The Americans (2013) s05e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Americans" I'm going home.
What? It adds up.
You don't need me anymore.
You have each other.
Paige, what are you doing in there? (grunts) - No! - (groaning) I couldn't sleep.
How long's it gonna be before she slips, Philip? PHILIP: I don't know.
But she's over there all the time.
So I just can't ever have a boyfriend? Just not Matthew.
(voice breaking) I can't be your girlfriend anymore.
Gabriel leaves tonight.
I doubt we'll ever see each other again.
GABRIEL: You were right about Paige.
She should be kept out of all this.
(sighs) (engine shuts off) (gearshift clicks) (insects chirping) (door opens) (door closes) - How's Paige? - ELIZABETH: She's okay.
Spent most of the evening staring across the street, but hasn't said anything else about Matthew.
You really think it's over? She could wake up and want it all back tomorrow.
But I think it'll stick.
How did it go with Gabriel? (sighs heavily) I don't know.
I asked him about Renee.
What did he say? He thinks I'm losing it.
I can't believe we're never going to see him again.
(sighs) I'm glad.
Come on I am.
All those years by our side I just think he was doing his job.
He can do his job and still care about us.
Yeah, he could.
I just think when it comes down to things, us, or (sighs) I don't know He's the one who wanted us to go home.
He's a good person.
I think he got tired of this.
He did it a long time.
He's worried about Paige.
He told me that she shouldn't do it.
He told you? Yeah.
It just came up.
Wouldn't it be a nice world if nobody had to do this.
- CHRIS: (laughs) - HENRY: Mnh, mnh! Go left! Go left! - CHRIS: Back off back off back off! - Shit.
(laughs) Sorry.
(laughs) Bye bye, Rich.
- Oh, my God.
- You're up.
(up-tempo music play) This isn't gonna go well for you, Henry.
I think he likes the girl.
- CHRIS: Look at the map.
That's you.
- I know.
I know.
(beeping) ELIZABETH: Provisions.
Thank you.
(engines revving) - ELIZABETH: Hey.
- Thanks, Mom.
CHRIS: Thanks, Ms.
ELIZABETH: You're welcome.
- (footsteps) - CHRIS: Come on.
HENRY: Dude, do you even know what you're doing in this place? He tell you anything? - I was sworn to secrecy.
- Oh.
Got it.
- Come on! - Yes! Come on! Come on! (laughing) You're in the wrong lane still! - HENRY: Stop! Stop pushing against me.
- What are you doing?! So how's Paige? (inhales sharply) She seems okay.
We don't get a lot of information.
Everything seemed to be going so well with them.
Do you have any idea what happened? No.
I mean he seemed kind of moody, but that's not so unusual for him.
I thought they had a fight or something, but I guess it's more serious than that.
Maybe they'll be friends again in a little while.
- Maybe.
- Yep.
(buttons clicking) How's it going with Renee? Oh.
(scoffs) She wants to take me skydiving.
ELIZABETH (CHUCKLES): Do you want to go? Well, I'm trying not to die before Matthew graduates from college.
CHRIS: Just give me, like, five more minutes.
(up-tempo music plays) (slurps) (door opens) (Oleg sighs) Yeah.
(chuckles) (sighs) (man speaks Russian) (man speaking Russian) (clattering) (men speaking Russian) (clatter in distance) ELIZABETH: Mmm! - You want another? - No.
Don't tempt me.
I'll gain weight and get fired.
(chuckles) Oh! If everybody need to look skinny like you for job, nobody have job.
- (laughs) - (laughs) Ah, ah, ah! - (scoffs) - (chuckles) How's Pasha? Ah.
Some days better, some days worse All I know thank you God for Tuan.
Tuan, it's only way to make Pasha laugh.
I hear them laughing at our house all the time too.
(chuckles) (scraping lightly) How are things with Alexei? Uh, better since job.
Have own work.
Time apart is a must.
How do you like teaching? I like teach most time.
But it it's hard, but good.
- Oh.
This weekend be fun.
- Mm.
Uh, all student bring one Russian dish.
We go to student house.
Uh immersion class.
Speak only Russian all time we're there.
They can already speak? No, no.
They Russian worse as my English, - (laughs) - but they try.
- Now they say, uh, "Thank you" and - Mm-hmm.
"Can go to bathroom.
" Those are very important things to know how to say.
Some get, um, upset when don't say word right.
Some more easy.
