The Americans (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Clark's Place

1 Previously on The Americans Where are you? What's going on? Dad and I have to work.
Pastor Tim and Alice-- did they say something? Are you screwing my wife? No.
God, no.
I w-- Don't lie to me! Have you patched things up with Stan yet? We could use a friendly face at the FBI.
(lowered voice) You wanna find out who really planted that bug? Help me track Martha.
I need to hear from you within the hour because, um, it will be really helpful if I could discuss a few things with you beforehand.
(vehicles passing) (horn honks in distance) (sighs) (cap pops, pills rattling) (closes cap, bottle clatters) (swallows) (door opens, footsteps approach) (objects clatter) (door closes) (velcro rips) (wig, pins, and keys clatter) I am so sorry.
(coat rustling) Where have you been for the last two days? I, um I had an emergency.
One of my colleagues, and, uh I had to-- I had to deal with it.
You didn't even check your machine.
I know.
I know.
And I am really sorry.
Well, I had an emergency, too.
(sips and swallows) - (glass clatters) - (inhales deeply) Agent Gaad made an announcement about the counters on the Xerox machine.
The one where I've been copying your reports-- well, the numbers are off.
And Agent Aderholt took me to dinner.
I can't tell if they're connected, or if he was just asking me out.
What did he talk about? Marriage, divorce, if I'm dating anyone.
And? I told him-- a-a married man who's not gonna leave his wife.
Just ex-- exactly what you said.
(voice breaking) And by the time I got home, I thought I was having a heart attack, really.
My chest got tight and and I couldn't breathe and and I called my doctor, and he said I was having a panic attack.
And he's prescribed me Valium.
Oh, my God, Martha.
(sniffles) I can't live like this, Clark.
I need to be able just to-- just reach my husband.
I am-- I am so sorry.
You shouldn't have to (exhales) (inhales deeply) Look (paper rustles, pen clicks) (sighs) (pen scratching) - Memorize this.
- (paper rips) And now you can always reach me.
But only call from a pay phone.
A lady will answer, but she'll get the message to me anytime, day or night.
I will need that back tomorrow morning.
Of course.
I mean Why would I expect to keep anything? (door creaks open) (gasping) (gasps) It's just me.
(exhales sharply) I was-- What's the matter? (exhales) I can't sleep.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Yes.
It's-- I'm sorry, I-- You just startled me.
Come on in.
- (switch clicks) - (sighs) Sorry.
(sighs deeply) I felt so weird with Henry when we were bowling, uh, trying to pretend to act normal and pretending that I'm not worried every time he hangs out with Mr.
I mean, I don't get why we cancelled the trip and where you and dad were.
Beeman asked me about it, and I had to make up this whole story - about clients in New York-- - Wait.
W-what did he ask you? Where you were and what happened with Epcot.
It's just weird, the way you disappear.
And when Pastor Tim asked me if you hurt people-- Paige.
Where were you all weekend? I wanna know.
(sighs deeply) Maybe we should take a break.
Just so much has been thrown at you, and Maybe it's too much.
You know, we tried (inhales deeply) to tell you everything, and that hasn't worked out so well.
Wouldn't you agree? Where were you? I think it's enough now, Paige.
This is enough.
(sighs heavily) (Sirens wailing) (inhales deeply) (exhales slowly) (clock ticking) (sighs) Oleg (inhales deeply) (exhales slowly) (inhales deeply, exhales slowly) (sighs) Martha says they know extra copies have been made at the Xerox machine.
Anybody could've done that.
(telephone continues ringing) An agent took her out for dinner Friday night.
Could be coincidence Do you have Hans checking to see if she's being followed? Off and on.
Maybe we should put him on full-time.
(ring) Okay.
Paige said that Stan was asking about our trip.
Asking how? He noticed we were gone and that we cancelled Epcot last-minute.
Philip, you need to make up with him.
(door opens, indistinct conversation) You're right.
There's something going on with Martha.
But it may not be what you think.
She said she's having an affair with a married guy.
You believe her? Well, it explains the secrecy, but it's also a good cover.
You find anything? No diary, datebook, photographs.
Just family.
And a Kama Sutra book.
Lot of pages marked, so (Exhales) Okay, there's probably a guy.
And a gun.
Which I knew.
Oh, bigger spoonful.
Don't break it up.
- Like - Ah.
(Chuckles) You will be the only white lady who knows how to make sundubu jjigae.
(both laugh) This doesn't have any hot peppers in it, does it? - Only in your bowl.
- Oh, good.
(laughs) Anyway, they are on the bridge, and grandfather-- he say, "I will ask you a question.
And when we get to the other side, give me your answer.
I will never ask you again.
Will you marry me?" - Oh, my God.
