The Americans (2013) s02e03 Episode Script

The Walk In

- Previously on The Americans - Her great-aunt? - Elizabeth may stay up for a while and take care of her.
- Mom! Happy Birthday, Henry! That's a long time to be away.
How are the kids doing? I just told them my aunt was too sick, I couldn't leave.
- We have to be able to trust each other.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
Do we even know if this is the first time she's checked on us? I'm looking for the phone number and address for Helen Leavis.
We're taking the kids to the rides at the park on Saturday.
I'd love to get a look at Paige and Henry.
Jared's a senior? He's going to Carnegie Mellon next year.
P-Paige and Henry-- go.
I saw him walking back to the room when I was leaving.
No, no! They want us to check out Emmett's agent.
- Did you get the settings? - What settings? The plant where they're grinding the propellers is moving.
It's the one chance to get in there and read the settings on the machine.
Look, I put my life on the line to get here.
Last guy walked in to the Soviet embassy - gave them the trigger designs they use on all their nukes.
- Bruce Dameran.
Purple Heart in Vietnam.
Department Of Agriculture.
Currently employed World Bank.
I never worried about Paige and Henry being safe.
How are we gonna live like this? He shits a lot.
Cries a lot, too.
He finally found his thumb, thank God.
How is Emmett handling it? Oh, he's a natural.
Really? I hear him sometimes at night by the crib singing, "Here, There And Everywhere.
" You know that Beatles song? Yeah, I think so.
The "Revolver" album is the best.
What about you guys? Have you started trying? No.
When do you think? Um, I'm not sure.
I mean, it's not something I've always wanted.
- Kids? - Not really.
I wouldn't tell the Centre that.
I need to ask you something.
It's hard to trust anyone, but I feel like I can tell you anything.
- You can.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
Nothing at all.
I just need you to do me a favor.
There he is.
Looks good.
How long have you been watching? Not long enough.
Any word? We drive to Newport news as soon as you're dressed.
Seriously? What about the kids? The Centre is gonna put someone on them.
- Limited to just while we're not here.
- I don't like it.
They'll never see it.
We'll never see it.
Is this supposed to make us feel better? I think so.
Do you feel better? It's not gonna work.
How do you know? Because you bought it out of the back of a comic book.
- If I can just attach these two pieces - Attach what? My star wheel.
Let me see.
See, what you're supposed to do is rotate the wheel to the time you want, and then match it with the real stars.
I really want to memorize the constellations.
Knock yourself out.
Thanks, dad.
That's awesome.
- Yes, I am.
- See, Paige? - Whatever.
- We may be a little late at work tonight.
You'll look after your brother? - Yeah, sure.
- We should be home for dinner.
And if we're not, there's Salisbury steak in the freezer.
You know Salisbury steak is technically a hamburger in the shape of a steak.
Come here.
What? Just come here.
You're wearing too much lip gloss.
You're so beautiful.
You don't need it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You want coffee? Sure, that would be great.
Are you going somewhere? Yeah, I have my first seminar for the Werner Erhard course.
The one that Don and Mary did? Oh, right, right.
They said it just transformed their lives.
There you go.
You look nice.
Uh, so, how was your night? I watched a guy do laundry all night.
What single guy does four loads of laundry? What married guy does four loads of laundry? That's a good point.
Matthew's in the shower, so - Okay, I got him.
- Okay.
Have fun.
No, no.
It's not fun, Stan.
It's work.
On myself.
That's what I meant.
Hey, Henry, after school, a few of the girls are going into Georgetown to buy jeans.
You'll be okay by yourself for a few hours, right? Yeah.
I won't say anything.
I appreciate it.
Cobbler said General Westmoreland's gonna ask for 100,000 more troops.
- You have to put this out now.
- I did.
I made a drop at the site at 14th by the embassy.
You brought a codebook with you? It was worth it in the situation.
The Centre heard there's a new assessment at the Pentagon.
They know two people who have access to it, and they want you to try one of them tomorrow night.
This war They're killing everyone.
They're never gonna stop.
I know.
I know.
I'm ready.
Are you sure? You'll make a good father.