And one guy, all he do just sit there.
Another think that he's boss, but he not boss.
And another is, um, uh big sex guy.
- (laughs) - (chuckles) - Not say it right? - No.
(both laugh) Like, um like he's a lady's man? - Yes, yes.
- Yes.
- Women like him.
- Yes.
(man speaks Russian) (man speaks Russian) (man speaks Russian) (man speaks Russian) (clanging) (Oleg sighs) No, Mom.
(man speaks Russian in distance) (footsteps) (dialing) (dialing stops) (sighs) (receiver clicks) (footsteps) (door creaks) (sighs) It's good to see you.
You too.
I was read in on everything.
You've been doing beautifully.
We've had our moments.
Can you make it a little longer with Stobert and Kemp until the Centre is sure that the wheat samples you got them are what they were looking for? - Sure.
- Good.
I'll get you an answer as soon as possible.
Evgheniya Morozov is teaching an immersion class at one of her students' houses in a few days.
The whole class will be there? Is your team up to this? It's still too small.
I mean, we've met a couple of people over the past few months, but nobody right.
Her students feel very safe at home.
We'll be all right.
We'll get every single one of them.
Okay, thanks.
Are you in a hurry? Well, that's all we have.
(sighs) Let's do this a little differently from now on.
How would you like to do it? (clicks tongue) You tell us what to do, and we'll do it.
Isn't that how this works? I think what Philip is saying is we know what we're doing.
- (sighs) - We know what to think.
You don't want anybody inside your heads.
Fair enough.
Not my strong suit anyway.
(footsteps) (door opens, closes) Back when Gabriel was shooting people at home what do you think she was doing? (telephone ringing) (inhales sharply) I'm going to cancel my trip to see Stobert.
There's nothing to do there until we hear back from the Centre about the sample.
That may take a while.
You sure that's smart? He's a very laid back guy.
I'll cancel with Deirdre.
- No, that's not what I was - No, I know.
But you don't have to.
I know.
I'll tell her it's work.
She understands "work.
" (door creaks) (woman speaking indistinctly in distance) There was a man back there.
He was one of ours.
We have people watching to make sure you haven't been followed.
You're safe.
Try not to look over your shoulder.
You don't want to draw attention.
Was I doing that? I was just checking You just shouldn't look worried.
But I am.
I know.
And my son has a big imagination.
One day he wants to be captain.
The next day a fireman.
Next day police.
A doctor.
(sighs) I want him to be what he wants.
He can be whatever he wants here.
With the money we give you, you can save for his education.
We'll give you five hundred dollars a month.
We'll put two fifty of that into a college trust fund for your son.
And, if things go well, we'll give you more.
And I can save half for college, half for house.
Well, saving for a house will take a very long time.
But I won't use that money for nothing other than those things.
Just son and house.
So, how are things going at work? Fine.
You get along with your coworkers? Most of them.
You know, I don't say so much because everyone is gossip.
There is very little room.
And everyone's desks so close, so everyone hear everything, see everything - everyone smell everything.
- Hmm.
But we get along.
We like each other.
Except of Yuri, the GRU officer.
Nobody likes him.
Yuri? Yuri Tkachuk.
He thinks he's a big man and he knows everything but he know nothing.
So it's not that different from the FBI, then? Do you have a Yuri too? Every office has a Yuri.
- (chuckles) - (chuckles) Where did you tell your coworkers you were going today? Mm.
Just lunch.
Do they ever ask you where you went for lunch? Uh, I guess.
I mean nobody cares though.
Everybody go out to lunch sometimes.
You need to be able to tell them where you ate, what you ate, who you ate with, and why you picked that place to eat.
But nobody ask me all of that.
You have to be prepared if they do ask.
You don't want to appear nervous.
Where do you usually eat? I like pizza.
At Armand's.
- On Wisconsin? - Yeah.
Do any of them go there? No.
It's only my place.
But they know that I go there.
So tell them you went for lunch at Armand's.
But only if they ask, don't offer it up.
Um I have a favor to ask.
But I don't know if this is something you can help me.
We can't tell you unless you ask.
Uh My teeth problems.
You know, the dentist is too expensive here.
(sighs) So maybe can you help me with dentist? Yes.
We'll take care of that for you.
(chuckling) (stammering) Thank you.
Thank you.
I will do a good job for you.
Can you repeat what you'll tell anyone who asks where you were? I went to lunch.
I got my pizza.
