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A Little Night Music

Previously on The Americans - FBI! Don't move! - Ronald Reagan doesn't care! Your report can wait an hour.
I'm proud of you, Stan.
They say they want to give me a medal.
- Where's your sister? - She had to stay late at school.
Thanks for making this trip fly by.
It always feels better to have someone to talk to.
Sit, please.
Lying will not be tolerated.
Give me a call when you get back, if you want to hang out with other people who get it.
Kelli, it's Paige.
You too.
Hey, do you want to hang out? - And Amelia? - 9th grade, cheerleading.
- Oh, my God.
- Yes! Jared's a senior? He's going to Carnegie Mellon next year.
Emmett? P-Paige and Henry-- Go.
Who would do this? You want the list? Someone who knows us, every single one of us, someone who is onto the operation.
How are we gonna live like this? He is a brilliant physicist and an eloquent advocate for those Jewish Refuseniks still trapped in the Soviet Union, of whom he was once one.
Baruch ha'bah, Anton Baklanov.
Thank you, Rabbi Gittlesen.
The world of physics encompasses the microscopic, the submicroscopic, the very distant, the world of unseen things.
This afternoon, I want to talk about a world of unseen people, a society in which Jews are turned into nonpersons.
to get out of the Soviet Union.
In America, I found a home, justice, dignity, baseball and freedom for myself, my beautiful wife, and most of all, our son.
let it shine, let it shine I'm gonna let it shine hide it under a bushel? No! - I'm gonna let it shine - Hey! Hey, you guys.
This is Paige.
Hey, Paige.
- let it shine - Hi, Paige.
don't let Satan blow it out, I'm gonna let it shine don't let Satan blow it out, I'm gonna let it shine and I've been thinking so much about you I was listening to that.
I know.
Anton Baklanov would rather die than betray his new homeland.
Not recruitable? Never will be.
Any rush? I don't see why.
We can take the long way to work tomorrow.
Where were you? Oh, uh, Emily really needed me, so I just-- She's got this guy, he's a junior, soccer captain, and he thinks he's God's gift, but I think that he's just taking her for granted-- Okay.
We just-- I want to know where you were.
Yeah, just call if you're gonna be late next time.
Homework awaits.
So, what's this about a new car? Did Henry tell you th--? I'm kidding around.
Henry doesn't seem to think so.
You know, Stan's friend-- the guy's a gold mine.
Got us the plumbers' union retreat-- I'll bet we could get teamsters, hotel workers-- We do not need a new car, Philip.
It's cheaper than a plane.
That's all I'm-- I'm glad you're okay.
When I heard about Emmett and Leanne, I was afraid you might Well, it's a terrible time.
We need to talk.
Moscow was signaling me every hour.
For the first time I can remember, I didn't know what to do.
What could I do? It was done.
What does the Centre know? Not much.
They're looking into it, but they're going to be careful.
Do they think any of the rest of us have been exposed? They don't know.
Anything's possible.
You're still alive.
That's a good sign.
They put someone on our kids and then pulled them.
Risk, benefit-- They're scared now.
I've seen it happen before.
They won't do what it takes to find out what really happened, and I can't live with that.
What do you want from us? I know it's been hard between us, and I'm sorry for my part of that.
Believe me or don't believe me, but we need the same thing now.
And what's that? You have to help me find Emmett and Leanne's killer.
Help you? Personally? Without the Centre knowing about it? I owe it to Emmett and Leanne.
We owe it to them.
I have some ideas who might have killed them.
Top of the list-- Andrew Larrick, former Special Operations in Vietnam.
We believe he's currently involved in developing a special mission unit inside the Navy SEALs.
He teaches at the Naval War College at Annapolis.
Emmett and Leanne were blackmailing him.
He's homosexual.
He was the only agent they were running who might have been good enough to find them.
To get to Larrick, you'll need an air-tight cover.
First step is through this man-- Brad Mullin, Seaman Recruit working out of Dam Neck in Virginia Beach.
Elizabeth, last time I saw you, you were just off an operating table.
I knew you'd live, but I didn't know if you'd make it back.
I'm back.
I'm glad.
I've thought about you a lot.
I Well there's no changing what was.
I'm glad, anyway.
Commendation day-- your first? Task force in Arkansas all got medals.
I never picked mine up.
This one's a letter, in a very nice box.
You deserve a commendation for stopping that bastard, Agent Beeman.
Thank you, sir.
But unfortunately, we don't hold all the reins here.
The gentleman from the Soviet embassy who had the poor taste to get his brains blown out has earned me and the Director a joint inquiry of the House and Senate intelligence committees.
And if we can't hold them off, Frank, you'll be next.
