The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e26 Episode Script

The Stink

Gumball! Think about what you're doing! I have to save the planet! Yes, but you're supposed to rinse it out and peel off the label first! Ugh.
Why do they have to make recycling so complicated? Dude, every time you recycle anything, you act as if you're single-handedly saving the world.
I'll just throw it in the regular trash.
It's easier to carry the guilt than carry the bottle.
No! Aah! Uhh! I misjudged.
You have to recycle this! But I never know which bin to use.
Then you need to learn more about recycling.
Take a leaf from my book.
Well, don't actually take a leaf as that would harm the tree that the book is made from.
Actually, don't make a book at all, because the trees are dying.
Just use recycled paper, okay? Who wants to use something that's already been used? Isn't it weird making new stuff out of old stuff? With today's sophisticated recycling techniques, you can reuse old stuff and most people can never tell the difference.
Mm, nah, I think it looks cheap.
All I'm saying is we all need to be aware of the impact we're having on the planet.
Look at me.
I have so little impact that when I'm gone, it'll be like I never even existed.
Doesn't that sound fulfilling? - No.
If we ruin this planet, can't we just move on to the next one? It's what the Founding Fathers would have done.
It's exactly that kind of glib attitude that led to the near-extinction of the Great Stink Ape of Elmore Woods.
Wow, that ape must been seriously glib for it to lead to its own extinction.
I will make this as clear as I possibly can.
The people were glib.
The ape was not glib.
How do you know the ape wasn't glib? I guess everyone has a bad day sometimes.
Right, I feel like we're getting away from the point.
That's true.
I don't even know what glib means.
Why is this Bigfoot creature thing called a Stink Ape, anyway? Its scent was reminiscent of a skunk or rotting flesh or rotting skunk flesh.
And just to confirm, you want to save this animal, not destroy it with fire? Wait.
I can definitely smell something.
Can you smell it, Darwin? Smells like miscellaneous herbs and body odor.
I was going for the stink of hypocrisy! Excuse me? Well, everything you do has an impact on something.
Not me.
Come walk a mile in my sandals.
I'll show you.
I don't think those things will last a mile but whatever.
Welcome to Organic N' Stuff! I think all ethical living has to start with what you buy, which is why I never buy from big corporations.
I shop at 13 different free-trade independent grocery stores like this one.
Sure, it may take me roughly three tanks of gas and a full set of tires to get my weekly groceries, but all the food here is locally sourced.
Were the coconuts locally sourced? And the Hungarian goulash? And this Himalayan goat curd? How did that get here? Truck, truck, boat, train, plane, truck, tanker, moped, truck, unicycle.
Well, it was locally sourced in its country of origin.
Thanks, Larry.
Hey, am I paying extra for this warm feeling inside? Yes.
But Mr.
Small, how can you justify having money? It's made from paper, which comes from trees, which need to be cut down.
But I also use a bank card! A plastic bank card, perchance? - Fine! - Littering, Mr.
Small? Really? Welcome to Tea N' Stuff! What kind of blend are you vibing today? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just my usual.
Haven't we already been in here? No, Tea N' Stuff is not connected to Organic N' Stuff, and neither of them are affiliates or subsidiaries of Chanax Incorporated.
- Hmm.
Are you sure about that? - Of course! They do poetry readings and jazz nights.
There's a chalkboard with inspirational messages on.
It can't be a big corporation! Look closer, Mr.
Fine, then I'll just drink tap water.
- Just accept it.
Everybody has an impact on something.
Well, not me! I have never harmed a single living thing.
- Hey! He hasn't paid! But it says the water's complimentary? Yes, but the paper cup is $13.
I've never harmed a single living thing.
I've never harmed a single living thing.
I've never harmed a single living thing.
Wow, I really nailed that line.
But maybe he's right? I'm home! Oh, hey, Patch.
Hey, buddy.
Mom, Dad, I've got some news.
I got into Yale for microbes.
- Oh, we're so proud of you! - A chip off the old cell lining.
have lived in this water for almost an hour, and you'll be the first to go to university, son.
What have I done?! - What did I ever do to you?! I'm so sorry.
Let me just -- Aah! I'm a monster! Sorry.
Maybe this is meant to be.
I am meant to be completely at one with nature.
Embrace me, Earth Mother! Or don't.
I guess you want to be more of an earth aunt who only calls once a year.
Hungry? Yeah, I am hungry! Lead on, little buddy! Oh, oh! Aah! Aah! He meant he was hungry.
Oh, oh, a leech! Well, take what you need.
I've got more than enough.
A little too much.
Ah, beautiful.
Not all nature is out to get me.
Huh? Now, class, it seems Mr.
Small has taken a leave of absence -- And his senses.
So I'll be taking his class today.
Do you feel bad about Mr.
Small? No, I mean, he's always struck me as the type of guy who would eventually throw his life away and go live in the woods.
I don't think it has anything to do with me.
My conscience is clear.
Captain, what is wrong? Nothing's wrong.
Put up the denial shields.
They're already at maximum.
They won't take any more.
Captain, we appear to be running low on soda in one of the vending machines on level three.
Why would you tell me that now? Well, excuse me for wanting to be a part of something.
- The denial shields are down! Facts are getting in! Prepare for emotional impact.
Yeah, you're right, I feel super guilty.
And the ship's out of soda.
- Huh? Nothing.
Look, we got to go see if he's okay.
I mean, it's probably too late but maybe we can help identify him.
Small! Mr.
Small! Dude, don't shout.
There could be anything out here.
You'll make us a target.
Good point.
I'll do a different voice.
That way, whatever comes, it won't know it's us.
Small, Mr.
Sma-- Uh, you okay? Dude, you need to get some exercise.
You sound like a French bulldog in a sauna.
That's not me.
And can you smell something? Yeah, it kind of smells like rotting flesh.
Or a skunk.
Or rotting skunk flesh! The Stink Ape! Okay.
On three.
One, two, three Stay perfectly still! Why did you run? You counted down! Who does a countdown to nothing? Lonely people on New Year's Eve? Yeah, fair point.
It's coming! Quick, in here! It's right outside.
What do we do? We're gonna roll this thing.
- Maybe one more roll? - Yeah.
Ahh, that's better.
Okay, the coast is cl-- Its arm is stuck! Go, go, go! This is it.
It's all over.
Ugh, your hands are really sweaty.
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry about that, but I didn't want to leave you hanging.
And I didn't have time to wipe.
Boys! I'm so glad you're okay! Mr.
Small! Why were you chasing us? I was trying to warn you.
These woods are not safe.
Trust me, this has been the hardest eight months of my life.
You've been gone half a day.
I fear I will not survive another winter.
But on the plus side, you're living at one with nature.
And it's all thanks to you! It seems you've buried the stink of hypocrisy under a far worse smell.
We thought you were the Stink Ape.
I'm afraid it doesn't exist.
I've been out here long enough to know there's no such thing.
But if there's no Stink Ape, what's so dangerous about the woods? Oh, I've set traps everywhere.
Wait, traps? You're a vegetarian.
What happened to living on nuts and berries? Turns out there's competition for the nuts and berries.
And turns out the competition is tastier than the nuts and berries.
Ok, but if there's no Stink Ape, then what's that? Oh, my goodness.
It's real! It's come to greet me as a brother of the forest.
Embrace me, noble creature.
Aah! - Will it be okay? - I don't know.
This is one of my more brutal traps.
Meh, it's just a hole.
I guess he'll be f-- I think I was doing less damage in the real world.
Uh, see you back at school tomorrow? Yeah.