The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e36 Episode Script

The Factory

Then, at 10 o'clock, I do this.
It's important to move every three hours or so.
Otherwise, the rat gets too bold, thinks you croaked, and starts biting.
Not today, buddy.
At around noon, it's lunch, so, I go like this.
Then -- -- I like to look things and think about what they'd taste like.
The rug would taste of peach Fruit Roll-Up, and the TV would taste of burnt crème caramels set in a rich, highland double-fudge base.
I think, since it's "Bring Your Child To Work" day in our class, we might want to choose another parent.
What do you say, Mom? No! But why? We want to see the rainbow factory.
It will be the best day ever! First, we'll watch the happy little elves whistling their merry tunes as they did for color in the rainbow mines.
Then, we'll see how the colors be mixed in the palette by dancing unicorns! Then, we'll hear the singing of the orange munchkins as they churn it with their magic machines! And then, we pause for a couple of hours for lunch, and then -- You only get an hour for lunch.
That we have to share between 50 people.
And I said, "No!" I look like I've been thrown into space without a space suit.
Please take us! No! We'll pay you $10.
"Can we have $10?" I said, "No!" But whyyyy? Because the C.
s are coming down to decide whether to close the factory and give everyone their pink slip.
A pink slip! Like a magic ticket?! Yeah -- a magic ticket to unemployment and depression.
So, you guys are gonna stay with your father and do whatever it is he does.
Mom, please.
Hanging out with Dad on his work day is like watching a ripe avocado turn into guacamole with just the force of gravity.
I get your point, but I can't have you there today.
I got to run! If I'm much later, I'll be back for dinner before I get to work! - Wait! Your briefcase! - Oh, boy! Thank you, sweetheart.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I worked all night on these figures, and I can assure you there's absolutely no need to close the factory.
We are the shareholders.
Oh, sorry, right.
And you are? Objects, Watterson.
They're inanimate objects.
- Right.
- Now, please, give us the stats.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
I've left them on my desk.
If you're not back in two minutes, we'll move your desk to a bathroom stall.
I know you mean that as a threat, but as we're not allowed to take bathroom breaks, it would technically be an improvement.
Give me those! Are you kidding me?! How on Earth could you be in there?! You handed me the briefcase yourself! Yes, but from the inside.
Wait! Your briefcase! Oh, boy! Thank you, sweetheart.
I'm going back to the meeting! Meanwhile, you're going to stay here and touch nothing! Have I made myself clear? I said, "Nothing.
" Hm.
Oh, no.
She dropped some important stuff, giving us the perfect excuse to look for her and check out the factory in the process.
But she told us to stay here.
Darwin, all it takes for bad things to happen is for good people to do nothing.
I don't think we count as good people.
Then, all it takes for good things to happen is for bad people to do something.
Uh, no.
What? I'm totally convinced.
Let's find out how they put these magic colors in the sky With unicorns and pixies, candy cane, and apple pie I used to think that they were caused By how the light refracts But now, I'm sure it's magical, so who we gonna ask? Hey! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet Hello, friend, now tell me Are you elf or are you gnome? Neither kid, the lack of daylight stunted every bone And is this color made from lemonade and fairy dust? It's gasoline and arsenic and latex, lead, and rust Hey! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet I must admit, that guy back there Did not fill me with magic In fact, he made it sound as if his job was pretty tragic But look, there's elves on tricycles And fountains of molasses Unless it's a hallucination caused by toxic gases Lead, lorry, lellow, greeny, bludigo, and violet Well, I don't mind.
It's not that bad.
This job still has its perks Like, for example uh ooh Careful then, mind what you say You know the walls have ears Don't want to end up stuck on night, like poor Mr.
Frears Where are all the roly-poly imps in Dungarees? Instead, it's tears and bitterness and awful salaries We thought it would be full of fun and colorful rainbows Instead it's gross and gray And let's be honest, it just blows.
What about blinking time? Uh, what about it? Well, every second spent blinking is one less second doing the job.
I suggest we ban it.
Ban blinking? That's impossible.
Then, I suggest we reduce it by 75%.
What? How? Like this.
Uh Okay, just spitballing here, but how about, instead of the employees having to spend so much time to go home to look after their own children, they just share one massive child to save on cost? Wh-- what about the other children? Feed them to the big one, group our assets, maximize value, Watterson! But sir, some of our employees are quite attached to their children.
I don't care.
The only people I've got pictures of in my wallet are Washington and Benjamin -- My two sons.
That's so funny.
I thought you were gonna heartlessly show me a couple of dollar bills.
They're very cute, sir.
I was about to say there was a third one -- Hamilton.
He was fired for going over budget.
Only two hugs a day.
He knew the rules.
To be honest with you, this inspection is irrelevant since we've already decided to move the factory to a country where workers aren't always whining about Get back.
like basic human decency, access to direct sunlight, women's rights, men's rights, dental plans, or desks.
Go away.
All of this is to say, we're shutting this place down.
Wait, what? You're shutting this place down? No, no, no.
Whoo! What's going on here?! Just give me a couple of minutes and I'll -- Okay! A couple of seconds! Um, Mom.
I think you can stop the meeting.
There's not much left of the factory you can save.
Children in the workplace! What is this, every other factory I own! I'm sorry, sir, but there's no time to discuss this now.
We need to evacuate the premises at once.
This gas is extremely tox All in favor of adjourning this meeting, say "Aye".
- Aye! I'm a wealthy man! This isn't how it's supposed to end! I'm supposed to croak alone in my mansion, surrounded by all the expensive things I wasted my life buying while my children fight over their inheritance! Look, the exit! Hurry up! Come on! Get on the magic goat and play the banana! Wait, what?! What happened? All in favor of adjourning this meeting, say "aye.
" The fumes.
The override button.
Why isn't this working? Ow.
I promise not to close the factory, and no more budget cuts.
All right.
and a raise for everybody.
Thank heavens everyone's out cold and didn't hear that.
Yeah, we did.
The override button.
Darwin, wake up.
- Hello? - Wake up! Wake up! Go and press the button.
Gumball, wake up.
Push the button.
We kept our jobs, although we're slobs The factory's not ablaze 10 more days vacation, and we even got a raise We skirted unemployment and a future on the skids Thanks to Mrs.
Watterson and her two weirdo kids La la la la la la la la la, hey!