The Americans (2013) s03e11 Episode Script

One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov

V predydushchikh seriyakh The Americans ISI is sending someone important - to meet the CIA.
- Mujahideen.
They're gonna stay at the Clayton in Crystal City.
They changed over.
It's not a woman.
We could come back tomorrow morning.
There's no time.
I'm gonna go check in.
How about dinner? The restaurant downstairs has a great steak.
_ _ _ Are you in the Witness Protection program? Did you kill somebody? Are you guys drug dealers, like your friend Gregory? We work for our country The Soviet Union.
getting information.
You're spies? If you do tell anyone we will go to jail-- for good.
Is she going to school today? Don't know.
It may take some time, but if we-- You guys don't have to whisper when I come in the room.
Unless you have some other secret you want to keep from me.
When you woke me and Henry up in the middle of the night for a spontaneous vacation and took us to that cabin in the woods, you were doing something then, right? - Yes.
- We What? We can't talk about this now.
Are you guys really married? Yes.
So, what about the travel agency? Is everybody there a spy, too? No, no.
That is real.
No one there knows what we do.
Why don't you have accents? Because we were trained to lose them.
Paige, honey-- Please don't call me that.
" What are your real names? Misha.
Misha? Naz? Nadezhda.
Paige, I know you must have so many questions.
Beeman? He's not really your friend, is he? No, we're friends.
Please keep your voice down.
He's an FBI agent.
He can arrest you.
- We really can't do this now.
- Henry's gonna come down any minute.
Is Henry really my brother? Am I really your daughter? - Hey.
- Hey.
What's going on? Breakfast.
Come sit down.
Two or three waffles, Henry? - Two.
- Good.
You all set for your biology test? What biology test? I'm just kidding.
I was born ready.
What's with you? Nothing.
Eat your breakfast.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Hey, uh, do you remember back in August when we thought we had Tkachuk making a drop? After we debriefed, we were back in my office, and it came up again.
Do you think it's possible anybody used names? I might have said his name in there, yeah.
Me too.
I'm trying to write down anything that might have been said in my office that should have been said here in the vault.
Taffet making you do that? No-- me.
I could have been more careful a lot of times.
Well, you assume you're okay in there.
We all do.
Yeah, well, that's why we've got the rules.
They built us a vault for it.
Paige knows.
What happened? We came home the night before last, and, uh, she was waiting-- angry.
And she wanted to know the truth.
So we told her.
How much did you tell her? Who we are.
Not the details.
All right.
Are you two all right? Fine.
Does this keep The Centre quiet for a while? I'll take care of that.
You did the right thing.
Let's hope so.
She's your daughter.
She won't-- Yeah, we know.
How are things at the hotel? Almost there.
You have a way in? The hotel manager.
It won't be a problem.
Yousaf? I'm seeing him tonight.
Well Looks as if he's going to need a bit of hand-holding.
I have another envelope for you.
I'm sorry.
They told me there may not be many more.
Are you okay at the hotel? I'm okay.
You're at Martha's tomorrow.
I know that you have a lot of faith in her.
I'm gonna run surveillance before I go.
Take Hans.
_ _ _ I thought you were just the next one.
They've been sending me women.
Nice food appears in my room.
These women-- did you Some of them.
Most of them.
Then I stopped.
Why? Waking up next to strangers that they chose for me I understand.
Do you? Maybe you do.
You have children? No.
I have a son.
He doesn't know if I'm alive or dead.
That's the one thing I can't take.
Hello, Michelle.
It's nice to see you.
Is it? Maurice stopped by to see the kids.
Oh, are they here? We sent them to her sister's.
We needed to talk.
About what? Well, y-you know, Maurice hasn't, uh, had work for a while.
And his workmen's comp still hasn't come through.
Do you need to borrow some money? Lisa.
Come on.
You can tell me anything.
We want a piece of whatever it is you got going on with your friend the consultant.
I'm sure he would love to know what's going on at Northrop, too.
So we want in-- for double whatever you're getting.
You have a high-security clearance.
I don't know what kind of clearance you have, but Lisa could go to jail for giving up info.
Bigger risk-- more money.
If you need to borrow money, I can help you out, but this isn't a good idea.
