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Previously on "the americans" Amador: Directorate "s" undercover agents Supposedly hiding all over the u.
Super-secret identities -- No one has any idea who they are.
You go in a john doe.
If you live, do not go back to boston.
You were trained to surmount any obstacle.
You're violating a shitload of soviet laws, And you're looking at 10 years in a siberian labor camp.
You're gonna have to start working for me.
I'm looking for a john doe -- Would have come in Thursday night, Knife wound to the stomach.
Woman: Oh, I'm sorry, sergeant.
He expired that night.
Ooh! Aw! Do you play at all? Racquetball if I can find the time.
We should have a game.
See, the thing about racquetball Is it's not about power or speed.
It's about strategy, About making your opponent move too fast, Tire out, and then make a mistake.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I just -- you know what? I get intense when I play.
It's just work stress.
Travel business must be Awfully damn stressful this week, huh? You have no idea.
My serve.
Get ready to run.
Oh, sorry.
Work's calling.
I got to go.
We'll pick this up tomorrow.
You know, where I come from, you leave, you lose.
If that's how you want to win.
I'll win any way I can.
Amador, what do we got? Amador: Surveillance team's already moving.
How long? Window in 10 to 15 minutes.
She look clean so far? That's the report.
Let's go.
Come on, guys.
We got 10 minutes.
I don't have time.
They often track our movements.
We have a team watching.
You're okay.
You think your team can't make a mistake? Believe me.
No time.
You want information? I overheard something you will like.
We lost an officer two weeks ago -- Same night nikolai timoshev vanished.
Good stuff, yes? I can help you, and one day you will help me.
Doesn't work any other way.
That is what I expect.
One step at a time.
We're just starting out here.
You're starting out, But the day you forced me to work for you, My life got very scary.
Your life got scary When you decided to steal from your government.
We'll protect you, But you have to make yourself worth protecting.
So, tell me about this officer.
Everything you heard.
He died at one of your area hospitals.
He was stabbed.
He wasn't just any operative.
He was directorate "s.
" I have value.
You will see.
He walked into a hospital with no I.
, No wallet, no keys in his pocket.
Fit, healthy.
Except for that gaping stab wound in his kidney.
Except for that.
We've got this photo at police departments across the nation.
So far, no hits.
What about dmv records? We got no city, no name.
What are we supposed to do? Send his picture out to every dmv in the country? Sounds like a good idea to me.
Tell the dmvs that overtime is approved And we expect their people To look at license photos around the clock Until they find a match.
"what to do about his ex-girlfriend"? "here comes the bride"? "super-quick hairstyles for after gym.
" "bath to babe in under a minute.
" Now I know why your mom hates those magazines.
I won't tell her you got it for me if you don't.
She'll know.
How? I have no idea, but she will.
Woman: Maternal e.
All mothers have it.
You have a lovely daughter.
Thank you.
What? Nothing.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Bye, now.
Have a good day.
Don't tell me mr.
Kontos doesn't have a room upgrade.
I'm looking at the upgrade certificate right now.
Philip: Look, I've got something I have to tell you.
It's a signal But it's from robert.
He's been dead for two weeks.
What, did he place this from beyond the grave? We've yet to perfect that technology, As far as I know.
He's the only one with that code.
Who the hell sent this? they want a meeting In philadelphia, hugo becker square.
When? Tomorrow.
Put gregory on it? Man: Man, watch this.
What you gonna do now? Huh? Okay.
Just give me one minute.
What you got now? What do you mean, what do I got? I got this $20 right here.
That's gonna be my 20 bucks.
That's gonna be your $20? Hold on.
Hold on.
I'm thinking.
I'm thinking.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Look at the cat.
Get out of here, man.
All right, man.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sweetheart.
Hey, watch this guy, all right? Don't let him cheat.
All right.
Come on, man.
Oh, I'm trying to be good.
Doesn't suit you.
Let's talk inside.
The dmv in philadelphia.
Looking for a needle in a haystack, Actually found a needle.
Robert owen mckenzie.
Larchwood avenue.
Larchwood avenue sounds cozy.
It's one of the shittiest blocks in the state.
You caught the fish, beeman.
You get to gut it and cook it.
We'll put a surveillance team together.
Don't screw it up.
This is new.
Gregory: Whatcha think? What's with the two red marshmallows? you don't know shit about art.
no, I don't.
