The Americans (2013) s02e07 Episode Script


Previously on The Americans I'll give you things your government hasn't even dreamed of.
I'll put you on the ARPANET.
This you don't have in the Soviet Union.
_ _ _ _ _ _ No one else knows that you're running her.
Not yet.
What is it you want? The FBI surveillance logs that pertain to me-- who follows me, where, and when.
Oleg says he's in this for himself.
And I believe there's a good chance that might be true, but I need you to do something for me first.
I need you to take a polygraph.
I would never betray you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You look like a spy in an old movie.
It's supposed to snow.
Weather isn't always accommodating.
So? You've got something for me? Yes.
The Center has instructed me to instruct you to bug the ARPANET.
The ARPANET? The scientist mentioned that.
What is it? It's an advanced processing system that has to do with computers.
It's all in here.
This is the bug.
Once you've attached it to the thing, it takes 30 seconds to transfer.
- Transfer what? - The information on the computer system.
A bug the size of a rat? Yeah, it's a big bug.
Once the information's copied, detach it.
And what will the rat tell us? I can't say.
You can't say because you don't know or because you can't say? - I don't know.
- Right.
Where the cheese is, most likely.
Any other questions? I think you've answered them all.
Technology's not my strong suit.
Apparently not.
I'm sorry you have to work with Captain Larrick.
He's dangerous and unpredictable and puts you and your family at risk.
If it were up to me, I-- It's not.
It's not up to you.
Good luck.
Ready to go? Yep.
All set.
Henry? Henry! They're expecting me at the Rezidentura.
I have only a minute.
I'll take the test.
- What changed? - Nothing.
Nothing changed.
I love you, and if you don't know that by now, more is the pity.
You'll have your proof.
When? When you say.
Tonight, then.
Christ, man! What the hell?! You're a fall-down drunk, Charles! - You've lost your grip! - Get off me! Are you listening to me? Am I getting through to you?! Yes, please! No more! My father was a journalist.
And yours? He was a worker.
What did he do? He was a miner-- coal.
More coffee? Thank you.
- And you? - No, thank you.
Where does he live-- your father? He's dead.
How did he die? One day, he went to work.
He never came home.
His newspaper was shuttered.
There was no record of his arrest, no body we could mourn or bury.
We knew his fate.
It was the same fate of so many who dared to stand up against Somoza.
You saw Larrick? - Yes.
- Why? Captain Larrick is well known to my service.
He was giving a talk at the Heritage Foundation on my country, and I wanted to hear what he had to say.
And what did he have to say? That Nicaragua is the spearpoint for Soviet domination in the Western hemisphere.
And did he see you? No.
You sure? I was just a face among many, nothing more.
Larrick is extremely dangerous.
I'm sure.
Two Contra field commanders will be at a training camp in Virginia a week from today.
How will we get in? Larrick will provide you with identification and clearance.
The special Navy forces being sent into Nicaragua are schooled in Spanish-- language and culture.
He'll get you through the gatehouse as an instructor, driving onto the base.
Chain-link fence surrounds the property.
It's electrified.
The on/off switch is here.
At the appointed time, you will deactivate the current.
We'll cut through the fence.
Why not just go in the trunk of a car? They inspect the cars coming in.
What about Larrick? What about him? Where will he be? He will be here.
_ English-- your test will be in English.
What is it for? To measure your breathing rate.
To record the sweating of your palms.
To calculate my blood pressure and pulse.
All linked to a sensor that records the indicators of stress with an ink line on that cylinder of paper.
How do you feel? Like a criminal about to be put to death.
That's the point-- to induce the anxiety and fear.
All the questions answered yes or no.
That man is the polygrapher.
He asks all the questions.
But I'll do it this time.
Why? His English is not so good.
At some point during your interrogation, he might suggest there is a problem.
What kind of problem? An ambiguity with one of your answers.
It's a technique they use.
You will be asked if you know anything that might clear up the confusion.
- What should I say? - Say no.
Shall we begin? Is your name Nina Sergeevna Krilova? Yes.
Do you live and work at the Soviet embassy? Yes.
Do you trust me, Nina Sergeevna? No.
let's set it straight let's set it straight, let's set it straight ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh got a right to who I am and if I don't fit your plan The painters want to know whether you prefer eggshell or ivory on the wainscoting in the outer office.
What's the difference? The color.
Larrick wants to meet.
Why? To talk about the mission.
Could be a play.
He may not have murdered Emmett and Leanne, but he wanted to.
Keep a tiger as a pet, it's still a tiger.
I'll take the meeting.
We'll do it in a public place.
I'll do it.
You're the better shot.
So, this, um-- this article that you're working on, Mr.
Emery? Yes.
It's-- it's about technology.
Well, y-you've certainly come to the right place.
I-I'm sure that-- that Charles has filled you in on-- on what we do here.
Don't have the wattage, Thane.
I thought it best to leave that to you.
