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1 Previously on The Americans Who are you, Clark? I'm your husband Who loves you more than you will ever know.
STAN: You know, I think we should keep an eye on Martha.
I won't do it, Stan.
But I'll take her to dinner.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Pastor Tim.
I told him.
I'm so sorry.
What was I supposed to do? You were supposed to put this family first! That is what you were supposed to do! You could leave on Friday, come back Sunday night.
While you're away, the Pastor and his wife will have an accident.
HENRY: Hey, Paige.
Guess what? - We're going to Epcot.
- What? She'll think about this, and she will figure it out.
Maybe not right now, but she will know.
They've given us a way out of this that lets us keep our lives.
- (coughing) - Gabriel? - What happened? - Get out.
What happened?! You should've wrapped Gabriel in plastic and burned his body.
(telephone line ringing) WOMAN: Hello? This is Mrs.
My husband and I need to postpone the deliveries for this weekend.
We can't be where we need to be for them.
It can't happen.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you know when you'd like to reschedule? No.
There were two deliveries.
We really-- we-- we can't have those deliveries take place, all right? Yes.
I understand.
I think you'd have a better view if you went over there.
(telephone rings) Hello? Paige.
Mom, where are you? What's going on? Dad and I have to work.
We'll be home Saturday.
Why? Oh, God.
Did something happen? No.
No, no, no, no, nothing happened.
Listen to me.
- Is this because of me? - No, Paige-- Pastor Tim and Alice-- did they say something? (voice breaking) I I'm so sorry, Mom.
I didn't mean to.
Please, I-- Paige, Paige, stop.
Listen to me.
Dad and I just have to work.
You take care of Henry, okay? Okay, Mom.
Everything's fine.
(crying) Paige, did you hear me? (inhales shakily) Yeah.
I heard you, Mom.
We're gonna be home soon.
(sniffles) (sobs) (wire snaps) (door closes) I told the Centre to cancel the Epcot plan.
How is he? Great.
Never better.
What can we do? Mnh.
If we believed in God, I'd say pray.
You think this is funny? He's not a young man, not in the best shape, infected with a deadly pathogen.
He ought to be in a hospital, hooked up to an IV.
We all should.
I think it's hilarious.
Look-- we need to be as sanitary as possible.
Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouth.
Wash your hands 30 seconds longer than you normally do.
If you have to touch each other, put on gloves.
Dispose of used gloves and paper towels in a medical waste bag.
(breathing rapidly) W-what happened with Paige? She thinks we're in trouble because Pastor Tim told somebody.
I told her we're fine, that we'll be back, but she doesn't believe me.
We'll straighten her out when we get back.
(indistinct conversations) (sighs) (sighs heavily) Oh.
HENRY: Do you have any milk? We ran out.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, sure.
Hey, do you know anything about computers? (door closes) Um, not really.
I mean, I have one at work, but, uh No.
Well, I kind of need, like, a computer expert.
Well, you know, Matthew's gonna be back here a few days a week.
- Really? - Yeah.
He knows a lot.
He'll show you.
Good, 'cause my teacher doesn't know shit.
Is this your science teacher? Math.
What does she look like? It's a guy.
(chuckling) Okay.
Can I ask you something? I don't know, Henry.
You say that, and I-- I get a little nervous.
No, it's not Like, when you first met Mrs.
Beeman Mm-hmm.
what did you say, exactly? Well, that was a-a long time ago.
Like, when you were kids or No, but, uh, college.
It was at a party, actually.
I was with some friends, and I turned around and someone smashed into my drink.
And it splattered all over me, and I'm-- you know, I'm all dressed up and everything, and I was so pissed off.
And I looked up, and it was Sandra.
And I'd never seen her before, but she just started laughing.
(laughs) She just c-couldn't stop laughing.
And then what happened? (chuckles) Uh, we got married and had Matthew and got divorced.
Hey, do you ever talk to your dad about this stuff, this girl stuff? - No.
- Why not? Well, he's not really around.
He's always traveling.
Like, we were supposed to go to Epcot tonight, but they went away instead.
Hm, where'd they go? I don't know.
Paige told me, but I forgot.
Maybe New York? I think it's some kind of business trip.
(door opens) Henry, you're gonna miss the bus! - (door closes) STAN: - Not Henry.
He's in the car.
He found Matthew's Cocoa Puffs, so he's eaten already.
I'm-- I'm gonna give him a lift to school.
Uh, you don't have to drive him to school, Mr.
Oh, it's no problem.
You want a ride, too? No.
I'll-- I'll catch the bus.
So, your parents had to go away last minute, huh? Yeah, they, uh-- A client in New York, a really big client, was threatening to fire them, so they had to go and-- and fix it.
Oh, that's a bummer about Epcot, though.
Yeah, but I guess we'll-- we'll go again sometime.
We went to Disneyland once.
It was fun.
Well, I-I got to get ready to get the bus.