You all right? I made a few phone calls.
He's been taken in by a family.
Jared? A friend of Emmett and Leanne's.
People he used to babysit for.
Well, that's a shred of decent news.
You don't have to do it.
I made a promise.
The police could be watching the house.
I know.
You want a soda? What if this happens to us? Who's gonna take the kids? The Beemans.
I'm serious, Philip.
We don't have any real friends.
Isn't that how you wanted it? Me!? What's that supposed to mean? I don't know, Elizabeth.
I hate it when they have to rush these things.
Whoever knew there was so much corn this close to DC? Excuse me? and you're in the boonies.
You do this trip a lot? Every week.
To see my dad.
He lives up here? He and my mom can't live in the same state.
Seriously? I mean, they can legally.
But they won't.
I'm going up and back tonight because my mom doesn't want me staying with him on a night that's not his.
Why aren't you in school today? Um I'm going to see my aunt.
You don't sound so psyched about it.
No, no, I am.
I'm just I'm surprising her.
What was his injury? Bullet in the right hip.
Shattered his pelvis.
He ended up at Walter Reed for two years.
Walter Reed.
Makes me think of peeling paint.
Every single wall.
I came back from Khe Sanh with third-degree burns on both legs.
I didn't know.
I was only in the ward a month, but, uh, I can tell you, those guys who were in there for years that's their life their new life.
I was in the FBI at the time.
So was I.
But I volunteered anyway.
Dameran was top of his high-school class.
Did a year at Purdue before he lost a deferment.
Maybe he gets out of Walter Reed, tries to restart the life he dreamed about in college, but it's tough.
He gets a dead-end desk at the Department Of Agriculture, ends up pushing pencils at the World Bank.
Not a bad KGB target.
Except they don't find him.
He finds them.
We're with SBN Secure Transport Movers.
Driver's licenses.
They're waiting for you by the main shop.
Excuse me? You people supervising the move? What the hell's going on with the debris pickup? I've got two tons of junk sitting out on the north dock.
I can get that answer for you.
You folks are moving too slow.
We need to be fully operational in Portsmouth by Tuesday.
- It'll happen.
- Yeah.
We've got a new facility up there, courtesy of the Reagan military budget.
Thank God, because this place is falling apart.
But still, moving's a bitch.
Well, we're here to help, so I'll go check on the north dock.
Jackie, you need to handle the mill situation right away.
Do you want-- - I should.
Why don't you attend to this gentleman? - Sure.
- And I will track you down when you're done.
- Perfect.
Excuse me.
Is there a quicker route to the mill? I didn't wear my sneakers today.
Through the cavitation tunnel.
- Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
They split up for a while, like a few months ago.
But they're back together? Yeah.
- That's good.
- I guess so, yeah.
Th-they're pretty private about stuff like that.
Everything, actually.
Aren't all parents? Yeah, I guess.
It's just it feels like there's always something going on.
I mean, I thought maybe one of them was having an affair or something.
I'd just really love to, like, know.
We are now arriving in Cresson, Pennsylvania.
Oh, this is me.
Thanks for making this trip fly by.
It always feels better to have someone to talk to, doesn't it? Yeah, totally.
Um give me a call when you get back.
You know, if you want to hang out with other people who get it.
Hi, there.
Can I help you? What's your name? - Derek.
- Great.
I'm Jackie, with the moving company.
I need to find the CNC cylindrical grinder.
They want extra padding in the crate.
The nine-axis CNC? Yeah.
It's in Annapolis.
It was moved yesterday by the DOD.
What did you say your name was? Jackie.
- I'm gonna go call my supervisor, see if he can help.
- Hang on a second.
Yeah, I mean, I don't think we need to bother your supervisor.
You're sure the machine has been moved off the premises? I'm pretty sure, yeah.
My bosses are really gonna kill me.
Is there another CNC on site here that maybe I could measure, or? Not that exact one.
I mean, there are other machines.
W-would that help? Mnh-mnh.
Do you operate the machine I'm looking for? Derek.
I clean it.
That's all I do.
What are we gonna do about this, Derek? I mean Wait.
The blades that machine grinds? They haven't been moved yet.
