The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e21 Episode Script

The Spinoffs

Your program has been interrupted with the help of my friend, The Internet.
I'm hereby hijacking this broadcast.
People of the world, you don't need that false hero.
Please enjoy this amazing world without Gumball.
Trust me, it's much better.
What -- What is that? Well, I'm The Internet.
It's kind of what I do.
What? Let's just run the tape.
Um son, I know this might be difficult to understand, but your mother and I feel like we need some distance between us.
Nothing will change between you and us.
It's just between ourselves.
Son We're splitting up! Ha! Hello, children.
Hello! But what is going on? Where is Tina? Could she be in the wheelbarrow? - No.
- Maybe she's in the bushes.
- No.
- Well, maybe in the barn.
Run, children! Run! Run! That'll be $12.
Good morning, and welcome to "Bobert's Kitchen.
" And what will you be preparing today, chef? Today, I will communicate information on the process required to prepare fuel for a carbon-based life form.
Oh, w-- uhh that sounds delicious.
Start with processing your proteins and carbohydrates using your hyper-pulse laser.
Use your quantum beam to place the result in a heat-resistant item of cookware.
Next, add the oil, and cook for 6.
72 seconds at 18,700 degrees centigrade.
Uh, what are we waiting for? The operation is complete.
I used my atomic core to irradiate the surroundings.
I-I-Is that safe? Affirmative.
It is perfectly safe for me.
Then, add more oil and the remaining ingredients.
Just a second.
I did not sign up for this.
Oh! Then, begin the feeding process.
That was such a strong flavor.
What kind of oil is that? Android oil.
And, uh, what part of the world does it come from? It is locally sourced.
I also switched the beef for a more sustainable breed of protein.
Oh, sustainable! Very good! Rat meat.
But remember to first remove the teeth and claws.
Well, that's the -- The end of our -- Our show.
Please tune i-- Tune in next week for our -- Next episode.
"Techno Power Teenage Warriors!" Troy! What do we do, man? We have no choice, Carlton! We have to use our powers! Techno Power, activate! Techno Robot, attack the -- Buy the new Techno Robot and help Troy and Carlton save the world! "Techno Power Teenage Warriors!" Okay Techno Robot, attack the -- It's no use! We need more! More what? We haven't even used the robot.
Techno Power, activate! Okay right.
Well, um Techno Dino, attack -- Buy the new Techno Dino and help Troy and Carlton save the world! "Techno Power Teenage Warriors!" Right.
So, should we get on with it or? No! We need more! Okay, cool.
But, like, what's the tactical advantage here? That doesn't look -- Are you parents struggling to pay for your Techno Toys? Make them apply for the Techno Power Gold Card and help Troy and Carlton save the world! "Techno Power Teenage Warriors!" Activate! Activate! Activate! Activate! Acti-- Hey, big eye.
What's up? Okay, okay.
William, you're supposed to take a sip, and then, say, "I've got a date, Tobias, but she thinks I'm in the tennis club.
" Then, Tobias says "Join a tennis club, then.
" Very good.
Then you say, "Are you crazy? What do you think will happen to me at a tennis club?" Then, I say, "Oh, yeah, they might mistake you for the ball.
" All right.
Then, you say, "What? No.
I'm scared of getting tennis elbow.
" Got it? Okay, everyone on their marks! Let's go! Okay, action, and take a sip.
Hmm? No, no, no.
Your line, man.
You're supposed to say -- He did! He did! You just can't hear it.
He's using some kind of telepathic --- Then, say it louder this time, please.
No! No! No, no, no! Wait! Cut.
William, make an effort, please.
I need everyone on set to hear what you say.
Come on.
Diction, diction, action.
No, wait.
This is Kayvon.
This is Timmy.
This is Charlie-Ann.
This is Peggy.
And this is "Reality Toddlers"! Little Timmy was having a nice day until disaster struck! Teddy The Dinosaur's jaw was too small to bite the head off Doctor Mustache.
There's more drama when Charlie-Ann gets thrown into the mix.
The chair wouldn't go any further, even though she kept pushing.
Will Peggy seize the chance to come between Charlie-Ann and Timmy? Will there be drama during nap time? Will we just cut to more dramatic shots of nothing happening? Will someone please cancel this show and put us all out of our misery? The answer is in next week's episode of "Reality Toddlers.
" We're here to tell you the story of a boy -- A boy who was born different.
Welcome to "Everyday Heroes.
" Ocho might look like the average Elmore High teenager, but life was not always this easy, for he was born with three pairs of legs.
This is the story of the boy who had three butts.
I guess -- Like, yeah, no, it's never been that easy having three butts.
Like, they don't really sell underwear for people with that many legs, so I have to buy black gloves, cut the fingers off, and poke another hole in them.
I always worry about what the kids will say behind my back because, well, I've got a few of them.
Back in the day, they used to call me names like like "The Three Buttsketeers.
" They said I won the "Jackbutt," asked me if my toots sounded like a church organ.
It made me kind of defensive, so, now, I'm generally a bit tense.
You've got to move on.
It's like my mom says -- "Two heads are better than one and three butts are better than none.
" Which I guess is true.
Imagine if I had no butt.
Join us next week for another inspiring story of everyday heroes -- The mouth-breathing man.
Okay! All right! Stop! Oh, no, this -- This is not gonna work.
Okay, you, give me a character that is optimistic, fun, and that all the children will love.
Uh Okay! I think I got one.
He's a dog -- You know, some kind of Great Dane that can't speak properly.
And he's got all these kooky friends who wear flare trousers and they solve mysteries in a van.
Then, from now on, children, you should give up on "Gumball" and watch this other guy.
Uh, but isn't that on a different channel? So No, no, no! Wait!