See you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(door opens, closes) What does EST say about death? I don't, um-- I don't know.
It never came up.
Gabriel said that our people were with my mother when she died, that she wanted me to know that she loved me.
Paige knows we love her, right? Of course she does.
We really have no choice with Pastor Tim.
- Hi, Martha.
- Hello, Agent Aderholt.
How are you? Um, I'm fine.
You? I'm so-so, to be honest.
Sorry to hear that.
Gene-- I never would have suspected him.
Me neither.
I, um-- I have a lot of work to do, so Oh.
Yeah, sure, sure.
Working late tonight? Uh, nope.
Just going home.
TV, wine, and bed.
I don't mean to take up your time.
It's just, I always enjoy talking to you, Martha.
I enjoy talking to you, as well, Agent Aderholt.
Well, how about we grab that meal we've always been promising to get together? My-- my dinner plans just fell through, so I'm free.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
Now, I'm not as entertaining as TV, but there will be wine.
Um Sure.
I'll make a reservation.
Really looking forward to talking to you outside of this place.
(chuckles) Me too.
PHILIP: You okay? I just-- I'm not hungry.
Henry had his biology test today.
You helped him study, right? I thought you were.
I told you I couldn't.
He probably didn't study at all.
Maybe Paige helped him.
With all she has going on? There's no way she-- You-- you're worried about your kid's biology test? What do I know? I never had kids, but you got to eat.
She's not hungry.
Not hungry or you have no appetite? I don't know.
I'm not sure.
Are you nauseous? A little, I think.
You look flushed.
You think she's getting sick? Are you dizzy? No.
Have your bowel movements been normal? - Yeah.
- No diarrhea? No.
I mean-- well, I-I haven't gone yet.
Your pulse is a little high, but that could be a reaction to the antibiotic.
Well, how come we don't feel sick? Everybody reacts to antibiotics differently.
Look up.
(penlight clicks) Any pain? So, it could be the antibiotics, or she could be getting it? (penlight clicks) (telephone line ringing) PHILIP: After the beep, please leave your name, a brief message, and a number where I can reach you, and I'll call you back as soon as I can.
(beep) Um, it's me again.
I'm s-- I'm sorry to leave you so many messages.
Um, it's just, something happened at work, and it's important, um Actually, uh, it's probably not a big deal.
I don't-- I don't need to go into detail on your phone message.
Um, it's just that it's, uh I need to hear from you within the hour because, um I'm going to dinner with, um, someone from work, with a male colleague from work, and, um It would be really helpful if I could discuss a few things with you beforehand.
(sighs) I'll be here for another hour, and then I'm leaving.
Unless you call me and t-tell me otherwise, I'm leaving.
So, um Call me back Before then, right away.
- I love you.
- (beep) (retching) (gasping lightly) (toilet flushes) It-- it still might be the antibiotic.
We don't know yet.
(water runs) (breathing heavily) (water shuts off) If something happens-- Elizabeth.
It-It's not gonna happen.
Please listen.
If something happens you blame me for Pastor Tim and Alice.
Don't wait for Paige to get suspicious.
I'm not doing that.
Then you can just raise them here be Americans.
Henry doesn't even ever have to know, and Paige Elizabeth.
I'm just saying if.
It's what you want, what you've always wanted.
(water running) ADERHOLT: For me, it's the parties.
I-I've always been a loner, so I don't mind going home, making some dinner, doing some work.
But standing at a party with a drink in my hand while everyone tries to introduce me-- it's the worst, am I right? oh, it's been such a long, long time looked like I'd get you off of my mind but I can't I'm sorry.
Um, I'm sorry.
What did you say? just the thought of you Nothing.
turns my whole world misty blue - misty blue - (camera shutter clicking) ohh just the mention of your name just your name turns the flicker to a flame listen to me good, baby I think of the things we used to do Um, you asked me if I was seeing anybody.
Y-Yes, but you don't have to answer me.
Y-You really don't.
It's okay.
Um, I am seeing someone.
Um he's married.
Heaven knows I try Mm.
ohh baby when I say that I'm glad we're through deep in my heart, I know I've lied I've lied I've lied I'm not embarrassed.
ooh I'm not ashamed.
It's just I don't think it's something most people would understand.
They say, "You're a fool for seeing a married man.
He must be some kind of sleaze.
" But it's not that way-- - it's been such a long, long time - At all.
It's s-simple.
Simple? looks like I'd get you Well, there are no false promises or lies, no unrealistic expectations.
just the thought of you He's not gonna leave his wife.
I'm not waiting for him to.
my whole world turns misty blue But we provide each other with comfort, companionship.
ahh, ahh, ahh oh, I can't, I can't And the sneaking around doesn't bother you? - forget you - No.
my whole world turns misty blue I mean, we're discreet, but I'm not wearing wigs and sneaking into motel rooms.
(both chuckle) It's grown-up.
