The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e28 Episode Script

The Slip

Did you bring the money? $10 million.
It's all in the sponge.
Good! Freeze! This is the U.
You're under arrest for bath time crimes.
What? You double crossed me, professor? I'm not the professor.
The beard was a fake? It's like Budapest all over again.
Can someone get that? Anyone? Hmm? "Sorry we missed you.
" Darn it, that was the final piece of my subscription jigsaw.
I still have no idea what it's gonna be.
Why didn't you guys answer the door? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot we were your personal butlers.
How would His Lordship like his eggs? In a bucket smothered with more eggs -- Wait a minute! Don't distract me! The delivery guy's still out there! He's walking towards his truck! He's reached his truck! He's opening one of the back doors of his truck! He's putting my package into the back of his truck! He's adjusting his pants! He's still adjusting his -- Just get out there and talk to him! I caught you.
I can take my package now.
I'm sorry? You're confused.
From my fancy clothes, you must think I'm some sort of wealthy lord, but I am actually Richard Watterson, and that package is for me, so I'll take it now.
The package has been entered into the system as undelivered.
It will be returned to the depot as per subsection 37b of company procedure.
But I can see it.
Can't you just give it to me? Yeah! Sure! I'll just give it to you.
If rules and regulations mean nothing to you.
So I can have it? Do you know where we'd be without rules and regulations? Right here but I'd have my package? Life would be like a giant cage fight without the cage.
Wait! You missed the delivery.
You could pick it up at the depot or pay for redelivery.
The choice is yours.
Good day, sir! Ah, there's no way I'm going to the depot, and I don't wanna pay Well, just lie.
Then they'll have to redeliver for free.
Great idea! I'll tell them I'm a ghost who couldn't open the front door because I don't have a physical body and that they shouldn't discriminate against me because of my spirit status.
Or just say the delivery guy didn't ring the doorbell.
Eh, I like mine better, but okay.
Come on, Richard, what could it possibly be? Uh, Dad! "You lied"? You know who did this, right? Darwin No, the delivery guy.
Oh, yeah.
How dare you lie and say I didn't ring the doorbell! You have dragged my spotless reputation through the dirt! What was once perfect and pure has been ruined, like a white dove wearing hoop earrings.
Listen, dude, all he wants is his package.
Company policy allows only three deliveries per item.
You missed the first delivery, therefore, you have two remaining.
Miss them and you'll have to drag your lazy, lying butt to the depot! You monster! You know how long the lines are at the depot.
There's not enough of my life left.
Oh, what's the matter? No need to cry about it.
- Uh, I think he means this.
- Sorry, can't do mine.
Love it -- can't do it.
Anyway, the game is on! Right! There's no way I'm missing that delivery again.
Nothing's gonna distract me.
I'm gonna stand right here until that guy comes back.
Meh, whatever.
Meh, whatever.
What the? Dad.
Yeah, standing up was hurting my legs, and I can't see the TV from out there.
But you can't see the delivery guy from in here! Yeah, I can.
I'll see him in the reflection in the corner of the TV, and nothing's gonna distract me! Ice cream! No, no, no.
Stay strong.
Free ice cream! Oh, come on, Richard.
You can do this.
"Free ice cream for Richard Watterson"! No, I will not under any circumstances let this distract me.
Can I have chocolate sprinkles? But of course, Mr.
Wait, I know that voice.
No, you don't.
No, I don't.
Come undget it.
Little bit further, little bit further, little bit further, little bit further Eh, we'd better go get him.
Little bit further, little bit further.
Nearly there.
I think that's far enough.
So, here is your ice cream, Mr.
Watterson! You?! But how? Did I not mention that my brother Hans has an ice cream truck? He let me borrow it since he is in the hospital with appendicitis.
Just to clarify, I'm laughing because of my plan, not because my brother's in the hospital.
Anyway, packages to deliver.
Hello?! Ahhh! Oh, nobody home.
That's one delivery left, Mr.
Watterson, but don't give up unless you're chicken! Mm.
Yeah, that's en elephant.
Oh, come on, Mr.
Dad! You've been there for four hours! He tricked me out of that last delivery, and now there's only one left.
There's no way he'll get me again! I'll get it.
Hello, honey, this is me, your wife.
You don't sound like my wife, Nicole.
