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Urban Transport Planning

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It contains strong language and violence.
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Previously on The Americans Aderholt: Guess who's in town? CIA says he's been out of the KGB for three years.
We want you to find out what your wife is doing and tell us.
And if you have to, stop her.
Oleg: The future of our country is being decided right now.
I'm sorry.
I have to talk to you about something.
If you knew how tired I am, you wouldn't still be talking.
You are the only person I can call.
Every little thing I ever do is wrong.
I want a divorce, Stan.
If you leave-- Gennadi is doing dangerous work, and you're a big part of it.
You will figure it out, okay? The Centre wants you to contact your old friend Lyle Rennhull.
A general now.
You're to try and get something called a lithium-based radiation sensor.
I'm not going to betray my country.
[ Gunshots .]
[ Gunshot .]
Are you? Go back to your car.
Now! [ Scrubbing, water running .]
[ Breathing sharply .]
You know this group I go to sometimes? EST? It's, uh-- It's called the Forum now, but yeah They talk about letting yourself feel bad or scared, if that's what you're feeling.
I feel fine.
I'm fine.
It's important not to push it away.
It's better to feel bad and go through it than to pretend not to feel anything.
Paige, these things I saw some bad things too.
It's hard to deal with it all You have to, but [ Vehicle approaches, engine shuts off .]
How did you I don't know [ Car door opens .]
I don't know.
I had your mom.
- You do too.
- [ Door opens .]
You okay? [ Door closes .]
What happened, Mom? What happened is you left your position and ran straight into the middle of a-- [ Telephone rings .]
[ Telephone rings .]
[ Telephone rings .]
Hello? Hey, Dad.
Henry, what's up? We won! First loss for Tilton this season.
That's great.
Wasn't Tilton league champions the last two seasons? What was the score? Yeah.
Three to two.
- I got the game-winning assist.
- Well, that's fantastic.
I'm just in the middle of a work thing.
I'm gonna call you tomorrow, okay? Yeah, sure.
Just not too late, all right? I have an AP Calc test Monday morning.
- Great news about the game.
- Thanks, Dad.
I heard a shot I didn't know if I didn't know what to do You were supposed to do what you were told to do.
- I thought you were-- - You left your position and walked straight into the middle of a meeting.
If anybody else on the team did that, they'd be finished.
- I just couldn't-- - No! You don't get to talk about what you thought or how you felt or anything else.
Not now.
Do you understand what you did? Hey, this isn't great.
I think there's a lot to talk about here.
There isn't, Philip.
It's very simple.
You stick to the plan.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I screwed up.
We'll talk more later.
Is it okay if I stay here tonight? - Of course.
- No, it's not all right.
This is a work night.
Go home.
[ Sighs .]
[ Door closes .]
She's pretty much seen it all now.
[ Car door opens, closes .]
[ Engine starts .]
Not all of it.
[ Car departs .]
[ Breathes deeply .]
I told her she'd have you.
To talk to.
[ Water runs, stops .]
What do you think I was just doing? Paige said it was a military guy.
Rennhull? What are you doing with him after all this time? He's got access to this thing.
Some kind of radiation sensor.
Had access.
What? Had access.
[ Exhales sharply .]
He was an idealist.
What happened? He was going to kill me.
Paige thinks he killed himself.
He did.
[ Sighs .]
I didn't have time to work him, I I moved too fast.
[ Sighs .]
There's trouble back home.
What are you talking about? With Gorbachev.
I don't know that much about it.
What do they need the sensor for? I ca-- I can't.
Don't try to change my mind, Stan.
- I'm not trying to-- - You are a nice guy, but you always get what you want.
From me, and Gennadi.
My friend Bogdan, he says I'm too much listening to you.
I need to listen to my heart.
[ Lighter clicks .]
You talked to Bogdan about me.
I trust him.
If you told him about what you and Gennadi have been doing for us-- that would be dangerous.
For Gennadi, for both of you.
I am not a child, Stan.
I trust Bogdan.
And we are Soviets.
We know how to keep secrets.
It is what we do.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Telephone rings .]
- I'll see you tonight.
- Okay.
Woman: St.
Edward's Academy.
Hi, this is, uh, Philip Jennings, calling David Sato back.
One moment.
David: Hello? Hi, David, it's Philip Jennings.
Thanks for calling me back.
