrinking potion for Hector! I won't allow it.
Ugh! But why? He doesn't like being a giant.
No potion will make you accept yourself for who you are.
My son just needs to grow into himself.
But I -- I may not agree with your opinion, but as Hector is under your care, I shall not pursue this issue any further out of respect and deference to your authority.
Good day, madam.
You stole a potion book, didn't you? Yep.
Okay, next ingredient is a fragment of a broken dream.
Man, it was hard enough milking all those wolves.
You only had to milk one.
But the others looked so left out.
Now, how are we gonna get a fragment of a broken dream? Dad's Elmore Gym membership card.
Mm, yep.
Very good.
Now for the last ingredient -- A head of rosemary flower.
Wait, did you say a head of rosemary flower or the head of Rosemary Flowers? A head of rosemary flower.
Probably should've asked before I started digging.
That was a lot easier.
What now? We should try it on something to make sure it works.
There! Aim for that bee.
It works! It works! Come on, man! Drink it.
We used all the best ingredients -- Swine gums, withered monkey hands, frog spawn.
Sounds tasty, but isn't it dangerous? Okay, the side effects may include total annihilation, a fate worse than total annihilation, and a fate worse than a fate worse than total annihilation, but what if you actually survive it? You make it sound so tempting, but what about what my mom said about growing into myself and stuff? You would still be growing, but into a smaller self.
You'd be obeying her technically, but not actually.
Uh, I don't know if my mom will buy that.
Well, then just do what everyone does and blame it on rap music.
What's rap music got to do with a shrinking potion? I don't know.
They're all called Lil' something.
Okay, I'm in.
I kind of expected something a little more dignified.
- What was that now? - Oh, sorry.
I'm not usually allowed to use my voice at full volume.
Now I'm normal! I can do anything! I can run! But not very far because I've never had to take more than two steps to get anywhere.
And I can cycle! Wait, no I can't.
I never learned! I can play football! I can fit on a stretcher.
I can kiss girls! I can get knocked out by girls.
And their boyfriends.
I can see what people look like up close! And I don't like it! I can finally use public transport! I can taste people's smell! I can be like everyone else! And I can make up for not being able to do this for five years.
I can be like everyone else! I can be like everyone else.
I'm just like everyone else.
Uh, sorry.
It's, uh It's my turn to be depressed.
I want to get back to normal.
You mean back to abnormal? Whatever.
But why? Yeah, I don't want to be insulting, but living down amongst people was like living amongst gross, selfish, bacteria-riddled cockroaches.
Wow, glad you weren't trying to be insulting.
Sorry, I apologize Thank you.
to cockroaches.
Okay, so you want us to make a growing potion? Yes.
And what's the magic word? Now.
Uh, no, dude.
The magic word is -- Now! Now! Okay, okay.
We heard you the first 123 times.
Mm, nothing.
That's kind of weird.
You must've missed something.
No, I followed every instruction.
Uh, what about this? Rangutan toenails.
It says zero, so I didn't put any in.
Not a one of 'em.
Uh, Rangutan? What on Earth is that? I don't know, but it's definitely not in it.
It says "Orangutan toenails," man, as in the ape.
I think you'll find they are called orange-utans.
W-Wait, wait, wait.
You think that type of ape is called a "utan" and is referred to as orange because of the color of its fur? Yeah, 'cause they're ginger, innit? Oh, man.
Did you hear that? Aaah! Aaah, he looks like the blob fish from the Internet kissed the drain at the bottom of the pool! Aaaah! He looks like a one-man parade float! Ahhh, he looks like a carpet made out of Greek grandpas' tummy tucks! Guys I'm feeling a pittle leculiar.
Aw, man.
It's 'cause we missed that ingredient.
Okay, I'll call his mom.
She'll know what to do.
What? No! She'll punish us by giving us butts instead of hands or something.
We'll never be able to wear gloves again! I don't think that'll be our first problem, but I get your point.
Okay, then.
Let's get to Mrs.
Jotunheim's cave.
We need to get those orangutan toenails.
But you just said she'd be mad if she sees us.
Ah! But she won't see us.
We'll be stealthy.
Like Trojan dorks.
Dude it's not -- Ugh, whatever.
Dude, are you feeling okay? Yep! I'm feeling Hector.
Uh, how many fingers am I holding up? Mm, murple.
Okay murple's not a number.
And it's not a color, either.
I can hear footprints.
His mom's coming! Aaah! Hm? Meh.
Dude, where are you? There it is.
Hector, catch him! I thot gis.
I don't thot gis.
Look, just no more goofing around, okay? Ha! Dude, where's your mom's toenails? On her toes, I guess.
Shh! Phew.
Where is he? He shrunk again.
Find him.
I got him.
Aw, sweet, mushy, coochy, squishy, leggy, murdery baby.
Aw, he's made a friend.
Just keep an eye on him while I find the jar of -- Oh, boy.
They're on her table.
Go for it.
I'll keep an eye on Hector.
Ah! Oh, boys.
Come over here.
I just finished baking a cake.
Ohh, you shouldn't have.
Oh, don't be silly.
Now, here are are your drinks, and here is your cake.
Ahh! Huh? "I know what you did, you boneheads" How? You forgot to hang up when you called me earlier.
Ugh! This is a potion, isn't it? Just a short-term one.
I liked the idea you had -- The hand-butt-swap potion.