They're still on the dry dock.
- The blades? - Yeah, I saw plans with them.
They're marked classified, but you probably have clearance.
Which way is the dry dock? This way.
You know, the new plant is gonna be closer to my house.
And I'm gonna get to see my kids more.
T-this is them.
That's Lucas and Ryan and that's Danny.
Three boys.
Must keep you on your feet.
They do.
They expect me home for supper.
I can't see any reason why you'd miss it, can you? Let's go.
The grinding machine made this? Yeah.
Take a look.
This guy from the mill's gonna help us with our packing problem.
That's what you need, right? Why don't we wait over here? Hello? Anyone home? Hello? Aunt Helen? Sloppy movers.
Let's go, Jackie.
I gave you what you wanted.
Can I see your pictures again? Danny, right? Oh! You're here.
Oh, I should have worn something different - or done up my hair, or - Uh, Helen? I'll make up your room right away.
And I'll get out your raggedy Ann Lamp, and then then we can eat.
I'm happy you're home, Shelly.
I'm not Shelly.
I'm Paige.
Elizabeth's daughter.
I don't understand.
We need to initiate a covert investigation into one of your employees.
Now, the vice chairman and you are the only two people - who can know about this.
- I understand.
What can you tell me about Bruce Dameran? Dameran.
He's a relatively new hire.
Let me see.
They change the dress code around here? Could you imagine? Uh, no, w-we have an event today with our new chief executive.
My wife said my dress shoes were too scuffed, so They look sharp.
Is Mr.
Dameran in trouble? At this juncture, we're just gathering information.
This is his most recent review.
His only review-- he's only been here six months.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Is he on a group or a team you can call upstairs for a meeting? I'd like to walk by his desk.
Yeah, sure.
Steven, it's Gary.
Can you send the DWG Market Analysis Group up? Really? Got it.
Dameran called in sick today.
He'll stay quiet.
Better than having him disappear.
If you're gonna make it home for dinner, you should go.
Sorry? There's a 4:10 train.
I'll drop you off.
Where are you going? You know where.
You said he's been here six months? There's hardly anything in his office.
I haven't checked.
That World Bank event you mentioned today.
Who's coming to that? The board of governors and executive directors from England, France, Germany, and Spain.
- And where is it? - The Marquee Hotel.
In the Jefferson ballroom.
Boring but classy.
The Marquee on D Street? That's the one.
Call 911.
Tell them to go there.
FBI! Don't move! You don't want to die, Bruce.
That's not why you're doing this.
Why don't you put that rifle down? We can talk.
You're here to protect the World Bank? D-do you know who they are? What they do to ordinary people like me and you? Why don't you tell me about it? I want to help you, Bruce.
Let me help you.
You know, when I was in Vietnam, they told me who the enemy was and I believed them.
But when I got home, do you know what I saw? What? I saw the real enemy and it's right here.
The men who own everything.
Okay, let's talk that through.
No, I I have to do something.
The only reason that they-- they get away with everything, - they're able to take advantage because - Don't move that gun, Bruce.
nobody ever does anything! Nobody cares! Stop moving the gun! Ronald Reagan doesn't care! What was the favor you wanted to ask? Emmett and I wrote a letter to our son in case anything ever happens to us.
Tell me.
Just I'd want him to know the truth.
Who we are, and where we come from.
What we do.
All right.
You can understand that, right? If it ever comes to that I'll give it to him.
I promise.
Mm, Nina.
I was so relieved when I got your signal.
We saw the news at the Rezidentura.
Well, these things happen.
I'm glad you're safe.
And if it weren't for you, he would have killed a lot of people.
If it weren't for you, not me.
No, I'm just doing my job.
They say they want to give me a medal.
All my life, they tell us terrible things about you.
You oppress your own people.
You want to destroy us.
Then I meet you.
I'm proud of you, Stan.
I love you, Nina.
Hello?! Anybody home? Paige? Henry? Here, dad! Hey.
What's going on? Hey, I'm just gonna find Polaris tonight.
The North Star.
Yeah, I have heard of it.
It stays in the same place all year no matter what time, and all the other stars rotate around it.
