The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e27 Episode Script

The Awareness

Isn't there some kind of theme at school this week? Ugh! I hate all these theme weeks! Cake Week, Cake-Crumb Cleanup Week, Ant Week, How Do We Get Rid of Ants Week, Anteaters Week, How Do We Get Rid of Anteaters Week.
What is it this week? Technology Week? No, that was three weeks ago.
Happy Technology Week, Bobert! Hey, who's your little friend? That is a vacuum cleaner.
Do you assume all machines know each other? A-- Ehh ehhhh Dude, Technology Week, remember? Yeah, huh.
Not helping.
Oh! We haven't done History Week.
No, youhaven't done History Week.
Hmm? Why are you dressed as a panda? It's History Week.
Endangered Species was lastweek.
I'm dressed as last week.
That's history, right? Anyway, surely, pandas are history by now.
You just forgot, didn't you? Yup.
Okay, we're definitely gonna mess this up again.
We don't even know what the theme is! Don't worry.
I've got this.
I'm not sure about this.
Ah, come on.
We've got all the bases covered.
Huh? Hmm? Oh, it's Green Week.
Yeah! I even filled up the bus with cod liver oil instead of gas.
It's sunfloweroil that works in engines.
Well, looks like you're walking to school.
And it was so difficult squeezing all those fish into the gas tank.
Sarah! Great detail! Even your ice caps are melting.
Actually, it's just a hot day, but thanks for pointing it out, Darwin.
Whoa! Love the green rainbow, Tobias.
It's not a costume.
I think I have food poisoning.
Ew! Ugh! Hey, Bobert.
Oh, thank goodness.
Glad we're not the only ones who've done nothing for Green Week.
Uh, Bobert? "Installing updates"? Actually, Bobert istaking part.
He turns himself off every night.
Unfortunately, it takes him Oh.
We are the only ones, then.
Ah, well, it's only Green Week.
I mean, there's nothing special about plants.
Think about it.
Superheroes are all named after animals and insects for a reason.
"The city's been invaded by evil alien robots, but fear not -- Treeman will save us!" By silently standing in a field with nothing but the power of going bald annually.
I can already see the merch.
Yep, plants are pointless.
Ahem! I'ma plant.
I think we're pretty important.
Leslie! Yeah, m-me, too.
Plants do loads of important things.
Really? Name one.
Only one? But there are so many.
Okay, then, give me five.
Let's just start with one, shall we? Okay, then, give me one.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Salad! Salad? Yeeeeah? Ah, this whole thing is coming out wrong.
Lettuce -- I mean, let usforget about it.
It's clearly a thorny issue.
Thorny! Uh, w-we should just nip it in the bud.
Uh, no, let's not! That phrase is actually incredibly offensive to plants! Hmph! Leslie, wait! Let me explain.
Eh sorry.
I got nothing.
I didn't think you'd actually turn around.
You want to do it, or shall I? You do it.
I can't believe Leslie thinks I don't care about plants.
Well, do you? Yeah! I-I care loads.
What about the, uh -- You know, the big thing? The big green thing? The woods? No, no, the other one -- Bigger.
The wet one.
The rainforest? The rainforest! Yeah, the rainforest.
What about the rainforest? Well, isn't it that there's too much of it? Or not enough? Which one? Too much? Wrong! If you want to get Leslie to forgive you, you're gonna have to do a whole lot of research.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
I mean, that's very important, of course.
About what? Plants!! Excuse me, I --Computers Please surf responsibly.
Actually, I'm here for some books.
What?! Shh! Quiet! Sorry.
I'm just excited.
Kids only ever come in here for the computers.
Yeah, no, I want to learn about the history of plant culture.
You're in luck! I'm doing a lecture on plant history soon and -- Oooooh! I'm busy that day.
She didn't say when it was.
Could I just have the notes? Do the notes have notes? Yeah, could you just summarize it for me? You want me to summarize the entirety of plant culture and history? Yeah.
Preferably in one word.
One that I know? Out.
Well, I did learn onething -- The word "photosynthesis.
" It's my way in.
Do you even know what it means? Pfft! That's not the point.
Like, why would you bother learning Australian when you can just wear that hat with the dangly corks and skip right to the good stuff? Is Australian a language? Mm.
I guess we'll never know.
Anyway, I'm gonna go talk to Leslie about sotophynthesis before I forget how to say it.
" Yup.
Photosynthe-see ya later! Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.