With all due respect, sir, Agent Gaad wasn't in any way responsible-- Agent Beeman, I don't care who was and who wasn't.
He was a KGB agent operating on US soil.
That is a risky enterprise, taking us on.
We understand each other? Yes, sir.
Now, will you excuse us for a minute? Certainly.
We have to do it.
We're gonna live or die with that woman? Or sit and wait? She wants to know what happened to Emmett and Leanne as much as we do.
Okay? - Brad Mullin-- - Shouldn't be a problem.
Why don't you let me handle this? Mullin's a computer nerd, camera buff, classical music lover.
There's a million ways in on this.
I'll handle it.
But thank you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
Is everything all right? Everything's hunky-dory.
I'm being layered.
Layered? Bureaucratese for "shoved aside.
" They're bringing someone in over me.
Jim Halliwell from the Atlanta office.
He'll be running CI until-- well, I guess we don't know when.
You shouldn't have to take the fall for this.
I get no pleasure from the thought of taking you down with me, Stan.
Besides, no offense they're after bigger game.
Good night, Agent Beeman.
Good night, sir.
It's very, um Actually, I hated it.
I don't know anything about classical music.
Well, you certainly picked it.
I mean, you probably thought, you know, "Good old Beethoven," Yeah, I did.
I thought it might be soothing or uplifting, but, um it's very dark.
Those quartets.
Is that good? This? Oh.
This is great.
This is Actually, this is exactly the thing that you were-- Are you gonna listen to it right now? Oh.
You want to hear it-- take it.
I meant I could listen with you.
With me, like, in the booth? Not if you don't want me to.
I do.
I mean, sure.
If you want to, that'd be great.
Uh right now? Yeah.
That must be intense.
When it happens, you do what you have to do.
It's what we're trained to do.
It's right.
But later on when the hoopla is over You took a guy off the face of the Earth.
You ever do it before? Yeah.
So, what's going on with you? How's work? Oh, uh, your friend the plumber has been opening some doors for us.
Oh, good.
I'm glad to hear that.
I always like to help a friend.
Well, we appreciate it.
It's nice to have a little extra coming in.
We're thinking about sprucing up the office a bit-- well, I am, at least.
I'm having an affair.
I haven't told anybody, so you can't-- not even Elizabeth.
Oh, okay.
Come on.
Of course not.
I'm-- I'm walking around It's crazy.
I guess you probably never You think about it a lot-- a lot.
But in all these years, I-I've never, never Stan we're all human.
You know, me and Elizabeth, we've been through some patches.
- You know that.
- Yeah.
No, I know.
We're solid now, I think.
Maybe you're never really solid.
It's hard-- marriage.
You know, you love your wife, and then the day-to-day crap starts to creep in.
Yeah, but that actually doesn't-- I mean, Sandra and I we hardly spend any time together at all.
This job takes its toll, you know.
There's a lot I can't share with her.
I wouldn't want to put her through that anyway.
Separate lives.
I thought moving here, to this post, would help, but it's actually gotten worse.
I'm sorry.
And then, you know, I meet this woman at work, and she understands what I do.
She sees me in a different way.
Well, you're lucky to be a travel agent, Philip.
Happy people going on vacations.
Just-- when I'm with this woman something just So, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
There's no way we could ever be together.
Why not? Well, she's married.
We're doomed.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Yeah, that's just all we need around here is something that makes television more attractive to kids.
Yeah, but it makes us more intelligent.
That's why it's called Intellivision.
Please tell me we're not discussing video games again.
We are, but it's good for your brain.
And you're not just sitting there.
You're doing something.
Go up and get your sister.
You're both gonna be late.
Paige! Stan finally told me about his affair.
How did that happen? We're friends.
We're taking the scientist.
You're in the middle with Brad? You all right there? Of course.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I hope it's okay.
This is the place that we usually Do you do this a lot? You know not a lot.
I've never done this before.
That's okay.
I'm kind of a loner, really.
Me too.
I'm not the usual military type.
I guess that's obvious.
I wanted to see the world, but I wound up here.
Man, the Navy.
I figured, you know, not everyone, but there had to be at least a couple of guys I could relate to.
There had to be somebody who wasn't a freaking Neanderthal.
It's not like it's the army, right? I'm glad you're not a Neanderthal.
You're nice.
You know that? How can you be so nice? I'm like you.
I kept thinking I would meet someone around here.
You know, Navy town-- you think there'd be a lot of great guys.
But it just didn't work out.
You know, someone who's sensitive and generous, kind.
I like you, Brad.
- I'm so sorry.
- What's wrong? I'm I don't know.
I really like you.
