The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) s06e37 Episode Script

The Agent

Darwin? Aghhh! Darwin? Aghhh! Darwin, where are you?! - There you are! - Argh, man! My makeup's running, and there's no toilet paper in the whole school! You really didn't need to go that far.
Au contraire, the make-up's great.
And a one-piece bias-cut polyester pant suit with crystal accents and a bobble hem is totally en vogue.
I have no idea what you just said, but, hey, what about me? - Hmm, you like like a -- - I know a secret agent.
I was gonna say undertaker.
Why are you dressed like that anyway? Well, it all started at swim club And? Wait for it.
I don't think swim club is for you.
Half the school isn't suited to swim club.
I mean, there's Teri You never know which bit of her's gonna clog the filter first.
And then there's William, surely the chlorine in the water is going to sting his everything.
Shh, he'll hear you.
Doesn't have ears.
I think you hurt his feelings.
How could you tell? He's kinda hard to read without an eyebrow or mouth or cheeks or nostrils.
I think we better get out of here before the coach dives in the -- Too late.
Wait, where's our clothes? They've been stolen! Oh, you know what this means.
"See, a perfect fit, and they're exactly like your old clothes" are words that have never been uttered in Lost & Found.
Anyway, you're in luck.
Corneille and I do ballroom dancing and our costumes got shrunk in the wash, so this is all I got.
This is all you have? Okay, this is all I have.
Geez, since when were you so hot on grammar? He means, we can't possibly wear those without accessories.
Hmpf! Wish I never asked.
That flashback was so long, I've grown roots.
But why the wig? It looks weird without it.
Uh, excuse me, kids.
Somebody stole the PA speaker, and I gotta fix it.
Well, they will give him some odd jobs.
This is how it's gonna be, isn't it? That's what secret agents do, right? Make light quips after horrific workplace accidents.
What is it with this place? People stealing the toilet rolls now! You two, my office.
But, sir, we didn't steal -- And now I've lost my train of thought completely.
Watterson, tell me, what do you know about hacking a central intelligence data server? You just bypass the storage controller, tap into the VNX array head and disable the IDS.
Why, sir? Crossword clue.
Nah, doesn't fit.
Never mind.
Anyway, do you know anything about all this stuff being stolen? - Well, I, uh - My thoughts precisely.
The toilet roll, the PA system, and, judging by that Italian waiter outfit, your clothes.
I want you to find out who is stealing them, what they plan to do with them, and why.
But, sir, why choose me for this mission? Because, Watterson, you and you alone happened to be passing.
That's all.
Oh, and, Watterson? Yes, sir? Close the door on the way out.
And, Watterson? Yes, sir? I've forgotten.
And, Watterson? Just ignore him or we'll never get out.
Okay, so, what are we gonna do? Oh, don't worry your pretty face about it.
Leave it to the professionals.
Now, there's clearly some evil mastermind behind all this, overseeing his plans in a secret lair, stroking a cat.
Your time's up, Mist-- What the -- Darwin? Well, you were disrespecting me! Ah, yeah, I'm sorry.
You're right.
Thank you.
You do look weird without the wig.
What are you doing in here, anyway? Checking the surveillance.
Of course, an agent is only as good as his intelligence.
Yep, that rules us out.
Okay, someone else's intelligence.
And I think I know just the robot - Bobert! - Yes.
I was trying to be mysterious.
But Bobert's the only robot we know.
Yes! All right! So, Bobert, we need you to help us work out who's been stealing -- actually scrap that! We need gadgets! What's this?! It looks like an ordinary fountain pen.
Yeah, yeah?! Yeah, yeah?! Because it is an ordinary fountain pen.
What about this? Now, pay attention.
A typical black belt.
But turn the buckle like so and it is a typical brown belt.
- What about this? - Dude, that's just a flower.
But, hey, now I really do look like a -- Friendless dork on prom night.
Whoa! Bobert, are you okay?! Look, there goes the stolen stuff! We better go after it.
What about Bobert? Oh, he seems 'armless enough.
That's not what I axed.
