The Americans (2013) s04e06 Episode Script

The Rat

Previously on "The Americans" I'm in love with you, and I would do anything for you.
They want reports and assignments for a particular surveillance team.
You know, I think we should keep an eye on Martha.
Clark? - She may not be blown.
- No.
If she's blown, the next operational act she does, they are putting handcuffs on her.
Can you come tomorrow night? I think we should stick to Tuesday.
Well, then you've got to be there.
I-I will.
I will.
I love you.
We'll do everything we can for her.
What? One's bigger than the other.
What? I never noticed that before.
Martha's okay.
Nothing's changed.
Nothing has happened.
You think I'm being stupid? No.
I don't.
Definitely not stupid.
I think you want to do the right thing.
I brought her into this.
What some Australians want is for their country to become a Republic, farther removed from the British monarchy.
But Charles wants friends, with a reference to his son Prince William, in Australia for the tour - and a favorite here.
- But I'm so series, in which we will meet three women one single, one divorced, one widowed.
All three lead full lives, which they like very much.
We begin with Linda Silverstein of South Miami, Florida.
32 years old, never married.
The nice thing about where I am now is I don't feel the need to be marr Only child, never married, close to her parents.
She was engaged to her high-school sweetheart.
A shoe for every foot.
He dumped her.
After she got pregnant.
She put the kid up for adoption? She had an abortion in 1964.
- Back when it was dangerous.
- And illegal.
You find Martha attractive? There's something sexy about her.
Not much of a romantic life.
Except for that thing with Amador.
Who was murdered.
Yeah, I've been thinking about that, too.
A lonely existence.
A few scattered relationships, nothing long term.
And then this new boyfriend.
Her "married" boyfriend.
Who she can never bring around.
We need another glanders sample.
That's not gonna happen.
You've done it once, you can do it again.
I really want to do that again.
You've been waiting 25 years for this, William.
It's why you came here, to make a difference.
And now's your chance.
And when this is over, you'll return a hero.
In a coffin.
Lookit, there's no way I can get my hands on more glanders bacteria.
They're almost finished their work on it.
What else is coming in then? Tularemia.
Easily weaponized.
Nasty stuff.
Sounds good.
I've been running an agent for a couple of years and I think she's in danger.
You "think"? It's a feeling.
" Little buggers.
So? So I think we should get her out.
And they don't want to.
It eats you up what we do.
Our bosses don't know what they're doing.
You figured that out, right? She trusts me.
That's always a problem.
Get in.
What's going on, Clark? I think they may know, Martha, about you.
- How? - I don't know, but I have to get you off the street.
Well where are we going? I have a place.
Everything's gonna be okay, Martha, I promise.
Come on in.
Does someone live here? No.
It It's okay.
I don't understand what's happening.
- I know.
- Clark, I'm scared.
What am I doing here? Martha, it's gonna be all right.
I promise you, everything everything is gonna be all right.
I promise.
This is Gabriel.
I called him.
He's a good friend.
It's a great pleasure to meet you, Martha.
Clark has told me so much about you.
I, um I have to talk with him now, so Maybe you could go into the kitchen and, uh, make some tea for yourself? I'll be in in a few minutes.
I promise.
I promise.
- I don't know what you were - I didn't have a choice.
She needs to get out now.
You're acting impulsively, Philip.
I've been handling Martha for three years.
Three years.
She married me.
I'm not talking about Martha.
I'm talking about you.
You promised me this would never happen.
I know the things that we do are complicated, but we can fix this.
Have Martha return to work tomorrow.
This never happened.
- That's your plan? - Yes.
We can go back to the way we were.
Gabriel, Martha's seen me.
How? It happened.
What we had wasn't working.
So you just decided, on your own, that you were going to show her what you really look like? If the FBI gets to her, - if they break - What you did was flat-out wrong.
You don't know because I was there.
How long has she known? You'd have to ask her.
You've risked lives.
When were you going to tell me? Or were you going to tell me? Losing Martha now when we need her intelligence to meet with William I don't give a Goddamn Will you listen to me? Stop handling me, Gabriel, because Martha is done.
Hello? No, sorry, Gracie's not home right now.
Hello? We're in here.
I'll be in in just a sec.
I brought you some things.
Some clothes, toothbrush.
Now wait a minute.
You're part of all this? It's going to be all right.
I'm here for you.
We all are.
Something smells good.
Gabriel is a fabulous cook.
Why don't I go check on the boys? Let me refresh your glass.
all asked me.
I couldn't say no to them all.
She'd already seen me.
When? About three weeks ago.
She was falling apart.
I had to.
Did you want her to? To see you.
I-I didn't know what else to do.
She needed I don't know.
You should've told me you were bringing her in.
I-I couldn't just let her It's my shift, so you should probably get back home.
Um I-I think it's better if I stay the night.
I'll, um, bring that in to Martha.
Tell her I'll see her tomorrow.
I'm making sundubu jjigae.
It's Korean.
My friend gave me this pot, and so I'm following her instructions.
Who is she? Someone I met through work.
And she cooks Korean food? She's Korean.
You wanna be my Guinea pig? Sure.
Be brave.
Come on.
Too much pepper? Um, the chicken is a little - Rubbery? - Mm-hmm.
It's tofu.
Yeah, it's made from soy milk, an excellent source of "rubbery" protein, or so I'm told.