It's honest.
my whole world turns It's probably the most honest relationship that I've ever had.
oooh-ooh-ooh (coughs) (sniffles) (breathing heavily) (moans lightly) (exhales sharply) Where are you going? I have to call Paige.
You called her already.
- Move so I can talk to her-- - No, no, no, you can't.
You can't.
It's late.
You'll scare her to death.
- Come on.
- Unh Lie down.
It's okay.
We'll take care of it tomorrow.
Come on.
You need to sleep.
(sighs) (sighs) WILLIAM: Her fever's broken.
So, she's better? (sighs) I don't know.
(sighs) Sorry I I can't be more (sighs) How long have you two been together? Um, over 20 years.
Long time.
How many kids? Two.
That's nice, what you have.
Everything okay with the kids? I saw her face when she called home.
(car alarm blares in distance) Things are hard right now.
(sighs) You're still lucky.
You don't know.
You don't know what it's like to do this job and not have anybody to talk to about it, except a series of handlers who don't give a shit.
My daughter is in a very bad place because of us because of this job.
She could sense that something was off.
You know, the late hours, no family ever around.
Elizabeth wanted to tell her who we were, and I didn't.
We fought about it for months.
And then we did.
Nobody sane would do this work.
(both chuckle lightly) She would.
You? I'd be normal.
(scoffing) Normal.
W-With Elizabeth, though? (exhales weakly) (moans) Here.
Take this.
How do you feel? Better.
(moans) I'm okay.
- Ohh.
- Yeah.
You have photophobia.
It'll go away soon.
I'll give you another shot of the antibiotic in, uh, 2 hours, then another one 12 hours after that.
Do I have to take it, too? No.
You never had the disease, just a bad reaction to the drug.
Thank you, William.
I was coerced.
It doesn't matter.
Close your eyes.
- Open your mouth.
- (coughs) The kids will be home.
Henry will be mad he missed his weekend at Epcot.
Tim and Alice.
We'll go to Epcot next weekend, keep close tabs on them until then.
No, Philip you were right.
We-- we can't do it.
We can't kill them.
Paige-- she'd never get over it.
You want to run? We can't run.
So We work Tim and Alice.
- We talk to them.
- (sighs) It's one more thing.
(sighs) It's a hell of a thing.
It is.
(footsteps approaching) He's not contagious anymore.
Is he gonna be all right? Well, his fever's gone down, and he's drinking water, but he's gonna need some treatment for a while.
I'll stay here until he gets stronger, but you should stop using this place after that.
Keep paying rent so nobody else can use it.
We may have killed everything with the bleach, but, uh Ah, I'm gonna make some tea.
(water running) (water shuts off) (coughs) You've been talking about me.
Asking about you.
And what's the prognosis? It's good.
We don't want the Centre to take care of Tim and Alice.
It would destroy Paige if something happened to them.
Well, I'll have to get you out fast, then.
We're not leaving.
We'll make a deeper connection with them, make it harder for them to do anything that would hurt Paige.
You would be living in a burning house.
What's new? (exhales sharply) When I was younger I was afraid all the time.
Everyone was afraid during the war.
It was before the war.
We were killing each other every day.
(sighs) I told myself that I would be safe if I just did what I was told but none of us was safe.
Every day, I'd think, "Is it today? Is it gonna be me? Is it my turn?" It's not an easy way to live.
But it's your choice.
Will the Centre see it that way? I'll have to get them there.
Perhaps they'll see the value in sparing Pastor Tim and his wife if they believe their deaths will make Paige un-recruitable.
I have to offer them something.
(sighs) (sighs) Paige? Henry? Are you okay? We're fine.
I didn't know who to call or what to do.
We're sorry, honey.
You can't do that to me again.
I have to-- HENRY: Hey, Mom, dad! I know.
I know, I know.
(electronic gunfire) Oh, I guess you really missed us, huh? I'm about to get to level four.
- How was New York? - It sucked.
Yeah, not going to Epcot sucked.
When are we gonna go? We'll check our schedule.
Next weekend? We'll see.
Whenever you say that Henry, we'll figure it out, okay? But it doesn't mean we can't have fun today.
(laughter) There's an appeal for calm within the Jennings household (vocalizing) as a new record might be broken.
me, myself and I is all I've ever known I never felt the need to have a hand to hold in everything I do, I take complete control that's where I'm coming from my lucky number's one - Whoo! - Yes! Yes, Mom! How do you keep doing that? That's like the fifth strike in a row.
- Sixth strike.
- What can I say? Okay, dad, we're getting creamed.
Oh, yeah? Watch this.
ah, ooh, ah, ooh Did they teach you to bowl? (as Natasha Fatale) Vital part of training.
(both laugh) (pins crash) (exhales heavily, sniffles) (sniffles) (exhales sharply) (both crying, laughing) (conversations in Russian) (lock disengages) (gasping, crying) (gunshot) (indistinct talking)
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