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1 Previously, on "The Americans.
" Did your professor talk about the Summit again this week? He thinks the Summit's going to be a big success.
It's hard to trust the Americans.
So, I'm thinking of leaving my job.
Not the FBI.
The department I'm working in.
We're talking to someone, and it is risky.
Gennadi Bystrov.
- Nice to meet you.
- Stan.
I am a courier, so maybe we can work together.
MAN: The couriers work in pairs.
One stays outside the stall, while the other one takes the pouch inside the stall with him.
That's the weak point.
We want you to find out what your wife is doing and tell us.
And if you have to Stop her.
This summit is a big deal.
There's a lot to do.
I know how tired you are, but I need to talk to you.
If you knew how tired I am, you wouldn't still be talking.
I need sleep.
Let me sleep.
PEDERSEN: Even if we get there, what's it give us? DELLUVA: Well, we got his sworn testimony that he never bought cocaine from her.
STAN: Yeah, a single count of perjury.
That's if we can make it stick with the jury.
Which I doubt.
I can't get over those goddamn shoes.
- Alligator.
- Waltzing around City Hall in those while the city goes to shit.
Hey, didn't we subpoena them? - The shoes? - Yeah.
Yeah, we got 'em.
Agent Beeman, line three.
Yeah, I'll come down this afternoon.
I'll come down now.
Quiet around here.
Where is everybody? There's a big summit coming up.
Lot of Russians in town.
Everybody's out.
ADERHOLT: Teacup called the ops line.
Didn't sound good.
What's wrong? I don't know.
But I told him you will see him at six tonight.
Oh, great.
You calling Renee to tell her I'm coming home late? So guess who's in town? Oleg Burov.
You're shitting me.
At his old job? At the Potomac Inn.
Not on a dip passport.
We're on him? Intermittent.
We're stretched thin right now, with the Summit.
CIA says he's been out of the KGB for three years.
They believe that? That's what their sources in Moscow say.
He's here on a tourist visa, put down on his application that he's going to some kind of class at George Mason.
That check out? He's enrolled in a course on urban transport planning.
For his father's ministry, maybe Urban transport planning.
That's a long way from the KGB.
If you happen to stop by and see him, just let me know what you think.
Meagan? - Patrick! - [CHUCKLES.]
It's so good to see you.
How're things over at State? Oh, same as always.
Busy, with the Summit, though.
MCCLEESH: You're telling me.
Exciting times, though.
Yeah, if we don't all kill each other.
I've heard things are a little hot over there.
More than a little.
How much How much of the rank and file is with Shultz on this? Well, of the people I talk to - Mm-hmm.
- half, maybe.
My boss, yes.
His boss, no.
The problem is, he thinks Gorbachev is the second coming.
You can't go into a negotiation like that.
MCCLEESH: That's right.
ACDA wants to make a deal.
That's what they're there for.
But a few of us are waking up every morning and wondering what we have to do to get out of this thing.
Meanwhile, Herrington's already invited Gorbachev to Lake Bistineau for the log cabin treatment.
If you'd told me a year ago we'd be about to sign this treaty Look, realistically, I don't know what we have to do to roll back INF on this.
But by the time the Russians head back home from this summit, START'll be a done deal too.
And if that happens [WHISPERING.]
It's no secret that the Russians want to deal They can't afford an arms race.
So, we're holding most of the cards.
You think Reagan's just going soft? I don't know.
Could be worried about his legacy.
It's so frustrating, because this summit could wind up winning us the entire Cold War.
But Weinberger and Gaffney They've got to keep Reagan true to himself.
Listen, I'm gonna be over at State on Wednesday, are you free for lunch? Yeah.
You know that steak place on Virginia? I-I've got all-day meetings.
Let's just go to the cafeteria.
The food's so bad there - [LAUGHS.]
- Come on.
I won't have time to do anything out of the building.
- I'll see you then.
- Yep.
She kick me out of house! She scream, she she yell I-I don't know what to do.
I'm just walking around streets.
