The Americans (2013) s03e04 Episode Script


Previously on The Americans Mr.
What is it you want? I want you to stay away from my daughter.
You want her to stop coming to church? All this time, going to church, saying you're getting closer to her.
You're assessing her.
You're developing her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
She's my daughter.
Life gets pretty boring when you stop drinking.
So, tell me about you.
What kind of work do you do? Assembly line.
It's a company called Northrop.
Gaad tells me you worked in Arkansas with the white supremacists.
What did it take to fool them? You tell them what they want to hear.
The Afghan people never wanted this Communism.
The rest of the world must know this.
I risk my life to come here.
I need names-- people working in the CIA's Afghan group.
Ted Paaswell, Breland's right-hand man.
I'm much more attracted to men.
Babysitter? We have to see this.
We should get photos.
That's Isaac Breland.
The-- the girl, her father.
That's the head of the CIA Afghan group.
Well, how about that.
Is that him? Yeah.
I'll do the talking.
Weed-- 1/4 ounce.
Last time, it was $25.
Inflation-- went up.
That was easy.
Did it seem like she knew him? It seemed like she'd done it before.
She's young, Elizabeth.
I know.
W-we've never used someone this young before.
I know.
Hello? Up here, sweetie! The CIA's a hard target.
Hey, honey.
How was Youth Group? It was fine.
Where's Henry? He's staying over at Doug's.
So, listen, your birthday's coming up, and we still haven't decided what we're gonna do.
Um nothing.
What do you mean, "Nothing"? It's your birthday.
Why don't we take some of your friends out for a nice dinner? I don't really want to make a big thing of it.
We could have some of your friends over here.
Do you know who you want? Uh, Pastor Tim and his wife.
Good night.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I was going over the files again of Martha's.
Nine people are getting security clearances for a new Northrop factory.
The Centre will want Lisa in there sooner.
I mean, does she not have any friends? What? That she wants Pastor Tim and his wife for her birthday? Look, she's just doing that to bug us.
It's working.
Martha keeps talking about foster kids.
You're kidding.
I wish I was.
Tell her no.
You don't know her.
I could show up one night, there'd be a kid sitting there.
Who wears the pants in that family? There's one person nobody can resist, and that's a baby.
So Love made Baby Soft with the innocent scent of a cuddly, clean baby that grew up very sexy in foaming bath, body lotion, body powder, and body mist.
So innocent, it may well be the sexiest fragrance around.
Love's Baby Soft.
Because innocence is sexier than you think.
"Get away, or I'll kill you! You hear me? I will kill you!" What's he saying? "S-s-sorry.
" "I am so sorry.
" Tori, open your eyes.
That was very brave.
If I remember right, you said you were here because you're going through a divorce.
Is that right? Uh Well, my wife wants to.
Okay, well, let's see where you're at with it.
Why don't come on up front, close your eyes, and go into your space? I don't think Oh, come on, Stan.
You're either here or you're not.
What about him? He's here.
Well, this isn't about him.
This is about you, Stan.
So why don't you come on up front? Okay? Okay.
Now I'd like you to imagine that your wife is standing in front of you.
I can't do that.
Just try.
Now close your eyes.
Tell me what's she wearing.
Dress? Sweater? Sweater.
Which one? Uh there's a gray, v-neck, stripy one.
What about her hair? Dirty blond.
What color are her eyes? Brown.
Which room are you in? Kitchen.
Standing? She's leaning against the sink.
And what's her name? Sandra.
So, you're here with Sandra.
She's looking right at you.
"Stan, what do you want me to know? Why shouldn't we get divorced? Stan, come on.
Tell me what's on your mind.
" I guess just, uh "Stan, come on.
Don't be an asshole.
- Tell me what you want to tell me.
" - Don't call me an asshole, asshole! This is bullshit! That's what I want to tell you! It's bullshit! Well, I guess you told him what was on your mind.
He asked.
- Yeah.
- Stan.
You okay? Yeah.
It's hard.
The first time that I was called on, I lied and sat down.
Uh, a few of us are gonna go get drinks on Friday.
Do you want to come? Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I can't.
Well Here's my number if you change your mind.
I'm Tori.
What, are you crazy? You're single.
I'm not.
That'll be a "No.
" Oh, come on! We're 21! Yeah, this is bullshit.
You know, my dad works for the Better Business Bureau.
