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Previously on The Americans - Who killed Vlad? - I don't know.
- Don't lie to me.
- Mom! Happy birthday, Henry! Mwah! We have to be able to trust each other.
I know.
I'm sorry.
And Amelia? - Oh, my God.
- Yes.
Most of our mother/daughter time is spent cooking for the bake sales and then there's boys, boys, boys.
Nothing much else to worry about with these kids.
Nothing prepares you for them growing up.
My agent called the service.
The surveillance tightened.
He can't do a dead drop.
I've got him coming here to do a pass.
It can't be me.
He's gonna be looking for a blue hat and an 11-year-old boy.
We don't use our kids.
He's in gray pants, gray blazer, green tie with white pattern.
Emmett? Paige and Henry.
I should have done it without Henry.
You're supposed to be with Martha tonight.
- No, no, I'm gonna make an excuse.
- No.
If the FBI were part of this, if they knew about this, we need to find out.
Who would do this? You want the list? Someone who knows us, every single one of us, someone who is onto the operation.
Mom, we're up! Get the oranges out! All right.
Paige, come on.
You're so annoying.
Come on! Get those oranges.
Have a great day.
Mike, you forgot your backpack! In Israel, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon has made clear his nation would move into the Sinai Peninsula.
Oh, this looks fabulous.
You okay? I'm not feeling so great.
So don't push it.
Take a sick day.
I got a lot to do today.
They're lucky to have you.
claiming Minister Sharon has come short of threatening all-out war.
Israel is to withdraw You know, I saw in the Bureau newsletter that there's a senior clerk position opening up.
What department? Um, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity? Yeah.
You know, secretaries usually top out at GS-7.
Senior clerks, they go all the way to GS-9.
Well, are there any clerk openings in Counterintelligence? Mm, no.
Not right now.
You should talk to Personnel, put in an application so you're top of the list the next time one opens up there.
Well, sure, but this one's open now.
Martha, you're smart, you're capable, you're working in a department that does important work.
I mean, don't you want to stay and rise up somewhere where you can make a difference? Hmm What was supposed to be - a family weekend getaway turned tragic - You're right.
Agent Gaad would be lucky to have me as a clerk.
- Yeah.
- daughter, Amelia, were brutally gunned down in an 11th-floor room - Oh.
Oh, this is awful.
- in this hotel behind me.
- Police have arrested no suspects - What happened? A family was murdered in their hotel room in Alexandria.
The parents and their daughter.
17-year-old son.
Mayor Barry has offered - Good lord.
- and support of the PCPs.
Now, you think this was a burglary or some Charles Manson-type thing? Martha, it's not a Charles Manson thing.
Have a safe flight, hon.
Love you! Love you, too.
Residents have expressed shock and outrage, and phones are ringing off the hook at a local security company where many have inquired about installing alarm systems in their homes.
They were killed in a hotel right near Old Town Alexandria.
We were probably like a few blocks away when it happened.
God, turn that off.
But it's the news.
Jamie, Bob, let's go.
Come on! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I don't think so, but-- Good morning, Mr.
Morning, Stavos.
Um, I need to talk to you about-- Can you give me five minutes? And I will be all yours.
- What did Moscow say? - I didn't get the signal.
The kids were up.
I didn't want to leave them downstairs.
- Okay.
- Martha? Hour and a half in Gaad's office on the tape, but not a word about the murders.
They're not on it at FBI.
They do not know who Emmett and Leanne are.
Let's just see what Moscow knows.
You want to make the drop? Get out on the street a little? I can listen on the numbers.
- Come in! - Hey.
Stan! Hey, sorry to barge in like this.
Is this a bad moment? No.
Are you kidding? Never.
Oh, great.
- How are you? - Good, good.
I brought some friends with me.
Oh, great.
Uh, this is Mike Orndorff.
- And this is Stuart Batlet.
- Hi.
Mike works down the hall from me, and Stuart's his brother-in-law.
He's getting married to a very lovely young lady named Sarah.
Oh, great.
Second marriage.
Gonna do it right this time.
So, we need a bachelor weekend.
March 12th to 14th.
Something that's not gonna wreck the marriage.
