The Americans (2013) s03e03 Episode Script

Open House

Previously on The Americans Excuse me.
Ma'am? We're with the FBI-- I put out a lead to the entire field on dentists, doctors, so if anyone remotely matching this woman's description goes in for an injury to the face or the jaw, we'll get an alert.
About Paige-- The Centre takes very seriously what you said to them about staying away from her.
Ideologically, she's open to the right ideas.
We're doing what we need to be doing.
It's all been bullshit, everything you said to me.
You're assessing her.
You're developing her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
She's my daughter.
I need names-- people working in the CIA's Afghan group.
There's not much to go on.
"Phlox"? Flowering herbs.
You're bluffing.
Then again dictionary.
Mac Sampson.
Marathon runner-- done it four times this year.
Squeaky clean.
Uh, double word score.
That's the real saint-- Isaac Breland, head of the division.
Masters in theology at Notre Dame.
Three kids, lost his wife to cancer.
Remarried, and now he raises money for the hospital where she died.
It's really slim pickings.
This is our best bet-- Ted Paaswell, Breland's right-hand man.
He's selling his house.
He's lowered the price twice this month.
He needs money? I guess so.
I don't know.
- "Stygian"? - Sti-gee-an-- "Of or relating to the river Styx"-- the underworld.
Seven letters.
We'll assess Paaswell.
Philip, assume CIA security's gonna be watching him and everyone else on that list.
Let's be realistic about CIA security.
They can't watch all of them every hour of the day.
They know who we're targeting.
They're going to want to protect everyone in the agency who's working against us on Afghanistan.
Be very cautious.
Win some, lose some.
Elizabeth looks at you very differently now.
I know how hard this is for you, with Paige.
It's hard for The Centre, too.
They're learning from their mistakes.
Jared murdered his family.
Well, that's hardly a risk here.
I just want Paige to make her own decisions.
We all do.
Are you sure about that? Your turn.
Standing outside the Stride Rite? Female, 5'5", black hair, blue eye shadow, guess jean jacket, and Corduroy Pants.
Man hailing a taxi? in wire-rimmed glasses, gray windbreaker, and Buster Brown shoes.
If I had somebody on you, who would it have been? Guy in the white coat.
Checked, collared shirt underneath, black sneakers.
- No, not him.
- No? No surveillant would ever get that close to you.
Did you have someone on me? Just me.
Oh, you, I saw right away.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
You need to work on seeing the opposite side of the street.
I understand.
It takes a lot of practice, and even then I have to TA a class in an hour.
What's today's lesson? Hicks vs.
You can live without wants, but you can't live without needs.
This society is very focused on wants.
"The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.
" Marx? Do you mind me asking-- What do you think of stone-washed jeans? Why? I think they're cool.
I was going to buy a pair.
Uh I don't know much about fashion.
Really? You always look great.
I'm sorry.
I did-- I didn't mean it like that.
I hope not.
I'll be in touch.
Paige's birthday's coming up.
I know.
I saw a necklace she'd like.
How do you know? How do I know what? That she'd like it.
Maybe you think she'd like it because you like it.
It'd be from both of us.
Did you buy it? No, I didn't buy it.
I wanted to talk to you about it.
You had mentioned getting her a ten-speed, and I just think both feels like too much.
The necklace is fine.
I saw Hans today.
He's making progress.
He was checking me out.
I'm sure he liked what he saw.
I put a quick end to it.
Was that wise, shutting him down like that? I mean, you recruit men.
That's part of it, right? What is with you? When you met with Gabriel, you talked about Paige.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, without me.
He wants to help.
That's all.
He knows this is hard for you.
- Oh.
- Oh! Ah.
Thank you.
Um, it's very frustrating.
Yeah, I noticed this catastrophe on my first day.
I never use it.
If I need to pick up or deliver a file, I just walk down the hallway myself.
Well, it is time-consuming.
It's efficient.
It takes more time to track down a misplaced file than it takes to hand-deliver it.
- Mm.
- And I don't like to waste time.
I should let-- let you get back to work, then.
Well, talking to you is not a waste of time, Martha.
