The Americans (2013) s05e07 Episode Script

The Committee On Human Rights

1 Previously on The Americans We got it wrong.
Stobert isn't looking to poison us or our food.
He wants to develop a wheat that can grow anywhere.
GABRIEL: Think what getting our hands on it could mean to us.
No more shortages.
No more buying grain from the west.
PHILIP: We've been giving the Centre a lot of detailed reports about Stan.
They know he's a loner that would go for her type.
You think we sent her? I'm just saying I'm sorry you're spread so thin.
This will all be easy.
PHILIP: How was your appointment? He's, uh, got file cabinets in his office with basic locks.
I'm going home.
- Did something happen? - No.
It's just time.
I spoke to Gabriel about my father.
He was a guard at a prison camp.
I don't know anything.
My own parents, I don't know anything about them at all.
PHILIP: You need a hand? No, it's all under control.
Help yourself.
(clears throat) (pours tea) I can't tell you, Paige, how much I've been looking forward to this day.
I have heard so much about you for so long.
Where did you meet my parents? Here, in Washington, a long time ago.
Are you a-a spy? Yes.
Gabriel works with us.
He helps us.
GABRIEL: I know it's been a difficult time, Paige, finding out your parents had withheld things from you.
It's been hard.
Well To you they're just your parents.
They probably drive you crazy.
Because they have driven me crazy from time to time.
But to us, they're honestly heroes.
They've saved a lot of lives.
Marx says if we choose to work for all mankind, no burdens can bring us down because our sacrifices are then for the benefit of all.
And your parents have sacrificed a lot for others.
They've stood for something larger than themselves, and that takes courage.
And you've shown a lot of courage, too.
I haven't done anything.
Yes, you have.
Despite all the garbage that you have had to deal with, you asked for the truth, and you faced it.
And I think that's courage.
PAIGE: He doesn't live there, does he? No.
There weren't any pictures anywhere.
It's a place we can all meet safely.
He cares about you.
He cares about you, too.
He knows, like, everything about me.
Yeah, yeah, we told him, over the years.
I remember the day you started first grade.
He said, "You need a pencil, a notebook, and a brain.
You buy her the first two.
She has plenty of the third.
" You remember that stuffed tiger you used to hide in your bookbag? Jesse? Gabriel got him for you.
He said he wanted you to grow up strong like a tiger.
He's like your family.
Yeah, he is.
(sighs) (car door opens) We're not getting back into the greenhouse.
I guess they noticed the lab worker went missing.
That much, it's gotta be around the clock.
- Mm.
- Anything else? Mnh-mnh.
All right, where else do you think they might have it? (sighs) Let me see what I can get from Deirdre, you now, maybe places where they ship the seed, store it.
Okay, I'll work Stobert, too.
Paige liked Gabriel.
Yeah, enough.
I think it's getting better with her.
I think so, too.
If we can just keep it going and get her past this.
I know.
(indistinct chatter) Guys, call on Ops 2.
Hello? Yes, yes, I'm glad you called.
No, no one's listening, just me.
Well, I'm very glad to hear it.
3:30 is fine.
N-No, I think right inside the entrance to Rock Creek Park at Aspen Street and 16th would be better.
Can you find it? Great.
Thank you, we'll see you then.
(hangs up phone) Well, we got a bite.
(elevator dings) - Uhh, did you sign in ma'am? - I did, yes.
Could you please-- I am all turned around here.
I am supposed to be at the Woodwork and Lothrop.
- Okay.
- And Route 7.
- Right.
- All right, yeah.
Now, the thing is, because of what they working on, I can't figure out how to get there.
- Now, I see Arlington right here.
- Uh-huh.
(lock clicks) (lock clicks) (drawer clanks) I'm-- I'm gonna try and get a Lotus approved for the office.
Um, could be a life-- life-changer.
Can I, um-- Can I ask you a question? What? Did you ever live with anyone? Why are you asking me that? Um, because there's not many extra bowls.
Are you planning to move to Topeka? No.
What-- What-- What if I did? Mm, probably this would end.
Why? Because I just-- I just want to be together like two normal people right now.
Yeah, me, too.
What? No, I just-- (Chuckles) Nothing.
I-- You're not great at just letting things take their course.
I mean, anybody could see that about you.
You kind of need a lot.
Umm I-I just like you.
So, stop worrying about all this.
Do you want to have sex? Yeah.
(indistinct chatter, horns honking) (sighs) (sniffles) (exhales) (sniffles) (sighs) (sighs deeply) (sighs) (Russian accent) My son become man in Soviet Union.
What will he do? Well, he can make something of his life here.
But a boy needs his mother to become man.
And if she is dead or in prison, she is no help to him.