Budget? Oh, Stuart owns his own plumbing business.
Very successful.
Maybe Montreal.
I mean, it can be a little cold that time of year, but it's very European and it's only a two-hour flight.
Uh Or, uh, there's that great, uh, dude ranch in Kentucky.
We sent some guys there last year.
You know, horseback riding, trout fishing, dove hunting.
They brew their own moonshine.
I told you.
This is the guy.
Let me, uh-- let me show you a brochure.
My mother has that same clock in her kitchen.
- Really? - Yeah.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Mom, look at me! I got the signal.
They want us to check out Emmett's agent.
Do they think he did it? I don't know.
I don't think they know.
If Emmett's agent turned, they definitely had someone watching the brush pass in Alexandria.
If that happened, they would have gotten us by now.
Or not.
Either way, we still have to check out this guy.
You go.
I'm gonna stay with the kids.
Okay, good.
Soviet Foreign Minister wasn't pleased one of his diplomats got shot in the back of the head.
His body was found in a dumpster.
DC's a dangerous place.
The State keeps asking questions.
I can't really give answers.
Someone may have to take the fall.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Da? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I just think the teachers should communicate so if Miss Bell gives us a math test on Thursday Mr.
Abernathy doesn't give us a history test the same day because you can't study enough for both.
- Right.
- You don't learn anything.
And you get bad grades and you just don't feel good.
Dad, do you really have to go? Three new agencies have opened up in the last month.
And the one around the corner is offering inclusive packages.
What's inclusive packages? It's where they give you all your food, airfare, hotel.
You just pay once and then you forget about it.
Problem is, we have to figure out a way to keep up.
We could be wiped out.
Would it help if we came to work with you on the weekends? No, it's not that bad.
No, he's exaggerating.
Come here.
But I do have to travel more, you know? Make friends with the hotel managers, figure out a way we can be better than the competition.
So, I will see you in a couple days.
- Bye.
- Bye, team! Bye, dad! Let's go.
Mom, come on.
Dameran, I'm very sorry to speak to you in this way instead of in person.
W-well, then speak to me in person.
Look, I put my life on the line to get here.
I don't think it's asking too much to talk to an actual human being.
I understand completely.
And we're very grateful you have come.
Just, we have procedures that we absolutely have to follow.
I'm very sorry.
I have to be at work in 25 minutes.
You get somebody in here or I'll leave.
You're absolutely right.
I'm taking care of it now.
I'm sorry.
_ _ Some of these, uh, frustrations, despite our numerous efforts, have not been solved yet.
Yeah, look I want to do something really important for the cause, but if I'm caught coming in or out of the embassy, it'll O-of course.
Dameran, I understand if you cannot wait.
Just maybe you want to tell me a little bit now about who you are and what you can do for us.
_ Can I see some ID? How's it going? Any luck on the contracts? So far, nothing, but I'm just getting started.
How are the kids? I'm about to pick them up.
Yeah, better than the bus today.
Bye, hon.
I'll talk to you later.
I almost gave up on you.
We have a walk-in.
What do you know about it? I'm not on the team handling it.
I haven't heard much.
Well, do you know what time he came in? No.
Well, when was the first time you heard somebody talking about it? About 11:00? Well, tell me about Arkady's movements.
He's in and out of his office all day, very busy.
After 11:00? Yes.
Until about 2:00.
He was in there a very long time.
You see any cables going out? There are always cables.
Anything high-priority? No, I wasn't close enough to see.
I'm sorry I don't have more.
Well, this is good.
This is very good.
I got to get on it.
Your report can wait an hour.
Come here.
So, he's not in? Well, can I leave him a message, then? Tell him I really enjoyed our dinner.
The steak was excellent.
Did you get that? I really enjoyed our dinner.
The steak was excellent.
Fred, um, we need to talk.
I'm a friend of Paul's.
You're, uh, you're doing great.
You just sent him an emergency signal, and now you're on your escape plan.
You probably think I'm FBI or DOD or Lockheed Security or CIA.
I know you feared this day would come.
Paul warned you, prepared you, probably, and rigged that box for you.
But this is something different.
Nobody has caught you.
Fred, listen to me.
Listen to me.
We've met before.