I missed your face, elizabeth.
I missed yours.
I need your team to cover a meet.
Of course.
What's going on? You okay? Yeah.
I, um Mm.
I can't do this anymore.
Look, um Just say it.
Things are, uh Changing at home With me and philip.
You mean you're finally leaving him? No.
Uh The opposite, actually.
Things can change.
No, not that thing.
He's your cover.
He's my husband.
All right, you need my people To put eyes on someone for you, right? Here's a pad.
Give me the info, and I'll get it done.
Man: Hey, miss madeline! Too expensive.
Too expensive.
A wife? Robert didn't have a wife.
Yeah, he also wasn't supposed to be living in philadelphia, But he was, and he did.
Oh, christ.
Gregory said an fbi team was tailing her.
I- I'm sorry.
Working with her or watching her? He said they tailed her all the way into the park, Stayed with her until she left.
She didn't seem to know about it.
Well, if anyone can tell the difference Between a support team and surveillance team, It's gregory, but I don't understand -- yeah? Do you know where the t.
Vouchers got left? No.
Damn it.
Barb can't keep track of anything.
He had a wife without the centre knowing about it? Who the hell is she? And what did robert tell her? About himself, about us? We have to talk to her, even if the fbi is all over her.
I'll talk to gregory.
Stan: We've been tracking Our directorate "s" operative's wife.
This is joyce ramirez.
Moved to new york from puerto rico With her parents when she was six, Then to philly five years later.
We pulled school records.
She seems real.
Gaad: "seems"? She's real or she's not.
Get yearbook photos.
Talk to her eighth-grade science teacher.
The kgb is obviously getting better and better At cover identities.
Maybe we just bring her in, really go at her.
What do you want to bring her in for? Well, she does appear to have been married To a deep-cover kgb operative.
We can always bring her in.
I have a feeling where she leads us Will be far more interesting than anything she might say.
So, you need this pulled off by when? Friday, latest -- is that possible? Yeah, it's possible.
Sure, it's also possible me and my guys get arrested And I spend the rest of my life In a cold cell in a maximum-security prison.
Weed burns my throat.
Makes you horny, right? I need you sober.
You don't have to worry about me, baby.
You need to check yourself.
Meaning? Meaning you're lost.
Your marriage ain't real.
Your husband ain't real.
None of this domesti-shity is real.
I know you.
Just get your guys together.
I'll see you when you're ready.
The night timoshev disappeared, This man died of a stab wound In the emergency room at arlington methodist.
Three days ago, We got confirmation he was a deep-cover kgb operative.
A year ago, he married this woman -- Joyce ana ramirez.
Man: Ramirez.
What is that -- mexican? She's of puerto rican descent.
They have a baby -- oscar.
What does she know? That's what we're working on right now, sir.
But I can tell you, And you can tell the attorney general, This is the closest we've come To a live kgb illegal on american soil Since we got rudolf abel in '57.
Woman: hey! Man: You only paid for two! Give me my change! Woman: Oh, no! Man #2: Hey! Hey, you! Hey, you! Aah! Man: Pull around, man.
Pull around.
We got your message.
Come with me.
Man: Back it up.
Back it up.
Do you have her? Excuse me.
Come on! Come on! Here.
Come on.
Come here.
Ramirez: What's happening? Where's robert? Is he okay? Philip: Joyce, what did robert tell you? He -- he -- he said That if he didn't come home in two weeks, To place an ad and to wait at the bench under the el -- That a friend would come.
Anything else? Only that I could trust you.
What's going on? Where is he? Is he dead? Yes.
Was it drugs? Was he dealing drugs? Why did he have me call you? Is it money? There's money, right? To take care of us.
We're gonna take care of you, okay? Okay? But we do need to know What he told you about us and about what he did.
Robert was quiet.
He didn't say much.
I liked that about him.
He said to give you this.
Did you call this number? No.
H- he said not to.
How's she doing? she's a little freaked out.
Thinks he was a drug dealer.
Doesn't feel like he told her anything.
I was talking about elizabeth.
Do you love her? What? Do you love her? Do you really love her? It's a simple question.
You know, we met at the sclc meeting.
We was putting together a group To March with dr.
King in chicago.
We just clicked.
It wasn't about race or vietnam.
It was about equality.
When she told me who she really was, It was like I already knew.
She was recruiting me for the kgb, America's number-one enemy.