He'll shut you down.
- This club sucks.
- Nice try, ladies.
Have a good night.
- I wouldn't go in there if I were you, guys.
- This isn't fair.
We came all this way for nothing.
This sucks.
Couldn't get in, huh? What? Well, I can't imagine your fake IDs are any worse than my first one.
These aren't fake.
What are you, like, the fake-ID expert? Do you-- do you mind if I see one? 'Cause I'm kind of curious to see what they're making these days.
That is horrible.
They're real.
So, why come to Maryland if you can drink in DC at 18? You are 18, right? Yeah.
We go to Georgetown.
Oh, well, if you want to get into clubs like this, you're gonna need the real thing.
How do-- how do you do that? I don't know.
Come on.
You're the fake-ID expert.
I have a friend in the DMV.
He could probably get you real licenses.
That would be awesome.
Uh, what do we have to do? Just get new pictures done.
Call me when you get them.
You live in New York? Yeah, but I'm here all the time.
I'm sorry.
I don't even know your names.
Uh, Erica, Nicole, and I'm-- I'm Kimberly.
- Nice to meet you, Kimberly.
- Hey.
Uh, what's your name? Jim.
We don't want anything.
No, no.
I-I need Lisa.
Who are you? - Who is it? - Says she knows you.
- Lisa? - Michelle? - How do you know her? - From the program.
Maurice, get out of the way, Lisa, I messed up.
Maurice, get out of the way.
I'm her sponsor.
I have to help her.
That's the way it works.
Kidding me.
South Carolina.
Does, uh, does Paige ever talk to you about church? Not really.
What do you mean, "Not really"? Not really.
Ask me another one.
Topeka is the capital.
Kans-- Kansas.
- Topeka.
- Wrong.
- What?! - Oh, I'm kidding.
What, yes, she does or, no, she doesn't talk about church? I don't know.
Why are you asking? Yeah, why are you asking? I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.
No, I-I was just wondering, um, what you think Pastor Tim and his wife will want for dinner.
Do th-- a-are they vegetarian? I mean, I can grill up some alfalfa sprouts.
They are not vegetarian.
- How about steak? - Great.
- And cheesecake? - Ew.
What's the matter with cheesecake? Eh, doesn't go so well with alfalfa sprouts.
Chocolate cake-- mom's.
I'll get it.
North Dakota.
That's South Dakota.
Hello? Dad, it's for you.
I expect perfection by the time I'm back.
Thanks, honey.
Hello? Hello, Mr.
This is the National Symphony Orchestra.
Your tickets to Debussy's "Symphony in 'b' minor" will be available tomorrow afternoon for pickup at the box office.
Thank you.
Capital of Arizona? Tucson.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, you got a minute? Yeah.
Something doesn't feel right to me about Zinaida.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
It's just the way she talks.
The way she talks? I know that doesn't sound very Look, she's gonna meet senators, cabinet members.
They just called from some "Special Projects" office in the Pentagon.
She could meet the President.
You think she's gonna kill the President? No.
I don't know.
But she is getting access.
She's gonna be in a lot of meetings, hear a lot of things.
If, by some wild chance, there is something here, we need to know.
But are you at the losing-sleep phase over this, Stan? You know, I don't sleep much these days, anyway.
I'm sorry.
What? I'm sorry I don't talk.
It's not your fault.
Have a lot I'm thinking about.
Like what? My life How I managed to ruin it.
My husband-- he was supposed to visit today.
I think they're punishing me.
You're married? I have a husband.
You? Boyfriend? No.
You're pretty.
You should have at least one.
I'm tired.
Didn't know anyone else was up.
Just looking for a glass of water or some Aspirin.
You know, I'm sorry.
I, um It's just, Lisa's been really good to me, and I didn't have anywhere else to go.
There's a Holiday Inn on 53rd.
Maurice? Michelle? Michelle, you okay? I didn't know you were up.
Um, he just went out.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
Oh, no.
Of course you should have.
Doesn't have anything to do with you.
You want some coffee? No, thanks.
So what happened last night? I don't know.
I just The separation is-- it's hard on the kids, you know.
Yeah, well, you come to me before you go looking for a bottle.
I tried.
You weren't at the meeting.
Yeah, I didn't feel well.
Come on.
I'm not dumb.
What's going on? You know, I can be here for you, too.