I wanted to check in with you about this quarter's billing.
We haven't gotten payment yet.
Uh, yeah, well, I'm real glad you did call, because I was about to put a check in the mail.
But I wanted to talk to you first.
Um, we've been having this really big boom at work Oh, that's good.
Uh, yeah, it's really good, actually.
Uh, but it's all happened so fast, because the office next door became available, we had to jump on that, I hired a bunch of new people - Wow.
- Yeah, it's really exciting.
Um, but I had to put some real money down to cover the expansion.
So, what I was wondering, David, is if we could, uh, restructure the, um-- the tuition payments for this year.
[ Sighs .]
Edward's doesn't really do that, uh No, I know.
I get it.
You know, I'm in business.
And, um, I've had some long-term customers who have made similar requests.
But, you know, when I know them, like you know me-- because we've been at St.
Edward's for three years-- never been late, never will be again Uh, you know, it's just been an odd year.
Um, and believe me, the scholarship helps but, uh, it's a stretch.
[ Sighs .]
[ Finger tapping .]
What exactly did you have in mind? Just let me get through the holiday season, um, you know, that's when things really come in for us, and then I'll catch up.
If it's really just this one time It is.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Please don't tell anyone.
If I had to do different payment options for every family Of course.
And if you need a really good deal on the Bahamas Call me.
We'll take care of you.
- Thanks.
- [ Click .]
[ Receiver hangs up .]
Paige: I made a mistake.
A really bad one.
I get that.
Elizabeth: Good.
I can't get what I saw, out of my mind.
What happened? When you meet someone a source you're taking a risk.
You know that.
But you can't ever really know what's going on inside someone's head.
I tried to stop him.
He must've been crazy.
I wouldn't say that.
He was troubled.
About what? He was caught up in something, and didn't see a way out.
He wasn't thinking straight.
The truth is, I miscalculated, too.
It shouldn't have happened.
Who was he? An American general.
And I was trying to get him to give me something that we need to keep our country safe.
So for me, no matter how risky it is-- it's okay.
What do you mean, it's okay? That no matter what happens to me, if I'm fighting for something that's that important You don't care if you die? Well, of course I do.
But I'm not afraid.
You can't live your life being afraid, Paige.
There's no point.
You wouldn't do anything.
You want to make a difference, you make a difference.
So, what's going to happen with I mean, the police, and? Hopefully, they think he was troubled, and committed suicide.
- What if they don't? - If they don't, they don't.
I don't have all the answers.
What I do know is that you put me, yourself, the whole team at risk.
That's why we have the procedures.
That's why you can't just come running in there when you think things have gone bad.
Especially if you think things have gone bad.
I know, Mom.
I-I get it.
I really do.
You won't have to be caught in the middle of all this kind of stuff.
Your job will be different.
But you still have to know how to deal with things like this, just in case [ Indistinct conversations, printer whirs .]
Thank you so much for coming in.
We'll see you again.
Woman: Yes.
- Take care.
- [ Door closes .]
All right.
Everybody! Listen up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Yesterday, you sold two Caribbean couples' cruises.
Tell us three of the strategies you used to sell those trips.
Well uh I talked about what an exclusive deal we were offering Value.
All right? Value.
I showed them the deck plan of the ship.
Pointed out where their cabin was in relation to the stairways, restaurants.
All right? He's bringing it to life.
And uh Mm.
I up-sold them on booking their dining options onboard.
And shore excursions.
Up-selling, that's three.
Why are cruises so important to us? Iuh profit? No, that's right.
T-The market pays.
It gives our clients excellent value and we get a commission on the whole package.
Plus and I'm sure Rick knows this one what kind of customers are they? I don't know Think about the Duffs.
Oh, they go every spring.
Repeat customers.
If we get them to go once, they will probably go again.
Great, Rick.
[ Clapping .]
[ Applause .]
Can all of you commit, right here, to using all of these strategies, every time you talk to a customer? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Yes! Okay! Great! Okay.
So we don't know anything about this Bogdan.
Stan: Just that he's some kind of journalist.
A "senior correspondent.
" When's Gennadi coming back? Four days.
If he comes back.
Let's get the CIA to pull him out.
Better to do it here.
Four days is a long time.
By the time they plan it, chances something getting screwed up Look, I'm not happy that he's over there.
But waiting it out's our best shot.