Oh, well, um I work on advanced packet-switching data systems-- a single communications link that collects information into datagrams and then transmits them onto an attached network, sort of like a handshake that introduces distant computers to each other in virtual space.
Um, virtual space? Uh, you're familiar with the post office? - Sure.
- Yes.
Okay, so, let's say that you have a-- a friend in Japan named Hirohito.
And Hirohito lives in a tiny, remote fishing village in Japan and he wants to send you a postcard.
But Hirohito only knows Japanese, and, well, you don't read Japanese.
So he sends his postcard to the Japanese post office, which translates the postcard into a universal post-office language.
- A code.
- A-a code.
And is the post office in Japan? Uh, Japan, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Rio-- anywhere and everywhere.
It's sort of like-- like God, you know, except without the, um-- the big beard and the flowing, white robes.
But, unlike the Japanese post office, which is of course in Japan, God resides - In Heaven.
- In Heaven.
And Heaven, as we all know, is The PDP-10, or, as we affectionately refer to it as, The Beast, can run multiple operating systems-- Tenex, Tycom-X, ITS, Waits, Tops-20, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, simultaneously.
And that's where what happens? Creation.
Okay, but not quite.
Um, the information generated by The Beast still needs to be disseminated, okay, sort of like-- like pollen in the wind.
And that happens-- well, in another room.
Think of The Beast as your disembodied brain.
The machine that services your brain, that translates a postcard written in any 1 of 116 languages known to man into a universal code instantaneously, that allows it to share its thoughts and feelings across a vast network as large as potentially the universe itself that keeps it communicative lives here-- the interface message processor.
We have our very own imp.
It is, in a manner of speaking, the interstate highway system through which all information flows.
What kind of information? Anything and everything shared on the network.
And who's on the network? Scientists and mathematicians, universities, the military.
The military and scientific community share the same network? For now.
So, the imp is like a traffic cop? Traffic cop, facilitator, translator, keeping information moving with no snafus, no tie-ups on an endless ribbon of virtual highway.
Going where? To the future.
Are you a KGB officer, Nina Sergeevna? Yes.
Have you been providing information about Stan Beeman to the KGB? No.
Have you been truthful with me? Yes.
_ How are you doing? I'm all right.
This machine is like a camera.
If you smile, does the camera know if you are happy? - No.
- No, it doesn't.
It can't read your thoughts.
It has no brain.
If you prefer, think of it as an insect, a wasp.
When a wasp lands on your arm, you're afraid, no? You hold your breath, and you wait for it to fly off.
And when it doesn't, what do you do? You panic, and when you panic, it stings you.
Perhaps it stings you because it can smell your fear, or perhaps it stings because when you panicked, you frightened it.
You're afraid, and the wasp was afraid.
Chicken and egg, eh? Do you know why the asp killed Cleopatra? Because she moved.
Do you understand? - I must not move.
- Not inside, no.
Inside, you must be still.
How do I do that? You have to believe what you say.
You must commit to it, embrace it.
So in order for you to trick this machine, this-- this wasp-- I must lie to myself.
You have to lie to tell a greater truth.
Now, let's start again.
It's the end of science fiction, or the beginning.
I don't know what the hell it is.
Playing with reality like it's Silly Putty.
I'm counting on you to get us into that computer lab.
There's a keypad.
I know where Rosenbloom keeps the entry code.
I need you sober, Charles.
I'm dry as a witch's tit.
Don't worry.
I'm on the case.
It's all under control.
Have you been providing information about Stan Beeman to the KGB? No.
I can't do this.
I can't.
- Squeeze your anus.
- What? Squeeze your anus before you answer the question.
- Is this a joke? - No.
Have you been providing information about Stan Beeman to the KGB? No.
It works? It works.
There's been a change of plans.
I'm not gonna be at the meet with the Contra brass.
Why not? I'm leaving for Nicaragua.
For how long? Hard to say-- Six months.
Maybe longer.
What's the rush? We're setting up a Contra base at the Selva Negra cloud forest.
What's there? Butterflies-- monarchs.
That's where they breed.
I'm sure the butterflies will be happy to see you.
It's hard to reach-- only 120 kilometers from Managua.
Are you building a wildlife sanctuary? We're gonna mine Managua harbor.
We'll still need your help getting onto the base.
Are you alone? Why do you ask? Can't be too careful nowadays.
It's hard to feel safe anywhere.
I'm surprised you came alone.
It's a dance this question and answer.
Call and response.
It's what they do in negro churches.
The preacher shouts out, and, uh, the people respond.
You know about negro churches? I like their music-- Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha-- gospel, rhythm, blues-- all the old stuff.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Yes.
_ _ We need a new plan.
Larrick is leaving for Nicaragua.
- When? - Soon.
But he'll help us gain access to the site.
- He won't be there? - No.
Larrick needs to be there.
That's the point of the whole plan.
Hey! Do you know who he is, what he's done? Larrick is a monster.
He is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of my countrymen.
He has to pay.
What are you saying? I was going to kill him when we got on the base.
Larrick is a huge asset to our cause.