- Mm.
They get to the other side, and grandmother says, - "No.
" - What?! So he looks at his brother, who's pulling the rickshaw, he says, "Turn around.
We try again.
" (laughs) (laughs) And all day long, he pulls them back and forth across the bridge.
Until the day she die, my grandmother says she never said, "Yes.
" (both laugh) That's the best story.
(chuckles) Well, that's my family.
(laughs) (chuckles) Mmm.
(utensil clatters) What about your family? Oh.
I have a small family.
It's just really my brother and my dad and I.
My mom left when I was 10, so (sips) - My dad - (sets down glass) went into this whole depression for a few years.
He almost lost his job.
Wow, you really know how to kill a party.
(laughs) (chuckles) (crow caws) (straps creaking) (woman crying) (cries) (dirt thuds) (continues crying) (dirt thuds) (crow cawing) (dirt thuds) (continues crying) (gunshot) (birds squawking) (gunshot) - (gunshot) - (gasps) Ronald Reagan: Ask around today, especially among our young people, and I think you will find a whole new attitude - towards serving their country.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Hi, mom.
- (Video game beeping) - Hey, mom.
than just fair pay, equipment, and leadership.
You, the American people, have sent a signal to these young people that it is, once again, an honor to wear the uniform.
(chuckles) What are you laughing at? Just His cheeks-- they're so red.
He looks like a clown.
(laughs) Where have you been? I was at a friend's.
I lost track of time.
(chuckles) You have friends? Uh, yeah, I have friends, wise ass.
Paige and Dad made tuna noodle casserole.
- Ooh.
- There's leftovers.
- Where you going, honey? - Upstairs.
Oh, I wanted to try your casserole.
- It's in the fridge.
- Come on.
Keep your mother company.
She hasn't seen you all day.
Henry, five more minutes on that thing, then bed, all right? I'm not gonna fall asleep anyway.
So stare at the ceiling for eight hours.
Then you can eat breakfast.
This looks good.
- (dish thuds) - (TV continues indistinctly) Your mother and I are gonna talk with Pastor Tim and Alice tonight.
- (TV continues indistinctly) - What are you gonna say? Well, we'll just see where we are.
And we'll tell you everything when we get back.
Okay? in a strategic and intermediate nuclear arsenals of both sides.
(car doors close, dog barking in distance) - (door opens) - Oh.
(inhales deeply) Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, Alice.
- Hello.
- Hello again.
Tim: - Hi.
- Hi, Tim.
Hi, Alice.
- Hi.
This is our friend, Father Rivas.
He works with us in El Salvador.
I am like you, a priest, - but a Jesuit.
- Oh.
We welcome all denominations here.
- Especially Jesuits.
- (Laughter) Tim.
My wife, Alice.
It is good to meet you both.
Thank you for seeing me.
Oh, of course.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Philip: Mm.
(door closes) We wanted you to meet Father Rivas so you could understand We're concerned that you have the wrong picture about what we do, and-- And when they tell me a priest in America wants to know what they do, I say you must bring me to him.
I must speak to him.
He will understand me.
We're very involved with the human rights situation in El Salvador.
We developed a contact in the government here who shares our concerns.
This contact let us know about something that was about to take place over there.
They gave me a warning.
We left the mission in the middle of the night, my entire church.
Later, we heard the death squads came.
My God.
Their work saved us all.
We're not saying our government doesn't do bad things.
Do people get hurt? Probably.
But not because of us.
You know óscar Romero and Rutilio Grande? Of course.
That was terrible.
They were my mentors.
My friends.
Your country pays for the death squads.
We know.
We work with CISPES.
They are good.
(inhales deeply) But these people-- they protect us.
Without them, I would not be here.
- (engine idling) Elizabeth: - Thank you again.
Father Rivas: Of course.
Good luck to you both.
You think that guy's really a priest? I don't know.
What happened? Is Henry asleep? - Well - (Door closes) We had a really good talk with Pastor Tim and Alice.
We, uh, we told them about some of the good things that we're doing around the world-- specific things.
How we help people, not hurt them.
And, um, and hopefully, he gets that now.
So everything's okay? (Sighs deeply) Paige, he needs to feel like you still trust him.
It's important that you make up with him.
I'm I'm gonna go to bed.
He-- he really cares about you, Paige.
(sighs) Is this gonna work? (telephone rings, indistinct conversations in Russian) (door closes, typewriter keys clacking) (ringing continues) (exhales slowly) (sighs) (door closes) (sighs heavily) (inhales deeply, exhales sharply) (thud) (door opens) (door closes) (hydraulics hiss) (man speaks indistinctly) (engine idling) (bus departs) (indistinct conversations) (breathing heavily) (coin clinks) (rings) - Hello? - Yes, hello.
