The Americans (2013) s03e12 Episode Script

I Am Abassin Zadran

Previously on The Americans My mother She's dying.
I want to arrange a trip for Elizabeth to see her mother one last time.
She had a real spirit, like yours.
How can I believe anything you say? We want a piece of whatever it is you got going on with your friend the consultant.
I'm sure he would love to know what's going on at Northrop, too.
ISI is sending someone important to meet the CIA.
the CIA asked us to give them the names of the Mujahideen commanders with the best language skills.
They fly 3 of them here on the 18th.
Yeah, yeah.
I just think that GW isn't as strong a school.
Try the basement.
If it's not there, I put it in the-- on weekdays, sir.
The idiot had his TV turned up, and I didn't-- Yeah, I'm trying to get through to housekeeping.
This is housekeeping.
I need more pillows in room 629.
Check the top of the closet.
Thank you.
Hello? Hey, dad.
Hey! connecting cables, jack, plug Where's your sister? accessories are also in stock for your convenience.
She left a note in the kitchen.
Guest speaker at the church.
She's staying the night at Pastor Tim's afterwards.
- Says who? - Says her.
Is there a number? whatever you want at Delmont whatever you want at Delmont The war is over.
MASH is finally going home.
It's a machine.
Hi, Tim, Alice.
This is Philip Jennings.
We just got Paige's note.
Could you have her call us? Thanks.
We should go over there.
- I'll go.
- No.
We should both go.
We don't know what we're dealing with.
We're just gonna pick up Paige.
Lights out at 10:00, Henry.
Tune in on Monday at 8:30 PM for the 2 1/2-hour television finale If you'll call me a taxi, I'll be on my way.
only on Channel 5.
What time is it? Where the hell are they? I don't know.
How long does a church lecture go? You're asking me? Probably turned into some potluck, poster-making, sing-along.
Don't jump all over her.
- What? - You know what I mean.
No, maybe I don't.
You wanna teach me how to handle my own daughter? - Hi.
- Hey.
Hey, guys.
Everything okay? Yeah.
We just didn't know Paige was coming over tonight, so - I left a note.
- Uh, you did, - but you should've-- - It's the middle of the week, Paige.
Well, I did all my homework.
That's not the point.
You can't just run off.
Uh, I'm sorry.
We had no idea.
Well, I'm sorry, but I have all my stuff for school.
I'm staying.
No, you're not, Paige.
Paige, come on.
They're right.
We thought they knew.
They didn't.
I'll get your bag.
Ah, I'm really sorry, guys.
Uh, thank you for sending over those rates for the trip to Kenya.
I just-- I saw 'em today.
- It's very reasonable.
- Yeah, there's a couple of carriers offering good deals to Africa right now.
- Good.
- Here you go.
Well, again, um, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Good night.
Good night.
Hold it.
That was not okay.
Going to a lecture? - You think this is a game? - No.
You can't run off like that.
We need to be able to trust you.
Did you say anything to Pastor Tim? What do you think? You asked for the truth, and with that comes responsibility.
Do you understand that? Paige.
You need to tell us you understand.
So, what? I can't see Pastor Tim anymore? No, no one is saying that.
You need to act as if everything is perfectly normal.
- But it's not.
- Paige.
I didn't tell him.
Can I get by? You have to go to Martha's tonight, right? Yeah.
Is that a parking spot? I keep thinking I wanna paint-- blue or something bolder.
But then you have to live with it.
And the smell-- it lingers, you know.
Much longer than they say.
Hmm, it's a nice place.
Thank you.
It's home.
Look, I'm sorry to drop by unannounced.
Just so hard to talk around the office these days.
Tell me about it.
I saw you today staring into your coffee mug for a minute, straight.
You know I talk to it sometimes, and I beg it to wake me up.
You just seemed a little distracted to me, Martha.
I wanted to make sure you're okay.
Me? I'm fine.
Uh it's just hectic, with Agent Taffet there.
Agent Gaad's schedule is exhausting.
We all know it's the secretaries that make the place run.
That's nice.
Thank you.
You don't always get the credit you deserve.
I read that.
That's a good book.
What are you, uh doing here, Stan? I hear the gossip at work about your marriage - No, no, no.
- And, you know, you should talk to somebody.
- But I'm not the right person.
- No, I just I just wanted you to know with things at work, if there's anything on your mind, you can always come to me.
I appreciate that, Agent Beeman.
You know, I have an early morning, and it's getting late.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes, you will.
Good night.
Good night.
What are you doing here? What happened? Hans waved me off.
I met him after.
He said he saw a guy get out of a car with government plates going to her apartment building.
Has she called? Two messages so far.
Hans did good.
What now? I don't know.
Miss Hanson? I'm a friend of your husband.
Clark knows you must be worried.
Is he all right? Yes.
Nice and easy.
