The Americans (2013) s04e07 Episode Script

Travel Agents

1 Previously on "The Americans" PHILIP: Martha's seen me.
Did you want her to? I didn't I didn't know what else to do.
MARTHA: I need to be able just to just reach my husband.
I'm sorry.
There's a lot going on.
I love you.
Tell me Tuesday.
(lowered voice) you wanna find out who really planted that bug? Help me track Martha.
A few scattered relationships, nothing long term.
And then this new boyfriend.
You got a name? Clark Westerfeld.
If the FBI gets to her Will you listen to me? Martha is done.
I'm never going home, am I? GABRIEL: I just had an emergency signal from William.
They can get a sample from its tissue.
Where's Clark? Something unexpected came up.
He'll be back shortly.
Martha, come back to the house now.
You stay away from me.
I'll scream, and everybody will know that you're KGB.
You're here.
We have a problem.
Martha is gone.
What? Gone? Gone? Gone where? I don't know.
How? She ran out.
I went after her, tried talking to her.
She stood on the street, threatening to scream "KGB.
" I'm sorry.
(sighs) When did this happen? It's been 40 minutes.
Any idea where she might have gone? No.
All right.
Let's think.
(refrigerator door closes) If you were her husband I don't know.
Rock Creek Park, the zoo.
She likes watching the panda cubs.
That's it? (sighs) We went to the Tidal Basin once to look at the cherry blossoms.
She always talked about that.
When she first moved to D.
, she lived near the Capitol, so downtown maybe.
She goes to church at First Trinity.
Anywhere else? Uh Foundry Branch, Capital Crescent Trail.
We went for a picnic there once.
It was Start with First Trinity, then the Tidal Basin.
This is a big city.
She could be anywhere.
She's seen your face.
You and Hans should look.
I should wait by the phone 'cause if Martha calls to leave a message, I need to be the one who answers.
I'll get an address and tell her you're on your way.
I'll get Hans.
If you find her, bring her back.
If it's in public and she starts screaming again well, you may have no choice.
Excuse us.
(telephone rings in distance) We got a call from Minneapolis.
An agent in Bismarck did a cemetery walk.
Found Clark Westerfeld's "dead twin" a 7-year-old boy who died in a car accident 30 years ago.
Dead kid's birth date and Westerfeld's are a match? We have Westerfeld's driver's license information from his lease.
Same D.
So, Martha's boyfriend has a fake identity.
Well, that's it, then.
I'm sorry, sir.
Uh, get a sketch artist.
See if Carlotti's available.
And bring in the super of "Clark Westerfeld's" building.
(door opens) (door closes) (sighs) Elizabeth.
Call every half-hour.
It's not your fault.
I shouldn't have left her alone.
She wasn't alone.
She doesn't know Gabriel.
She knows me.
I'll call.
(car door opens) Gabriel's right.
I know.
(indistinct chatter) (flashlight clicks) (hair dryer blowing) (camera shutter clicking) (doorbell buzzing) (locks disengage) This will ring if she calls, line 2.
I need maps D.
quadrants, um Baltimore-Virginia train schedules, bus and river routes.
(indistinct conversation) (indistinct talking over radio) (siren wailing in distance) (breathing heavily) If you're hungry, borscht from yesterday.
It's better cold.
I'm never hungry when I'm upset, but you need to eat.
Ginger? Very good.
(telephone rings) Anything? No, nothing.
You? Uh, no.
Hans? He's at the church.
I, um I thought of something.
Um, Martha used to take long walks, um, by the viaduct when her mother was sick.
She was scared she'd have to go home and take care of her.
I'll I'll check it out.
She'll be She'll be okay.
I'll call you back in 30 minutes.
Any luck? Not yet.
And, uh, you were right.
I'm, um I'm not hungry.
Could I get you anything else? No.
But I hadn't had borscht in a long time.
(indistinct chatter) What kind of church does her family go to? ADERHOLT: Lutheran.
Well, let's make a list of all the Lutheran churches in the D.
She went to First Trinity.
On E Street? Yeah, when times are tough, people like their God with all the bells and whistles.
STAN: You Catholic? I'm nothing, but my dad used to drag me and my brother to St.