Well, what happened? What'd you do? I didn't do nothing I-I watch games, relax, I ask her to please bring me another beer, she was already standing.
And she just oh God, on and on, every little thing I ever do is wrong.
Sorry I called you.
But you are the only person I can call.
No, that's okay, but you gotta just there's a lot at stake here.
Right? Not just you and Sofia, but Ilia, your work with us.
I know.
I told her that.
It's gonna be fine, okay? I really gotta go.
You're a good friend.
I'll see ya, Gennadi.
I need it.
I need it.
It's not time yet.
I need it.
Screw you, it's not time.
It's killing me.
Give me my goddamn morphine.
Deep breaths in and out in and out What's wrong with you? Can't you see that I am in pain! Glenn! I can't give it to her for another hour.
She'll develop a tolerance [MOANING.]
- Okay.
- [MOANS.]
I can't I can't do this I ca I ca GLENN: Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
- [GAGS.]
- Okay? [MUMBLING.]
There you go.
- Shh.
- I can't I can't I can't Okay, okay.
I can't go on like this.
I ca I don't want to.
I don't want to.
You need to do it.
You need to do it.
We need to end this end this.
We will.
We will.
We will.
Shh shh shh.
Shh shh shh shh.
Good production considering the low batting average.
And the 1-0 pitch to changeup bounced in the dirt.
And it's 2 and 0.
Davis batting just 249, but you get a guy who can hit the ball a long way if you just groove one here so he's gonna wanna be careful.
Braves lead 4-3 after Murphy's monster homer in the top of 6th.
Now the 2-0 count.
Gary winds and delivers.
Davis swings and belts one Glenn? Hold on one sec.
and see the ball sail way back into the seats.
Home run for Chili Davis, and the Giants have tied the game.
It was a big play.
Do you want to talk later? Or No.
What you said up there Are you two planning on ending her life? [EXHALES SOFTLY.]
I know how hard this is.
She's suffering.
She can't go on like this.
She doesn't want to.
I know people who have done it.
What are you planning to use? We don't need to talk about this.
It can go wrong, if you don't do it the right way, that can be worse.
I've been keeping a little bit of morphine each time we throw away a bottle.
I figure by early next month That's not good.
It could just put her into a coma.
Or leave her braindead.
I could help you.
I could never ask you to do that.
You didn't ask.
I supposed she would've just drifted off.
It's not usually that easy.
Well, she's really gonna suffer now.
You just have to keep her alive through the summit.
What does she draw? People.
Kind of strange I don't know.
You don't like her work? I don't know why people spend their life doing that.
At least her husband is doing something.
I'm having lunch with MCCLEESH Wednesday.
The only place he'd do it is the State Department cafeteria.
He's working on the negotiation.
And he loves to impress me.
The State Department cafeteria? I keep asking myself what the odds are.
Well, don't do that.
The Centre wants you to contact your old friend Lyle Rennhull.
A general now.
You're to try and get something called a lithium-based radiation sensor from him.
Apparently the Air Force has three hundred.
I'm supposed to give you the order, tell you it's from the person you met with in Mexico, and say we need it for the thing he was working on.
And I'm not supposed to ask any questions.
A lithium-based radiation sensor.
Well, that's a new one.
The way Paige has taken to you If something were to happen to me, at any point I think you could finish with her.
She'll have it better.
Or even if it's the CIA.
She will go to work in the morning.
And she'll come home at night.
You'll be fine, Elizabeth.
Both of you will.
Yeah, hold on, hold on.
Stan, he is never at home.
And when he is, he drinks, he watch TV, he pass out on sofa.
I can't stand it, you know.
And I know he has sex with other women.
Stan, I know it.
I want a divorce, Stan.
Okay, well the thing is No.
It's done.
It's done.
My friend Bogdan, he tells me to finish it.
Bogdan? At TASS.
I told you about him.
You didn't.
He is a very kind man.
Um, very intelligent and nice to talk to.
He is a senior correspondent.
You and Bogdan are you No! [LAUGHS.]