Thank you, Agent Aderholt.
Now we've run out of conversations.
Well for now.
So, until next time, Martha Sure.
I'm just Oh.
N-- Mm-hmm.
Hey, uh, Stan, listen.
I'm sorry if I was abrupt the other day.
Oh, you weren't abrupt.
I should have filled you in right away.
I had a bad night.
A woman the size of my mother beat the crap out of me.
I'm sure she could have taken down any one of us.
Agent Aderholt, line 2-- Buffalo Field Office.
This is gonna be another call about a dentist with a 70-year-old patient who slipped on the ice and broke her jaw.
I'm getting five of these a day.
People love to cooperate.
And it said in the paper there's a sun-room? Best room in the house-- except the kids have taken it over.
Can I see that? - Uh, right-- right this way.
- Honey? Uh, you know, I-I meant to check the attic.
Is it the string hanging outside the bathroom? Yeah.
Use both hands.
It sticks.
I-I will.
I'll meet you guys in a minute.
Yeah, it's impossible not to buy your kids everything they want, right? You know, I noticed the, uh, price of the house dropped again.
The family's eager to sell.
Is there anything wrong with the house? I mean, you know, between us girls.
I know-- I'm not supposed to be here.
Forgot one thing.
Uh, why don't I show you the garden? Oh.
Uh hello.
I, uh, I was just trying to figure out where the heat comes in from the baseboard.
Uh, doesn't work anyway.
I bring a space heater in during the winter.
I'm-- I'm so sorry.
This is your house? Uh, not for long, hopefully.
Uh, I j-- I'm sorry.
I just-- I just wandered in.
Well, it's an open house, right? Yeah, yeah.
And-- and the realtor said there was a-- there was a home office, and I've always wanted one.
Listen, this is a great house.
You should buy it.
But whatever you do, turn this room into a den.
When you have a home office, you use it.
You come home, you barely have dinner, and you keep working.
You bring work home, and your wife starts to resent it, resent you.
Next thing you know Anyway, I'm not supposed to be up here during the open house, so Just had to grab something.
Well, good luck.
- What do you think? - I like it.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's pretty good.
- Well, good, good.
So, thank you so much for coming.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Good, right? - So And that's good.
Yeah? Almost.
- I'm all out of love - There he is.
I'm so lost without you He's taking it hard-- the divorce.
He starts singing, he's had it.
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you I'll get Gabriel that checking-account info tomorrow.
Maybe those deposits are coming from somewhere interesting.
I'm all out of love - what am I without you - Take a right up here.
- Okay.
- I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Hi, Mr.
- Hey, Kimberly.
You look really nice tonight.
I like your shirt.
It's, uh, Perry Ellis.
How's school going? Ugh.
Algebra is not math.
It's, like, graphs and letters.
How can you solve letters? Keep straight.
I think they're just one street over.
- Okay.
- Yeah, math wasn't my thing, either.
I bet you were a jock and all the girls had crushes on you.
No, hardly.
I'm gonna need you Saturday night again.
Babysitter? I think so.
A date? My friend Kate's parents went through a divorce.
She said her father only started to come out of it once he was dating again.
Thanks for the advice.
Grown-ups aren't that different than kids.
You go through a breakup, and what you really need is a good fling.
Interesting theory.
Well, it's not natural just to be with one person your whole life.
This keeps going, we're gonna-- - Silver Lincoln Versailles.
- They've done studies.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Just saw it.
Think it was the second time.
When was the first time? About an hour and a half ago-- somewhere near Maxwell.
You sure it's the same one? No.
All right, what did we do since South Jefferson? We turned on Prospect and we made one turn on Center.
Let's figure the CIA would have one car behind and a minimum of six more-- three on each street.
That'd be small.
Well, we haven't been pulled over yet, so if there is a team on us, they're waiting to see where we're going.
We have some time, then.
At least there's that.
Maple Ave.
and Green Street.
I'll see you at home.
Henry? Do you have any laundry? Paige! Give it to me! - No! - Give it back! - Stop! - Give it to me! No! What, are you in love with Mrs.