So you can always count on it.
Well, if you can find it.
Where's your sister? She had to stay late at school.
Is that right? Yeah, but don't be mad.
She brought me home and then she went to go try out for some club or something.
Clubs are good for your college application.
- And you were right.
- About what? Road & Track says the Z/28 is front-runner for car of the year.
Oh, but I still think you should get a Corvette.
- Hello? - Good evening, Philip.
Yes? It's Aunt Helen.
I just wanted to tell you Paige came to visit today.
She should be on her way home by now.
Thank you for letting me know.
I'm Ann Chadwick from the Child Advocacy Center.
We spoke on the phone.
- You must be Nancy.
- Yes.
Come in, please.
The state mandates these visits.
It's the only way to know how he's acclimating.
It's so soon.
A child's adjustment starts on day one, especially for trauma victims.
Their entire understanding of trust has been shattered.
- Of course.
- Do you know Jared well? Oh, we adore him.
Been overpaying him to babysit for a few years now.
It's up to $8 an hour to keep him coming back.
What is it about him? He's amazing with the kids.
Gets my son to do his homework.
Taught him to play the guitar.
He's got an amazing voice.
I didn't know that.
We had to do something to help.
Even if it's only a year until he goes to college.
The thing he needs most now is to feel safe.
That's all kids really want.
Would it be okay if I had a few minutes alone with him? You're home.
Uh, sorry.
I got stuck at school.
Did I tell you I'm trying out for the debate club? No.
Well, it's super-competitive.
You have to prepare a subject to debate, and I'm doing the ethical ramifications of test-tube babies.
Good luck with that.
Um, where's mom? She had to go by the office.
She'll be home in a bit.
Have a seat.
I have homework to do.
Paige sit, please.
Lying will not be tolerated.
What do you mean? Aunt Helen called to say her daughter came to visit.
Her daughter who died in 1974 and who now apparently has red hair.
That's when I called your school.
How is your strep throat? I'm sorry.
This is the most irresponsible thing you have ever done.
I-I don't even know what to say.
She's our only living relative.
I wanted to meet her.
You were under firm instructions to be at home.
Fine! Watch it, young lady.
I am sorry we don't have more of a family, but your mother and I have worked hard to create this one.
I lost my father when I was 6.
Do you understand that? You're lucky to have what you have.
Am I excused? Tell me you understand.
I love you, Nina.
I love you, Nina.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Are you sleeping? Sort of.
Yeah-- I-I don't know.
But you're comfortable here? The Advocacy Center is committed to giving you anything that you need.
You know, you're entitled to a leave of absence from school.
No, I'll go.
To school? No one expects you to.
My parents would.
This is gonna be a process, Jared.
Healing takes time.
Especially when there are no answers.
I've had this ear infection.
I'm sorry? I didn't go to the doctor or anything.
But you know when you can just tell? Yeah.
My mom didn't-- She didn't want me in the pool.
If I'd-- God, if I didn't go swimming, if I had been there-- No, no, no, no.
None of this is your fault.
Do you understand that? None of this is your fault.
_ _ _ _ _ _ when the night shows, the signals grow on radios all the strange things they come and go as early warnings - stranded starfish - Kelli, it's Paige.
- have no place to hide - You, too.
Hey, do you want to hang out? still waiting for the swollen easter tide there's no point in direction we cannot even choose a side I took the old track the hollow shoulder, across the waters on the tall cliffs they were getting older sons and daughters the jaded underworld was riding high waves of steel hurled metal at the sky and as the nail sunk in the cloud the rain was warm and soaked the crowd Lord, here comes the flood we'll say goodbye to flesh and blood if again the seas are silent in any still alive it'll be those who gave their island to survive drink up, dreamers you're running dry when the flood calls you have no home you have no walls in the thunder crash you're a thousand minds, within a flash don't be afraid to cry at what you see the actors gone there's only you and me and if we break before the dawn they'll use up what we used to be Lord, here comes the flood we'll say goodbye to flesh and blood if again the seas are silent in any still alive it'll be those who gave their island to survive drink up, dreamers you're running dry drink up, dreamers you're running dry
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