Yeah? And just remember that the lens is right there, so They won't think it's strange to see a woman carrying a purse onto the plant floor? I take it every time I leave the office.
Every girl does.
Take a lot of shots.
Better to have too many than too few.
What's her excuse for being there? I'm going to see the materials engineer - about the machine settings on his new plans.
- That's right.
And they're not gonna search your purse? Baby, don't worry.
The guards only care about my badge.
And they want every angle, so they said an easy way to do that is to spot the engineer early.
Start one way around the fuselage and come back the other way if you can.
You know, it's just if you can.
- Okay.
- And also Take this.
What is that? It's a sedative.
Keep you calm.
She's not taking that.
It's 5 milligrams.
Trust me.
It's helpful.
I'll meet you after where we said.
You're gonna be great, just like you practiced.
Martha? I'm so sorry about last night.
I tried calling you five times.
Yes, I know, I know.
What am I doing here, Clark? - And who was that man? - He-- he's a friend.
I couldn't be certain your apartment was safe.
I-I came last night, but I saw someone go into your apartment building, and he was driving a car with government plates.
It was Agent Beeman.
What did he want? He said that he was worried about me, but Why? What'd he say? He said it's tense in the office and we can't talk, and if I have anything on my mind, that I should go to him.
What am I gonna do, Clark? Okay, Martha, listen.
I-I I don't know quite how to say this.
But we might have to go away someplace new.
- Clark, I-- - It's gonna-- it's gonna be okay.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
- I can't just-- Just-- just-- just trust me.
They don't know.
If they did, it would be a very different visit.
They would be bugging your phone, surveilling you 24 hours a day, and they wouldn't have tipped you by sending Agent Beeman.
I-- Martha, I will figure this out.
I will figure this out.
I promise.
No, no fire.
It doesn't make sense.
- Hey, Stan.
- Uh, I'm late for a meeting.
All right, maybe find me later? About what, exactly? I've got a few more questions about Nina.
You got the transcripts? What is with you? I don't know, Stan.
There was something going on with you and Nina.
That much is clear to me.
What are you accusing me of? Did you plant the bug? No.
And you are not as smart as you look.
You read all those files.
Let's say the woman I shot didn't actually die.
Maybe she's the one who beat the shit out of you and Gaad.
Maybe she even killed my partner, Chris Amador.
Our office is a target of the illegals.
The best, most dangerous officers the KGB has.
Now they got to somebody inside, and it wasn't me.
Work on that.
Can't you go in there and say something? Are you kidding? She did her job.
This wasn't the arrangement.
I'm dealing with this side of things now.
Got a problem with that? I do.
Suit yourself.
That's my camera.
How about I take the film out, expose it, give it back to you? Tell Lisa I'll talk to her soon, in person.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Was her sense that Stan was really concerned for her or that he was investigating? She couldn't tell.
She was upset, terrified.
What do you think? I think Stan's a nice guy, but he's not showing up at his secretary's apartment out of the goodness of his heart.
Unless he's looking for something else.
With Martha? Yeah? Hey.
Who are these people? Is this Roger, who we went to Seaworld with? Yes.
Is he really our cousin? So that's a lie.
Paige, there are going to be things that-- Aunt Helen, who you stayed with-- I met her.
I went to her house.
Was she really sick? Is she my aunt? Who is she? Is she a Russian? Can you please keep your voice down? - Why? - Because Henry is just down the hall.
Okay, so Roger's not really our cousin, Helen's not my aunt, but Henry is my brother.
Would you calm down for a minute? We-- - You guys are my parents.
- Paige, please, we-- But everything else is just a lie, right? Everything is a lie! Please don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Paige Hi, mom.
How are you guys? Is dad getting on the other-- Hi, daddy.
Oh, nothing.
Um, I just wanted to hear your voices.
No, no.
Same old, you know.
The glamorous FBI.
He's great.
No, not right now.
Work, work, work.
You know how he is.
Nothing's wrong, mom.
It's just-- it's hard sometimes.
I know.
Oh, God.
I have I don't wanna leave right now.
I know you are.
I'm fine.
Let's talk about something else.
Um, what are you guys gonna do for your anniversary? Hey.
There is no Aunt Helen.
Your mom wasn't well, and she needed time to recover, to get better.
It's not all a lie, Paige.
This is you in the hospital the night Henry was born.
Your mom said I had to bring you over that night, even though it was late.
Couldn't wait till the next day.
And this is when we went camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
You were 7.
Shared a tent with Henry.
He was afraid a bear was gonna eat him.
I didn't know that.
He made me promise not to tell.
_ _ Da.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You should go and take her with you.
I don't know.
She doesn't think she has any family, and she does.
Look, if you don't take her, I will.
Excuse me.
I'm here for Abassin Zadran.
It's late.
Yeah, I gotta talk to him about tomorrow's meeting.
- Wait here.
