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The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears

1 Previously on "The Americans" Just remember the lens is right there, so They're not gonna search her purse? Baby, don't worry.
In the next day or two, you're gonna get some disturbing news at work.
Gene Craft is dead.
No, I didn't I didn't agree to this! I'm in charge of FBI counterintelligence, and my secretary married a KGB officer.
Daddy, I'm in trouble.
- She's in Woodley Park.
- Got it.
Martha, we need to go.
No! If you don't walk away from me right now If you could go back with Martha, would you? What are you talking about? I'd understand.
Tomorrow morning, you will leave for Russia.
And how soon before you come? I won't.
Don't be alone, Clark.
All right? Don't be alone.
You too.
Oh, sure.
I'll just learn Russian and Yeah, okay.
Me too.
Last time, he made a whole 7-ton Learjet disappear.
But that was nothing.
Doesn't sound like nothing.
Mom, this is the Statue of Liberty.
Every single person I know is gonna be watching this.
Well, except probably not Dad, because he won't be here.
Won't be here for what? David Copperfield's making the Statue of Liberty disappear on TV.
Well chances are I will be watching it disappear with you.
We just lost a big client, so I'm gonna have a lot more time on my hands.
Does this mean we're gonna be running low on the moolah? We can eat less steak.
The good news is, I won't be spending a couple of nights away every week anymore.
You won't? Start getting used to more Dad.
Down at Union Station yesterday.
Turned out to be some congressman's sister.
Yeah? Thanks.
Woman they spotted at the Georgia Avenue bus station? Team on her apartment just turned over.
No sign.
Martha and whoever's print this is.
"Clark Westerfeld.
" There's no match for him in the federal database.
State and local are still looking.
I didn't see a Goddamn thing.
Even when I took her to dinner, when I was looking for it.
She was good.
All the times she lied to my face.
What it takes to do that Bastards must have given her a lot of help.
Is Paige home? Uh, no.
Do you know where she is? Church.
She's doing food pantry with Pastor Tim and Alice.
Did she say anything? About? Pastor Tim and Alice.
How did it go with Martha? Fine.
"Good"? Sorry.
Um, yeah.
She made it as good as she could.
What are you reading? Is it good? Helpful? It's, um It's helping me realize some things.
Like what? This whole winter, I wanted to play hockey, so I want to start playing hockey again.
Hello? Guess who.
Patty? Hi.
Hey! You doing anything right now? That was really beautiful.
It was pretty good.
Oh, don't give me that.
I saw you crying.
Okay, okay.
It did get to me.
I cry at everything.
I cried at "Star Wars.
" When they, uh, blew up the planet - Uh-huh - I bawled my eyes out.
I don't see many movies.
Why not? I don't know.
I guess I just always think I should be doing something more useful.
Well, you know what Mary Kay says about that.
Me neither.
But I'm But I'm sure she said something about it being, uh, useful to treat yourself and relax once in a while.
With our Mary Kay TimeWise facial cleanser.
Scientifically formulated for your skin type.
- Because skin care isn't just - Oh.
- Something you buy.
- Something you buy.
- It's something you learn.
- It's something you learn.
Let me throw this away.
Hey, I have a confession to make.
What? I feel really guilty for trying to turn you into Independent Beauty Consultant so I can make extra money.
They don't take your money out of mine.
I know, but I don't know I like you, and my mother always said don't mix money and friendship, so Well, you're not gonna make too much money off of me, so our friendship is very safe.
Hey, look.
You want to? Okay.
Saw your car pull in.
Come on in.
Hey, you mind if I grab a beer? I'm running low.
Help yourself.
Oh, yeah.
Where's Elizabeth? I don't I don't really know.
Everything okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, we're we're fine.
Got a call from my lawyer.
He's getting the divorce papers ready to send, so Not like it's big news.
Nothing else.
Stan, you got your son back, you got your house, your stuff You still dating Tori? Off and on.
More off.
You'll be fine.
And if it's not Tori, it'll be somebody else, and that'll happen sooner that you think.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I hav I haven't been getting much sleep.
I'm feeling kind of We're in the middle of dealing with this disaster at work the last three days.
