The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e34 Episode Script

The Future

Hmm? Hmm? Ah.
Hey, do you mind if I put a poster in your window? It's for my mom.
She's missing.
Oh, gosh.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Maybe we need a different pinning method.
Yeah, well, maybe we need a different poster.
This photo isn't even of her.
Sorry, but it's just advertising 101, man.
That's what sells -- Babes and babies.
And what kind of slogan is this -- "Banana Barbara -- 20% off 'cause she's past her best"? That's my mom you're talking about.
I told you we should've gone with "Banana Barbara -- The ripest on the market.
" Look, I'm sorry.
It's just, she's never been missing this long before.
Don't worry, man.
Look, where did you find her the other times? Well, she once spent half of December in a Christmas stocking.
You'll find my tooth under the pillow.
Aah! I'm not the tooth fairy, Barbara.
I never said you weeeere.
Another time, we lost her at the airport, and we found her in a Japanese karaoke video.
Then there was the time we found her playing a chicken in a TV show.
Wow, I knew she could paint the future, but I didn't know she can act.
Eh, it was more of a musical act.
Where is she? Don't worry, buddy.
We will find your mom.
How? I have no idea.
So, what does Barbrama Barnara usually do during the day? Dude, her name is Banana Barbara.
That's what I just said -- Barmaba Banambram.
- Barbara.
- Brabambra.
- Barbara.
- Spell it.
B-A-R-A-B-A-B-A-B-A-N-R-A- A-R-A-B-A.
Oh, Barbara.
Got it.
So, what does your mom usually do? Hmm.
How much? For what? Everything you're wearing right now.
What? $100 million.
Ticktock, Larry.
Charity work.
Oh, what a pretty baby.
She said, while in truth, she thought it looked like an old monkey's kneecap.
Uh Do you think it's possible that maybe your mom suffers from some kind of head problem? I don't know about "suffers.
" She seems to really enjoy it.
But, yeah, she's full-blown bananas.
She wasn't always like that, though.
It sort of happened a few years ago.
Barbara, coffee.
Too hot.
Too cold.
Too perfect.
Barbara, I've got a song stuck in my head.
What is it? Okay, uh, so, are you gonna hum it, or -- Darn it, Barbara.
I'm not a jukebox.
Figure it out yourself.
Right away, sir.
Barbara, move my 4:00 P.
to 10:00 A.
It's already 3:00 in the afternoon, sir.
Figure it out, Barbara.
Invent time travel.
Barbara, the sun's glaring on my screen.
I'll close the blinds.
No, I hate the blinds.
Move the sun.
Uh, shoo, shoo.
Barbara, hurry up and bedredge my heddegedy.
I-I'm not sure those are real words, sir.
Don't question my management.
That's $100 off your pay.
But, sir, I'm an intern.
Then you owe me $100.
The doctor said it's called a burnout.
It happens when you get too stressed at work, though I think hers was quite a big one.
Barbara! I feel like painting.
Oh, so that's why she always wears a bow.
It just holds together whatever's left up there.
Ah, anyway, how do you catch a banana? You make the mating call of the banana.
No, dude, you've gottta think like a banana.
No, no, no! The future! I want you to paint the future -- What happens next! That can't just be the end.
I need your power.
Now, come on, Barbara.
One more time.
Work your magic.
Paint the future.
That's it.
Ugh! No! No more static! I'm gonna give you one last chance.
You're gonna tell me everything you know.
Your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks, otherwise it'll digest itself.
A blue whale's toot bubble is large enough to enclose a horse.
No! No! Hippopotamus milk is pink.
Why, you -- You're gonna take this, and you're gonna paint what happens next, otherwise that face of yours won't be so a-peeling.
That came out way lamer than I expected.
Just paint! Ugh! And how does this help us find my mom? It's simple.
If we follow her mental process, we'll retrace her steps.
So, what would she do next? She'd definitely be licking that public-pay-phone receiver.
How'd it taste? Like a brown rainbow.
Ha! It's working, though.
I am definitely seeing things.
Me, too.
It's like that shadow's pointing the way.
Now, what would your mother do? Definitely go in the opposite direction.
Hey, Barbara.
You better get going.
Otherwise Ugh! Oh! Sorry, it's just, with only the one eye, I've got really bad depth perception, and you know -- Get back to work! Wait! Look! My finger.
Oooooh! Look at that speech bubble! "I'm here, Banana Joe.
" Of course.
Barbara must be inside this wall.
No! Ahh.
You can -- you can alter the paintings.
You can change the future.
Only what's left.
What does that mean?! Talk to me, Barbara! Come on! Spill your guts! Okay.
Oh, you -- Ugh! Mom.
- Gumball.
- Rob.
You made a big mistake, my friend.
You might've thought I was a harmless clown, a joke, but you messed with the wrong guy's mother! Ha! Darwin! No, no.
Ha! Huh? You should've drawn the rest of Aah! Barbara, do something! Yeah, I meant something helpful, Barbara.
Just walk away! This is more important than you.
Paint him out! Erase him! - No! - Come on.
Aah! Hey! What did I say about underestim-- I'm warning you.
Barbara, the brush.
No! No, no, you -- you don't get it.
You're gonna get it.
Wait! No, please! No! Mom.
I missed you.
And I miss hard-core hip-hop.
I guess all's well that ends well.
Except for the guy we kind of straight up erased from existence.
Yeah, I feel pretty bad about it right now, but, you know, maybe we'll laugh about it later.
Let's try.
Hey, remember when we straight up erased that guy from existence? Yeah, no.
Barbara, can you paint him back into existence, please? Oh can you give him something lame, like a goatee or a third nostril or something? Perfect.
See ya in the future, Rob.
But there is no future.