The Americans (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Behind the Red Door

- Previously on The Americans - Paige, what is this? I'm allowed to have my own life! And we are allowed to know about it.
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about your very big brother-- He's an animal.
- Really? - Really.
What's your relationship with him? He works for a congressman on the Intelligence Committee - overseeing Central America.
- Who does he think you are? A graduate student in political science.
Do you know what you took? We smoked cocaine, and I took pills.
I'm Kate, Claudia's replacement.
What is this-- your first assignment? Claudia was the most experienced handler in Directorate S, and you found her unacceptable.
The Centre wants you happy.
I want you happy.
_ _ _ What can you give me in exchange for Nina's safety? Emmett? You have to help me find Emmett and Leanne's killer.
Andrew Larrick-- Emmett and Leanne were blackmailing him.
He's homosexual.
To get to Larrick, you'll need an air-tight cover.
He's currently involved in developing a special mission unit inside the Navy SEALs.
I really do think you're trying to help, Claudia, but it just takes three minutes in a car to know there's something else going on with you, too, and I want to know what it is.
I don't want to lose anyone else.
We're meeting at an office park in Reston.
Larrick's meeting you? You're not picking him up? We reached out to him as CIA security, asked him to meet at an off-site.
What? If he killed Emmett and Leanne, he'll be looking for us to come back at him.
We'll have him isolated in a room-- two of us, one of him.
If you discover he did it, you'll take care of him there? Yeah.
Which one of you? You're asking for a lot of details.
We haven't dealt with someone quite like him before.
Well, he'll be more on guard with me, so Are you okay, Claudia? Of course.
How's your new handler? She graduate high school yet? She's new.
We'll see.
I'll run counter-surveillance and wait for you.
Where's Nina? She missed a couple of your meetings, I know.
I've been keeping her busy at the Rezidentura.
I see you have feelings for her.
What is it you want? The FBI surveillance logs that pertain to me-- who follows me, where, and when.
I'm asking a lot.
It's true.
But there's a new reality for us to adjust to.
You're on your own here? I speak only for myself.
I have my own needs, my own problems.
Believe me, it can work for both of us.
You're a patriot.
I respect that.
You love your job, your family, your country.
Me, too.
This is not a problem for what I need.
It's a problem for me.
My surveillance logs.
You have three days.
If anything happens to me, of course, what I know about Nina, everyone will know.
I die, she dies.
Captain Larrick, have a seat.
I've never been to this facility of yours before.
Neither have we.
We rented it for this meeting.
Can I see your IDs? Quite a career, Captain.
You people have everything, don't you? Almost.
Not quite.
I was particularly impressed by your January 1981 feasibility study - on our agency's plan to assassinate-- - Why am I here? Captain Larrick, you've been called in for a meeting with CIA security.
We have your full military personnel file on a table.
You know why you're here.
Vietnam, up and down Latin America.
You're an American hero up until 1978-- Buenos Aires.
This is where the KGB pitched you.
You've worked with them for the last 3 1/2 years.
The first report you gave had communication codes for multiple on-ship systems.
You followed up with reconnaissance reports from your operations in Central America.
Security protocols at naval bases including Little Creek, Groton, Patuxent River.
You betrayed your country, service, fellow SEALs.
- For what? - We have everything-- meeting times, drop sites, full communication plan with your handlers.
How much did they pay you to turn on your own-- So you've got someone inside the KGB who gave me up.
You know what? You charge me, you burn them.
You're never gonna do that.
I'll walk away from this.
Sit down, Captain.
Why don't we work backwards? Why don't you tell us everything that happened on the day that you killed your KGB handlers? How would you feel if I did kill them? We'd understand.
They were KGB officers.
However, after 3 1/2 years, I'd be curious to know what happened.
Why do you think I killed them? Were you on them? What do you think? I think you're fishing.
I didn't kill them.
I wanted to.
I got close.
How close? Town they lived in, cars they drove, the fact that they were married.
I was two or three meetings from finding their home address.
Someone got to the bastards before I did.
Couldn't have happened to nicer people.
So when was your last contact with them? Over a month ago.
I was on Martial Eagle when they got killed.
Ask your people about it.
The Soviets are gonna take it left, right, and sideways for the next 20 years now that we have a president who can handle them.
Whatever damage I've done, I'm making up for it in Nicaragua.
If you don't want to spend the rest of your life in prison, we have an option for you.
And that's why you, not the FBI.
The KGB will come back for you.
Maintain your arrangement.
Report to you? Yes.
