The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e22 Episode Script

The Transformation

Okay, next one.
Would you still love me if I had an amazing six pack, but each ab had an udder? Mmm, yep, but what kind of swimsuit would you wear at the beach? Oh, you know, just my usual trunks and three bikini tops.
How about you? Would you still love me if every time we kissed, I shouted "Mama loves her ravioli!" I'd say "What a coincidence! That's what I always say under my breath after we kiss.
" Okay, what if I had a medical condition that meant I produced more sweat than the average person? I'd say you float my boat! A little too literally What if I had a soul patch? Ohh, tough one.
On my tush?! I'd say that's where it belongs.
Soul patches are obscene.
Okay, what'd be the deal-breaker with me? Mm, what if I started wearing a dumb ponytail on the side like this? - Eh, not so bad.
- What about this? - Eh.
Still manageable.
- How about now? Oh, I can already see us driving away, you at the wheel, cans rattling behind the car under the "just married" sign as we disappear into the sunset over the edge of a cliff.
What if I asked you to come to mine and help me resolve a sensitive issue with my parents? I would say "I agree.
The time has come for an intervention regarding your dad's addiction to socks and sandals.
" Ha Ha.
It's a little more serious than that.
Ah, don't worry, leave your parents to me.
I'll just use my TOOT technique.
Your what now? It's an acronym for the four steps needed to resolve any argument.
Oh, right.
T-O-O-T -- Trumpeting attack, offensive acoustics, optical contact, toxic final charge! Oh, we'll just stick with the acronym.
So, what are you doing tonight? Penny! Uh hello? I'll just go around the back and let myself in, okay?! Okay.
Wait a minute.
- Wrong backyard! - Who's there?! Oh, no! Aah! Man, my clothes! What that? Aah! Aah! Oh, no! perspective! You think we're all wrong and you're right?! You're just a kid! Patrick, Judith.
Good evening.
I brought dessert.
So, uh, thanks for the clothes, Patrick.
Sorry, that's all we had.
As you can see, most of us only wear shells, as we have done for generations since the dawn of time! But some of us are happy being their true selves and don't feel the need to follow this family's backward rules! I mean, do you realize what it was like to wear that at school?! All the kids used to call me "peanut butt-head.
" That is ridiculous! I know.
Thank you.
It was more like someone carved a blank emoji face into a dry spud.
That's not the point! Do you realize what it's like for us to see you walking around basically naked?! In my defense, that bear is just wearing a T-shirt, the piece of toast is only wearing shoes and gloves, and that dinosaur is wearing nothing at all.
Let's be honest, it's pretty hard to know where the line is in terms of public decency in this town.
Your mother knows! Can't you see how distraught she is? She looks fine to me.
It all happens on the inside, Gumball.
Pfft, if you think that's weird, imagine what it's like to going to the bathroom.
Hmm Yeah, or maybe don't.
Penny, your shell is part of your heritage.
It comes from your ancestors.
If we follow that logic, the ancestors before those ancestors were primates and yet I've never seen you guys eating each other's lice.
Oh, you think this is funny? Then let me tell you a story Once upon a time, there was a young peanut girl who came out of her shell, in a dangerous, modern world.
And what happened? She died! Eh, could have been worse.
Of a common cold because she wasn't wearing her shell! Oh, please.
I'll tell youa story.
Once upon a time, there was a bird who was so backwards, that when his computer had a virus, he poured chicken soup into the DVD tray.
He was so backwards that he still watched movies on VHS, in rewind.
He was so backwards that when his tablet asked if he wanted to update, he chiseled the word "no" into it! Ha! I like that bird.
Sounds like me.
Well, that bird forced his whole family to stay in their eggs and you know what happened?! They died! Of boredom, for the rest of their lives.
Oh, yeah.
I think I get the moral of your story.
Exactly, he should have let go of tradition and just let them be themselves.
Should have made them wear two shells.
Don't you get it? That bird is you, and you're oppressing this family.