If it turns out how it looks like it's turning out won't be enough beer in the world.
Stan! Mm.
Hi, Elizabeth.
Do you want to stay for dinner? Oh.
Uh No.
No, I should leave you guys to your night.
- Thanks for the beer.
- Yeah.
- Uh, good night.
- Good night.
What was that all about? Nothing.
He was, uh he was just running low on beer.
Where are the kids? Uh, still out.
Did you eat? Uh, no.
You? I snacked with Young-Hee.
How's that going? It's going.
I'll make you something.
How about eggs? Let's see what else we have.
Turns out they were on her.
Stan just told me they were in the middle of a disaster at work.
I'd been worried I pulled her for nothing.
Well, you were right.
She had to get out.
She'll be okay.
She was a nice woman.
She was straight-ahead, uncomplicated.
She was She wasn't simple.
I don't mean "simple.
" I meant easy.
You know to talk to.
You could probably talk to her about those things that you've been talking about.
She was actually very complicated.
Of course.
People underestimated her.
Hey, Mom.
Can we have sloppy joes for dinner? Yes! That sounds like a great idea.
Hey, Dad.
Yesterday she gave me her love And my only hope Kimmy.
It's making a difference in the field.
Speaking of which, I have news.
Your son finished his tour.
He's back home, safe.
Who knows? Maybe what you've been getting from Breland helped him survive.
Does he have anybody? Irina's father in Moscow.
Any news on Martha? No.
I want someone to contact her parents soon.
I'll have the Centre call them when they think it's safe.
When's that? Six months, maybe.
They'll think she's dead.
W Philip, there are procedures in place for this.
It's not perfect.
It's a hard situation.
Thank you.
All right.
Maybe you can call them yourself.
And maybe we can make it happen sooner a little sooner.
I want to tell them they'll be able to see her again maybe not for three or four years, and maybe not in the location where she is now.
You know that won't be possible.
Things can be arranged, Gabriel.
If we want to do it, we can do it.
Come on.
Philip, you cannot do this one on your own.
And I don't see the Centre agreeing.
I'm sorry.
Every one of you here has the opportunity to live an authentic life.
But so far, it just ain't happening, is it? Why? Why is that? Because you're trapped, right? Isn't that why? Yeah, sure.
That's how you feel.
Stuck in a box that you can't get out of.
Well, who made the box? You all think you want to be free.
Everything would be great, if only you didn't have this shit that you got to take care of, this crap that you got to worry about.
Well, I've got news for you.
You love your prison.
You love the prison you've made for yourself.
If somebody came along and broke the lock right now, you wouldn't know what the hell to do with yourself wouldn't have a clue.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are the kids home? Uh, Henry, uh Henry's across the street.
I think he and Matthew are inventing some game.
And Paige is at Bible study.
I went to EST.
What, uh What made you do that? Told you I was gonna go.
So? So I see why you like it.
You do? Yeah.
Things that are hard to talk about that hurt too much Maybe it's good that someone makes you look at those things.
I-I mean, it is weird talking in front of strangers, but But they don't let you just stand there and say anything you want.
You know, they question it.
Make you question it.
They keep you honest.
It helps.
I can I can see that.
But? They just try so hard to get you to sign up for more.
You know, spend more money and bring in your friends and That's not the point.
Well, I think that is the point.
They manipulate you to get at your wallet.
You think I'm being manipulated.
I just think it's it's very American, the whole thing.
You don't get it.
That's what they say when you don't go along with it "You don't get it.
" So you do sign up for more seminars, you spend more money, and then suddenly you get it.
I'm get a lot out of it, and that's what matters.
But are you? Getting a lot? Because, from what I can see, you're not sleeping, you're not eating.
Yeah, and there's a reason for that.
Because you put Martha on a plane? lot? Is that it? Isn't that enough? It happens, Philip.
We lose agents.
Agents? Yes agents.
That is what she was.
She was a human being.
At least she's alive.
You didn't have to send her out onto the street to get mowed down.
You want to talk about Gregory now? I have not said a word about Gregory all this time.
But you still think about him, apparently.