- Sure.
I got someone here who needs clearance, picking up Zadran.
Okay, check it out.
It'll be a minute.
I have an officer here for Abassin Zadran.
Need approval to release him.
Hold the line.
You have approval to release Abassin Zadran to the officer with the ID number 24765.
Got it.
He's good.
This is Laura Gering of the CIA.
Good evening.
Is it okay if we drive someplace more private? Please.
The senators on the committee are worried.
They don't think they can trust the Mujahideen with portable anti-aircraft weapons.
That is why we are here-- to convince them.
That was the hope.
How well do you know the men you traveled with? Not well, but we want the same thing.
They're both from the same village.
Did you know that? We believe they have instructions to go into tomorrow's meeting and sabotage your chances of acquiring the weapons you need.
- That is not possible.
- No? Abdul Qader's sons were fighting in Sayghani.
They were captured by Soviets.
He's loyal to his family, not Afghanistan.
He and Momand have been delivering information to a Soviet general named Yashkin.
Why do you think there's been no fighting in Haji Satar or Rahim? You think that's coincidence? We went to the chairman of the committee and told him.
He said we brought them all this way.
The committee's gonna listen to them.
Your friends only have to act like they have goals other than winning this war, allies other than us, and that would be it.
Why is there no war here in America? My country is always at war.
And for what? Afghanistan has nothing.
No planes, no helicopters, no medicine.
Nothing of our own.
All we want is to live on the land of our fathers in peace.
We understand.
You're right.
I don't know these men.
My men are in the mountains.
My men are honorable.
They want to fight and die as martyrs.
Do you know that a martyr may be laid in his grave just as he dies? His body and clothes soaked in blood? Even a prophet must be cleaned before burial, but not a martyr.
So great is his honor.
But a traitor There is a way for tomorrow to work out.
If you were to go to the meeting alone Tell me.
What does your intelligence say about me? That you are loyal, that there are no Mujahideen as brave as yours.
I am Abassin Zadran.
I am the one who cuts the throats of the Communists.
I have killed many people with my knife.
I have cut them open and watched them die, some of them boys, no older than my nephew.
I found them swimming, their guns on the riverbank, laughing, singing, after dropping bombs on our villages, desecrating our women, killing our babies.
They're cowards.
If there were 200 infidels standing on the road, I would gut every one of them like a goat.
How does one choose? The paradox of being American.
Isn't this a Greek diner? The risk we run now is things with Paige will move too slowly.
Philip will continue to block progress.
Well, I can't help wondering if Philip is right.
It's their daughter.
I'm thinking, Claudia.
I can think out loud with you after 30 years.
Think out loud all you like.
It's a free country.
Or haven't you heard? I'm just not certain it's the right thing.
For Paige? No, for Philip and Elizabeth.
She was much better with him before this all came out.
- What can I get you? - I'll have tea.
Okay, we have, uh, chamomile, Earl Grey-- Just tea.
Hot tea.
- The same.
- All right, thanks.
Starting to wish you didn't come back? Well It was very dull in Sergach.
What happened at The Centre when they heard it was the boy who killed his family? Honestly I'd never seen anything quite like it in 40 years.
They fired the head of the American Department, who left in shame.
Everyone was in mourning.
Thought they might shut down Directorate S.
And yet with all that they still want to try it again? They think you can do it.
I need to speak with my friends.
_ _ Brad! Brad! Drop it.
_ _ _ _ _ "Got plans? "My husband wants to see this movie, 'The King Of Comedy.
'" _ "What's that?" "Some Jerry Lewis movie.
" "Oh, man.
" "Right?" _ _ _ _ _ _ Come in.
the warmth of your hand and a cold gray sky it fades to a distance Paige I'm going to see my mother before she dies in Russia.
this means nothing to me I talked it over with dad.
We think you should go with me.
It would be the only chance you'll have to meet your grandmother.
But it's your choice.
this means nothing to me this means nothing to me oh, Vienna Martha? Mar-- I'm sorry, Clark.
I, uh Martha, where are you going? To my parents'.
I need a break.
We need a break.
- Martha-- - No, um I can't take it.
Everyone at work knows that I'm lying.
- No, no, they don't.
- When I come home, you're not Martha, I know how hard this is.
I know, but I am trying.
I know you are.
But it's not enough.
I'm sorry, Clark, but it's-- it's not enough.
They're not gonna let up until they find the person that put that pen there.
I-I am working on it, and I will figure it out.
I promise.
I am with you.
Martha, I-I-I love you.
I love you.
You I'm your husband.
Whatever kind of arrangement you want is fine.
Um I let you in here.
It's fine.
I just When my mother asks, I don't even know what to say.
And it's not just that.
It's I can't be here with you like this.
I was 18 when I left, and I always told my mother to turn my room into a sewing room, you know? But she wouldn't do it.
She just wouldn't do it.
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