I don't know.
Have we ever gotten one good thing off that X-ray? Aw, come on.
You're like a goddamn broken record, Stan.
It's been three years.
How many times you think he can fake a shit in an airport crapper without them figuring it out? And now her, with this Bogdan she says to me-- we know how to keep secrets.
[ Chuckles .]
Is she kidding me? She has no idea what a target she just put on his back.
Maybe Bogdan's okay.
Yeah, I don't love a guy who works for TASS.
She works for TASS.
She's okay.
You hear about the general who committed suicide in the park? Not the place I'd do it.
No history of depression.
One of the key guys working on SDI.
You brought him in a few years back, right? Yeah.
He shot a guy who accused him of being a Soviet spy.
Other guy looked like a complete lunatic.
But now he shoots himself? Seen our friend from out of town yet? Not yet.
Soon would be good.
Father Andrei: There was a donation.
Twenty thousand dollars.
From a man named Stenin.
- First name? - I don't know.
Father Valery said, the powers that be won't stop me from using this to rebuild the steps leading to the choir.
Everyone thought he'd have trouble with the prior, but he hasn't been touched.
I've been teaching my daughter about us.
Our culture and history.
I teach a class with several children who have never been home at all.
It's strange when they have to learn it from books.
I-I actually think she's getting it.
- I need to learn your tricks.
- [ Chuckles .]
How are things with your husband? He's not sure I know how to handle her.
[ Chuckles .]
That's something parents fight about.
It's more than that.
He has his life and I have mine now.
And she's with me.
I'd like to see him.
Maybe next time he can come.
He's out of it now.
He quit.
I know.
But he can come one time.
Tell him tell him that I asked for him.
[ Engine shuts off, keys jingle .]
You good? Yeah.
You sure? Because I need you okay.
I'm good.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Radio static crackles .]
- You guys ready for this? - Yes.
I am very excited.
There are all different kinds, and everybody has their favorite.
Well, Chicago has the best pizza, hands down.
Oh, it's disgusting.
It's too much bread.
See? Anyways, New York has the best pizza.
- What is the difference? - Yes Uh, just try this one, and then we'll get into differences I went to a Russian restaurant last time I was in New York City.
- It was very good.
- What-- What-- What did you have? What did you like there? Uh, it was something with meat, and it had a potato.
Every dish in Russia starts with meat and potatoes.
[ Laughter .]
And Smetana.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's like sour cream.
I-I tried some here in America, but it's not like home.
Well, because American cows are different.
[ Laughter .]
[ Indistinct conversation .]
[ Radio static crackles .]
Man: Right.
Appreciate it.
Have a good day.
- You'll like this.
- Hope everybody's hungry, huh? [ Indistinct conversation .]
[ Radio static crackles .]
I still think the Tigers have a chance.
Martin! - Are you insane? - No way.
- With Blyleven pitching? - Blasphemy.
- You know anything about baseball? - No, no.
- Hockey is much better.
- Ah.
We've enjoyed the Canadian Cup this year.
Didn't you guys lose? Yes, we did, but to Gretzky and Lemieux.
Which is very good competition.
- Ah.
- Baseball is good too.
The Twins are going to the World Series.
Two words.
Kirby Puckett.
- Glenn's an optimist.
- Oh, I've been rooting for the Minnesota Twins ever since I'm a kid way back when they were called the Senators.
I bought every baseball card, every poster, every jacket, every jersey I could find.
And now you wear that weird Japanese jacket instead.
Every time Glenn watches a game now he wears a Japanese baseball jacket.
When I was posted in Japan, my wife and I used to watch this team, the Yakult Swallows, play all the time.
We never understood a single word the announcer said but watching them play was such a such a joy.
My wife she bought me their team jacket You guys really need to see a game while you're here.
- Yeah.
- Let's do something for the World Series.
And you can come to my house.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you but no.
We cannot.
- No, but thank you.
- I will come.
If I understand baseball, maybe I will understand America better.
Martin: I don't know about that, but it's good to unwind from this stuff.
Lots of work ahead of us before Shultz gets back from Moscow.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
Gonna invite me in? Everything that went down in Moscow.
They told me they were going to do it.
I told them you weren't a traitor and it would get you killed.
I threatened them-- I said I would expose all kinds of things if they went through with it.
That's why they backed off.
