The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e31 Episode Script

The Possession

Oh, Joanna, we weren't expecti-- So, anyway, Louie's sister Sheila just turns up out of the blue, waltzing in, leaving her stuff all over the place, and eating our food without even asking.
I hate when people intrude like that, but I guess some people just can't read the signals.
No, they can't.
So, are you planning on staying long? Only a couple of weeks.
The mattresses are hard and the food's overcooked.
Where's Richard? He's in the kitchen.
Mom told him to get rid of the refrigerator because it's broken.
But he got upset 'cause it's his favorite possession.
So he chained himself to it and swallowed the key.
Bit to was the key to the shed, so Mom unchained him.
So he chained himself to it again and swallowed the key.
But it was the key to the back gate, so Mom unchained him.
Then he chained himself to it again and swallowed the key.
But it was still the wrong key, so Mom unchained him.
And now we don't know what the key he swallowed is for.
All: Oh! Mom's car.
I gave you that refrigerator as a housewarming present.
You gave it to us because it was the only way to get Richard to move out of your house.
We are not getting rid of it! It's got too many good memories! It's been there for me so many times.
It was there when I was a little kid and the world was new and amazing.
During those difficult years when you're trying to work out who you are as a person.
It was there on one of the most momentous days of my life.
Ah! The day I found an onion ring in the back of it.
And it was there at the battle for the future of planet Earth when the robots rose up against us! Come on, you know that last one didn't happen.
Don't you listen to her, honey.
If you don't want a new one, we'll get it repaired.
I still have the warranty.
What?! You're taking his side? Oh, I'm sure you'd love to replace all the old, reliable things Richard holds dear to him, but it ain't gonna happen.
It's old, it smells, I'm sure it's leaked everywhere, and I want it out of my house.
Are we still talking about the refrigerator here? Okay, I'll get rid of it on one condition.
You two promise to try to get along.
All right, I'll drive her back to where she bought it and see if we can get a refund.
But that might just have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Why? It's too warm.
It's too cold.
I need fresh air.
Move to Switzerland.
My doctor says I shouldn't look through glass.
You're wearing glasses.
Actually, I will open the windows.
Your breath smells like soup.
It's okay to be sad, Mr.
It's perfectly normal.
Dude, the only place that behavior might seem normal has people wailing and bouncing off cushioned walls.
You mean a kid's inflatable castle? No.
No, I don't.
You know what, Dad? You should think about upcycling.
Exercise is the last thing on my mind.
No, upcycling is when you give old stuff a new purpose, like our satellite dish.
It used to be an old toilet seat.
And you'd never know our mailbox used to be an old car battery.
Oh, yeah, and like how our trash bin is the old trash bin from next door.
No, that was just stealing.
Aah! But officer, we were only releasing it into the wild to give it a better life.
It's called upcycling.
No, it's called illegal dumping, and I'll give you a ticket if you don't get it out of here.
Eh, thanks for the tip-off, Steve.
You saved this beauty spot.
I mean, look at this tree.
Untouched for generations.
No problem.
Lucky I was in the vicinity.
Uh -- Uh I was never here.
But you just -- Tried to give you an out, buddy.
Aah! This is the last one.
How can every casting agent in town turn it down? I mean, look at how versatile it is.
Happy! Sad.
Ah! What do people do if they can't get work as an actor? - Voice actor? - No.
- Teacher? Puppeteer? - No.
- Children's book author? - No.
- Agent? PA? - No.
Waiter? Barista? Mime artist? No! Circus! They join the circus.
I've never heard anything so preposterous! I know, it sounds weird 'cause it's a refrigerator.
No, because we've already got one.
Some of the towns we go to, they go wild for it.
Well, according to your warranty, this is where the store should be, but it's not.
And like I said to Richard on your wedding day, you sure about that, honey? Ah, my best customer.
Oh, what is it with this family and buying knockoff stuff from a truck? We want our refrigerator repaired.
That old thing's still going? Yeah, she is, and she thinks your lifetime warranty still means something.
Owner: No, no, no, of course not.
Here at the Reuse & Recycling Center, we don't melt down or destroy your once treasured possessions.