Maybe we should lend him a -- Let's go and find my arms, please.
Come on! I'm doing all this in heels, remember! Oh, guys, did you see anything fly by here? No, I didn't.
Oh, oh, oh, aah! Quick! But my top lip it's naked.
Let me fix that.
Huh? What? Where did it all go? Don't worry, we'll find it.
A secret agent must use every means at his disposal to achieve his objective.
Stealth, intelligence, tenacity, a British car You! grappling hooks, binoculars Gumball, I know who it is! Wet wipes, comprehensive insurance It's -- Aaaaaaah! Darwin! It's all right.
It's quite all right, really.
We'll have all the time in the -- - Gumball! - Oh, you're down there.
Hold on, I'm coming! Look, Bernice, that cat just flung a wig at us.
Gumball? Gumball?! Gumball! It is no use.
Nobody can hear you.
My identity will remain a secret as long as you're down here.
You won't get away with this! And who is going to stop me? I am! I knew I'd find you sewer or later.
W-W-Wah! Oh! Ah, come on.
Gumball, I know who the villain is! - It's -- - Me! For years I've been ignored, ridiculed, a literal no-body.
Well, not anymore! Sorry.
Who are you? It's William! Can't you see the PA system, Bob's moustache, the toilet rolls? That's right.
I, William, stole it all.
Wait, what about our clothes? I didn't steal your clothes.
Why would I steal your clothes? Come, come, give me some credit for having a little taste.
Oh, yeah, we put them in the locker, didn't we? - Mm.
- Ohh.
Of course.
Yeah, well, maybe you should've stolen a full-length mirror.
You look like an accident in a thrift store.
What?! Uh, I think we better get out of here and tell Principal Brown.
Aah! I'll get to Principal Brown first and tell him you did it.
You were at every crime scene! You are the prime suspects! You will take the blame! Yeah, but you are literally made of the evidence.
Good point, I'll leave him a note.
Well, he, uh, never did have a head for heights.
At least make them relevant! Come on! Help me with this! We're about to be framed for something we didn't do! Nah, could be worse.
At least, it's not filling with -- Aaaaaah! Now what?! I got it! Yeah? I think the body of evidence is in our favor.
No! Ah, stop panicking.
You're a fish, you can breathe underwater.
Yeah, but you can't.
Help! Help! Someone help us! Help us, please! Help! Help! - Bobert! - Bobert! Of course, there's a homing device in my flower! No, it's in my arms, and they're heading to the school.
Wait, without your arms, how are you steering? Good point.
Aaaaaaaah! Hmpf? Nerrrrr I'm in control! But out of gas.
Aaaah! Ahead two-thirds! Aaaaaaaah! I can't swim! You won't have to! Is this as fast as it goes? Oh, wait, what does this button do? - No, no, no -- - Whoa! It's the ejector seat.
Aaah! Mayday! Mayday! Yeah, Bobert, you're invincib-- Aaaaah! Darwin! Don't worry, leave it to double -- Oh! Aaah! Hey! You're too late! Am I? I think you'll find I've got a license to spill the beans -- on you, just to be clear.
- Yes? - Principal Brown, I did it.
Youdid it? And to think I trusted you! What? No, no, no I meant the mission, I completed it! The culprit's right here! Other Watterson, I should have known.
But Robot Child, I'm very disappointed in you.
Detention for all three of you.
No, but it was William! William?! - Who's William? - That one.
Don't be ridiculous, where's your proof? Gumball, give him your flower.
I, uh, don't see how that's gonna help.
No, open the stem.
Gadgets! I, William, stole it all.
Really! A week's detention for you William.
And return all this stuff at once, but not this.
Let's, uh, get out of these old things, hmm? Okay, I just need to sign these back in.
Your name? Watterson, Gumball Watterson.
Is that all one word, or with a hyphen? What? Like Watterson Gumball Watterson or Watterson Gumball-Hyphen-Watterson.
No, no, no, it's Watterson.
Gumball Watterson.
Like double-barreled? No, Watterson, Gumball Watterson.
Oh, so, Gumball is your middle name? Just forget it.