Beeman? You're disgusting! It's not even mine! Okay.
Hello? My friend hit some heavy traffic on the way home.
There is a two-car accident on Maple and Green, and it won't be cleared until 10:45.
Sorry to hear that.
Traffic's awful these days.
This is Memphis.
Target on Yellow Springs Road.
Well, how many cars are on them? twice.
They asked for help.
We sent three or four guys from Charlie Rizzens' team.
And what about Aderholt? I left him a message.
Call him again.
And then see if you can get on the radio with Rizzens.
Turn right onto Fredrick, then left on Liberty.
the limits of the possible.
We have taken risks that have changed the world.
We are explorers illuminating the future.
At Don Beyer Volvo, we will go to shocking extremes to transform your dealership-service experience.
Don Beyer Volvo.
The great experiment in Falls Church, Virginia.
Roarke, I'm leavin'.
What are you still doing up? Couldn't sleep.
You may have thought Sherwood's was what I had in mind.
Well, it's not.
But, Mr.
Gilley, there have been changes made.
What kind of changes could Sherwood possibly have made in one afternoon? It would take the Lord himself a whole year.
I'm afrai you vastly underestimate Mr.
Sherwood's potential, Mr.
I saw his potential sitting near-empty out there in that jungle Look, I know it's hard on you-- your-- your mom and me working so much.
I'm used to it.
R-really? Or j-- are you-- you just saying that? No, I'm really used to it.
Roarke, I want this fantasy so bad, I can taste it.
It's okay, dad.
I'm fine.
I really wish you guys would stop worrying about me.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Good night.
Well, I guess maybe one more look wouldn't hurt.
I promise you-- it won't hurt a bit.
Where are they? Fredrick, approaching Liberty Road.
They should grab her.
They want to see where it leads.
And if she gets away? They've got her surrounded.
But only one set of eyes on her.
At any given time, she only has to get away from one car.
I'm telling you, this is what happened with Hermann.
They said to follow him for the next year and he'll lead you to something.
These people, they'll talk.
They're human beings.
But we can't crack them if we don't have them.
CIA's operation.
Legally, sir-- I know the law, Stan.
Get a roadblock, pull her over-- now, before it's too late.
All right, go on, both of you.
I'll get on the phone.
The four-day conference that concluded in Geneva today of the general agreement on tariffs and trade looked promising.
But despite the attendance of 88 nations and strong urging by the US and others, participants failed to agree upon an agenda for a new round of multilateral trade negotiations.
The failure of the four-day conference to conclude fundamental agreements is likely to heighten the already-present dangers of economic nationalism, that has been triggered by the worldwide recession and rising unemployment in most countries.
Secretary of State George Schultz remains hopeful about the future of world trade deliberations.
Pulling off Fredrick.
Toledo has the target.
Get ready to fall in.
This is Toledo on Liberty.
Toledo, come in.
Are you there? This is Toledo on Liberty.
Can anybody hear me? Come in, Toledo.
Chicago, you don't have Toledo either? Can anybody hear me? Anybody out there? WCCP Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bronstein Communications and operates on Channel 7 by authority of the Federal Communications Commission, with studios located at 183 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC.
Oh! Oh.
Oh They are hard to get.
But you got one.
Your last assignment.
I was on a team.
Gaad tells me you worked in Arkansas with the White Supremacists.
Yeah, seems like a long time ago now.
I'd like to buy you a beer sometime-- hear those war stories.
I'm not much on war stories.
But I'll take the beer.
I got to go babysit Zin-- Zi-- the defector.
I got three more appearances today.
Can I ask you just one thing? Yeah.
What did it take to fool them? You tell them what they want to hear-- over and over and over again.
That's it? People love hearing how right they are.
Oh, Clark, I got the nicest call the other day from my friend Lorraine Dehrenney.
I told you about her, right? From college? Mm-hmm.
Well, she runs a community outreach program.
She looking for money? Yes, but, uh, lately, she's also been getting involved with foster care and finding homes for kids who need them.
Martha, how many more times are we gonna have this conversation? We were talking about babies.
I don't want kids.