We know how much they've meant to you.
We take good care of them until we can find them a new home.
You've made the right choice.
You won't regret it.
Ah, wait, I didn't say goodbye.
That face ain't gonna look so pretty much longer.
Oh, we got us a feisty one.
It's still on.
Faster, Dad, faster! Are they gaining on us? Gumball: Yes! One of them's got a saxophone! Who throws out a saxophone? Pretty much anyone after 1992.
What are they doing? I don't know! Looks like some kind of lame French circusy thing! Just give them the fridge! No! We're never gonna shake them off! We'll take care of that for your, ma'am.
We know how much it means to you.
That's it.
We are not getting rid of it.
It is staying right here.
We got it now, guys! Uh Dad, this is getting ridiculous.
No! It's mine.
Uh, sorry, mate, is there a bus stop around here? Actually, don't worry about it.
I'll get a cab.
Can we just get rid of it? No.
I'm keeping it and nothing will separate us.
All: Huh? Hello? Yeah, yeah, I just want to order a cab, please.
Sorry, what? What, 10 minutes? Haven't you got anything nearer? I don't know.
I'm in someone else's house, aren't I? Hang on.
Yeah, yeah, I'm by the blizzard.
Yeah, silver face, underpants.
Yeah, yeah, I'm waving.
Oh, yeah, I can see you.
All: Dad! And it's always making this weird shuddering noise.
I'm not keeping food in it till it's fixed.
Wait, you've been keeping food in it? Yes.
It is, after all, a refrigerator.
You didn't read the warranty, did you? "This appliance is for the storage of memories and emotions, and under no circumstances should be used for storing food"? Seriously? A refrigerator for emotions? What else have you got, a bookshelf that alphabetizes your dreams? No, we sold out of those last week.
But don't worry about that fridge shuddering.
Someone would have to use it as a lifelong emotional crutch for anything really bad to happen.
The casual user should be fine.
There is nothing casual about the way Richard uses that fridge.
I'm sure Richard got rid of it like I asked him to.
It's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine.
Does it get tiring being wrong all the time? Richard! Kids! Gumball: Mom, in here! The fridge has gone crazy.
And it swallowed Dad! It's not a fridge.
It's a store for emotions.
All: Huh? She bought it from the Awesome Store.
All: Oh.
- Makes sense.
- But how do we get him back? I'm going in.
Granny Jojo: I'm not leaving this to you.
None of this would've happened if you hadn't threatened to get rid of it.
Then I guess we're both going in.
Let's go get Richard.
I wish I'd worn a jacket.
And I wish I'd worn heels.
How are we gonna find him in this? Look.
I can't see, can I? Richard! Richard, honey, are you there? Dad: No! He's not gonna let us in.
Let me try something.
Pizza for Watterson! Honey? What are you doing here? I've come to save you.
We'vecome to save you.
It was my idea, though.
Oh, stop arguing and leave me alone.
I told you.
This fridge has so many good memories.
Yes, but I assumed that was just a turn of phrase.
Only in this family could that ever be literal.
But if it goes, all my memories will go, too.
Honey, listen to me.
It's just an object.
You'll still remember all those things without it.
No, Richard, listen to me.
You'll always have your memories.
You don't need to hang on to possessions.
Hang on, wait.
We're saying the same thing here.
- Honey, trust us.
- Honey, trust us.
- You don't need the fridge.
- You don't need the fridge.
If it's important enough for you guys to agree, then I guess you must be right.
Stand back! I'm gonna jump! Both: No, the ice isn't strong enough! Ah! See? I'm not as heavy as -- Aah! Mom: Okay, let's get one thing straight.
When both of us give you the same advice Just take it.
Dad: Thanks for the trade-in.
Anything for my best customers.
Oh, and I'm sorry you found it so traumatic.
Oh, no, no, that's -- He's just defrosting.
Now, you're sure this one is just a regular fridge? Yes.
Granny Jojo: And it won't trap him in a wistful prison of ice and nostalgia? No.
All right.
Oh, wait, there is one thing -- Oh, they've gone.