In Old Town Alexandria.
You were supposed to hand something to Paul, but he couldn't do it, so you handed it to me.
I looked different then, but look close.
It's me.
Man in a blue baseball cap with a boy.
How could I know that? I can think of a lot of ways.
I'll take the automobile insurance.
Can I go watch TV? I'm almost at retirement! He always wants to watch TV when he's behind.
Maybe I'm just a little bit more interested in real life than the game.
Yeah, real life-- watching TV.
Hello? Mom, it's your turn! Hang on.
I have to take a message for dad.
Mom! I'm bored! You know what? You guys want to go see a movie? Yeah.
We could go see "Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
" Cool.
If we left right now, we could make the next show.
I thought we're having family time.
You'd rather play "Life" than watch "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"? Are you insane? We could have family time at the movie.
You guys, come on.
Go get your coats! Quick, quick, quick.
Fred, you have to untie my hands.
I still don't know who you are.
You do know who I am.
I have told you who I am, and we do not have much time.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I have to do this.
Those model-- the model kits, those model kits that you have in your closet.
They were gifts for his son, weren't they? Weren't they? We don't usually tell people about our kids, so you must really mean a lot to him.
It is okay, Fred.
Fred, it's okay.
You know it's the truth.
We're both his friends.
I'm-- I'm gonna meet him.
I'll tell him about you, and then we'll see what he wants to do.
You can't.
Why? Is there any chance that you told somebody about your relationship with Paul or that they guessed by accident? Even the littlest of-- I know.
I know you would never betray him on purpose.
I know that.
But is there any chance someone found out? Why are you asking me this? Because it's important.
Of course not.
Why did your surveillance tighten up on your in DC? They tightened up on everybody at the meetings.
They're paranoid! Now tell me what the hell is going on! I believe you.
I do.
I-I-I see all that money in your bag.
You didn't spend a penny.
You didn't do it for the money.
You did it for something much bigger just like Paul said.
I understand why he trusted you.
I do.
Fred, I have to tell you something, and it is gonna be hard.
Did you see the story about the couple that was murdered in a hotel room in Old Town Alexandria? - With their daughter.
- Yes.
That was Paul.
No, it wasn't.
I saw the picture in the paper.
No, you only ever saw him in disguise like I'm wearing now, for your own protection.
Why Why are you saying this? Because it's the truth and you need to know.
Oh, God.
Damn it.
You guys, I forgot.
I-I promised dad I'd finish ticketing this tour package we have to get out by tomorrow morning.
I'm gonna have to drop you guys off at the movie.
Y-you're not coming with us? You missed the turn, mom.
I'll circle back around.
I'll get there as soon as I can, guys.
What was his real name? Emmett.
He didn't really take to a lot of people.
For him, you had to see the world the way it really is.
We talked about that a lot.
Most people live their lives, punch their clock, but they never do anything, accomplish anything.
I know.
His wife and his daughter And that poor son left all alone.
All that money, I want to give it to him.
We can't, but he'll be taken care of.
That boy you were with in Alexandria, was that your son? I'm not really supposed to talk about it.
But, um - I'll be in touch.
- Did you get the settings? Can your people build off them? What settings? On the machine.
The information I gave you in Alexandria.
E-everything's been on hold because of what happened.
It can't be on hold.
The plant where they're grinding the propellers is moving.
It's the one chance to get in there and read the settings on the machine.
Hey, hey, hey.
Spare some change? Hey.
Hey, mama.
Where you going? Who are you? Who are you? I need help.
Did you come to help me? Those are not the words I'm looking for.
What do you need help with? Uh, fixing my car! I need-- I need help fixing my car.
Keep trying.
Ma'am, did you come to help me fix my car tonight? Yes.
I heard you had a breakdown, and I came to help.
I was-- I was out with him.
He said, "Do you want to have fun?" Give me the gun.
He brought me here to-- to take drugs.
I-I don't-- I don't know what to-- Um, I don't know what to do.
I can't-- I can't think.
It's okay.
I'm here.
It's okay.
Well, good news.
He's not dead.
What's your relationship with him? He's a congressional aide.
He works for a congressman on the Intelligence Committee - overseeing Central America.