You don't have the kind of money we're talking about.
It's too risky, Lisa.
We're gonna lose the house.
I'll talk to Jack.
Thank you.
Anything you need.
You know that.
Well We're not gonna make the movie, so how about some coffee? Sure.
I'll take one, too, baby.
I'd like to meet your friend.
What's his name? Jack? But his name isn't important, is it? You're the real head of this operation.
Aren't you? Martha.
I'm going to need to sit down with you again.
Would you like to talk now? No, this is going to take a while.
Could you talk to Agent Gaad about setting aside a few hours for us to meet sometime next week? I can pull someone from the secretarial pool to cover for you.
Um, all right.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Have a good evening.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
- Same to you.
You were in there for three hours.
He's very thorough.
Went over reams of data with me.
- Was it rough, or? - Are you kidding? He's the first person I've spoken to who really gets computers.
Really understands information, how to break it down, analyze it.
He's kind of like a walking computer himself.
I'm telling you, Martha-- this guy is impressive.
All right, well, good night.
See you tomorrow, Gene.
Do you ever think about her? Annelise? Yes.
I was ready to change my life for her.
She really loved you.
How can you do this job-- the things you have to do? Yousaf, I-- I've been doing this a long time.
It doesn't get any easier.
You make mistakes-- a lot of them.
And they weigh on you.
But you look around, you see what a hell this world is for most people most of the time, and you think about what it can be and what you can do about it.
to give them the names of the Mujahideen commanders with the best language skills.
They're flying three of them here on the 18th.
The CIA wouldn't tell us what it was about, but we hear things.
What things? The CIA has a new weapon system-- light, easy to use, powerful enough to knock your helicopters and airplanes out of the sky.
What do you know about the men they're bringing here? You think you can turn them? There are some reasonable men among the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.
Not the ones we're sending here.
One of them, his men cut people's heads off-- Soviet soldiers-- with a pulwar.
Like something out of the middle ages.
The station guys report it as one more dead Russian, so Langley has no idea.
What about the other two? Going somewhere? Henry's doing his stupid Eddie Murphy routines.
I needed some quiet.
That kid's nuts.
Paige We never, ever meant to hurt you.
You're our daughter.
Henry is our son.
We wanted you-- both of you-- more than you could possibly know.
I know you must have a thousand questions, but you cannot-- cannot ever speak about this when Henry or anyone else is around.
We will only talk about this when we know no one else can hear, okay? I need you to tell me that you understand that, Paige.
I understand.
I know that there are certain things that you missed out on.
I know that.
My father-- your grandfather-- he died in the war when I was 2.
We had this picture of him in his uniform.
I used to look at that all the time.
I don't remember him.
My mother raised me.
You should have seen the way I grew up.
It was just me and her and three other families in a single apartment.
If the families were too loud when I was trying to go to sleep, she would go scream at them.
They'd scream back.
She would always win.
She had a real spirit.
Like yours.
I haven't seen her since I came here.
How can I believe anything you say? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Agent Taffet wants to talk to me again.
That's all right.
He's very smart, Clark.
He doesn't know anything.
Before, I could have just said that I was doing it for you, but now I-- I know that you're not them.
Clark, what if they-- My God.
Martha, you're giving them way too much credit.
Trust me.
What if he just asks me point blank if I did it? You say no.
He can't see thr-- Martha, he doesn't have superpowers.
It's his job to know if I'm lying.
His job is to make you feel as if he knows.
He doesn't know.
I still don't think that I can-- Okay, when he asks you, just look at the tip of his nose.
It'll look to him like you're looking into his eyes, and you'll be less nervous.
- That's not-- - Try it.
Just try it now.
Look at the tip of my nose.
Looks like you're staring confidently into my eyes.
I won't be confident.
Think about the fact that you're in control.
But I'm not.
But you know more than he does, so that gives you the control.
Just think about those words-- "I know more than he does.
" Now just say "I have no idea who put that thing in Agent Gaad's pen.
" Tip of my nose.
I have no idea who put that thing in Agent Gaad's pen.
That was awfully good, Martha.
Really? Yes-- really.
This was really good.
I had the chef cook it for you especially.