But you you like him.
He gives advice, and eh he is good at listening.
You know, Gennadi, he never listen.
Sofia, if you leave Gennadi is doing dangerous work, and you're a big part of it.
You're still very important to each other.
You will figure it out, okay? I have to take care of my boy.
You got home pretty late last night.
I tried not to wake you and It's fine.
I'm sorry if I've been Just so busy.
You want to tell me about some of it? I think Paige is pretty good at this.
But she made a mistake the other night.
Got someone's name wrong.
It happens.
Happened to us.
You grow into it.
I learned fast.
Don't tell her we talked about this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Can you come down to the vault for a minute? I'm meeting Lawton in two minutes.
I can come down in a couple hours.
- You saw them? - Yeah.
Things aren't good between them.
Worse this time.
Can it be fixed? I'm not a marriage counselor, Dennis.
He wants to keep it together, her I'm not so sure about.
She met a guy at work.
- Uh oh.
- Yeah.
I'm worried about it.
He's supposed to fly tomorrow.
Nobody's life was on the line when I left my wife.
Yeah, same when Sandra left me.
Woulda slowed her down, right? I'm not sure.
Her being who she is, her new friend could find out everything at lunch one day.
She's tricky, but she's not looking to get him killed.
He goes.
We work on her.
We sleep like shit, as always.
I can't tell you how much better I feel just dealing with murderers, drug dealers, and corrupt politicians.
I'm serious.
- Stan, we got Lawton.
- Yeah.
Talk to you.
ELIZABETH: The future looks bright, don't you think? Excuse me? You met with one of my colleagues in 1981.
You wanted to warn us against an arms race in space.
This is not a good idea.
It's okay, General.
- We can talk for a minute or two.
- I'm not interested.
I understand.
I really do.
But I actually need your help.
- I can't help you.
- It's pretty simple.
I need a piece of technology.
We understand that the Air Force has acquired lithium-based radiation sensors.
You're crazy.
The Air Force has three hundred of them.
You know that any imbalance is dangerous.
We just need one.
Do you even know what that is? A sensor that detects a nuclear blast very quickly, and can be mass produced.
There are channels for communications between our countries.
- I'm not one of them.
- You have been.
And this is something that has to happen quickly and quietly.
Please don't contact me again.
I wish I could do that, General.
But this is something that you need to get for us.
We shouldn't talk any longer right now.
I'll be at Fort Lincoln Park Thursday at nine p.
Please bring the sensor.
Near the amphitheater.
What about the time? You were rollin' over Fall on your face You must be having fun Walk lightly Think of a time You'd best believe This thing is real Put away that gun This part is simple Try to recognize What is in your mind God help us Help us loose our minds These slippery people help us understand What's the matter with him? - He's all right - I see his face - The Lord won't mind - Don't play no games He's all right Love from the bottom to the top Turn like a wheel - He's all right - See for yourself - The Lord won't mind - We're gonna move Right now Turn like a wheel inside a wheel I remember when Sittin' in the tub Pulled out the plug The water was runnin' out Cool down Stop acting crazy They're gonna leave And we'll be on our own Seven times five They were living creatures Watch 'em come to life Right before your eyes Backsliding How do you do? These slippery people - Gonna see you through - [TOILET FLUSHING.]
- What's the matter with him? - [TOILET FLUSHING.]
- He's all right - How do you know? - The Lord won't mind - No, no, no games He's all right Love from the bottom to the top Turn like a wheel - He's all right - See for yourself - The Lord won't mind - We're gonna move Right now Turn like a wheel inside a wheel What's the matter with him? - He's all right - I see his face - The Lord won't mind - How do you know? He's all right Love from the bottom to the top Turn like a wheel - He's all right - See for yourself - The Lord won't mind - We're gonna move Right now Turn like a wheel inside a wheel TOUR GUIDE: This way, everyone, for the eleven o'clock tour.
Eleven o'clock tour.
In the historical record, he's described as gangly and awkward, but that's not the impression we get here.