Your grocery delivery-- it's on its way.
It'll be there in five minutes.
(receiver thuds) - (breathing heavily) - (coins drop through machine) (pin clatters) (engine idling) (cassettes clatter) (elevator whirring) (zipper whirs) (elevator door opens) (door creaks) Hi.
(sighs and sniffles) Clark? (Birds chirping) (inhales and exhales deeply) (sighs) I'm supposed to tell you I forgive you.
Do you? That's what they want me to say.
Why do you think your parents would want that? Apparently, they like you.
They said you're a good guy.
We're on the same side.
Well, what do you think? I don't know.
I'm finding this all confusing.
How so? I feel like there's this whole grown-up conspiracy.
You're all so sure about what I'm supposed to feel and what I'm supposed to do, but then you just do whatever you want.
Well, that must feel awful.
It does.
(inhales sharply) Do you feel any clearer about your parents than when you first came to me? I know they believe in something.
And they love me.
(sighs) And they told me the truth when I asked.
Which maybe was a mistake.
I really think I've seen that car before.
Think or know? I-I think.
Green LTD.
License ended 0-4.
Any other cars you recognize? I I'm not sure.
I was focused on getting the license.
I might've missed something.
Did someone block you? - You mean on purpose? - Yeah.
I don't know.
It happened so fast.
There were other cars.
I was a block away.
I-I caught it, but then it was turning the corner-- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's hard.
I-I just-- I just need the information.
Once you made the call, did you come to the apartment to see if they were there? No.
If they'd seen me and then I showed up, that would've been bad, right? Woman: Mr.
Dunlap is at an appointment out of the office.
Man: - I know he's in there.
- (telephone rings) But what I don't know is why you're protecting him.
- (ring) - What's it take? Excuse me? - (button clicks) - Hello? Hello.
This is Martha.
Hello, Martha.
Clark told me you might call.
He's sorry he wasn't there, but he wants to talk to you.
(washing machines whirring) Is he there? No.
Are you calling from a pay phone? - Yes.
- Give me the number.
He can call you there in one hour.
Can you be there? Uh, yeah.
Tell me the number.
Um 5-2-1 (coughing) (inhales deeply) Hans thinks he saw surveillance on Martha.
Thinks? Well, he's pretty sure he saw a car he knew, yeah.
She may be blown.
Well, if they're suspicious, they still have a better story.
The bug was Gene.
Copies are unaccounted for on the Xerox machine she uses.
- She can't be the only one.
- It's true.
- It could be a clerical error.
- It's not.
It's also very possible that they are surveilling all the other people right now.
She may not be blown.
What if you're wrong? (sighs) We will do everything we can to protect her.
These surveillance reports are very important to us.
Can you give her a camera? I'm not sending her in there with a camera.
What about memorizing dates? All we need are the dates that they're on William.
If she's blown, the next operational act she does, they are putting handcuffs on her.
It's very hard.
I understand.
It's excruciating not to make a move when things are uncertain.
We are people of action.
- That's a good thing, isn't it? - Yes, of course.
You two still care about people.
It's what makes you such good officers.
And we will do our very best to protect your agents.
But if we slow down here, just a little, and see if The Centre picks up anything When do we see William again? What makes you think he's gonna see us after what happened? I've known William a long time.
He complains a lot.
He's volatile, but he's a patriot.
Just remind him that he has been here for 25 years having accomplished virtually nothing.
Now he has the chance to get something that may very well tip the balance of power if there is a war.
He does that, and we bring him home a hero.
(coughing) Excuse me.
Excuse me.
(coughs) Now What about the pastor and his wife? We're working on it.
(horn honks in distance, vehicles passing) (horn honks in distance) (exhales) (sighs heavily) Nina's dead.
They executed her a few days ago.
- But I-I thought - No.
Doesn't matter what you think.
Doesn't matter what anyone thinks.
(exhales slowly) (exhales slowly) When I joined counterintelligence, they (swallows) said this could happen.
Losing someone.
But But Nina.
When my When my father was young they fought the Nazis.
They were heroes.
Now my brother's killed, and they can't even say the name of the war he died in at his funeral.
(washing machines whirring) (telephone rings) Hello? It's me.
(sighs) I've been waiting.
I know.
I'm sorry.
There's a lot going on.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
Are-- are you okay? No.
Can you come tomorrow night? I-I-I think we should stick to Tuesday.
(voice breaks) Well, then you've got to be there.
I-I will.
I will.
I love you.
Tell me Tuesday.
(receiver clatters) - (sighs) - (receiver clatters) (coins drop through machine) He was nice.
And you're right.
He cares about me.
(door closes) Your, uh, mom doesn't want to come in? Uh, no.