And I was right there with her.
Me and her against the world.
We were willing To sacrifice our lives, our families.
You know, whatever it took.
You don't have a family, do you, gregory? You know, she came to visit me A month before paige was born.
Just showed up at my doorstep.
No umbrella, pregnant, wet to the bone, crying.
I've never seen her cry before.
So, the next morning, we're just laying there, AndShe says, "I can't go back, Raise this child, live this lie.
" Of course, you know, she got to go back.
It was something greater than her or you or me.
But now I got to ask you a question.
Do you love her? Because if you don't Leave her be.
And if you do Leave her be.
Let her have a little piece of something real.
Gaad: She just walked away, Right out from under surveillance.
How big was the team? Stan: Six men.
And she just disappeared into thin air? Is she doug henning? We debriefed the surveillance guys.
They said it happened at a choke point, Like she knew.
God damn it.
She slipped away from a full fbi surveillance detail.
Sounds like a directorate "s" operative to me.
I got to call upstairs.
Look, we all thought Continuing surveillance was the best move.
We all agree on that.
You worried about me, amador? You think I'm out on a limb and someone's gonna saw it off? No, sir.
That's sweet.
Really, I'm touched.
But if this woman thinks that slipping one surveillance team Gets her home to mother russia, she's as soft as you are.
We have her name and her face.
And we have the resources Of the federal bureau of investigation.
She has to be quiet to stay safe.
We can make noise.
Thank you.
and you'll be by my side when I return What's the message say? It just decoded into another name and phone number.
Should we call it? No.
We go to the centre, ask for orders.
The longer we're here with her, the more at risk we are.
What do you suggest we do? So, I'll say it if no one else will.
We kill her, dump the body, Get out of this mess before we're all blown.
We'll take that under advisement.
It's my ass on the line, too.
Robert was a friend of mine, and I trusted him.
Well, he had a secret wife and a baby in philly, So I'm not entirely sure he trusted you as a friend.
As long as she lives -- He's right.
We have her here.
We're in control.
I'm gonna go out and get some air, take a walk.
But if you touch his wife, I'll kill you.
Do you understand me? You've been following me since I stepped outside.
Now, I've circled around, And you don't have a support team, So whoever you are, you're on your own, right? You have 60 seconds to tell me who you are and what you want, Or I will snap your neck, and I will move on with my day.
I'm gabriel's replacement.
What happened to gabriel? What happened to gabriel? The centre felt it was time for a change.
So why the hell are you following me? Gabriel ran things loose.
I like to take a more personal approach with my operatives.
Don't you ever come near my kids again.
And don't you ever put your hands on me again.
So, we take orders from you now? The orders come from moscow, like always.
Just think of me as gabriel, butPrettier.
Here we are.
Seconds to spare.
Did robert leave anything with you? I'm sorry? Robert was on to something, And you were the person he trusted most in our world.
He gave me a name and a number.
But I'm used to operating with a little more information.
So am I.
Robert got married last year to a woman in philly.
He didn't tell us about her, And I don't think he told her about us, As far as I know.
As far as you know.
That's what I know.
That's all I know.
All right? Your turn.
The americans are working on a new technology, One that could put our nuclear arsenal at risk.
Robert was about to buy intel from an agent.
When he died, we tried to find the contract.
We were looking all over boston, leaving signals everywhere.
Now it makes sense.
Yeah, he was running the agent out of philly.
Don't go getting a secret wife on us.
You see how much it complicates things.
Let's call that number And set up a meeting for you, shall we? The woman, joyce ana ramirez, Also uses her married name, mckenzie.
The child abduction occurred yesterday, And law enforcement is now asking the public for help In finding the suspect, who is believed -- They're hunting me.
They don't know where you are.
I always assumed he was dealing drugs -- The sudden business trips, the cash, The calls on pay phones.
What was I supposed to think? But now he leaves me With instructions to place a classified ad, You guys show up, the fbi? Joyce, stop talking.
Once He thought I was out of town.
I came home early to surprise him.
He was listening to this weird-looking radio, Writing down numbers on a pad.
He said He was just doodling.
It didn't look like doodling to me.
He was a spy.
You're all spies.
You're gonna kill me and the baby.
Is that why he had me place that ad -- So you could kill us? No.
He would have wanted us to protect you.
I promise.
So, the tan van pulls out over here.
And the produce truck cuts our guy off And heads north.
