The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e35 Episode Script

The Wish

Oh, Nigel.
What a beautiful spot you've brought me, too.
Oh, yes.
This Sat Nav's been playing up all week.
Silly thing.
We should have been at the city dump by now.
But look at the sunset.
Isn't it romantic? Oh, that reminds me.
We really got to clean this car.
It's so messy.
It's the perfect evening to say those three little words to show how much you care about me.
Th-Three little words, hey? Uh Parking brake's off.
Oh, man.
Online dating is complicated.
Women are so hard to read these days, like what does this mean? "Your payment has been declined.
" You do realize that's a pizza delivery-app, right? What did you think those chili symbols meant? Fiery? Whoa, what's wrong? I don't know how to express my feelings towards Lucy.
Feelings? You don't need feelings.
You're a guy.
Feelings on guys are like elbows on a fish.
They just get in the way.
Do fish have elbows? Look, I know how I feel.
I just can't seem to find the words.
Words? You don't need words.
You're a guy.
Words from a guy are like armbands on an octopus.
You don't need them.
So what do I say? You say nothing.
A guy should be silent, a lone wolf, riding off into the sunset.
A wolf riding an horse? Wouldn't the wolf eat the horse? Not necessarily.
Sometimes, it's the other way around.
So the horse is riding the wolf? Or is the horse eating the wolf? Nigel! Hm.
Nigel, where were you?! I hate to clean out the car on my own! Nigel? Okay.
I'm a guy.
I don't need feelings.
I don't need words.
I'm a silent horse riding a wolf with armbands.
Wait a minute.
None of this makes any sense.
Look, Lucy, I'm -- Uh, where did she go? Well, you weren't saying anything, so she walked out and slammed the door.
Why did I just take relationship advice from a single guy who thinks fish have elbows? First, he won't tell me how he feels, now he won't talk to me at all! Well, I'm tired of getting hurt, and I won't get hurt ag-- Pick that up and take it to the trash! Uh, sure.
No back chat, got it?! Hm.
Answer me! Uh --No answering back! Get on with it! And no running in the corridors! Hm.
If that's the way he feels, then maybe I should take some time out of this relationship.
This is so unfair! Yeah, I'm getting tired just watching you.
I wish someone would bring her down to size.
Yeah, and I wish she'd just soften up a little.
Your wish is my command.
How cute.
It's a little gnome.
We could take it home and build a little gnome house out of matchsticks and mushrooms and find him a little gnome wife so they can have loads of little gnome babies, and they have to move to a bigger house, and they can't keep up with the mortgage payments, and they move to a horrible part of Gnome Town, and all the fancy gnomes pretend not to know them in the supermarket, so they have to It's for your own good, dude.
Your wish is my command, as long as you wish for cheaper gas prices.
Miss Simian, we're done.
Where is she? Dude! Look what's happened.
What? I think our wishes were granted, and Miss Simian's been transformed into a -- But that chair's always been there.
No, dude.
The neck pillow.
"I wish she'd just soften up.
" "Someone needs to bring her down to size.
" Luce, I've been thinking, and I'm sorry, and -- Hmm? Where's Miss Simian? I'm sorry, Principal Brown.
We made a wish on a magic gnome, and now Miss Simian's been transformed into a -- Don't be ridiculous.
That chair's always been there.
No, not the chair.
She's been transformed into a -- A desk?! Oh, my darling Lucy! What have they done?! Hmm, no, not the desk.
Lucy, you're a window.
- A globe? - Mnh.
Ew! No.
Why are we making him guess? Mnh-mm.
She's been turned into a neck pillow.
Huh? The one you're sitting on.
Oh, Lucy.
Is it really you? It's the kind of thing you think only happens to other people.
It's okay! We'll get that magic gnome out of the trash and break the spell! Don't worry.
Your wish is my command.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Mm, what a nice kid.
Hmm? Darn kid! Okay, now you can worry.
Maybe this all happened for a reason.
Including that truck driver going to the hospital? Well, maybe not all of it.