But I am sorry it happened in the first place.
- That's it? - Yeah.
[ Breathes deeply .]
I'm not in Counterintelligence anymore.
I work in the Criminal Investigative Division.
What's that? Bank robbery, money laundering, drugs Hmm.
And you? Urban transport planning? What is that, exactly? Supply analysis, scheduling, microeconomics of basic transportational infrastructure-- trains, subway You came all the way from Moscow for that? George Mason's civil engineering department is one of the best.
I saw that your course started two and a half weeks ago.
If it's so important, why didn't you come when it started? My father asked me to.
But I said no.
Then I-- I needed some time away.
From my wife.
You can understand that, right? What are you doing here, Oleg? I told you.
Do you ever think about her at all? Or all that is in the past for you? I think about her.
'Cause I used to think I saw her.
In the streets, on the subway, parks.
And it was like a shock.
They had the tape you made of our conversation.
And they said they were gonna use it against me and my family if I didn't cooperate.
I'm sorry.
I fought them every step of the way.
You are here without a diplomatic passport, Oleg.
Whatever you're doing here-- don't.
[ Door opens, closes .]
[ Horn honks .]
Claudia: It's peasant food.
They know how to survive.
We're always having droughts, famines, wars [ Chuckles .]
My mother used to make pots of this, we'd eat it for weeks.
You never got sick of it? That wasn't an issue.
Vegetables ready? - [ Sizzling .]
- Mmm.
Very good.
[ Sizzling .]
I'm gonna spread this out so it gets nice and golden.
Lower the flame, we don't want it to burn.
After a few minutes, we put it in the crock with meat and garlic and broth.
Rough couple of days? Paige: I'm fine.
How is this different from solyanka? Solyanka is a soup.
Zharkoye is a stew.
It's thicker.
Maybe we should teach her how to make golubtsy.
[ Gasps .]
My grandmother used to make that.
- [ Clicks tongue .]
- What's golubtsy? Shredded beef in boiled cabbage.
With sour cream on top.
Which was very hard to get back home Will you run to the store and buy us some sour cream while we clean up? We have some.
We could use some more.
[ Spoon rapping on pan .]
[ Door opens, closes .]
Here's a new target and ID.
He's a supervisor at the warehouse where Altheon ships and does quality assurance for the sensors.
This really does smell good.
I know.
[ Train whistle blows in distance .]
I brought you something.
I know that it's not supposed to be in the house, but we made zharkoye.
[ Inhales deeply .]
That smells great.
[ Sighs .]
But I just ate a whole order of kung pao chicken and lo mein.
Can't keep it around.
That is delicious.
[ Water running, garbage disposal whirs .]
[ Water stops, whirring stops .]
We cook Claudia and Paige and me.
And we watch movies from home and listen to music and talk.
It feels And then I walk out of there and it just hits me in the face.
[ Silverware clinks .]
I hate it, Philip.
Honestly, the way things are going [ Smacks lips .]
I think, in a couple years we'll have Stan over here for zharkoye.
What are you talking about? Things are changing back home.
Opening up.
And it's not just politics-- it's-- it's the young people, it's music.
It's-- It's different.
I mean, they're talking about opening a Pizza Hut in Moscow.
You see the papers.
What-- "The Washington Post"? You know, all this talk-- perestroika and glasnost.
The Americans eat it up.
They want us to be just like them.
I don't want to be like them.
And neither do the people back home.
You haven't talked to anyone back home in over twenty years.
Neither have you.
so I told him, so why don't you let one branch manager do it? - Mm-hmm.
? - It's not gonna open the floodgates.
Our retention is up two percent over last year.
That's a lot stronger than you're seeing industry-wide.
He was thrilled.
Oh, that's great, honey.
It's nice of you to say that.
What do you mean? I know it's boring for you.
- I mean-- it is boring.
- No, it isn't.
No, it's okay.
You don't have to pretend.
Truth is, I think I'm jealous of how much you care.
About your job.
What you do.
I wish I cared half as much about my work.
Well, you've been there a long time.
Too long.
I used to like it.
Or I thought I did.
I just wish What? I could do something that made a difference.
For our country.
Doesn't that make you feel proud? Sometimes.
A lot of the time.
But, you know, what you do is important, too.
[ Scoffs .]
Can I tell you something? Yeah, of course.