How do you know what it is that you want? Wha-- what? Because I know.
But this is different.
Why? 'Cause you get 'em from a catalog? No, because it's temporary, so you can try it out.
Like leasing a car? No.
Will you stop it? They need it.
They don't have homes.
Well, putting them in one that doesn't want them can't be all that helpful.
Clark! We have so much.
You don't see the value of sharing that with somebody who doesn't have anything? Somebody young who could learn and grow and have a home? That kind of relationship with a young person-- that doesn't appeal to you at all? Mm.
Female, 35, cropped hair, by the mailbox, with a large parcel, blue umbrella-- I only want the street before the park.
Man by the dry cleaner? Two, actually.
One in the window, picked up a suit-- not a tuxedo, but formal.
And one outside.
The other side of the street? Male, 5'10", with wavy, brown hair, in a denim jean jacket with an REO Speedwagon patch on the pocket.
That's good.
You did well today.
You think I'm ready? It takes a lot of time, but you're gonna get there.
Listen, about the other day, uh-- No, I I was out of line.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Um You know, in this line of work, sex is dangerous.
There's chemistry, obviously, but there's someone in my life-- someone important-- and I don't want to screw that up.
I understand.
And I promise it won't happen again.
Is Elizabeth all right? She's fine.
It was a very close call.
It's not the first time.
What about those bank transfers? Paaswell's mother is helping him hide the money so his wife doesn't go after it in the divorce.
We have something else.
We heard Paaswell talking with his babysitter.
It didn't sound right.
We think there's something there.
So if we could get confirmation-- No.
It's just too risky after what happened last night.
I want you to just cool things for a while.
We could sit near to where we picked them up.
We have a date he's gonna use her again, so we just wait for them to come by, we stay in audio range, out of visual, and we just listen.
Your target may be dragging a surveillance net with him wherever he goes.
We'd never get within visual range, so surveillance wouldn't have a reason to look at us.
If we get him with the babysitter-- Not everything is worth the risk, Philip.
No, you're right.
Not everything is.
Paige is strong-- like her mother.
That's a good thing.
Is it? Because if you bring her into this, anything could happen.
That's true for anyone.
And that's it? That's all you have to say? So tell me what you'd like me to say.
Would you like me to promise you that everything's going to be okay with Paige? You know I can't do that.
No one can.
We chose to do this with our lives-- you, me, Elizabeth-- to-- to live this way.
Paige will have a choice.
She is 14 years old! There is always a choice.
Really? Because Paige grew up here.
Her life has been easy.
She's not equipped to deal with this shit! Philip.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ So, you're saying that at the same time you're invading a sovereign nation, imposing a godless system on a free, religious people-- A system they didn't want.
The Afghan people never wanted this Communism.
But at the same time, back home, you've got breadlines, joblessness.
No freedom of speech, no freedom of press-- As you say, no bread many times.
The rest of the world must know this.
I risk my life to come here.
I must be able to die for it.
We're killing thousands of people to force bad system to them.
Our soldiers, our boys, kill and die in a country that does not belong to them, just so the old man wanted to keep their power.
How's your mouth? It's fine.
Stan gave me that bottle, you know.
Single-malt Irish whiskey.
It's the best of the best.
What are we gonna do about Paige? I don't know.
- Oh, my God! You're blushing! - I'm not.
- Yeah.
I think it's cute.
- Kimberly I can't have a serious conversation with the boys in my class.
They're boys.
I need someone more mature.
- Yeah? - Well Shit.
He's right behind us.
- I'm much more attracted to men.
- We have to see this.
We can't risk it.
Just a pass-by.
We could be anybody on the street.
We should get photos.
I'm much more attracted to men who know what they want.
- And what they need.
- Look What? It's true.
It's not my fault.
There's nothing wrong with it.
It's just life, you know? Sometimes you just need some really hot sex.
This is not an appropriate conversation.
I don't want to have to say something to your father.
I know that license plate.
Good to see you, Isaac.
Thanks, Ted.
That's Isaac Breland.
What? The-- the girl, her father.
That's the head of the CIA Afghan group.
Well, how about that.

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