We don't think he did it.
You weren't followed.
Scan for dust just to be safe-- clothes and shoes.
You don't think? He said he got close to making Emmett and Leanne.
Wanted to kill them, planned to kill them.
And that wasn't enough for you? Larrick knows something very big-- Martial Eagle.
It was mentioned in his file, too.
We got to find out what that is.
Then we'll take care of him.
Emmett and Leanne thought he might come after them.
You don't think he did it? He could be five steps ahead of you.
We made a call in the field, Claudia.
I told you how dangerous this man is.
- Okay.
- He bought your cover? He-- he seemed to, but you're right.
We can't be sure about him.
The identities are backstopped.
He won't ask many questions, risk discovery of his treason.
- You're clean.
- But that doesn't mean he won't come after you or your family when he finds out.
We'll talk to the Centre.
I'd appreciate if you kept me out of that conversation.
We know where he lives, where he works.
They're gonna want information on Martial Eagle.
Then we'll take him out.
I've never seen Claudia scared before.
How can you read? Just staring at the pages.
Did you make the signal? Yeah.
We meet tomorrow.
- And how old was he? - 33.
Mm, he was so funny.
What was the, uh name of that movie that he did about the fraternity? - "Animal House.
" - Yeah.
"Christ, seven years of college down the drain.
" What? That's what Belushi's character says when he gets expelled.
That's funny.
Life's like that-- half a second, it's over.
You haven't said anything.
About what? The front door.
I like it.
- You do? - Yeah, it's different.
- Hmm.
- It is different.
Well, I thought a lot about the color.
You know, it-- it's-- it's a happy red, don't you think? It's called, uh, tomato tango.
You know, in China, red means good luck.
Well, you can't have too much of that.
What do you think they're doing in Nicaragua? Trying to destroy it.
Anytime something decent or humane starts there, they can't stand it.
I'll rest better when that guy's dead.
Then we'll just lie here wondering who killed Emmett and Leanne and when they're coming for us.
You said we'd get used to it.
I was wrong.
Want to hear something funny? Mm-hmm.
When Jennifer went to talk to your wife-- She's not my wife.
Martha told me that Clark was a wild animal in bed.
- She said that? - Mm-hmm.
Isn't that funny? Yeah.
Just as the Columbia, we think, represents man's finest aspirations in the field of science and technology, so, too, does the struggle of the Afghan people represent man's highest aspirations for freedom.
- The fact that freedom is the strongest force in the world - Hi.
- is daily demonstrated by the people of Afghan.
- What's this? - Accordingly - Emmett and Leanne had an agent, Andrew Larrick.
Those are his personal records.
- What are we having? - Uh, another Seltzer.
Vodka straight up, please.
It's a little early in the day, don't you think? It's a bar.
There's an operation called Martial Eagle mentioned in there.
He said it's something in Nicaragua.
Where did you get these? When we were finding our way to Larrick.
Why did you find your way to him? To determine if he killed Emmett and Leanne.
Thank you.
The White House is also closely - You're looking into that on your own? - Yeah.
In the real world, sometimes you get lead, you have to move fast.
So if the Centre has a problem with it, they can take it up with us.
Did he kill Emmett and Leanne? We don't think so, but we can't be sure.
Larrick presents a threat to us and our family.
Martial Eagle could present a threat to the Motherland.
Once we know how and why, we want to eliminate him.
the unanimous backing of Congress and the support of the American people I will relay your point of view to the Centre.
They won't want you and your family unnecessarily exposed.
I'll make sure of it.
- Good.
- but for freedom, wherever it is threatened or suppressed.
What's this? Oh, uh, transitioning our data.
We're inputting files into the OCR machine.
OCR? Oh, yeah.
It's, um, "Optical Character Recognition.
" Uh, pretty soon, all of our records will have a duplicate presence on the computer.
And that's a good thing? Less redundancy.
Well, where did everything go? Oh, um, we're archiving that section.
Um, but what did you need? Soviet embassy logs-- they're in a box.
I can make a quick copy.
Oh, no, no.
This is great.
Here, uh, let me show you how it's gonna work from here on in.
Um, what are the dates you need? Uh, last three months.
And, uh, anyone in particular? Oleg Igorevich Burov.
That's one R or two? One.
All right.
Here it comes.
I can take it from here.
You know, Martha doesn't seem What? like someone who'd go for the aggressive type.
You never know what people are into.
That's true.
What kind? What? Of wild animal.
You're kidding, right? Maybe.