At Armand's.
Armand's pizza.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(footsteps) (indistinct conversations) (ringing) (click) - STOBERT: Hello? - Hi.
(chuckling) I was just thinking about you.
(scoffs) Sure you were.
(chuckles) I was.
I was.
I'm I'm always thinking of you.
Well that's good, I guess.
(chuckles) Um listen, I-I can't come to town next week.
Oh, man.
I was really looking forward to seeing you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I, uh I won't be able to get back for another two or three weeks.
Is everything okay? Uh Did I do something wrong? No.
It's nothing like that.
I'm just busy with some bullshit at work.
STOBERT: Your work's not bullshit.
It is, kind of.
Compared to what you do.
Saving millions of lives.
Not yet.
Yeah, but, I mean, at least you're trying.
Not everyone can do that.
Not everyone wants to.
So I'm not going to be able to make it next week.
DEIRDRE: That's fine.
But I'll, uh I'll be there soon.
Hello? I'm here.
It's I mean, it's just work.
I'm swamped right now and I uh No.
I'm not mad.
Listen you're a really sweet guy.
But But? I've been really trying, but I just don't see this going much further.
We're we're just getting started.
(chuckling) I mean, we we we haven't even No.
I know.
It's been nice.
I've been having a really nice time, but we're not compatible.
L-Listen, this this Look, can we can we talk about this in person? Like, when I'm in town next? Because I-I-I think we can make this work.
I won't change my mind.
You're not right for me and I know it.
Why? Like I said.
You're nice.
You're really nice.
But I need someone more I don't know assertive.
You really are great.
(both grunting, panting) Do it again.
(both grunting, panting) When am I going to be able to take care of myself? You're getting there.
You're getting there.
But how long before (exhales deeply) If someone if someone was to go after me again like like in the parking lot It's just going to take time.
But we'll keep practicing.
And you're doing really well.
- You are.
- (sighs) I'm sick of being scared.
I know.
(sighs) I know how hard it is.
I was scared like that.
For a long time.
When I was eighteen (inhales sharply) a man I was raped.
And I-I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I didn't tell anyone for a very long time.
(crying) - Mom? - No, no, no, Paige.
Listen to me.
The thing is I trained as hard as I could every day.
I imagined that man's face every time I fought, and the more I fought the better I felt, until one day I knew no one was gonna hurt me like that again.
And I'm okay.
I'm not afraid anymore.
And you're not going to be either.
Okay? (knock on door) Da.
(sighs) Tak Hmm.
(sighs) (sniffs) (chuckles) (water running) (water turns off) What are you doing? ELIZABETH: Tai Chi.
Stobert showed me.
It's relaxing.
PHILIP: Looks like slow Kung fu.
(sighs) Deirdre broke up with me.
Did you handle it wrong? I wasn't aggressive enough.
It probably doesn't matter this time, but, you know next time you might have to hurt someone's feelings again.
Isn't that what the problem is? Neither of us wanted to do it this time.
But we had to.
And once you're doing it I didn't tank it, I tried my best.
It doesn't always work.
(sighs) I guess I'm talking more about EST and everything.
I mean, isn't that what they're teaching you, that people's feelings are more important than anything else? Isn't that what it is? No.
I don't think so.
Nobody's ever said that.
I think it's more there's a part of me that I have never thought about.
And then a forty-five-year-old, single logistics manager kicks you out of bed.
We're not all as attractive as you, Elizabeth.
But you are.
You can get her back if you need to.
(sighs) (sighing) I was training with Paige again - she's still scared.
- Yeah.
It's going to take her a while.
I told her I was raped.
I just wanted her to know that she won't always be afraid.
That's good.
(engine shuts off) (engine shuts off) (gearshift clicks) Well, that's not one of her students' houses.
(chuckles) Anything? I can't get it.
Over there.
I can get it from there.
(birds chirping) (vehicles passing) It's a fifteen-minute walk from her office to Armand's on Wisconsin.
Straight shot it's fifteen minutes there, fifteen minutes back.
If she takes a detour Through Melvin Hazen Park.
It's wide open.
(sighs) You don't like the park, or Armand's deep-dish pizza? Okay.
(sighs) She lives here.
Drops her son off at school and walks from Massachusetts, past the National Cathedral she crosses through a pocket park on her way.
She was pretty nervous.
I noticed.
Let's get her off the street.
(camera shutter clicking) Affair.
