The Americans (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

The Clock

Previously on "the americans" Philip, I'd like you to meet elizabeth.
There is so much to talk about.
Philip and elizabeth's lives.
Not the other ones -- those should never be discussed.
Super-secret spies living next door.
They look like us, they speak better english than we do.
They're not allowed to say a single word in russian once they get here.
Oh, hi.
You came! Just for a second, to, uh, bring over brownies And welcome you to the neighborhood.
What do you do, stan? I'm an fbi agent.
Defecting to america? America's not so bad.
The electricity works all the time.
Food's pretty great.
Is that what you care about? No, I care about everything.
Not the motherland! I do, but our family comes first.
I never meant to hurt you.
Philip: What are you talking about? How did he hurt you? Do what you want with him.
the orders are going to change now.
The risks are going to be greater.
We won't let you down, general.
Mm, scott.
What should I do? Forget him, annelise.
I'm here now.
And I'm all yours.
She's not cut out for this.
She's been good so far.
Telling me things her husband says, probing him a little.
This is a whole different thing.
General zhukov said it would get riskier now.
Riskier? We're sending her into a lion's den.
She knows how to get men to turn their brains off.
That is no small skill.
It's brought down empires.
She doesn't care about empires.
She cares about scott birkeland, Patriotic swedish intelligence officer, and that is enough.
I'm not sure she cares about him, either.
She's half off her rocker.
The k-19 class was deployed in '60 but retrofitted last year.
They're not obsolete.
They didn't say obsolete.
They said the akula class Carried twice as many warheads and had twice the range.
So, why should we develop countermeasures Against the k-19? I don't think the k-19 was retrofitted.
I think it was retrofitted.
But I'm gonna go look it up for you.
My wife is almost never wrong.
If the soviets get nuclear missiles into nicaragua, People won't be talking about the k-19s parked in our doorway Much longer anyway.
Excuse me, ma'am.
What are you doing in here? Oh, I was just going to look something up.
This area is off limits.
Would you come with us, please? She'll be all right.
Well, if she's not, I'm walking into a room full of fbi agents.
Oh, my god.
You won't believe what just happened.
They questioned me, scott -- two of them.
Of course, they couldn't stop Staring at my tits the whole time, But when I told them that my husband Was the deputy under secretary of defense, They were like, "uh-oh.
" smile.
But I did it so perfect.
I waited just like we talked about so it didn't seem forced, Almost like I didn't want to use that.
And they apologized to me.
You're incredible.
Scott, the way you make me feel -- it's so -- I've been with a lot of guys.
It hasn't always been douglas.
But with you, it's -- it's different.
You'reYou're special.
I think you're the one.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I need you inside me so badly.
Philip: what a day.
You hear reagan ranting and raving.
I mean, he's crazy.
The man literally wants to destroy us.
This is what it's gonna be like from now on.
Well, we can handle it.
I just don't like asking our people to do it.
The clock.
Yeah, that'll work.
What do you think the plan is? Uh, develop someone on the inside -- Six, seven months.
They get it out.
I say we have a day, Maybe more until anyone realizes it's gone.
Then, we put it back.
You never said she looked like that.
Yeah, I did.
Not like that.
Well, she's not always dressed like that.
Amador: A year from now, and he's done.
It was a lateral move.
They can cut your balls off, stuff them in your mouth, Tie you to a radiator in a basement, And then call it a lateral move.
Bartholomew took the fall for timoshev.
Well, they did make him deputy chief Of the biggest division in the bureau.
Yeah, he's working for a guy whose ass he'll be sucking Till he can't take it anymore.
Well, that was fast.
Maybe it was on order.
She's just picking it up.
And they gift-wrapped it in 15 seconds? Let's take a look.
Stan, we're supposed to stay with her.
Stan! Hey, how you doing? Fine.
Yourself? Good.
Hey, what can you tell me about that lady That was just in here? Not a damn thing.
Sir, we just have a few questions, like what'd she buy? What's her name? Maybe I wasn't clear.
I -- I sell stereos.
If you're interested in a stereo, I can help you with that.
I'm interested in this stereo right here.
It's a tx-470 mid-range recei-- hey.
You can't go back there.
Sir, I'm just looking for a little cooperation here.