Maurice is a good man.
We had a good marriage.
He's out of work, is all.
It's hard.
How hard? You drinking? No.
Not me.
He's the one who got me into AA in the first place, and now it's It's like the wheels came off.
Four months, he's been out of work.
I had to send the kids to my sister's.
Why? How bad is it? He's a good man.
He is.
These are great.
You guys look 25.
How much is this gonna cost? You think I want your money? You know how much the beer companies are paying me? What do you do, exactly? Ah.
You want the real answer or the bullshit answer? Mm give us the bullshit answer.
I'm a lawyer.
Does that mean you can't get high? I did not say that.
So the lawyer part? Mm-hmm.
Is it real or is it bullshit? Both.
I am a lawyer, but I'm also a lobbyist.
My dad says that you guys are the scum of the Earth.
What do you lobby for? We're trying to keep congress from passing a national drinking age.
What are you listening to? Yaz.
Can I? Sure.
This is good.
Good taste, Kimberly.
It's "Kimmy.
" That's what my friends call me.
I betrayed my country.
This is why I am here.
Article 64 of the criminal code.
High treason in the form of espionage.
I am-- I was in KGB.
It was my first posting.
I was very proud.
I was sending money home to my family from America-- secretly.
This is not allowed.
The Americans found out.
They said they would tell my superiors.
I did-- I did stupid things to try to save myself.
My boss this kind, old man I betrayed him.
He-- he could have been executed.
How did they caught you? I confessed.
But they gave me another chance.
And I ruined that, too.
It's hard to believe, yes, that someone wants to kill me.
After the things you've been saying about them? No.
Not really.
I'm lucky you're with me, Agent Beeman.
To get shot is not good day.
I need to use bathroom.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How are the burgers here? Fair.
That's not a ringing endorsement.
You want a ringing endorsement, or you want to know how the burgers are? All right.
Let's see.
Did you get your favorite candy bar? What? Oh! Thank you, Agent Beeman.
Mmm! What is "tuna melt"? What is it? What is it? Open it.
You-- you don't have it, do you? No! How did you know about this? I thought you just listened to country music.
Yeah, well, it was either this or Willie Nelson.
- Thanks, dad.
- You're welcome.
I can't believe you got me this.
Everyone's been talking about it.
Hey, guys.
Dad just got me the new Yaz album.
Um, I-I had a thought about your birthday dinner.
What about taco night? Wouldn't that be fun? Paige and I already talked about steaks, so I got some nice ones from Harveys.
I mean, whatever you want, Paige.
Thanks, mom.
Dad, all of my friends have been talking about this in school.
Just wait till you hear it.
It's a really great album.
I promise.
But in Soviet Union, there is always risk.
Do you mind? You know what? Enough politics.
I am tired for politics.
What about you, Agent Beeman? You have family? Yeah.
You're not much for detail, Agent Beeman.
Um I'm separated from my wife.
We have a son.
Separated is divorced? No.
Many divorced in Soviet Union.
Second only to United States.
Well, I'm trying to get her back.
How do you try? I'm going to a stupid self-help group that she likes.
It is helping? So, Yaz? Thought we were getting her the necklace.
It's not a birthday present.
So you just bought her a record for no reason? What are you trying to say? Nothing.
I thought we were going to talk about a present together.
I just told you-- it is not a birthday present.
- Then what is it? - Oh, give me a break.
What is going to church and singing hymns? Spending time with my daughter.
- Oh, that's what you call it? - What do you want me to call it? I like spending time with her.
Do I want certain things for her? Yeah.
All parents do.
You know what most parents want? Good college, good marriage, good job.
- Well, that's a fine list.
- Yeah.
Just because you want to do nothing does not make it right.
Oh, so you are doing something.
It is happening.
It is just happening, Philip.
And yes, I am.
I am doing it-- with or without you.
came in from the city, walked into the door I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor love, just like addiction - now I'm hooked on you - We're closed.
I need some time to get it right your love's gonna see me through can't stop now, don't you know I ain't never gonna let you go don't go oh, baby, make your mind up give me what you got fix me with your loving shut the door and turn the lock hey, go get the doctor doctor came too late another night, I feel all right my love for you can't wait can't stop now, don't you know I ain't never gonna let you go don't go came in from the city, walked into the door I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor said, "He was a killer" now I know it's true I'm dead when you walk out the door hey, babe, I'm hooked on you No! - No! - Nina.