Henry? In a sec.
Will you please set the table? Will you show me how to write my papers on that? Yeah, sure.
You can't print it 'cause we don't have a printer.
You can use the one at work.
We're not giving up on Epcot, are we? We'll get there.
Smells good.
We're having sundubu jjigae tonight.
Sounds like baby talk.
It's Korean.
Don't kill the dream.
Finish what you're doing and please sit at the table.
Where's dad? He's working.
There's only one change of clothes in here, Clark.
It won't be long, Martha.
What will happen? Where will we go? You have to trust me.
Jennifer's not your sister.
You work together.
Are you involved with her? We've worked together for a long time.
For who? For the KGB.
I I Martha.
Martha You don't have to do anything, not ever again.
All you have to do Just breathe.
- Okay? - Okay.
Everything is gonna be okay.
You said you need to know everything.
I never thought that I would - know what it was like - If If there was another way I don't care.
Doesn't matter, not anymore.
As long as we're together.
We can run away.
We can run far away somewhere.
There are places where no one can find us.
I need you inside me.
Come inside me.
Morning, Stan.
- Where's Martha? - She called in sick.
Martha's sick.
So I hear.
Let's say we give her a call, make sure she's okay.
Hello, this is Martha.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave a message at the sound of the beep.
Answering machine.
What happens next? We'll, um We'll find a good place.
Won't be easy, but The person who was watching me, he just thinks that I was being followed? He's very good.
Oh, I know.
But, um, if he was mistaken - if he's wrong - Martha then we could go back to the way things were.
We could.
Couldn't we? I wish we could.
I'm never going home, am I? Where is she? She's resting.
I just had an emergency signal from William.
Not a good time for me to leave, Gabriel.
I wouldn't send you out there to see just anyone.
But you know what he has access to right now.
There's always some reason.
Oh, Philip.
There's not just some reason.
If they target our nuclear capacity in a first strike, our people back home will have nothing to defend themselves with but these weapons.
I've been there when we couldn't defend ourselves.
You know what happened.
We can't trust Martha's surveillance reports anymore.
She called in sick.
They could already be suspicious.
I'll let her know I'll be gone for a while.
Thank you.
Be careful.
Martha? Martha.
And does this look like Mr.
Westerfeld? Not really.
Did he sign a lease? This isn't a flophouse.
There's no answering machine tape.
No photos.
No mementos.
Nothing personal.
We should get forensics in here.
Let's have a look at that lease.
I just talked to forensics, they got some prints.
- They know it's a rush? - Yeah.
The name check on Clark Westerfeld turned up an 85-year-old gun salesman living in a retirement community in Haley, Idaho, and a 35-year-old attorney in Atlanta.
Less than a 2-hour flight.
He could fly up a couple of nights a week.
Yeah, have the Atlanta field office check out the lawyer.
This guy he married with kids? All we have right now are names and dates of birth.
Send a teletype to all field offices around the country.
Have 'em check courthouses for death certificates - for any other Clark Westerfelds.
- Will do.
Martha said her boyfriend's a businessman, right? Yeah.
Are lawyers businessmen? We need to talk.
I think Martha's bad.
I know.
She called in sick today.
We went to her place.
She's not there.
All right.
What do you have? Well, Martha told me she's seeing someone a businessman, couple of nights a week.
He's married with kids, so she had to keep it secret.
We went to the apartment where they meet.
Answering machine tape is gone.
No photos.
Prints? Forensics is on it.
You got a name? Clark Westerfeld.
Two guys turned up.
One in Atlanta could be a maybe.
Death certificates? We're working on it.
Martha's worked here over 10 years.
That's That's crazy.
Thank you.
Nothing yet.
Do you have it? I had to improvise.
I couldn't get to a tularemia culture, but I was able to recover one of the dead rats they tested it on.
They can get a sample from its tissue.
Hey, what'd you do? With your agent? I'm bringing her in.
Good for you.
When Eliza, my wife, was sent back I stayed quiet.
I didn't think I could take them on.
I wanted to, but I didn't.
Well, hello.
You slept well, I hope.
Where's Clark? Well, he didn't want to leave you, but something unexpected came up that couldn't wait.
He'll be back shortly.
It's a lovely day.
Can I make you something to eat? An omelet? Martha was here when I took over the division.
I could've requested someone else.
My old secretary, Janine, asked if she could come back.
But I felt bad about kicking Martha off the desk.
No good deed Maybe I got it wrong.
Maybe she took a sick day, and she's off with a perfectly legitimate Clark Westerfeld in some hotel somewhere.
You believe that? Nobody could've put that pen there more easily than Martha.
How could I not see it? We trust each other.
She could've been working with Gene.
Or they could've killed him to protect her.
She had access to everything.
Martha? Martha, come back to the house now.
Martha, listen to me.
- Where's Clark? - He had to step out.
Where is he? Let's talk about this inside, please.
What have you done to him? Nothing.
Clark is all right.
He will be here very soon.
I don't believe you.
What is happening to me?! Martha, will you please come back to the house? We are all working very hard to get you to a safe place.
Why would he leave me here with you? Because you can trust me.
Trust you.
I don't know you.
No! Get away from me.
I know what you are.
Martha No, you stay away from me.
I'll scream, and everybody will know that you're KGB.

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