I don't know.
Would Clark ever be unfaithful? I think I would like to try it with Clark.
I don't know what you imagine he's like, Elizabeth-- I'm just curious.
That's all I'm saying.
I mean, you know, because What? Are you scared? Scared? No.
You gonna get that? Hello? Yes.
She d-- Well, it's not the end of the season.
Thank you.
- Paige! - What happened? - She quit the volleyball team.
- Coming.
Why did you quit the volleyball team? You love volleyball.
I just lost interest.
- No.
What happened? - Nothing.
I'm not allowed to change? No.
Will you talk to her? - I'll get this.
Hello? - I was gonna tell you.
Jennings? - This is Mrs.
- You were going to? Well, if you don't want to play, you wait till the end of the season.
What's the big deal? I was only on the B squad anyway.
We already have a delivery service.
Thank you very much.
Are you sure? "Dependability" is our middle name.
You don't just quit.
We'll keep it in mind.
Thank you very much.
Can I go do my homework now? Yes.
What is going on with her? Whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait.
Centre has determined that Martial Eagle is an operation to train Nicaraguan Contras at a secret base on US soil.
So, Larrick? They reviewed your request, and-- Our "request"? We brought them a fantastic piece of intelligence, which they're thrilled with.
So now it's time to keep us and our family safe.
And they understand that.
You know, nothing is more important to them than your safety.
Sounds like something is.
I think you understand how much this operation means to the Americans, which is why you didn't kill Larrick when you had the chance.
We conferred with our fraternal organization in Nicaragua.
They now believe that Contra field commanders traveling to the United States for briefings must be training here.
And? You're being tasked with assassinating the field commanders and exposing the camps.
The American people deserve to know what their government's doing behind their backs.
You'll need Larrick.
There are other ways.
He's our way into the camp.
The Centre understands the danger he presents, but knows you're well-equipped to handle these risks.
Where is the camp? And when will the field commanders be on site? That's yet to be determined.
And how exactly does the Centre expect us to determine that? Don't do that.
I'm grateful to you.
I needed help, and you were there for me.
It's about to get harder, Lucia.
I came here for the Revolution.
I'm not afraid.
What did your people tell you? Only that I should do what you say.
Did you follow my advice about your congressional aide? Did you make him your boyfriend? I toy with him-- keep him chasing me.
Men like that.
Have you slept with him? You shouldn't give that away so easily.
I need to get into his congressman's private office.
The Capital's a public building.
That part's not a problem.
You need to get me the rest of the way.
Of course.
We're fighting for the same thing, the two of us.
We need to make this happen fast.
I understand.
Go slow.
Take it easy, or you won't be able to make my night.
Don't worry.
I'm a man of my word.
Hey, what's going on out there? I thought I heard something.
What are you doing? I want to see the seat of power.
Does that turn you on? Mm, I want to rub my tetas all over the Congressman's desk.
Are you going to open this door, Carl, or don't you have a key? Of course I have the key, but we c-- - Or maybe you don't have the cojones then? - No? Maybe you should check.
I thought you wanted to, uh I do.
Oh, that's good.
Don't stop.
- Yeah? You like that? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yes.
Keep going.
Keep going.
You like that, baby? That's good.
Are you almost there? Turn a-- turn around.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I want it to I want it to feel good.
Goodnight, Mr.
You're amazing.
_ Two field commanders will be at the Contra training camp in a week.
- Does it say where? - Uh, yeah.
Uh, Campground-- Jefferson National Forest.
Larrick's part of the senior training team, but even he won't be told the location till the day he gets his orders to go.
So we get the entry protocol out of him as CIA, we we kill him, we go in ourselves with Lucia.
They already said no to that, more or less.
The odds of us getting in are much better if he takes us in.
Well, for that, we w-- We'd have to let him know who we really are.
I'm sure he's gonna take that news well.
I'm looking for Mr.
You work with him? Yes, ma'am.
Come in.
Thank you.
You can wait in there.
Thank you.
In search of perfect understanding, Agent Beeman, or are you hungry? Sorry for bothering you at home, sir.
Nevertheless, here you are.
My source at the Rezidentura has been compromised.
You think it's time to shut down the operation? She's been working for us over a year, sir.
If we exfiltrate her now, her family in Moscow will die.
What do you want from me? She needs help.
There are things they might want-- things we can give them.
I'm about to be called to testify before a closed-door congressional committee thanks to the shit you pulled.
Don't tell me anything more that I can't hear.
She's in way over her head, sir.