Paul's when he wanted to make a point.
(door closes) She's got a savings account at Riggs with $1,700 in it.
Last deposit was three days ago.
No withdrawals since.
You don't make a deposit if you're thinking of making a fast exit.
Unless you're making a fast exit.
Agent Beeman.
Sir? Your contact in the Rezidentura, get in touch with him, play him the tape, see if the KGB's got her.
Blackmail is not gonna work with him, sir.
Well, maybe it'll work, maybe it won't work, but, uh, if there's any chance of getting Martha back, you got to try it.
I understand that.
I do.
But this guy, he's not cut like that.
We have to play the long game with him.
There's no long game, Agent Beeman.
Use the goddamn tape.
All that would do is wreck the operation, sir.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm sorry.
Martha's on the phone with her parents! MOTHER: What a surprise.
Lately you've been calling on Sundays.
Why are you calling? Do I need a reason? Y-Your father's napping.
Let me get him.
No, don't wake him, Mom.
Oh, I can get him.
Mom? What is it, dear? I can't stay on the phone.
Why? Is someone waiting for you? No.
Nobody's waiting.
- What's wrong? - FATHER: Who is it, dear? Nothing's wrong.
Hello, sweetheart.
Hi, Daddy.
Is everything okay? - Daddy, I'm in trouble.
- What So, so much trouble.
W-W-Well, what do you mean? W-W-W-What kind of trouble? It's just not working.
No, no, no.
Slow down.
What's What's not working? What's going on? Daddy, please, just listen.
Just listen.
No matter what you hear I love you.
Well, w-we love you, too, sweetie.
You know you're our little girl.
You know that.
- I have to go.
- But, w Martha? Oh, she hung up.
They wouldn't let her make that call, not with us up on the line like this.
They don't have her.
(telephone rings) Gaad here.
She's in Woodley Park.
Got it.
(indistinct chatter) Detroit, you see anything? WOMAN: Nothing here.
They should do mile and a half.
Detroit, go from Wisconsin Avenue Northwest to P Street Northwest.
Around to 14th Street Northwest.
MAN: Copy that.
If they don't find her in 20 minutes, we'll widen the grid another two miles.
(engine starts) Isn't that the bridge in the picture? What picture? Martha and her parents.
She was wearing that maroon coat.
Phone call sounded like a goodbye.
Maybe she calls her mom and dad, goes to the bridge she went to with them.
You never met the person before me, did you? No.
When I was getting ready to come over, it was suddenly accelerated.
I got this weird feeling, like something - (telephone rings) - bad hap Hello? Clark? Martha, are you all right? Martha? I wasn't expecting you to pick up.
I've been, um, sitting here, waiting for you to call.
(voice breaking) You left me with a stranger! I never should have left.
I-I know.
I am so sorry.
I didn't know if you were coming back, and it made me crazy, Clark.
It It It was wrong, and I can't tell you what a big emergency it was, but it was wrong, and Can Can you forgive me? I don't know what to do, Clark.
I don't know.
W-Where Where are you? Tell me, and I'll I'll just I'll come I'll come and get you.
(sniffles) Please, Martha, we need to talk.
Talk? You'll just tell me some version of the truth that's not very true.
I-I'll tell you everything, I promise, but I need to know where you are.
I want it to stop, Clark.
I want it to end.
I can't.
I can't.
W-W-Where are you, Martha? Please.
(sobs) (sighs) Please.
(sobs) Martha, please.
I'm at Rock Creek Park, the Valley trailhead.
Martha, stay there.
I'm on my way.
Don't move.
Rock Creek Park, Valley trailhead.
(telephone rings) Hello? Where's Philip? Martha called.
He went to get her.
Where? Valley trailhead, Rock Creek Park.
I'm close.
(knock on door) (sighs) (door closes) Martha.
Where's Clark? He's on his way.
What are you doing here? He wanted me to stay with you until he got here.
He should be here any minute.
Are you sleeping with my husband? No.
The woman at my wedding, she's not his mother.
Martha, please come back with me.
You should talk to Clark about all of this.
Who is she?! Is she like you? Yes, she's like me.