Do you see my problem? We wouldn't need much from you.
What means "not much"? Well, an occasional question about how TASS works, maybe the name of an employee or two, who watches over you, if you know what I mean.
Just pieces of information that you pick up.
(birds chirping) And for this, what do I get? We can help you financially-- a lot.
I could get asylum? It's possible.
"Possible" is word American use when they don't want make promise.
STAN: We can't promise asylum.
And you're right, there are risks, big risks.
You get caught, you could spend the rest of your life in a Soviet prison or worse.
I have to know my son will be safe.
We can't guarantee his safety if that happens.
No one can.
We'll do everything we can to keep you safe.
There's a lot we can do to prevent bad things from happening.
Look What? She's frightened with a kid.
If we're honest, she'll know she can trust us.
Hey, do me a favor.
When I'm on my deathbed, don't try to make me feel better.
Come on, Dennis.
Just try and soft-pedal a bit, okay? Hey.
Are you gonna miss Gabriel? I am.
Why is he leaving? (sighs) I think he's just tired.
It's a lot for a man his age.
PHILIP: Hello? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
How was your trip? Good.
Were you working on the grain thing? He's not here.
How's it going? Uhh, it's okay.
We're, um, making progress.
Will you guys, like, will you two stop it? Is that your job? We're trying.
- It takes time.
- Yeah.
Do you have time? I mean, how long before they-- Oh, we don't-- We don't know exactly.
I knew America did terrible things, but I never thought-- I mean, people's food.
I know it's hard understanding these things, seeing these things.
But the world-- it doesn't work the way a lot of people here think that it does.
Can't you just go to the press, tell them what's going on? I mean, not-- not the spy part, but just about what they're doing with the grain? We can't do that.
Why not? It worked with Watergate.
Just let them expose it to the world.
They'd have to stop then.
No one would believe us.
(sighs) Yeah.
How'd it go? (sighs) I got a lot of paperwork, you know, budget spreadsheets, locations, things we can match to.
Stobert said he's going to Mississippi for work Thursday.
Yeah, I-I think Mississippi was in there.
How'd it go at the shrink? I got it.
Who was on the list? I don't know.
Names and addresses of people back home.
We were talking about next Saturday.
Yeah, she's been bugging me to see "Terms of Endearment.
" (scoffs) I hear it's great.
So - You good? - Yeah.
No, really, things have been better.
Better how? I just realized, there are much more important things in the world than me.
It's a good thing to realize that there are things bigger than you.
Most people never figure that out.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Jesus spent his whole life teaching us that.
And realizing it leads to empathy, but empathy leads us to help others, to make sacrifices in our own life for the benefit of someone else.
His crucifixion was the ultimate example of that.
Of course, you're important, too.
I hope you know that.
I do.
You been praying? Sometimes.
(clears throat) The Deputy AG asked me to tell you some news he thought you'd like to hear.
CIA is backing off Burov in Moscow.
That's the good news.
He also said he wants you transferred out of counterintelligence.
I told him I can't do that because of an active operation.
I briefed him on what you're running with Aderholt.
How'd he take that? Not great.
But I don't think our TASS contact would do so well if you disappeared on her all of a sudden.
And the Deputy AG is gonna back me up on that.
But after the operation? Let's worry about that when we have to worry about it.
- There he is.
- Yeah.
You want to get it now or come back at night? Night.
Let's see where he goes next.
(door closes) I'm glad you came over.
It's been a rough day.
Do you maybe wanna go see a movie tomorrow? - I can't.
- Oh, no, sure.
Why even ask my girlfriend if she wants to hang out? What about Saturday? I have to talk to you.
Jesus, Paige.
You don't-- (voice breaking) You don't know me, Matthew.
I know you.
Come on.
You like to read.
You're really into church.
That's not-- That's not what I mean.
Okay, so what are you talking about? All we do is make out.
I don't want that anymore.
Okay, fine.
We don't have to make out anymore.
That's it, you're not gonna argue with me? Do you want me to argue with you? No! Look, what do you want me to say?! I don't know! Something.
Look, I'm not like my dad, okay? If I-- If I did something wrong, then I'll fix it.
I can't be your girlfriend anymore.
What? I just-- I have too much happening, and-- So what? You're too busy for me.
Don't make this harder, okay? I'm sorry.
- No.
Okay, just wait.
- Let go! (sobs) (sniffs) I'm sorry.
(door closes) (indistinct chatter) WOMAN: Hey, y'all.
How you doing? (suspenseful music plays) - Hi there, handsome.
- Hi.
(indistinct conversation) Who's she? Don't know.
Let's go get it.
(serene music plays) (grunting softly) I didn't think he was like that.
You didn't buy his act, anyway.