And how are you gonna get it? Oh, I don't know.
Should we beat him senseless? I don't know.
He's kind of big.
I said you can't be back here.
This is private property.
Look at this.
Put that back.
"ruskaRuska yuh.
" What, six years of russian, and this is what you got? I got this.
I got this.
I said, "put that back.
" "ruska yuh buhlu.
" it's caviar.
Do you mind if I open this? Yeah, I mi-- hey! That is very fancy stuff.
And you don't know the woman who was in here, huh? No.
Give me that back.
You can't do this.
This is crap.
Philip: Three days? Elizabeth: When he said things would get riskier, I guess this is what he meant.
Well, no, this is isn't risky.
This is insane.
We need six months for this at least.
Wha-- no, I'll send a flash tonight Saying it's operationally impossible.
These are orders, philip.
Yeah, and they'll listen to us because we're the ones on the ground.
They understand what they're asking.
You have a lot of confidence in them.
Think how important this must be for them to ask this.
You want to do it? I don't want to.
I think if they're asking, it must be necessary.
We would be exposed from the first meeting.
We don't know anything about the target.
How are we supposed to get her to do it Without understanding her? We'll make adjustments as we go.
Are you being serious? Zhukov said things would change.
Here we are.
Elizabeth, this is crazy.
We have no choice.
Ow! Sorry! That's all right, miss.
So sorry.
Thank you.
Philip: Dinner time.
It's hot.
And don't start with the pie this time.
What? You let me eat the pie first last time! I know, and that was a mistake.
Paige: Hey, mom.
Did you finish the krazinski package? Yes.
All right.
Try not to give carla any trouble, paige.
Ha ha.
Where did you get that? The mall.
It's just a bra, mom.
I'm 13.
E- exactly.
Mom, things are different than when you grew up.
People are, like, freer.
We'll see about that.
Have a good time.
Goodnight, mom.
Can I help you with something? We need to talk about your son.
Is there something wrong? Yes.
No -- excuse me! Excuse me! Sir, you can't just come into my house like this.
I'm sorry -- can I help you with something? Viola, is anyone else here? No.
Can I help you?! Excuse me, I -- Viola, I have to explain something very difficult to you, And you will be upset when I tell you, But I will help you.
And that's the most important thing to understand.
Who are you? We'll get to that.
First, I have to tell you the simple fact.
Grayson's been poisoned.
That's why he isn't feeling well.
By morning, his fever will be spiking, But it won't come down no matter what you do.
He's been given a specially made formula That only has one antidote.
It's a liquid that I can inject into him That'll make him completely better.
No one else has this antidote.
If you take him to the hospital, they don't have it.
The greatest doctor in the world can't make it.
Only I can give it to him, and I will.
Do you understand? If I give it to him, he will be fine.
But if I don't, he'll die in 72 hours.
That's exactly what'll happen If you don't do what I tell you to do.
Why are you doing this? I need something from you, and it's a little thing really.
I need you to go to your boss's study tomorrow And take the little, electric clock from the bookshelf And bring it to me.
I will then need you to put it back, And that is it -- one, two.
I will give grayson the antidote.
He will get better.
You'll never tell anyone about this, And we'll all live happily ever after.
My nurse will stay with him during the day While you're at work so you don't have to worry.
If you talk to anyone, if you tell anyone, If you have me arrested, I do not carry the antidote with me.
My people will give it to me once this is all over.
So, if anything happens to me, he will die.
But don't worry.
It's very simple.
Do as I say -- he gets better.
One, two.
No, you give it to him now.
Give it to him now! Give him the antidote now! Help! It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be all right.
It's okay.
Can you quiet down? Mm-hmm.
I understand.
Really, I do.
So, let me help you get through this, please? Will you let me help you and your family Get through this? Okay.
God will help us.
Please, god.
Oh, please, lord.
Please, help.
That's my boy.
That's my boy.
She said, "god will help us.
" that's not good.
People who believe in god always make the worst targets.
She believed you.
That's what's important.
Agent beeman's car is now back.
I wonder what he's up to tonight.
You worried? No, I just think We're in for some late hours on this one, and I just wish I knew his schedule.
I try not to cross him too many times In the middle of the night.