And the man with the cane, who's that? Martha, it's not safe for us here.
We need to go.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
- Stay away from me.
- Please, please, Martha.
No, if you don't walk away from me right now - Please.
- So help me God, I wo Ugh! (gasps) (gasping) Martha? There's nowhere to go.
They know who you are.
They're coming for you, and they will find you.
They'll arrest Clark.
His life will be over.
Do what I say, and you'll live.
You'll live.
(gasps) (gasping) Martha! Martha! (coins jingle) (dialing) HENRY: That girl is mega-hot.
She's all right.
SHIELDS: You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? You're allowed to drink beer? - SHIELDS: Nothing.
- MATTHEW: My dad's cool with it.
MALE ANNOUNCER: Calvin Klein jeans.
He is? He doesn't really notice.
Well, can I have one? It's not like I've never drank beer before.
That's it? Hey, you want it or not? (sighs) (doorbell rings) Hey.
WOMAN ON TV: Excuse me.
I made some dinner.
Oh, cool.
What are you drinking? Um I'm not checking I.
don't freak.
Can I have one? Sure, yeah.
You want a glass? No, it's okay.
She gets a whole one? She's 15.
(sighs) So lame.
You know my dad is an FBI agent.
If we drink all his beers, that he'll notice.
Here, you can have some of mine.
MAN ON TV: Operation, right? WOMAN ON TV: The bank was closed.
Found all I could.
(coins rattling) Sir.
We've got agents staking out the pay phone where she made the call, churches in her area.
What about her ex-roommate? They haven't talked in two years.
Deputy Attorney General went to the Director, told him I can't control you.
What'd you say? I said the Deputy Attorney General needs to get the hell out of my department.
I bet that went over well.
One thing I learned in Khe Sanh don't fall down and play dead.
Then again, with the bug in my office and Gene and now Martha I'm pretty much dead already.
She's all right.
Where is she? Bedroom.
PHILIP: Martha? Martha? What happened? Oh, no, it's It's just a bruise.
(groans) I'll be all right.
Nothing is broken.
(sighs) (sniffles) What's your name? (sighs) Philip.
The name you were born with.
But everyone called me Mischa.
I'll get some ice.
(sniffles) (sighs) (door opens, closes) (door closes) Philip.
If she runs again I know.
I know.
You should tell her that you'll join her, that you'll have a life together.
She needs that hope to get her on the plane.
If you could go back Back? What do you mean, back? With Martha.
If our kids were grown and you could just get out of this whole life? W-What What are you talking about? Would you go with her? Are you crazy? M-Martha and I I'd understand.
It is not like that at all.
It's different, I know, I know.
You should get her that ice before it melts.
I love you.
I'll be home in a few hours.
You need to stay.
You should stay.
(knock on door) Who's that? That's Martha.
Martha? Mm-hmm.
Why'd they draw her? Misunderstanding.
Didn't know we knew her.
Carlotti did this? Yeah, based on the Super's description.
This is the boyfriend, Westerfeld.
Not boyfriend.
They married her.
Martha is married to a KGB officer.
Blood tests and everything.
They seduced and married my secretary.
Maybe we're seeing it wrong.
Maybe Maybe Maybe they fell in love somehow.
Maybe Maybe they knew each other fr-from way back when and reconnected and I'm in charge of FBI Counterintelligence, and my secretary married a KGB officer.
It could have been for a million reasons.
Like what? Money? Sex? Is the Kama Sutra that good? Or was she that unhappy? (inhales sharply) Tomorrow morning, early you will leave for Russia to begin a new life.
Russia? I know it's not easy.
It's the only way.
(sniffles) Okay.
And how soon before you come? I won't.
I can't.
Not even to visit? No.
(inhales deeply) (sighs) My parents.
They'll wonder w-what happened.
We'll get a message to your parents.
I don't know that I can do this.
You can.
You have to.
There will be people there to take care of I don't speak Russian.
They'll teach you.
I'll be alone.
Just the way it was before I met you.
They'll take good care of you.
Treat you with respect and honor.
They know your sacrifice, Martha.
(spits) (water swishes, spits) (jewelry clatters)
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