An asset? The operation and Larrick are bigger than your wish for revenge.
It is not a wish.
It's a debt-- a debt I owe to those he killed.
Listen to me, Lucia.
I will only say this once.
Larrick is a monster, but he is our monster.
Whatever he's done is nothing to what he can and will do for us and our cause.
- Hey.
What do you think of this baby? - I like it.
direct overhead cams.
I am driving my life away looking for a better way for me - Where are you off to? - Nowhere.
Be home for dinner.
I will.
I saw Lucia.
She's not too happy about the change in plan.
Welcome to the club.
She wants Larrick dead.
Who doesn't? She was gonna do it as soon as he got us into the camp.
- That was never the plan.
- That was her plan.
Well, that would have gotten us killed.
She's young and impetuous.
- She'll get over it.
- I'm not so sure about that.
What do you mean? She burns hot.
That sounds like someone I know.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
As you see, I'm here.
Would you like something to drink? I'd like to get this over with.
I will ask you questions.
You will answer "Yes" or "No.
" I understand.
Is your name Nina Sergeevna Krilova? Yes.
Were you born in Vladivostok? Yes.
Do you work at the Rezidentura? Yes.
Are you a member of the KGB? Yes.
Have you ever betrayed your country? Yes.
Does anyone from the Rezidentura know you're here? No.
Did you smuggle electronic equipment out of the United States? Yes.
Does the Rezidentura know about this? No-- yes.
Yes, no, I don't know if they know or not.
Let's continue.
May I have some water? Did you betray your country? Yes.
Did you betray your country for ideological or political reasons? No.
Were your reasons personal? Yes.
Do you know who murdered FBI agent Chris Amador? No.
Do you know who murdered Vlad Kosygin? Yes.
Do you know why? Yes.
Have you deceived your contact in the FBI? No.
Are you pretending to be an FBI informant when, in fact, you're spying for the Soviet Union? No.
Are you sure? Yes.
Appears to be some ambiguity in your answer to this question.
Is there anything that you can tell me that might clear up any confusion? No.
Are you sure? Yes.
We're done.
You passed.
You passed.
No problem.
Good evening, Raymond.
Working the late shift, eh? Might as well be.
New baby.
Up all night.
- First one? - First and last.
My wife-- she don't want to go back to work.
Likes staying home with the noodle.
I left my reading glasses in Professor Rosenbloom's office earlier today.
I can't see a bloody thing without them.
Is it okay if I get them? - Your name? - Charles Duluth.
- With a Mr.
Peter Emery? - That's right.
I'll need to see some identification.
All right, I'll hang onto this till you return the key.
No problem.
Thank you, Raymond.
You're welcome, sir.
The lab's not empty.
- It's supposed to be empty.
- Okay, calm down.
- What do we do? - Calm down.
Stay here.
Don't move.
I'm sorry.
I would have done the same if I were you.
Would you? We need to find a way to get you out.
And go where? I don't want to leave.
I don't want to leave you.
And what about Oleg? I can handle Oleg.
Oleg is a peanut.
He only works for himself.
He has a powerful father in a high place, but Arkady has contempt for him.
He wants the surveillance reports we have on him.
Can you do that? To keep you safe yes.
I can get information to undo the damage from the reports-- where he goes, how, when.
No, no, no.
I want to do what I can for us.
Arkady's in the process of getting approval from Moscow for me to be read into the illegals program.
If I get in, I can get anything.
I need to breathe air.
We are together now.
Forever, yes? Yes.
- What's the code? - Uh The numbers, Charles.
I wrote it down.
The ink-- I can't read it.
The numbers-- what are the numbers? Wait, wait, wait.
- Are you sure? - I think so.
You think? - 623461.
I'm sure.
- Go.
Another setback.
Of course.
Jefe, that was amazing.
I haven't had an adrenaline rush like that since I did the esteemed madame senator from Missouri in the capital washroom during conference.
I see how you can develop a jones for that sort of thing.
It's addictive.
I'm just saying it was exhilarating.
You didn't look exhilarated.
First-time jitters.
I'll be better the next time.
Glad you enjoyed yourself.
I'm just saying.
I get it.
Charles, I get it.
We did what we were supposed to do, didn't we? Yes, we did.
Then what? I, um-- I killed someone-- someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
You did what you had to do.
For what? I mean, what was the point? For some X's and O's on a virtual highway.
I don't even know what that means.
Do you know how many people I've killed-- I mean looked into their eyes, watched them die? It's what you do.
And you do it so very well.
You said you'd stopped.
This is cranberry juice and soda water.
Try it.
No, really.
Try it.
You're wrong.
About what exactly? I'm not pathetic.
I have value to you, to the cause.
Try it.
I had a grand, old time.
Call me anytime.
Can I get you something? Yeah.
I'll have whatever he had.
The bathroom floor is a heater, and there's a jacuzzi in the bathtub.
You want to take a decadent jacuzzi with me in our decadent bathtub? I do.
_ Hmm.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Shh! _ _ Call and response?
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