Of course I still think about him! Well, I'm sorry the man you loved died and you're stuck with me! I am stuck with you because I took you back after you slept with the woman who had your son and you lied to my face about it! Hello.
Martha's in Cuba.
She'll be in Prague by morning.
Got a signal from Lisa.
She wants to talk earlier than our normal meeting.
Any idea? No.
All right.
What's going on with you two? You both look terrible.
Is it about Martha? Is someone going to tell me? Fine.
I'll tell him.
I've been going to EST.
EST? Yeah.
It's a type of seminar.
I know what EST is.
The question is why? Are you really asking me that? Yes, I'm really asking you that.
Maybe because you don't live my life.
Well, I've lived close enough, thank you.
He doesn't want to hear it from you, Gabriel, or me.
Apparently he needs a group of strangers in some hotel room to listen to him.
Do you want to talk about it? Not really.
I'm tired.
I'm going to go home, take my antibiotic, and then I'm going to take a nap.
I th I thought you were at church.
Isn't today Bible study? I decided to skip it.
Why? I just Henry is getting some extra help on his Spanish.
He won't be back until 6:00, so I'm just I went last week and the week before.
You have to go every week, Paige, if you're going to stay close to Pastor Tim.
Mom, it's fine if I skip a week.
I can see why it might look that way to you, but you need to maintain a consistent presence in his life.
When you go to Bible study, you have to talk and be into it, so if I'm not in the mood, it's gonna be obvious.
Well, then you get yourself in the mood.
Get back in here right now.
We've been trying, Paige trying to be nice to you, trying to forgive you for what you did.
But if you think for a minute you can be precious about your moods when it comes to Pastor Tim and his wife I can't control how I feel! You can control what you do.
And from now on, you are going to.
And let me be clear about what you are going to do.
You are going to go to Bible study every week.
You are going to go to Sunday services every week.
You are going to find some other shit to volunteer for at that Goddamn church so that not a day goes by without you seeing Pastor Tim and his wife.
And then you are going to come home every night, and you're gonna tell me and your father everything that happened what was said, their moods, their attitudes, their feelings because that is what is important right now.
Because, thanks to what you did, that is all that stands between us and this family being destroyed.
They asked me to come up and see the Director.
Well, that could be anything.
I'm pretty sure they're not calling me up for a commendation, Stan.
I knew a guy who got called up to see the Director.
He was sure that was the end.
Gets up there, waits two hours, turns out the Director had some visiting dignitary who's a stamp collector.
Director's office had heard my friend's a stamp collector, too, so they called him up there to talk to the guy.
Well I don't collect stamps.
They're children.
They don't have our life experience yet.
Oh, please.
Bringing their marital spats to the job, going to EST.
They say goodbye to an agent, and they think it's the end of the world.
Gabriel, we can't expect them to Claudia, in my time, there were things worse than the war.
I had a friend Gakov, a decorated officer.
We were close since school.
Then he became an "enemy of the people.
" I had to go to his house and pull him out in front of his wife, his son, and his two daughters.
The wife was screaming.
The children were screaming.
"Not you, comrade," he said.
They pushed him into a car.
We did what we had to do.
That's the way it was.
Or we got killed ourselves.
They think this is so bad, what they're going through? They have no idea.
You're angry.
You Yes, I'm angry, and I'm frustrated.
I'm losing my influence with them.
They're not listening to me.
Oh, your officers aren't listening to you.
It's never been this bad.
It's worse every day.
Things have gone to shit, and you think, "Well, it's not their fault," so it has to be yours.
Well, whose fault is it? It's the world.
You don't have the answer.
I don't, either.
Do you think there's someone waiting in the wings who does? Everything okay? No.
It's not.
Maurice is back on the bottle.
So am I.
Lisa He took our money.
All that money that's been coming in from you and Jack he took it, ran off to Florida with some woman he met a month ago.
Let's get to a meeting right now.
I need to make things right.
You will we will.
I'm gonna take you.
Let's go.
I sent my kids to my sister's.
I cannot put them through this.
I've been living a lie.
I need to make things right, and you do, too.
We need to tell the police about Jack, about what we've been doing.
We can't do that.