If you're my wife Nicole, answer me this.
What's your name? Nicole? Hmm, seems watertight.
So, what's up, honey? I'm in the hospital! Come quick! My heart has fallen off.
Quick! Into the car! No time to explain! I'm not really his wife.
Ahh! Nicole's got a disease that turns people's skin into missed delivery slips! Please, keep it down! There are other people in this ward trying to pull off cruel and elaborate pranks, as well! Aah! He's done it again! Ah, Mr.
Ahh! How do those flowers know my name?! It appears you missed your final delivery, but I'm willing to give you a last chance.
Your package will be at a collection point.
But where, I hear you ask? Ask me, then! Oh, I thought that was rhetorical.
Where? Where can I go shopping in the rain, but I don't get wet? Online! Oh, yeah, I guess online works, too.
Well, your package will be at the Elmore Mall, where it will remain for the next four minutes precisely.
Tick tock, Watterson.
I'm not really a bunch of flowers.
Oh, no! He clamped the car! Yeah, I don't think that was him.
Well, I guess we'll have to get there on foot, and we've only got three minutes! We can do this! We made it! And only 38 minutes late.
It's empty! No! You're late, Watterson, but I'll give you one more chance to get your package.
You'll find it in the building that houses all the old fossils that no one ever goes to visit.
The retirement home! Oh, yeah, that works, too, but the package will be at the museum for the next five minutes.
Let's go! Dad! No, no! Why are you letting him mess with you like this? Because honest, hardworking, by-the-book, set-the-alarm guys like him always win.
I'm doing this for the slobs everywhere.
For the guy who orders the wrong thing online but is then too lazy to return it.
Hey, I'm that guy! For the guy who pays two cellphone bills for a year because he can't be bothered to cancel one of them.
Ha! I'm paying three! And for the guy who can't even be bothered to finish his sentence.
Hey, I totally He thinks he can take advantage of our laziness, but today, the lazy man lifts a finger! Who's with me?! - No.
- Ugh, nah.
- Not today.
We're with you, Mr.
Dad! Let's go get that package.
Elmore Museum -- four minutes.
The toxic waste disposal site -- Three minutes.
The stadium end zone -- Five minutes.
The Elmore runway -- Six minutes.
The tanning salon.
The sewers.
The kitten orphanage.
Precious Nathan's Felt Emporium.
Fabio's Downtown Doo-Wop Bunker.
The stage at the Dad Wake Up Awards.
Dad, wake up! Ah! I fell asleep at the DWA's.
How embarrassing! Dad, wake up! Ah! Hello? Ready to give up? You'll never find me, and you'll never get your package, Watterson! That's nuts.
Oh, I'm sorry, Dad.
I guess he's won.
Shhhhhhh What's he doing? I think he's deflating.
Did you hear it? The frying sound.
It's peanut oil at 180.
47 degrees.
There are only three restaurants that use that kind of oil.
Joyful Burger, but they switched to lard substitute because it was cheaper.
Sloppy John's Filthy Burgers, but they were shut down because of that whole rat-burger incident.
That only leaves that diner next to the pet cemetery, but they shut that down seemingly for no reason.
This doesn't make any sense! Wait! Unless it isn't a restaurant.
It's a food truck! Diagnosis Burger on the interstate! But I'll never get there in time! You will, Dad.
You just need to trust your inner slob.
That's weird.
He hung up after he said, "That's nuts.
" Yeah, peanut oil! I cook with it for years.
Watterson couldn't know just from the sound of Did you say Watterson? That guy's my best customer.
He even comes on vacation with me.
Well, if he comes by here, keep it zipped, understand, zipped! Ahh, what am I even worrying about? He'll never find me.
He's too lazy.
No, that's not possible! Deliver me.
No! Come on! Come on! Yeah! Hmm - My package! - Nein! That package is still the property of the U.
mail, and it's going back to the depot where it belongs.
I just realized you're still in my truck.
Get out.
I win! You lose! Good day, sir! Ah! But your p-package is still at the depot.
Yeah, I just ordered the exact same thing.
Seemed like less effort.
What? Rather than going to collect your package, you bought the same thing all over again? How could you get any lazier?! I'll tell you how.
My son thought of the idea 'cause I couldn't be bothered.
That d-d-doesn't mean you've won! Actually, it does.
Good day, sir.