But she's headed south.
That puts her in a perfect blind spot, But instead of coming out the other side, She just, what, disappears? Poof? So, she's highly trained? Yeah, or she had lots of help.
Well, check this out, stan.
One of the eyewitnesses says The produce truck had green and yellow writing on it.
Elizabeth: Gabriel's gone? That's right.
Gone where? Grannie wasn't forthcoming.
Grannie? Yeah.
She's kind of old.
Seemed to fit.
Well, I'm coming with you.
No, they're expecting a man -- one, not a couple.
Did you tell her about joyce? I told her robert had a wife and that we have her.
I just found out she's made us as spies, So that update's still to come.
Philip, wait.
Do you want to talk about it? Do I want to talk about it? Do you -- I'm sorry.
Do you mean gregory? I mean, that was a brilliant surveillance team You had him put together for us.
His own guys didn't even realize they were working for us.
They thought he was some -- some drug dealer.
That was that was genius cover.
I just didn't realize you were running off on me, also.
You've lied to me for 15 years.
Lied? What does that even mean to us? I don't lie to you, elizabeth.
I never have.
I never have.
And you tell the truth to him? You share your deepest feelings about us with him While you lie to me? I told him it was over.
That's why he told you.
He just -- he was trying to hurt you.
That's all you want to say? You're unbe-- you know what? Don't stop seeing him.
I'm serious.
Don't do me any favors.
We'll just keep going the way we have been.
We'll live together.
You can make lunch for the kids.
I'll drive them to school.
See him whenever you need -- whenever you need.
I mean, it's worked up until now.
Why change things, right? Philip, wait.
Come on.
Man: Hands.
Anything else? Knife on my left ankle.
Down the hall.
I take it you're the guy I'm supposed to talk to.
Could you get out of my blind spot? You got it? Yeah.
Yeah, I have it.
I -- Please.
Look, I just -- I did warn them -- twice.
You did.
You want to start a war Or do you want to give me what I came for And keep all this cash? Charlotte! What is this? I don't know.
I just made the deal.
If the feds get their hands on her, It could lead them back to you and your family.
Our people will relocate her.
What planet are you thinking? Cuba.
I don't know.
You know what I think? I think you're making an emotional decision.
I haven't made a decision yet.
You want her to live.
Robert was a friend of ours.
He had her contact us.
Not you.
He was not your friend.
He was your husband's friend.
And it's starting to cloud your judgment.
Screw you.
Not anymore, apparently.
How dare you tell him? Was it to hurt him? To get back at me? What? I was just trying to do right by you.
I love you.
You want to be married to him? Fine.
But if you're gonna do it, you can't do it on a lie.
Stan: They bring in nonunion trucks when they get busy, And they barely keep any records at all.
Too bad we don't have the power To arrest people for stupidity.
So, joyce ramirez had someone steal a truck To help her slip our team And then, what, other people to make a diversion? I mean, how deep can this woman's operation be? She's been living in philly, What, since she was 11 years old? And when could the russians have gotten her To train her for something like -- Stop! Out of the way! Out of the way! Move! Move! Shit.
This is his turf, man.
No way we find him.
So, what does some guy in the hood Care about a kgb spy? They have passports, new names.
It's all set.
Thank you.
Let's go.
You must be joyce, and this must be oscar.
He's so sweet.
Thank you for bringing her to us.
Thank you.
He'll thrive there.
White beaches, everyone speaks spanish.
Cuba's so close, we could arrange For your family to visit, if you like, in time.
He's the only family that matters now.
The case.
General zhukov wanted me to let you know He's thinking of you.
Anything you'd like me to pass on to him? Just that you saw us.
I saw you.
Kids will be up in an hour.
No point in going to bed.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I was 17 when I joined the kgb.
Never had a boyfriend.
They put me with you.
We didn't know each other.
When we got here, I was 22 years old.
I was living in a strange house In a strange country with a strange man.
And I met gregory, And he wasPassionate about the cause.
He was passionate about everything.
He was passionate about me.
I recruited him, And he didn't even want anything.
He just believed, like I did.
He was the first person I felt I could really talk to, And I needed that.
And It just It just happened.
It never really Happened that way for us, did it? No.
And I'm -- I'm so sorry.
I wish that it had.
But I feel like it's happening now.
oh, look at the sun Shh.
heaven knows where you go out of sight out of mind's eye no
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