I'm just having a hard time.
You want a beer? I'm really blowing this.
You're not.
It's okay.
Is it okay if we just take things kind of slow? Sure.
Would you see me again, or-- I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to.
I want to.
I'm so sorry.
I I'll call you.
I will.
I'll call you.
It's me.
So Thursday, yes? Listen, if you gave me 10 nights, I'd find 10 nights.
However you want.
I'll arrange it.
So, he has a mistress.
George traced the number.
I took a look.
Residential area, quiet street, deserted at night.
I'll go down and check in on Brad tomorrow morning.
I have to meet with that plumber first thing in the morning, so I have to get out of Martha's early 'cause I promised her a lazy morning.
Lazy morning? Yeah.
Okay, um so, I'll meet with Claudia for the drop, and then get home for an early dinner, - and then we'll go.
- Okay.
How's it going with Brad? Fine.
Piece of cake.
I saw the world thrashing all around your face never really knowing it was always Don't you knock? - mesh and lace - I did knock.
Well, I didn't say "Come in.
" You're right.
I'm sorry.
you've seen the difference What is that? What? You're hiding something.
Uh, a book for school.
I'll stop the world and melt with you If it's for school, why are you hiding it? It's for this course about the Bible.
dream of better lives, the kind which never hate You're not taking a course on the Bible.
Why are you lying to me? of imaginary grace _ - Paige, what is this? - I'm reading the Bible.
What is the Reed Street Church? I met this kid Kelli, and she's really nice, and this is where she goes, like a youth group.
And, you know, she's got a messed-up family, and it makes her happy.
But you don't have a messed-up family.
Do we have to talk about this? Paige, have you been to this group? What's going on? Paige thinks she's in a messed-up family, and she's been going to some youth group she doesn't tell us about.
You think you're in a messed-up family? She doesn't tell us where she's going.
Forget I said anything! It's not about what you said.
It's that you're lying to us and hiding things.
I'm allowed to have my own life! And we are allowed to know about it.
Well, I thought we're supposed to have privacy in this house.
This has nothing to do with privacy! Why don't we talk about this more later, huh? Hmm? Close the door.
I'm not saying I thought you wouldn't call.
I mean, I think you're a good person.
That's not why I called.
I want to get to know you.
Thank you.
Where are you from? Wyoming-- dink of a town near Casper.
I know.
I don't look like a cowboy, right? What about you? I am I'm kind of from all over.
Navy brat-- and my dad well, my dad died, and then my mom and I were here.
So, um, I just kind of stayed on doing secretarial work until, um Until what? I can't.
Come on.
You can trust me.
I'm I was, um attacked.
What do you mean "Attacked"? Oh, God.
You were Jesus.
Did, um Was it here in town? Um, do you know that bar where Atlantic sort of hits Auburn? Yeah.
I was in there one night, and, um was hanging out with these SEALs, these big handsome guys.
They were all on leave.
And then this one guy and he took me to one of those motels like you took me to.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no.
That's not-- I didn't He just got really mean, and he sort of had me on the ground.
I was flat on my belly, and he was shoving my head into the floor.
And then he sort of got on top of me from behind and ripped my pants down, and I remember I said "No.
No!" Jesus.
Well, did you go to the police? You know, I tried, but the Navy's protecting him.
They told the cops that he was not on leave that day, that you know, he was on some secret, classified mission.
No one could get access to his files.
They just sort of buried them.
I don't know why I told you.
I'm so sorry.
I You just seem nice.
You're not like the rest of them.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I wish there was something I could do.
There's nothing.
I Believe me.
I've tried everything.
But thank you.
Do you know his name? Larrick.
I think he's a captain or something.
I know where his files are.
You do? It wouldn't be easy, but I could get them.
You could give them to a lawyer, prove he was there.
I-I wouldn't want you to do that because what if someone saw you taking them? I don't have to take them.
I could copy them.
Nothing much.
We're, uh-- we're having a long, lazy, romantic morning.
I know.
You know, once in a while you and daddy should just-- No, really, you should.
Romance is so important.
Um, can I call you back, mom? Just a couple of minutes.
Why are you all spiffed up? What happened to our lazy romantic morning? I thought we had it.
Um, we had the start of it.
Yeah, and then you got on the phone with your mother like you always do.
Hey, I thought you loved my mother.
Martha, we have so little time together as it is.
Whenever we manage to squeeze out just a little extra, you get on the phone with your mother.
She called me.
So tell her to call back! Why should I sit around twiddling my thumbs while you talk with your mom? Twiddle your thumbs? Is that what you call it when we're lying here, cuddly and warm? There is nothing for me to do while you're on the phone with your mother.