Nina! Nina.
You're dreaming.
You're having a dream.
It's me-- Evi.
I should have stayed in Mikhaylovka.
I should have stayed married.
I should have had children.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Louis started it, and then everyone started laughing.
I mean, have you seen her? - Her legs go straight into her feet.
- No.
It's like she doesn't have ankles.
That's why we call her "Ankless Ek.
" Sorry.
Got it! Do not eat any of that bread.
Oh, uh, we don't all need to answer the door.
Oh, why not? Henry and I can hide in the closet if you want.
You look great, honey.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
Hi! - Come on in.
- Hey, Alice.
- Nice to see you.
- Welcome.
Thank you, guys, for doing this.
We were standing in the center of campus, holding our signs, feeling we knew we were right.
You were.
We never should have been in that war.
Right, but the next day, the school paper comes out, and there's a picture of me on the front page holding my sign, and it says, "I'm 20.
I won't kill, and I won't die.
" But I look at that, and I think, "What does that mean?" If something horrible happens right in front of me, I won't kill or die? You're a pacifist.
Yes, but are killing and dying the same thing? And didn't Jesus choose to die? He could have gotten away.
He knew they were coming.
- When Peter tried to kill the guard.
- Exactly.
Jesus said, "No.
Let it happen.
I'm doing my Father's will.
" Mm.
- This is nice.
- Yeah.
We're so glad you guys could come tonight.
Well, if you cook steak like that This is exactly what I wanted for my birthday.
- I'm so glad.
- Yeah.
Because I kind of wanted to talk to you all about something.
I've been thinking, and what I really want this year is to get baptized.
I didn't know your church did that.
We do.
So, is this something that you've been discussing? Well, Paige did come to me, and I told her it was a wonderful thing but that we needed to discuss it with you first.
It was my idea.
It's a beautiful ceremony.
What is it? It's like an initiation.
You wash away your old self and make yourself clean for Jesus Christ.
Hi, Arthur.
Stan? This isn't your night.
Could you get Sandra? Of course.
It's Stan.
What's up? Uh, could you, uh Uh, yeah.
Just, uh, give me a second.
Is everything all right? I had an affair.
And I know you know that, but I never answered when you asked.
And I'm just trying to be honest with this EST stuff.
I was an asshole.
And I loved her.
I'm not saying that to hurt you.
I'm just trying to be honest.
It was through work.
And it was bad for work, and it was bad for her, and it was bad for you, and I feel like shit about it.
But it's over.
And I j-- I'm sorry, Sandra.
I'm really, really sorry.
It was a setup.
She set us up.
I know.
So while we fight and we do nothing, she set this whole thing up so we couldn't say no.
She does what she does.
She's gonna wash her old life away and make herself clean for Jesus Christ.
If you tell her now, this will all blow up.
But at least she'll know who she is.
Hello? Thank you.
What? Kimberly wants to see me.
These are awesome.
So, let me get this straight-- - You're a lawyer - Mm-hmm.
a lobbyist and you make fake IDs.
I didn't do it.
My friend did.
Because yours were pathetic.
Nicole's brother made them.
Well, the kid must be flunking art.
I don't want to be insulting, but your pot kind of sucks.
What are you talking about? Well, sometimes they put wood chips or oregano in it when they're selling it to kids.
I'm not a kid.
Yeah, no.
Yes, I know that.
I was just, uh Here.
Let me do that, Butterfingers.
Why don't you, uh, why don't you fix the music? Thanks.
I wanted you to hear the rest of the album.
So, your dad hates lobbyists.
He lives in his own little biscuit.
This is my favorite song.
looking from a window above, it's like a story of love - It's so cold.
- Yeah.
can you hear me? came back only yesterday I'm moving farther away want you near me - all I needed was the love you gave - Come on.
Don't you want to dance? I'm too old.
- You're not old.
- I am.
and all I ever knew What kind of music do you like? Oh, you know, "Quadrophenia," "Dark Side Of The Moon.
" Music from the cavemen era.
Shut up.
I know that stuff.
- Really? - Yeah.
when it's only a game and I need you - listen to the words that you say - It's freezing.
Why don't you sit here? it's getting harder to stay when I see you all I needed was the love you gave all I needed for another day and all I ever knew only you
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