I am not oppressing anyone! You're oppressing me! I am not oppressing you! I'm just exercising my authority to force you to do something you don't want to do! That's the exact definition of oppression! I have a story.
Once upon a time, there was a little peanut who found a magical hat, which was also a puppy who could play the flute.
The end.
I'm not going back in my shell! And we're not getting out of ours! Come on, back me up.
I don't know.
The atmosphere is getting kind of icy, wouldn't you say? This argument is just not my cup of tea, mainly because I don't like my tea laced with face-melting poison.
Uh, I-I think maybe you guys need outside help.
I agree.
Gumball, you decide.
Shell or no shell? Uh, I meant, more like professional help.
You mean like a counselor? Yeah, or like a cage-fighting referee or something.
I trust you'll make the right decision.
For the good of everyone including you.
Gumball, what are you doing? Feeling the weight of this decision.
Maybe you should have stopped at the axe.
Yeah, I got a bit carried away and lost the plot a little.
It's okay.
I got the message.
Oh, try not to worry too much.
Just follow your heart and say what you want to say.
I know you'll make the right decision.
Oh, thank you, Mrs.
Here, have a cookie.
It'll help clear your mind.
Ah, thank -- What the what?! Wh-What happened?! Oh, just a little accident in the kitchen.
Good boy.
Bye now.
Oh, no, no, no! Huh? Ah! Message from Penny.
"I know you'll say the right thing.
" Aw, then she added a little thumbs-up emoji to cheer me on.
"That was the closest I could find to a hand with missing fingers.
Just to clarify, it was a threat.
" Mm Uh What is that? A crocoduck.
A, uh Okay, cool.
I have made my decision, and to illustrate my point, I'm going to tell you a story.
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a castle far, far away, lived a king, who was irrationally scared of the world outside.
Hi, do you know where I can get my parking ticket validated? So, he decided to close the doors of their castle.
Uh, it's cool, man.
I just realized that actually, we're in medieval times and there's no such things as cars.
But closing the doors was not enough.
The King made everyone wear a suit of armor.
It was impractical, but they got used to it.
Apart from one person -- The Princess, who one day came out of her armor.
And she was beautiful.
Ah! I think the Princess could look a bit better than that.
Oh, s-sorry that's not what I was trying to do.
Come on, I look as if I could lick my own forehead! - Uh, sorry.
Let me just, um - Okay, okay, whatever.
Just get on with the story, please.
The King was upset she ditched her armor, but the Princess wanted everyone else to ditch theirs, too, and be themselves.
So she invited an impossibly handsome prince to solve the problem.
Oh, prince that I love, please us reach a decision.
But the King warned him.
May this decision be right, or I will take your hand and it won't be in marriage! And the Princess replied Mwarfurludrup! Which was either a threat or an angry burp, and neither was good news.
So the Prince gave his answer in the form of a story.
Once upon a time, there was a family of cocoons living happily on a tree branch.
Then one day, one of the cocoons broke open, and from within emerged a beautiful butterfly! Come out of your cocoons, guys, and be gorgeous, too.
The cocoon family was fuming.
You could see it on their faces.
The situation was tense, so they called a handsome ladybug-boy to help them resolve the problem.
And you know what the ladybug said? Once upon a time there was a family of seeds who lived deep underground.
They loved it.
There's no air! - Or light! - Or sound! We love it! But one day, one of seeds decided to grow, and she became a beautiful flower.
The other seeds didn't like it so they called a handsome gardener to solve the problem.
Hey, I said handsome! Uh, anyway, you know what the gardener said? Once upon a time -- Oh, Gumball, you can't just keep saying the same thing over and over and expect people to change their minds.
Trust me, I've tried that with my parents enough times to grow new muscles on my tongue.
Repeating the same point to someone who disagrees with you doesn't change their mind.
It just makes them angrier! Your inane stories are doing exactly what we're do-- What we're What we're doing to each other.
Maybe we just need to agree to disagree.
It's like riding a three-legged horse -- It won't be a smooth ride and it will definitely hurt your butt, but at least it still goes somewhere.
That was really smart, Gumball, using those stories to show us how