- This isn't my home.
- This is your home.
Well, I'm like an intruder.
I'm lucky I have half a sock drawer.
Do you want a sock drawer? I can give you a sock drawer.
No, no, no, no, no.
Go ahead.
Call her back.
Don't let me interrupt.
Clark! Clark, I'm sorry.
I can't hear you! Water's running! I said I'm sorry! I won't do it anymore.
I won't call her while you're here.
I promise.
Did you wash your hair in the kitchen sink? Well, I guess so.
I-I always do.
Well, in the future, could you not? Either that, or could you clean up all these hairs? They're my hairs.
You should love me enough to-- You should love me enough to change something if I want it changed! Oh, my God.
What's gotten into you? I'm sorry.
I just want some things different around here.
I never get asked what I want.
How can I ask you anything? I can't ever find you.
Find me when I'm here, damn it! Talk to me instead of getting on the phone with your mother.
You know what I think? I think that you just want to leave like you always do.
I think you got what you wanted this morning, and now-- Do not pretend you didn't want that just as much as I did! No, you know what I wanted, Clark! I wanted a long, lazy, romantic morning like the one that you promised me.
But guess what.
You know, I don't think I want that anymore.
- Oh, honey - Don't "Honey" me! You know what? Just go.
Off to work.
Dot of 9:00 like usual, like the time-card-punching, never-around pencil-pusher that you are.
I'm going.
So, go.
I signaled I didn't have the files yet.
What are we doing here? I know you don't want to hear this from me, Elizabeth, but it only takes three minutes in a car to know that you came back too soon.
Brad Mullin you can handle in your sleep, but Andrew Larrick is waiting around the corner.
And if you're not ready for him-- I'll be ready.
Of course you feel that way.
But I'm telling you I see something that you're not aware of.
You're afraid.
Too afraid.
You're back, but you're not back.
I really do think you're trying to help, Claudia, but it just takes three minutes in a car to know there's something else going on with you, too, and I want to know what it is.
I don't want to lose anyone else.
Oh, this is so, so great of you.
I can't believe-- Is something wrong? I don't have the files.
I don't understand.
I-- Every time I went to do it, guys kept looking at me.
I I kind of chickened out.
Are you mad at me? I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I-- It was a lot to hope for.
I've probably seen too many movies, you know? You meet a guy, and you think you've found your hero.
It was stupid.
Who thinks that way? It was just so risky.
I kept thinking, "This is insane.
I'm gonna get shot.
What am I doing this for?" I'm sorry.
It's making me so tense.
I could help you with that.
Oh, you don't have to-- That's better, right? That's better? Oh, Jesus Christ.
That's better.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Here you go.
- Thanks.
So Amen.
Please pass the chicken.
Clark, are you there? Pick up? Your wife.
Where are you? I know you can't tell me.
We need to talk, Clark.
Call me.
_ She was praying, Philip.
Praying! If she just wants to say grace, if that's all it is-- It's not.
This is what happens.
They get them when they're children.
They indoctrinate them with friendship and songs and cute boys cooing about Jesus.
So? Maybe it's a crush.
Did you see any signs of this while I was gone? No.
We haven't been paying enough attention.
Yes, we have.
There's been kind of a lot going on, you know? If we'd been paying attention, this wouldn't have happened.
The lying? Well, yeah, that's not like her.
I mean, you protect them from the big things out there-- the big life-and-death dangers-- and then something finds its way into your own house.
Look, we don't know anything yet.
Kids go through phases.
Let's keep an eye on it.
That's how this happened.
We let our guard down.
Philip, you and I, we know who we are.
We have values.
But these kids-- what do they know? We're failing them.
We're not failing them.
We're failing to help them stand up to the distractions, the consumerism.
Look at this country.
Church, synagogue-- I mean, that's what's holding it all up.
The opiate of the masses.
Let's eat later tomorrow.
What? We ate dinner early tonight.
You don't want to say grace as much when you're hungry.
Would you stop being so reasonable? We have to do something about Paige.
It's gonna have to wait.
It cannot wait.
Meet Anton.
Leave your name, a brief message, and a number where I can reach you, and I'll call you back.
Clark, it's me.
You see? This is why I need to be able to reach you.
I'm filling out this application, and there's this line here, and they want my marital status and my husband's name.
Now, I love you, Clark, but I'm not going to perjure myself for you.
And this has to be in tomorrow, so, if I don't hear from you, I just have no choice.
I'm putting your name down, Clark.
You're my husband, and it's the truth.
Call me! It's late.
I got to get home.
- Thank you.
- I know.
Good night.
Have a good night.
Call me.
Sleep well.

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