This is an image of pride and dignity.
Instead of reproducing exact physical features, Houdon honors the essence of Lafayette's character.
His commitment to liberty, to the dream of America That's what we see.
Houdon completed similar busts of Washington and Jefferson.
Jeremy? Jer Hey, Jeremy.
Hey, Philip - I was just thinking about you.
- Oh yeah? Do we have you guys all set up for this year? Italy, right? Look, we, uh we found this place it's like a budget place.
W-What do you mean? I feel terrible about it, and Mary Lou's pissed at me, but it's just a lot cheaper.
That's, like, their specialty.
Budget travel.
Well, we can always make adjustments if you're looking to do it cheaper.
I just want to make sure you're staying in the right places, having the best experience.
No, I know, but I don't want to nickel-and-dime you.
The kids are in college, and Yeah, no, no, of course.
I-I understand.
Don't worry about it.
- We'll come back.
- Yeah, yeah.
There's There's always plenty more vacations to take.
Next time, just tell me.
We'll always take care of you.
You know that.
I know, I know.
Thanks, sorry.
Yeah, no.
It's, uh It's great to see you.
Give my love to Mary Lou.
- Will do.
- Yeah.
- Same to Elizabeth.
- Yeah, yeah.
Now, if everyone's ready, we'll move on next to the diplomatic reception rooms.
And again, you'll see it's beautifully designed in the Neoclassical style.
Did anybody see the woman with blonde hair and glasses? She was here a minute ago.
Can someone check the bathroom? WOMAN: Sure.
- Welcome back.
- Hi.
Close the door.
I, uh I just ran into Jeremy Branch.
How is he? He's fine, but he booked his trip through someone else.
So, what happened? I don't know.
Uh the last I heard, he was going to discuss the package with his wife and and call me back.
He booked through some budget place instead.
You should have stayed on top of it.
You should have checked in with him.
He was hard, Mr.
he's really your client, and you have the relationship.
He kept asking me, "What does" What does Philip say?" You should have told me that.
You've kept saying over and over to take personal responsibility.
And you've been so busy I didn't want you to lose the client.
I understand the frustration.
But these big bureaucracies are all the same.
The people above you never want to make room.
Look at me.
I'm 65, and I'm still here.
The best thing you can do is broaden your horizons.
Step outside the organization.
Get a job somewhere else? Maybe.
Come work with me.
Or stay at State and get a PhD.
You come back with a new set of qualifications.
They look at you different.
GUARD #1: Can you repeat that description for me? GUARD #2: Female, Caucasian, long blonde hair.
Hey, you know what? It's so beautiful out.
Let's take our food and go eat outside.
I have to be back upstairs in a half an hour.
I'll have you back.
Come on, Patrick, I need some air.
GUARD #1: Hey, this is Briggs in the cafeteria.
Uh, would you say that the woman - Ah.
MCCLEESH: My deputy showed us some transcripts where Reagan is talking about it, if you look at them together, it's fairly clear that he thinks it's a complete missile defense.
That's disturbing.
I was talking to one of Don Regan's aides this morning.
You have to keep this to yourself.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
He said that Regan has been complaining about how crazy things are getting around the Oval Office.
How so? The President's been forgetful, not focused.
Almost a different person lately.
The man I talked to said he thinks that the President might be going senile.
I can't even fathom the implications of this.
Well, what can we do? Probably nothing.
Weinberger and his cronies are even more hard-line than Reagan.
And if he's slowly losing his mind Anything new on the Summit? I'm still following Haskard's group.
As far as I can tell, the next meet Hello, my dear.
- Hi.
- Hi, honey.
Do you know Tchaikovsky? Oh, God.
She's not a big classical music fan.
Well, that's because she doesn't know Tchaikovsky.
The Nutcracker, right? Yeah.
I took you to that ballet when you were little.
I remember.
He's one of Russia's greatest composers.
His mother died when he was young, and his life was full of loneliness This was the first record I ever bought.