We have to.
'Cause I started slipping the moment I started taking that money.
The lying, the pressure it was too much.
I cracked.
And you will, too, if you don't come clean, 'Chelle.
Lisa, I'm not gonna crack.
Yeah, well that's what I told myself, and then just sneaks up on you.
I'll talk to Jack, okay? You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do.
Jack will tell us anything.
He probably got all sorts of women doing all sorts of shit.
You need to get rid of that asshole.
- Lisa - 'Chelle, please! Please help me.
I can't go in there by myself.
If we go in there together, they will give us immunity.
Do you really think they're gonna give you immunity? If we go in there together They'll take your kids.
I know you feel bad right now, but you don't have to do this.
Okay? L-Let's just get to a meeting.
Let's do that.
I'll do it by myself, then.
They don't want to make a deal, they won't get to hear what I have to say.
They won't take my kids from me.
Put me on probation? That's fine.
Want a game? I don't think so.
Tea? No.
Lisa's done, too.
Put down my cigarettes? Yeah.
I-I put it out.
Sit down.
Things have to change.
I'm going to talk to the Centre.
I'm going to tell them that it's time we ease up on you two.
It's been too much too much for anyone.
No new operations.
Maintain the Breland bug and, uh, Young-Hee.
This will be the closest you two have ever come to a vacation.
For how long? Take as long as you need.
And you think the Centre will agree to that? I'll make sure they do.
So, I guess we're gonna be travel agents now.
You know what we should do? What? Take the kids to Epcot.
Mom, Dad, come on.
He's about to do it.
I can't believe this.
Ground control, send in copter.
My mother was the first one to tell me about the Statue of Liberty.
She saw it first from the deck of a ship that brought her to America.
She was an immigrant.
She impressed upon me how precious our liberty is and how easily it can be lost.
And then, one day, it occurred to me that I could show with magic how we take our freedom for granted.
Sometimes we don't realize how important something is until it's gone, so I asked our government for permission, to let me make the Statue of Liberty disappear, just for a few minutes.
How long can we stay free? For just as long as we keep thinking and speaking and acting as free human beings.
Our ancestors couldn't.
We can.
And our children will.
Now! Whoa.
- How did he do that? - I have no idea.
Think I'll walk out in the rain - Yes! - Oh, my gosh! Called you time and time aga-a-a-in Got no reply You've gone reached the point of no return Ohh! - Yeah! - Whoo-hoo! Thanks for coming.
Of course.
So, you guys are leaving when? Friday.
Straight to Hong Kong? Hong Kong to Bangkok, and then we head, uh, north Chiang Mai, stay with Linh's family for three weeks.
Her family is, uh, in Thailand? That's where they landed after the war.
So, tell me.
How's the new guy? Typical Webster munchkin.
Big on the shoe shines? Shoe shines, haircuts You can tie your tie any way you want, as long as it's a half-Windsor.
He's doubling the tech sweeps.
No more personal clocks, radios.
Pens? You'd think so, wouldn't you? Have a seat.
Take a load off.
Done my share of winning Now my turn to lose You're gonna have to work on that.
After a fair beginning The game's up I'm through None of my business anymore, but, uh I can't stop thinking about you and Burov.
Maybe he can't be turned, of course, or or maybe you've turned him already, but my instinct tells me you haven't.
It's your operation, Stan.
And screw the Deputy A.
and screw your new boss and screw the Director if they're pressuring you but it might be that you're holding off with Burov because your conscience is bothering you, because of what happened to Nina.
Think I'll walk out in the storm Five minutes.
Hope it's fine Things get personal.
You're not the first.
You You feel bad about Nina.
Burov does, too.
You've got his brother and you've got her, and that's your plan.
And then your conscience pops up, because it starts to get a little bit too much.
Now, I'm gonna sound like Webster here and I would rather cut my own throat than do that but you talk about things getting personal At the end of the line Paige? Everything okay? They were both in a good mood.
They enjoyed miniature golf.
Alice said she can really feel the baby moving.
I said I can't wait to babysit.
Whatever comes up feelings, sympathy, friendship, whatever you can't lose sight of who these people are.

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