You think he's still suspicious? He's not acting like it, But maybe he's the world's greatest actor.
I still wish I'd seen him.
Trust me.
When he saw the trunk was clean, the look on his face -- He thought he was a complete fool.
And you know what? If it was more than a crazy hunch, There'd be a whole fbi team in here, Not just one guy with a flashlight Who thought we were asleep.
Still, some crazy hunch.
Obviously, he's no fool, but I think he's moved on.
All right? I think we're okay.
So, let's just Try not to run into him Too many times at 4:00 in the morning, Make him wonder what travel agents are doing up In the middle of the night.
Henry would adjust To anything.
Don't you think? If he had to? I don't know what you're talking about.
If something happened to us.
He'd find his way.
But paige, I I worry about her.
they're both fine.
He's like you.
And her? She's delicate somehow.
Oh, viola, dear, there you are.
Have you seen caspar's datebook? It's in the dining room.
Oh, for god sakes.
That man -- god help us if we ever go to war.
You look tired.
Are you okay? I haven't been sleeping very well.
I'm worried about grayson, and Is he doing all right? Yes.
Likes biology.
never would have guessed that.
And to think we almost lost him.
Well, it all worked out.
Thanks to you and mr.
Anyway, it's all right now.
Oh, hello, miss radensky.
How was the conference today? Long.
Waiting for philip.
Can you finish with miss radensky up front? I got to go.
Grayson looked bad today.
When viola got back from work and she saw him, She almost lost it.
I think we got to minimize our trips.
I should have taken that clock myself.
Absolutely not.
You have to be half her ally.
Still, we've got to cover these meets as best we can.
I don't think you should go alone.
we're sitting ducks either way.
She says something, that's it.
Come here.
Every -- I'm not getting arrested.
Oh, god.
So, what if there's What they'd do to us -- tortured, locked away, Told to betray everything we believe in If we ever want to see our kids again.
I'm not gonna make that choice, philip.
One day, you could maybe find a way To make them understand.
So, go.
If they are there, if it's me, They'll be at the house in an hour.
Did you have any problems? UhNo.
So, tell me how you did it.
I was in the study dusting, and I just took it.
You unplugged it? I unplugged it, a- and I put it in my purse.
You took your purse into the study? Nobody found that odd? Well, people don't look at me that way.
I can do what I want.
Give it to me.
Please, don't shoot me.
Give it to me! I -- I have it with me.
Give it to me! If you shoot me -- Don't you come any closer.
I won't be able to adminis-- albert! Albert, no! Stop it! Albert, no! No! Please, stop it! Albert, no! I'm gonna kill you! Viola: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop! He's gonna kill you! no! Ohh! Aah! who is that?! It's my brother.
It's -- it's grayson's uncle.
Please, I told him not to come.
He -- he promised.
He swore to me! my boy, he's my life.
He's my life.
I did everything you asked me to do.
I told you not to say anything to anybody.
He's my family.
I- I didn't know what to do.
I- I didn't know! Did you tell anyone else? No.
You don't understand, do you? No one knows about this.
Not now, not a year from now, Not even when you're on your deathbed telling your grandkids, Or they pay the price.
Because we can get to you anytime -- anytime.
Your whole family.
You see that's true, don't you? Get me the clock now.
I was thinking this weekend Maybe we'd go to the mall together.
You want to take me bra shopping? Yeah, I thought that would be nice.
Mom, it's likeKids don't really buy bras with their moms.
Sure, they do.
Not really.
Paige What? Just in a few years, um Paige, look at me.
I love you.
I love you, too, mom.
Henry's ready for be-- It's fine.
What happened? she told her brother.
A fighter.
What did you do to him? About the same.
Philip, do you think we're -- I think this is turning to shit.
But we'll know more tomorrow.
Coming to you live from the home of the secretary of defense.
Still joking.
That's a good sign.
Okay, teeth.
I did before you came in.
Dad, I swear! Henry, if I go into that bathroom And your toothbrush is dry You're gonna what? Stan: Hello? Hello? Philip: Oh, he snuck it! Hmm.
Come on.
Come out.
Cut me off.
Cut me off.
Ohh! Same again.