Well, before you do anything you can't undo, has it occurred to you that you might be the one in over your head? I'd offer you a drink, but my wife and I were on our way out.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This is important.
This is what I trained for.
We're going to unmask the oppressors, shine a light on years of US criminal policy-- propping up dictators, bringing down democratically elected leaders - One step at a time, Lucia.
- expose the murderers, bring this president to his knees, and then maybe this war can end.
A world without exploitation and dignity for all.
You think it's a dream? I've been ready to die my whole life for it, Lucia.
What you did in the Congressman's office-- - I did what I had to do.
- Yes.
I'll be able to get so much more from him.
You'll see.
That's not gonna happen.
You need to tie up loose ends.
Carl has the ear of a powerful government official.
After the operation, it's only a matter of time before they track the intelligence back to the Congressman, to his safe, to his aide, to you.
- That is a risk I'm willing to take.
- Why is that? Why would you risk something for him? Oh, because you like him.
That's okay.
It happens.
I don't need so many lessons.
I can decide for myself if I-- The first time I had to resolve a situation in such a painful way, I tried not to think about it.
The moment came.
It was fast.
I went home, wrote my report, and I went to bed.
I would advise you to do the same.
I have watched so many people die in front of me during the war.
- I'm not a child who-- - Watching is different.
I can do my job.
I know you can.
Come here.
I want you to keep them on.
I want Clark.
This is Clark.
No, you look like him, but you're not being him.
Do you do that with her? Is that how you do it? Yeah.
Yeah, I, uh-- yeah.
It's the same.
Well, I'm so-- I'm sorry.
I don't know what you mean.
Can you just-- What? Just w-what do you-- What do you want exactly? She said he was an animal.
I want you to just be Clark.
Aah! Is that what you want? Is that what you want? It's okay.
I-I'm okay.
It's just - Listen, listen.
- Just give me a minute, okay? My mom's coming into town next week.
I want you to meet her.
Why? Because you are special to me.
What, uh-- what is her name? Doris.
I'm thirsty.
Do you mind getting me a glass of cold water? Ice water, por favor.
You first.
Yeah? I like to watch.
Have you ever had anything you would die for, amor? That's a funny question.
What matters to you? Politics? Politics is a game.
My mama.
Doris? Uh-huh.
Think of Doris, amor.
Think about how much you love her.
I'd rather think about you.
Dance with me.
Something's happening.
It's okay.
It's good.
It's okay, Carl.
It's good.
It f-- It feels good.
It feels good.
Forgive me, love.
Hi, mom.
Listen, I I still like volleyball.
I just like hanging out at the youth group more.
Why are you telling me this now? Well, I don't want to lie to you.
I'm not a liar.
What is it that you do there at the church? We talk.
It's mostly just music and snacks, but it's not that big of a deal.
You guys should come sometime.
Are you mad at me? No.
Of course not.
Lucia? It's done.
I knew it.
I knew I'd end up dead.
You're not going to die, Nina.
We will figure this out.
- How? - I don't know yet.
Oleg says he's in this for himself.
And I believe there's a good chance that might be true, and that can work for us.
Do you have any idea how he might have found out about you? We're all spies.
Well, we'll get ahead of him.
I promise.
But I need you to do something for me first.
It's a Bureau requirement.
I'm sorry.
But I need you to take a polygraph.
Yesterday you love me, and today you call me a liar.
I need to show my supervisors that they can trust you.
They? - You mean you.
- Nina You don't trust me! - I would never betray you.
- I know that.
- I have never betrayed you! - I know that.
Don't touch me! I'm finished with you, with all of this.
I'm done.
Oh, that's nice.
You're not CIA.
I had my doubts.
I prefer working with people who believe in what we're doing.
You would.
It's not a criticism.
It's just an observation.
You don't? I don't care if people are motivated by ideology or money.
Money can be cleaner, less complicated.
Blackmail, however, seldom leads to a happy conclusion.
If Larrick didn't kill Emmett and Leanne, who do we look at next? Me.
I got involved with someone while I was working with Emmett and Leanne.
I didn't plan on it, but this business can be lonely.
I didn't tell him who I really was, of course.
Until one day, I did.
I trusted him.
I don't know that he betrayed me.
But ever since the murders, I've been plagued with the thought that he told someone, that I may have compromised the safety of my own agents.
No one else can understand these relationships.
If something were to happen to you or your family We'll be okay.
I was wrong about Philip.
You're lucky to have him.
Goodbye, Elizabeth.

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