All she wanted me to do was tell her how I feel, and now it's too late.
Well, true love usually breaks the spell.
Yeah, just do something really romantic, and she'll transform back into the hairy psycho-tyrant you seem to have chosen as a life partner.
Ugh, I'm really not good at all that kind of stuff.
We can help you practice until you are.
Do we have to? I know we're kind of responsible, but wouldn't life be nicer if we weren't taught by someone who sounds like a jet engine being dragged down a blackboard made from broken glass? Oh, fine! Can't believe I've been guilt-tripped by a neck pillow.
I mean, who am I, Mr.
-- Actually, no, that's never happened to anyone before.
A ticket out of town, please.
Uh, one way? Are you sure? Yes.
One way.
Nothing left for me in this old town.
I guess I got to just -- Yeah, me too, lady.
Nothing left for me here.
Gonna pull up sticks and --Uh, excuse me? I hadn't finished my thing.
So long, Elmore.
This town's got nothing but bad memories.
Yeah, I guess this sleepy little town isn't ready for involuntary head transplants, so I'm packing up, moving on out, and leaving.
Not me.
I'll take a return ticket.
For I am coming back to continue my lucrative career as a tap da-- Make it one way.
Okay, Principal Brown, just tell Miss Simian what's on your mind.
Hm, Lucy, I don't know what color the dinosaurs were or how planes stay in the sky Hmm, more relevant? "Lucy, to me, you are perfect" Aww.
"ly capable of severely injuring me with your bite and grip.
" Uh, fewer words? "I fond you.
" Uh, more romantic.
But they charge by the letter, and how is this thing staying up?! Huh? No, the three words! Camel vibrate bucket! Three romantic words! Flowers candles bucket.
No! I love you! Yes, perfect.
But why are you saying it to a horseshoe? 'Cause I thought it would give me good luck.
Right, I can do this.
Thank you, boys.
You're welcome.
Where's Miss Simian? Oh, I left her in the car.
She was looking a bit tired.
One of her seams was starting to burst.
Lucy, I -- She's gone! I could have kept the car, but there's nothing quite like a good neck pillow.
Then again, I could have sold the car to buy loads of neck pillows.
I could have bought thousands.
Oh, my mother was right.
I never think things throu-- There she is! No! Not on my Lucy! Coming through! Excuse me! Sorry! How can something so adorable be so mean? Aww.
He's not all bad.
Okay, he's mostly bad.
Don't worry.
I know where it comes out.
Here! Lucy, I'm coming! So, you want to race, huh?! - What? - No thanks.
We're just trying to save this guy's girlfriend.
Winner gets the girl.
The girl is a cushion.
I'll take what I can get! What is your problem?! I struggle to connect with people! Then turn your own blades on! I don't have blades! I'm a teacher, and this is a rental! Oh, you think you can beat me? Oh, you're good.
Is he gonna be okay? I don't think that guy was ever okay.
Lucy! No! Lucy! Oh, come on! All I want is for you to tell me how you feel about me.
Well, I don't even know you, lady, but your demeanor makes me uneasy, and your face makes me sad.
Not you, him! Aaah! I can't see! I can't see! Lucy! That's it, lady.
I'm dropping you off at the next stop.
Uh What's the plan here? We follow it until it stops.
She is the woman I love.
From now on, I'll be more open about my feelings.
I'll never let her out of my sight again.
Where is she? We followed the coach all the way here! I lost my Lucy.
I Mm-hmm.
Lucy, I love you.
Hm? I love you.
Nothing happened.
I'm so sorry.
It looks like we didn't break the spell.
I guess you've got your own journey now.
Nigel? Lucy? Lucy! Oh, Nigel.
You love me.
I'm so happy.
You really love me.
I'm so happy you're not a neck pillow anymore! Hm? True love did break the spell.
Uh, did it? Oh.
Should we tell him? No, Darwin.
Let's not break this beautiful moment.
Besides, something tells me it will be pretty useful to have a principal who believes in a magic gnome.
You should have told them they drove into that truck, though, right?