Hey, what's the score? Oh, uh, well, I'm killing him, But, uh, I don't let him take shots, so that helps.
All right, time for bed, bud.
Aw, come on! Just one more shot, please? One more.
Here it comes.
Get ready.
Ooh! Aw! I'm sorry, henry.
I didn't mean to kill the game.
It's okay, mr.
Goodnight, dad.
Do you play at all? Hockey? No.
I used to play football and baseball, But now it's pretty much just racquetball If I can find the time.
We should have a game.
Oh, you play? Yeah, yeah.
There's, uh -- there's a club on golden meadow lane.
Golden meadow lane? What? No, it's just we lived in the city in st.
Louis, you know? It was 1st street, 2nd street, washington, lincoln.
Oh, yeah, it's, uh -- no, it's a good life out here.
Yeah, seems like it.
Low stress.
Most of the time.
You raise your kids, you go to work.
As long as you take care of your responsibilities, Everything's okay.
Seems pretty ideal.
Yeah, no, it really is.
Hey, philip.
You ever had, uh -- you ever had caviar? Yeah.
Yeah, I, um I tried it once at a tourism convention.
I didn't like it much.
Well, this stuff is apparently the best.
It's beluga.
It's like $500 an ounce.
Where'd you get it? I was working on this case, and this asshole, this guy -- You ever meet one of those guys who -- Uh, I shouldn't talk about it, really.
Anyway, I took his caviar.
Oh, wow.
That's so salty.
Well, that's what the beer's for.
So, this morning, you put it back.
You make sure you plug it in.
You do that, and he gets better before you know it.
Don't you worry about god? No.
I worry about you.
I worry about your son.
We're this close now, And everything goes back to normal.
You think you can just walk into my store again? I've got news for you.
I don't have to cooperate with a couple dumbass federal cops Who think they can ju-- What are you doing? I'm trying to resist my true feelings.
And I want to give you one more chance.
Okay, who was the woman who came in here the other day? What did she buy? And what do you know about her? I'm gonna give you one more chance To get the hell out of my sto-- aah! What are you doing? You can't do this.
I can't.
You're right.
But him? He's one of three minorities we have at our headquarters.
They -- they can't fire him.
I mean, he can pretty much do anything.
Now, I asked you for your help before.
I'm not trying to put you in jail Or ruin your life or anything.
I just want a little cooperation, okay? It's not so much to ask.
So, let me ask you again, okay? Who is that woman who came in here, And what did she want? Hello, viola.
Come on.
she didn't do it.
Shit! She made a decision, So we have to assume she's reporting everything.
We can't go back to the apartment, and that kid's gonna die.
They'll know it was the kgb.
Yeah, that was the risk they took.
They didn't ask us.
At least we weren't blown.
Philip, wait.
We don't know what she's doing.
She didn't put the clock back -- With her son's life at stake.
She didn't do the one thing that could have saved his life.
We have to finish it.
There's -- there's nothing to finish.
This is our job.
What is? Throwing our lives away for nothing? Dupont circle travel.
Phil jennings.
Man: This is your service, mr.
You have a message from celia gerard.
If you want to talk about splitting advertising packages, She'll be in her office tonight until 7:00.
Thank you.
Emergency signal from annelise.
We clear? I think so.
Come on, chris.
This guy's clear.
I'm waiting for this guy to turn.
I'm agent beeman with the federal bureau of investigation.
I'll make this fast in case your people are watching you.
You're trading extremely expensive caviar For high-end stereo systems at a store on calvert street.
The clerk's also putting u.
Currency Into the components for you.
Here's what I think.
You're stealing the caviar from your embassy.
You've got access to a diplomatic pouch, And you're using it to ship the stereos and the currency Back to your family at home.
They're selling the stereos in russia For even more hard currency and making out like bandits.
How am I doing so far? I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, maybe you're doing this all for your bosses, In which case they won't mind when I tell them about it.
Or -- and this is kind of what I'm counting on -- This is my lucky day.
You're violating a shitload of soviet laws, And you're looking at 10 years in a siberian labor camp.
If that's the case, just nod now, And I'll keep my mouth shut.
But you're gonna have to start working for me.
Man: Thanks.
Last chance before I go.
Nod now.
You used the emergency signal.