For a long time after the War, it was the only music I could listen to.
Do our people ever use sex to get information? What? I'm reading a book about the organization, and it says that sex is one of the techniques.
There's a lot of bullshit out there, Paige.
Doesn't sound like bullshit.
Well, they can make anything sound believable.
That's what sells books.
- So that never happens? - No.
Look, I can't speak for every officer, but those relationships could turn into something different.
You get very close to people, get to know them very well and in certain circumstances, if the information's critical enough people may cross lines sometimes.
And then that gets twisted by whoever wrote that book.
Have you heard stories of this happening? I'm cut off from everyone else.
I don't hear stories.
Where'd you find this book? A used book store, on Capitol Hill.
I-I bought other books on espionage and war, so it just looks like I'm doing research.
I paid with cash.
Don't ever go to the library for that sort of thing.
It's easy to see things as very black and white.
But the world's complicated.
And the more that you get that, the better off you'll be.
A bookstore out of town would be better.
I'll see you tonight.
See you tonight.
How are you? I don't think you give a shit about that.
I suppose you're right.
I give a shit about my country, and it's in trouble right now.
And whose fault is that? I can hardly tell you how much I never wanted to see you people again.
I can imagine.
If you say so.
You know the last time you came to me, a man wound up dead.
I have nightmares about it.
All those people I killed in Korea and this is what I have nightmares about.
I'm not giving you the goddamn sensor.
Or anything else.
You should give it some serious thought.
Well you may think I'm a traitor.
But I thought I was I-I-I was trying to do the right thing last time.
Now I see how idiotic that was.
That you used me.
That's not going to happen twice.
I don't think you're an idiot.
If you don't give it to us, my people are going to expose what you did.
You'll go to jail.
You'll be disgraced.
If you bring us what we need, it's over.
You retire from the Air Force, we have no reason to come to you ever again.
This will be it.
I think you're smart.
Saturday night.
Seven-thirty p.
Huntley Meadows Park.
Southeast corner, by the trail head.
You need anything? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
What do you see? A woman.
What else? She's upset? N-Nothing else in there? Well, you're not the first.
But you're never gonna really see until you try to do it.
Take that pad, turn to a blank page.
What? You heard me.
Take one.
Trust me, I I can't draw.
Oh, that's not your problem.
Sit, pencil.
All right, look at that mug.
Just that.
It's not really a mug, it's light and dark.
Just, that's all.
Stare at it.
Just draw the dark parts, don't draw the light parts.
- I really - Shut up.
Just draw what's dark.
He was right in my face, like Ahhh! Ahhh! Come on, harmonize, harmonize! Ahhh, ahhh PHILIP: Oh man, that sounds crazy.
Well, what about you? Why are you Why are you in the office so late? Oh, um I don't know.
Well, I mean, you sound like you're about to jump out a window.
No, no, it's Stavos kinda screwed up this week, so I'm just trying to figure out how I'm gonna deal with that.
What did he do? Well, I had this client from forever.
And I handed him off to Stavos and I just found out he dumped us.
And this guy's been coming to me for fifteen years.
I booked every family vacation he ever took.
So why'd you hand him off to Stavos, then? Well, we're bigger now.
I can't deal with every single customer.
Yeah, but, I mean, he kinda sounded like your customer.
- You sound like Stavos.
Philip, Mr.
Philip Yeah, that, um that really doesn't sound like Stavos.
This is a mistake.
You know that if you hurt me, they'll kill you.
I'm not going to jail, and I'm not going to betray my country.
Wait, wait.
Ju Please! Wait a second.
M-Maybe I pushed too far.
Doesn't matter.
- It's too late.
- No, it's not.
It's not too late.
Please, listen to me.
You people don't pray, do you? No.
I'm a mother.
Really, I ha I have children.
Please, you don't have to do this.
I I have two children.
Please, I am sorry.
Whatever I did, it's not their [GUNSHOTS.]
PAIGE: Mom! Mom, are you Go back to your car now! Go back! Now! Follow the plan.
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