- Who does he think you are? Um, a graduate student in political science from Costa Rica.
I can't breathe.
I can't-- I can't breathe.
Do you know what you took? Uh we smoked cocaine, and I took pills.
You're gonna be okay.
Look at me.
How long have you been here? In the US? - Two months.
- You're doing fine.
Things can go wrong.
They usually do.
It's part of the job.
But we get through it.
You'll get through this.
I want you to sit here and I want you to watch him.
- Can you do that? - Mm-hmm.
W-where are you going? I'm gonna buy you something.
I'll be back soon.
Who's the next one? Gregorenko.
That's him.
What time did he go in? Is this the last one we got? - Yep.
- Where are we? Uh, we started with the surveillance photos at 10:00 AM, an hour before the source first heard anything, and worked our way to 2:00 PM when they said things settled down.
We got everybody going in and out of the Soviet embassy between those hours and eliminated the people we know who work there.
These are the four that are left.
One of them should be the walk-in.
Last guy walked in to the Soviet embassy gave them the trigger designs they use on all their nukes.
Let's figure out who this guy is before Brezhnev starts building his own space shuttle.
All of it.
When he wakes up, tell him you saved his life.
And by not taking him to the hospital, you saved his future.
He probably wants to be a senator, right? Probably.
Eat those.
Don't party with him anymore.
Be his girlfriend.
Thank you.
I wish I could stay with you, but I have to go.
You're gonna be okay.
Your Revolution is beautiful, the foothold for us in Central America.
We're here to help you.
Call anytime.
What do you got? Three of our four are out.
Two were fixing the AC at the embassy, one was bringing lunch.
Tell me you got a name on this guy.
Bruce Dameran.
Born Reno, Nevada.
Purple Heart in Vietnam.
Seven years employed Department Of Agriculture.
Currently employed World Bank.
Well, that's a nice spot for the Soviets to get a source.
Bring him in? Not yet.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Any news? Yeah, I talked to him.
You what? It's a long story, but he didn't do anything.
Are you sure? Yeah.
So, Martha has 102.
Um you should probably go over there.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I-I'll talk to you when you get home.
_ We had a walk-in.
Well, tell me about Arkady's movements.
Your report can wait an hour.
_ _ _ _ Da? Hello? How are you feeling? Ugh, I don't know what happened.
It wasn't like this yesterday, but then it just hit me.
Anyway, um, guess what.
I-I talked to Personnel today, and even though there aren't any clerk openings in Counterintelligence right now, they gave me an application to fill out.
So if something opens up, I will be on the list.
That's great.
Oh, you're not gonna believe this.
My flight got canceled.
Ohh! Oh, no.
Yeah, I'm stuck in a Howard Johnson's in Boston.
I'm so sorry.
I wanted to bring you soup.
That's sweet.
Well, don't worry about it, I guess.
Get some rest.
I will.
And you, uh, you feel better, honey.
Clark, um everybody has been talking about those murders.
Agent Brooks says that crime is at an all-time high and that it's only gonna get worse in DC.
I think women should be able to protect themselves.
Things like that are really rare.
I'm gonna get a gun.
Clark! I don't want to be a victim.
Hello, operator? Could I get the area code for Cresson, Pennsylvania? Hi.
I'm looking for the phone number and address for Helen Leavis.
Hi, everybody! I'm home! - Hi, honey.
- Hey, dad.
How are you? - You're home.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I, uh, heard your voice on the phone, so I thought I'd drive straight through.
Good night.
Good night.
You okay? Yeah.
What are you gonna tell the kids? Lava.
I signaled the Centre.
It will be tomorrow if they want us to go.
I keep thinking about their son.
I saw him walking back to the room when I was leaving.
I heard him screaming.
What's gonna happen to him now? Centre will make sure he's - taken care of.
- Taken care of how? Yeah.
Philip, all these years, I I never worried about Paige and Henry being safe.
What happened to Emmett and Leanne, I always knew that was a risk.
But seeing Amelia I mean, how are we gonna live like this? We'll get used to it.
Like we got used to everything else.
I can't believe I pulled Henry into that-- I I pulled him into this.
You didn't have a choice.
I did.

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