You think he's one of her students? I hope so.
(engine starts) The man you photographed Evgheniya with is an SIS-1 officer, Bruce Tabenor.
Most likely going to be Deputy Chief of the CIA's Moscow station.
He's married, two kids.
The Centre will probably want her back in Moscow with him so they can use the affair against him.
Well, her son isn't doing well.
And she's still furious at Alexei for dragging them here we'll talk to Tuan.
We're close to the family now.
So So where have you been? I went home for a while, spent time with my daughter and grandchildren.
I hadn't seen them in years.
The grandchildren didn't remember me.
I don't know what I expected.
How are you? You've had a lot going on lately.
Things have settled down.
And Paige? I'm not asking for the Centre.
I'm just asking.
Are you getting along? We are.
Paige is figuring things out.
What do you want for her? I want her to believe in something.
I want her to care about things that matter.
Her mother's daughter.
(chuckles) I guess.
Is that what Philip wants too? We don't talk about it much.
You don't agree? We'll never see eye to eye on it.
How are you and Philip, otherwise? Things have been good.
(ringing) (sighs) (beep) It's Deirdre, leave a message at the beep.
(beep) Hi Deirdre, it's Gus.
Listen, um, I just wanted to call, and I know I haven't handled things, um, perfectly, but you're a really terrific woman, and I-I really like you, and I know you know that and I-I just didn't want to get off onto the wrong foot when when we met.
Ah, listen (sighs) I don't know how to say this but I'm married.
And things haven't been going well, and it's complicated - and I didn't want - (click) DEIRDRE: Gus? Hi.
Thanks for picking up.
At least Evgheniya.
The key is she should want to go back, think it's her decision.
How do you know she'll keep screwing the guy, once she's back in the USSR? Or that he'll keep screwing her? They may, they may not.
That's the Centre's problem once they get her back there.
(clock ticking) There's these kids at school.
Real assholes.
They're assholes to me too.
But one of them kind of likes me.
We're in gym together.
If I got in with them they could make things really bad for Pasha.
Bad enough that his mother will want to take him home to Moscow? I'm the only friend he's got.
If I'm not there as much, and these guys start coming after him? Maybe.
They might just switch his school.
If he's miserable enough It could work.
(clock ticking) (sighs) Okay.
All right.
We'll be back Thursday.
I'm flying to Sydney, he's doing the Paris route again.
Hey, listen I think you guys need to be here more.
It hasn't been a problem yet, but it will be.
- Thanks for letting us know.
- Yeah.
See you Thursday.
(footsteps) Blast burns.
(robotic voice) I determine an alien presence.
Crunchy, buttery toffee, sumptuous (channels changing) MAN: You can ask for it by (up-tempo piano music plays) (siren wails) WOMAN: Now that's my workout.
MAN: Anti-human.
(indistinct shouting) MAN #2: You know why we've been following you, Ms.
Farrell? BOY: Peanuts what do you call it? - BOY #2: Whatchamacallit.
- BOY: "Whatchamacallit"? BOY #3: Bleh, bleh, bleh! WOMAN #2: The rocket is ready to launch.
(mid-tempo music plays) (cartoon noises) MAN #3: Oh, now he's reading our minds.
MAN #4: Once in a while, when you make it right.
WOMAN #3: But the Skor candy bar WOMAN #4: Well, apologize.
And I've got to wear that.
Let's go for a walk.
- It's freezing out.
- I know.
MAN #5: I have a question about Mar.
- WOMAN #5: Mark? - Have you seen him (TV turns off) ELIZABETH: So, what is it? Matthew? PAIGE: It's fine, I'm fine.
He was just a boy.
I-I don't even want to be with him.
It's silly.
No, it isn't.
I mean Do you still think about it? What happened to you? No.
Not ever? I mean, I guess sometimes I do.
(sighs) I feel like I don't know how I could ever get over that.
Other things become more important.
- Like your job? - Partly.
And also you and Henry.
Do you like what you do? (sighs) I wish I didn't have to do it, but I'm proud to help my country.
If you didn't have to serve your country like this what would you do? I never thought about it much.
(chuckles) Not ever? I'd want to be a doctor.
(laughs) Really? What's wrong with that? (chuckles) You have no bedside manner, Mom.
That's true.
But I'd I'd do it somewhere they really needed my help.
In the third world somewhere.
Where maybe it wouldn't matter if I wasn't so perfect at that.

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