She's, uh, seeing a friend.
Henry: Hey, Matthew! (video game beeps) Welcome back.
"Max Dugan Returns" is playing at the K-B tonight.
Your dad has to go to work later, but do you wanna go? It just came up today.
But I could take you boys for an early pizza before I go.
- Mario's.
- No way.
Are you high, Mr.
Beeman? - (exhales) - I don't think so.
The crust at Mario's is so much better, right? You know, I'm-- I'm actually not hungry yet, - so - Okay, then.
So how 'bout the movie? - I don't know.
Um - Yeah, he just got here, so Okay, yeah.
So we'll hang out.
Wanna play a game? (inhales deeply) (water running) Henry's at Stan's again.
Seems like he's spending an awful lot of time there recently.
I mean, why doesn't he see his friends? What happened to that Doug kid? He's around.
I see him.
Kids grow apart.
I know, but Even if he is bored, I don't understand what's so fun over there, hanging around with a grown-up instead of finding kids his own age somewhere.
I feel like we should be paying rent over there.
(inhales deeply) When do you see Martha again? Tuesday.
We should be able to confirm by then if she's being followed.
You know, truthfully, Philip, Gabriel's not wrong.
You got the one bad sign with Hans.
Maybe that pans out, maybe it doesn't.
It can move too fast.
I'll get Henry for dinner.
(glass thuds) (Philip sighs) (door opens, closes) Who was Howdy Doody's brother? Double Doody.
Oh, my God.
How did you know that? It's a TV show.
You watched "Howdy Doody"? What, you think I was an FBI agent when I was 8? - Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
(doorbell rings) Hey, careful.
That-- that's hot.
(crunches) Ow.
Yeah, he just said it was hot.
I don't care.
I'm starving.
(crunches) Philip.
You here for Henry? Yes.
But can I talk to you for a second? Sure.
- (door closes) - (exhales) Stan, this is stupid.
I should've told you about ES and about talking with Sandra.
But I-I just I think I knew it might bug you.
And although nothing weird happened or ever would, I-I was a wimp, and I'm sorry.
You were an asshole.
I think "wimp" would have sufficed.
You know, in case you hadn't noticed, I don't have a ton of friends here.
And the idea that my friend was talking to my wife ex-wife, whatever.
Yeah, I know.
And truthfully, I know you wouldn't do anything 'cause you're a good guy.
Her, I'm not so sure about.
(Chuckles) Hey, did she say anything about me? Yeah.
She thought maybe she'd been too hard on you.
Henry: Dad, is that you? Here.
"Who was the first non-human to win an Oscar"? Oh! Uh, uh, that's-- that's easy.
- Uh, Mickey Mouse.
- Yes.
Beeman's like a Trivial Pursuit genius.
- How have you been, Matthew? - Good.
It's good to see you.
You look good.
- Thanks.
- Hey, dad, can I stay later? We're eating, and Matthew has "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on video.
- Is that a good thing? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, then it's fine by me.
- (horn honks) Oh, that's work.
Uh I'll be back in the morning, all right? - Okay.
- But don't stay up too late.
You got it.
I'll follow you out.
Good to see you, Matthew.
Uh, you, too, Mr.
All right, it's your roll.
(card flips, door closes) (engine idling in distance) Stan: Hey, Dennis.
This is my neighbor, Philip Jennings.
Philip: Hi.
Dennis Aderholt.
(Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" playing) All right.
(car doors close) (car departs) (cap pops, pills rattle) - Mm Ba Ba De - (pills rattle) Um bum Ba De Um bu bu bum da De pressure pushing down on me - pressing down on you - (knock on door) no man ask for under pressure that burns a building down splits a family in two You'll never guess who I just met.
I saw.
You know, that's the guy I fought with Gaad when I lost the Afghan task force list.
(sighs) He's the one who took Martha out for dinner.
(sighs deeply) Hmm.
Is Henry coming? He-- no, he's gonna watch a movie with Matthew.
Should we eat? Uh, I'm not hungry.
We'll know more by Tuesday.
(inhales sharply) Maybe.
(exhales deeply) Maybe.
(drawer closes) We'll do everything we can for her.
turned away from it all like a blind man sat on a fence, but it don't work keep coming up with love, but it's so slashed and torn why? why? why? love, love, love, love insanity laughs under pressure we're breaking can't we give ourselves one more chance? why can't we give love that one more chance? (male announcer calling sports game over radio) why can't we give love, give love, give love give love, give love give love (announcer continues calling game) (crowd cheering) and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night - and love dares you - (moans) (panting, moaning) this is our last dance (both moaning loudly) - this is ourselves - (moans loudly) - under pressure - (grunts) (breathing heavily) under pressure (breathing heavily) pressure
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