What happened? I'm tired of this! I'm gonna tell somebody.
I don't care what you say.
I'm stuck in a house alone with him, and you're -- You're out here doing whatever it is that you do! AndWhat if I call the police? Please, don't threaten me.
it's not a threat 'cause I'll do it.
You've -- you've been through a lot.
And what you did for us the other night, that was great.
You were -- you were fantastic.
But I just need you to take a breath.
You were ready to rescue me.
What would you have done? I would have taken you out of the country.
To go live in sweden? Yeah.
I don't have family there anymore.
I would have been very lonely.
Well, couldn't you get reassigned there To your headquarters or something? that's not what I do.
Well, couldn't you do something horribly masculine With reindeers and wood-chopping? We could drink hot cocoa and make love on a bearskin rug.
Hmm? That sounds very tempting.
Just say yes! Just for tonight.
Make me happy.
I know it's not real.
And we'll gaze out the window at the snowflakes.
And I'll never think of douglas again.
My big, strong scott will hold me in his arms, And we'll make little babies.
And it will be the beginning of our life together Starting tonight.
Wait, what a-- don't you need a ride? I'll see you later.
Elizabeth: Viola, listen to me.
You still have one more chance to save his life.
I don't believe anything you say.
You see your son.
He is dying in front of you.
You know that's the truth.
He'll make it another 24 hours.
If you didn't tell anyone, and I don't think that you did, You can still put that clock back tomorrow, And this will all end.
I know the devil.
Her final answer is no.
All you have to do is put the clock back.
It is so simple.
I don't have to listen to you.
I listen to my lord.
He protects me.
He guides me.
There's been a misunderstanding between you and your lord.
What are you -- what are you doing? Stop it! Just stop it! In his condition, Grayson will be dead in 30 seconds, viola.
No! Listen to us.
There's still time.
No, no, no, no, no, no! What kind of people are you?! Who are you?! Please, no! No.
No! No, no, no! I'll do it! I'll do it! I don't believe you! I swear! I swear! I swear, please! I don't believe you either, viola.
I swear I will! I swear to god! I swear to jesus! I swear to god! Please, please, get off of him! No! my, baby, no! Tomorrow, or the poison kills him anyway.
Jane: Viola.
Oh, there you are.
Just dusting, mrs.
Did you need something? Unexpected guests, And they're gonna be in that upstairs bedroom.
I'm gonna need all the drawers cleared out Before they get here.
Yes, ma'am.
And maybe the Okay.
I got you something.
What? You ever tried it before? No.
We couldn't afford this.
We were like you -- no money.
What did this cost? All right? Mmm.
Philip When I went back there today You know that feeling, that tingle When you know it's about to go bad? I had that.
And I saw henry and paige.
And you.
They shouldn't ask us to do impossible things.
But we did it.
And tonight, we're in the house of the secretary of defense.
They must be after something very, very big.
Something that changes things.
The last time we had a source inside the kgb rezidentura Was four years ago, sir.
That's right.
Thank you, sir.
He's right here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I understand.
Yes, sir.
It's an honor.
It's a team effort.
We will, sir.
We don't know how to lose over here.
Well, that was the president.
Holy shit.
You'll tell your grandkids about this moment.
I can't believe it.
That wasn't the president.
Damn it.
It was the chief of staff, but still.
It is a big deal, guys.
The a.
Called a few minutes ago, too.
The director's on his way down.
If we're gonna stop these people, This is the way to do it.
Good work today.
Paige, wake up.
Mom? What is it? You know how we said you could pierce your ears When you were 15? Do you want to do it now? What? I mean, you can go to the mall And you can do it with your friends, Or I could do it for you right now.
You know, my mom actually pierced my ears When I was about your age.
You do it.
Tell me when it's numb.
It's numb.
You ready? Yep.
Nott: The prime minister was very impressed By how far you've come.
Weinberger: The president and miss thatcher Always see eye to eye.
But it's useful when you and I chat ourselves To make sure our bosses fully understand each other.
The prime minister fully supports your efforts To build a ballistic missile shield, Provided it covers europe, as well as the United States.
Think what a different world we'll live in As soon as we don't have to worry About their nuclear missiles.
Amen to that.

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