Promise you won't laugh? I promise.
I've been giving it a lot of thought.
And I just I think it's so great how Philip and Elizabeth work together at the travel agency.
Well, I don't know how together they are.
I mean, she's always off dealing with their big corporate clients, and he's-- Yeah, but I mean they always have stuff to talk about, there's never that, "Oh, how was your day," and the other person's pretending to be interested - I'm not pretending.
- I know.
I'm just saying I think what I'd really like to do is be an FBI agent.
I think I'd be really good at it too.
I think you would.
Really? Yeah.
But, you know, the cutoff age for new agents is thirty-seven.
Well, they must make exceptions.
You know everybody, maybe they can make an exception.
That's not how it works, honey.
I'm sorry.
[ Engine shuts off .]
- Tracy Huffs.
- Evan.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
And, um show you this.
- Can I see yours, please? - Sure.
Thank you.
And thank you for coming.
Please, have a seat.
You're here because the Altheon security and compliance department is conducting a security audit.
You're not here because you've done anything wrong or because you've made any mistake whatsoever.
We're here to evaluate and make recommendations, and that's all.
Before we get started, I need you to sign this confidentiality agreement.
If you could just sign and initial here and also here.
Many, but not all, of the people you work with will also be asked to participate in this security audit over the next month.
It is imperative that they not know about it in advance, and that you not discuss this with anyone, even those you think may have already met with us.
Thank you.
Now the purpose of our meeting here today is just to identify any lapses that may exist with the security procedures at the warehouse-- or, in those cases where the procedures are very well designed, any ways in which they aren't being followed.
Please speak freely.
No one will be penalized.
We're here to identify the problems and then solve them.
I'm gonna take an occasional note, if that's all right.
Let's start with receiving Okay.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Woman on PA speaking indistinctly .]
Gennadi Bystrov? Yes? I understand you want political asylum.
We have diplomatic immunity.
I'm not here to arrest you.
Bystrov has requested political asylum.
I want asylum.
This way.
[ Typewriter keys clacking .]
Sofia Bystrova.
What is this? What do you want? Sofia Bystrova.
I understand you want political asylum.
TASS boss: How dare you! You have no right to be here! I Get out, you get out.
I'm calling our embassy.
Sofia Bystrova, I understand you want political asylum.
I'm coming.
I call embassy! For all the gold medal readers, you get two gold stars.
Excuse me.
Ilia? Oh.
Come with me, please.
And bring all your things.
Very good.
[ Radio chatter .]
What happened? Oh, Gennadi I'm sorry Sofia she told somebody.
What? What do you mean? Have a seat.
It was a guy at TASS.
She says she trusts him.
But we couldn't risk something happening to you.
A man? Who? Guy named Bogdan.
You know him? I'm sorry.
You think she's-- I don't know.
I have-- I have no idea.
But she says she wants a divorce.
She says this all the time.
I need to talk to her.
She doesn't want to talk right now.
You'll both stay in different places while we figure out relocation plans.
What about Ilia? If she divorce me, I can still see him, no? Well, you'll be in separate locations.
You won't know where she is, she won't know where you are.
Talk to her.
Gennadi, I can't-- it's not my-- Please, Stan.
You are the only one who can talk to her, fix this.
I want if we go, we go together.
Tell her.
I love her.
I love Ilia.
I am alone without them here alone.
I'll try.
But that's really only when we get the military grade stuff.
Other than that, that room pretty much goes unused.
Um, but right over here is where they do quality assurance.
That's before shipping, obviously.
Uh, but when things move from quality assurance to shipping you do sometimes get uncleared people having a look right here and here.
I'm not saying it happens a lot, I'm not saying it even matters, but you're asking.
This is exactly what we need to hear.
It's so easy to fix, too.
This has been so helpful, Mr.
Thank you so much.
And I just wanted to remind you not to talk to anyone at work about this.
When people know in advance about this kind of audit, it completely skews our results.
Oh, I get it.
I bet my girlfriend already knows about it.
She works in security.
Who's your girlfriend? Uh, Theresa.
Theresa? She's great - Yeah.
- Please.
[ Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love" plays .]
[ Gasping .]
dance me to your beauty with a burning violin dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in lift me like an olive branch be my homeward dove and dance me to the end of love let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon show me slowly what I only know the limits of and dance me to the end of love dance me to the end of love
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