It was an amazing photosynthesis session.
You should have seen me.
Everyone was like, "Slow down.
You're doing it too hard.
" But I was like, "Nah, I'm in the zone.
" Yeah.
Speak to you later, Darwin.
Calling Darwin.
Ah! Ehhhhh! Oh, hey, Leslie! How's it growing, my man? So, you've been, uh, photosynthesizing? Isn't that more of a plant thing? Yeah, but I just respect the plant culture so much, I got into it, you know? Really? Yeah, I've already done at least, like -- Pfffft -- eight hours today.
But the sun wasn't up eight hours ago.
Mm, I got a method.
Well, I was about to do some now.
Do you want to join me? Cool.
Count me in.
I might just do mine in the shade, though.
Nice one.
Right, let's face the sun full-on so we can really get into it.
Yeah, of course.
It's got to be in direct sunlight.
I was just kidding.
That was a joke I got from, uh, Photo synthesis Weekly.
Monthly! Oh, you read PM, too? What did you think of the latest issue? Controversial, right? I think everything that canbe said about it hasbeen said.
You're so right.
Well, let's settle in, then.
Cool, cool.
Whoo-hoo! Got to love that heat, right? Oh-ho! You wait 'til it reallykicks in at noon.
How long have we done now? About three minutes.
Have you got any water? Sure.
You got to have water for a session, right? What are you doing? Plants drink like this.
Allow me.
Drink up.
Ahhhhh I've got to go.
But a guy your size -- you're gonna want to stay out here for at least another couple of hours, right? Okay.
Time for me to leaf.
That's a plant joke, since I know you love plants so much.
Ughhhhh! Ah-ya-huh! Joe, honey, dinner's ready! Did you have a nice day at school? No.
No, I did not.
It was just totally uncalled for, right? Yes.
And you're sure only plants can photosynthesize? Yes.
So he obviously knew, and he didn't tell me! He took it too far, right? Yes! Can we please just go to sleep? Sorry.
It's hard to get comfortable when even your teeth have third-degree sunburn.
Look, you upset him, and he got you back.
Maybe you should just draw a line under it.
Oh, I'm going to draw a line under it, all right.
I feel like we're on different pages here.
No, no, "draw a line under it.
" I get it.
I understand.
To emphasize it! Mind if I join you buddy? Don't you usually have lunch with Darwin? Oh, he had other plans.
Something to do with me going too far, people getting hurt -- That sort of thing.
So you're not eating? Oh, sure I am.
I thought I'd try some nice, fresh soil for lunch, 'cause that's what plants eat, right? Oh, absolutely.
We eat soil all the time.
Great, 'cause I brought enough for two.
Yeah, actually, I've already eaten lunch.
No, you haven't.
I've been watching you for the last three hours, and I'm absolutely sure you haven't had lunch.
So tuck in.
Uhh Unless this isn't a plant thing? No, no.
It's a plant thing.
Well, you know what else is a plant thing? And you're sure this is a plant thing? 'Course.
We get watered every day.
But does the pressure have to be so high? Probably.
Dude, one at a time! Luckily, all the evidence has been preserved, so this should be an open-and-shut case.
And that's lunch.
Ohh! It's gonna take a miracle for me to finish this race.
Ah, to heck with this.
Uh, it's a plant thing.
But aren't they dangerous? It's fine, as long as you don't aggravate them.
After all, bees are just overweight wasps! Don't tell me -- plant thing? Guess so.
Plant thing? Yeah.
Plant thing? Yeah.
Okay! I give in! I might not know anything about plants, but skydiving without a parachute is definitely not a plant thing! Aha! So you admit it! You don't know anything about plants.
Aha! So you admit you were aware I didn't know anything about plants when you put me through all that stuff! Aha! Then if you were aware that I knew that you knew that I was aware, why didn't you say anything? Aha! I -- No.
I didn't follow any of that.
Look, we'd better call a truce before this escalates any further.
"Weed"? Is that another plant joke? What? No.
Leslie, I'm sorry I called plants pointless.
And I'm sorry I made you stand waist-deep in fresh manure.
Friends? 'Til the end.
Which, judging by the speed the ground's coming up, is in about five seconds.
Where did that come from? I don't know.
Plant thing, I guess.
Well, thanks for teaching me something new.
Yeah, I'm not really convinced you learned anything about plants, but I guess we better get out of here.
I mean, you're gonna want to go home to get milked, right? Cool.
Wait! You think all mammals get