Did you really? I don't know if he cooked your meal personally, but I told him it was for somebody very important-- special.
I appreciate that.
Of course.
I want you to come back.
I would have come back anyway.
I want you wet.
That's better.
_ Elizabeth has the hotel covered? Yeah, she's very close.
We'll be ready by the time they get here.
We think Abassin Zadran is the guy.
They've set up a task force at The Centre.
They can move very quickly when the time comes.
How are you feeling about Paige? We'll be fine.
That's not what I asked you.
I need something, Gabriel.
Of course.
I want to arrange a trip for Elizabeth to see her mother one last time.
I wish it were possible, but we both know that it isn't.
I know it's against the rules and I know it's hard, but we do hard things.
That's what we do.
I understand how you feel about this.
Do you? Do you really understand? - Yes.
- Because I haven't seen it in a long time.
Since you've been back, I hear a lot of things being asked of us-- of me, like Afghanistan and South Africa and the future of my daughter, whether I like it or not.
Lower your voice, Philip.
I had an agent I slept with for three years, and then I got her killed.
I broke her bones, and I shoved her in a suitcase.
We ask a lot of you.
I know.
Don't give me that.
Don't give me your understanding and tell me everything's fine.
It is not.
No, it's not.
And you need to tell me something, Philip-- are you falling apart? Can you handle whatever might be coming at you next? I'm fine.
But I don't want to keep hearing "No" from you.
One of these times, I'm gonna need a "Yes.
" You've had greater access to Agent Gaad's office than anyone else.
Well, yes.
I-I'm his secretary.
You've never been married.
No, I haven't.
No long-term relationships? It's a hard-enough job as it is, but with no one to go home to Never met the right guy.
I realize it may be uncomfortable for you to talk about your personal life, but I just want to give you an opportunity to tell me anything I might need to know.
Any romantic relationship that could have possibly compromised you in any way? I don't date much.
I was involved with an agent in the office a couple of years ago-- Chris Amador.
I think I was more involved with him than he was with me.
But I'm sure you know what happened with Agent Amador.
I do.
That must have been difficult.
Yes, it was.
It was awful.
For everyone here.
There wasn't anything about Agent Amador's death you knew that you didn't share with the Bureau at the time? Of course not.
This process has been hard on everybody, Miss Hanson.
Thank you for your time and forbearance.
That's all.
You can go.
Oh, all right.
Um Well, thank you.
Or good luck.
Thank you.
People who I thought were my friends, but they traded me like a slave to these thugs These monsters who never let me speak to anyone or even send a message home.
All my son knows is that one day, I didn't come home.
Maybe I died.
He doesn't know.
Or maybe I abandoned him.
He doesn't know.
I lived most of my life here, Nina, but I never knew anyone who would do something like this.
I did.
They traded me, too.
Back and forth.
You forget what it's like to have your own life.
I'm not letting them do that to me.
I won't let them decide who I am.
Jacob would be proud.
You know my son's name? I never told it to you.
I never even said his name since I've been here.
Your story is beautiful and hard.
You should keep writing it.
I haven't told anyone.
I won't.
Why? I don't know.
we can see everything at the front desk from here.
In two years, we'll have cameras on every floor.
This is Betsy.
It's my mother's name.
I love this thing, so I gave it a name.
It handles all the reservations and information we used to have to do by hand.
So much faster.
My company's talking to IBM now about computerizing all our files.
Do it.
It'll change your life.
We just put in a name or a date, phone number All the necessary info.
Date of reservation, special-needs requests, payment method.
Neal? Guy out front wants to see a manager.
What's the problem? Hotel's booked, and we can't find his reservation.
Just a sec.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Reservation was under the wrong name.
I have to go.
Really? Ohh.
Meet me in room 308 in 10 minutes.
Ohh! I can't.
Next time.
"I pushed F3.
The machine was messed up.
It gave me a payday.
I wanted a $100,000 bar.
" _ _ _ U.
S F.
_ _ Mm.
_ _ Beep.
I think I found a way for you to see your mother.
We've been through this.
Just hear me out.
Come in.
Come on in.
What are you talking about? Your grandmother in Russia.
She's very sick.
And I want your mom to go and see her.
Can you? No.
I can't.

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