No, but there was something about him that-- I thought that maybe You liked him.
No, I didn't like him.
It's okay to care.
No, it isn't, Philip.
Not for me.
Can you imagine? They'll plant this back home and make better food out of it.
I feel like one of the guys in the posters.
You wouldn't believe the instructions I have for this thing.
I have to tend it like a baby.
I've been thinking about Paige.
You did well.
She doesn't think the world owes her happiness, which is no small accomplishment growing up in this country.
Sometimes I think that we've put too much on her.
She has a big heart.
She's not a quitter.
She'll find her way.
Gabriel, why are you leaving? (sighs) It adds up.
Some of it's okay, Elizabeth.
Some of it isn't.
But it adds up.
What are we gonna do without you? Well, what about me? I have one cousin in Leningrad and a nephew in Sverdlovsk.
That's it.
I leave late tonight.
Send your husband to say goodbye.
(garage door closing) Hi.
Mom, I broke up with Matthew.
I just-- I couldn't do it anymore.
It wasn't fair to him.
How did he take it? Not so great.
Have you ever broken up with someone? Yeah.
I know how hard that must have been.
I'm proud of you.
RENEE: My friend Ginny and I were driving to Acadia National Park in Maine.
She's a hiker.
We stopped in Bloomington, Indiana, 'cause Ginny went to school at the U of I.
And it was real hot, so we went skinny dipping in the rooftop quarry.
And it was right there.
It was right there where they shot that.
CYRIL: You know, there ain't many places that can hide all four of us.
MICHAEL: You know what I'd like to be? Smart.
(TV shuts off) What are you doing? What's going on? Okay.
(TV turns on) - (sighs) - (sighs) How'd you get to be so stupid, Cyril? I don't know.
Guess I have a dumb hereditary or something.
What's your excuse, Michael? (TV shuts off) My boss I thought I was gonna get fired the other day.
What happened? Well, he called me in and told me There's this thing.
I'd asked my boss's boss to make this thing happen.
I didn't know if he was gonna do it or not.
He was really not happy about it.
No one was.
And when my boss called me in, he told me the thing I pissed everybody off asking for, well, they did it, it happened.
Which, I don't even know if he knew the part about-- Forget about that part.
Anyway, then he told me the bad news is his boss-- my boss's boss-- is so pissed, he wants me fired.
Well, can he do that? Just because you did that? He can pretty much do what he wants.
- But not yet.
- Oh.
Turns out, there's this other thing that I'm involved with, and my boss kind of used my involvement with that to keep me on.
For now.
Or maybe longer, I don't know.
Well, good, right? Yeah.
(sighs) Thanks.
(TV turns on) (door opens) Hey.
(door closes) (Whispering) Paige broke up with Matthew.
(Whispering) Oh.
Well, thank God.
How is she doing? I think okay.
I mean, so-so.
Gabriel leaves tonight.
(knock on door) Hey.
Did she tell you? Yeah.
(sighs) (sighs) Paige, I'm-- I'm really sorry.
I have to go right back out.
Work? Uh Gabriel's leaving.
I-- I have to see him.
Tell him I said goodbye.
Scoot over.
Paige, I know how you feel.
Like you're different from everyone else, right? It's like a million times worse than that, Dad.
I felt that way before any of this.
Well I still think you're a beautiful girl.
And in time you'll get used to these things.
Thanks, Dad.
(sighs) (door closes) I'm sorry you're leaving.
That's good of you to say.
We've had our ups and downs.
I'm glad it's all ending on this-- you know, something good.
I doubt we'll ever see each other again.
What's this thing Elizabeth's doing in the psychiatrist's office? She got us some information on people who are part of a well-organized opposition to the party at home.
Can I ask you something? You said when you were younger, you did terrible things.
What things? When you signed up, how much did you know about what we did before and after the war? People were talking about it.
- What did you think? - I didn't.
I didn't ask questions.
Well, it was bad.
It was worse than you could imagine.
People were shot, worked to death in the camps.
Some were counterrevolutionaries.
But some Some hadn't done anything.
Just people.
I did it too.
Why? To set an example.
I, uh-- who knows? The organization was filled with people who were scared and confused.
But not you? No.
I believed I was acting in the service of a higher purpose.
But I was just scared.
It was terrible, terrible times.
And a lot of us-- a lot of us didn't make it either.
(scoffs) I have to go.
(Bag rustling) Is Stan Beeman's new girlfriend one of us? Are you serious? (sighs) You're losing it, Philip.
That's not an answer, Gabriel.
It's possible the Centre wouldn't tell me because they knew you'd ask me this question.
As far as I know, she is not one of us.
You were right about Paige.
She should be kept out of all this.
(Door closes)
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